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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 851

Soggy Cigarette

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 14, 2017 01:23 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece

Chapter 851: Soggy Cigarette
[Insert text: The ray of light he had believed in…]
Purin: Ahahahah!! The whole House of Vinsmoke… // …are going to be full of holes tomorrow!! // The wedding hall… // …will be stained bright red!! // Oh, but do be careful when you die, won’t you?
Reiju: ………
Purin: If blood were to get all over the wedding cake… // Our Mama would get so mad, she’d tear the whole place to pieces!!

Sanji: ?!
Purin: My 36-caliber percussion-lock “Walker”. / Loaded with bullets known as “Candy Jackets”. // Powerful enough to penetrate armoured soldiers with their shields raised, and come flying straight out of their backs…!! / I hope you found it wonderful. // It’s perfect for your lot…
Reiju: ………
Purin: …with your bodies of steel…!! // Ahahah, I can hardly wait for tomorrow!♡ When I think of Sanji’s face when the bride he trusts points a gun at him!♡

Nitro: Gyahahahah! Sounds like a blast!!
Rabian: That idiot honestly believes… / …you’re head over heels for him!!
Sanji: ……
Purin: Hee hee… What a wonderful show it’ll be… // Will he make a face like this, perhaps?
Nitro: Gyaaaahahah!! Oh, that’s good!!
Purin: Or maybe like this? // P…Purin-chwaan…
Nitro: Gahahahahahah!!
Purin: Hey, what’re you looking away for? / We’re talking about your brother, you know? Ahahahah!
Reiju: ………
Purin: Oh, do you want to hear how he proposed? / It was a total riot!! He pulled off his face pack, and you should have seen the state of him underneath!!
Sanji: ………

Purin: A little show of tears and he was all over me! / Men are so simple-minded!♡
Flashback!Purin: I’ll make sure your marriage to me…… // …isn’t a hell at all!!!
Sanji: ………
Purin: Then he pulls me in close… // …and says in this strained voice… // “You’re my salvation!” // “Let us be married!”
Nitro: Gyahahahah!! You look just like him!!
Purin: “Let us be married~~~~!”

Reiju: ………………
Purin: Can you even imagine a bigger joke of a proposal~~~~~? // Ohhhh, I can’t stop laughing! / Who the hell would marry a guy like that?!! And a worthless dropout, no less!!
Sanji: ………………
Purin: At least bring me a half-decent prince, why don’t you?!!

[Box: Hall of Treasures]
BigMam: Why do you stand?!! // Soul King!! // You want a picture of a few carvings on a slab of rock that badly?! More even than your beloved Sanji?!
Brook: Yes…!! For Sanji-san, you see…is a kind man.
BigMam: ?!
Brook: That is why I expected he would never return. / Though I do not know what kind of trap you have prepared for him!! // He is kind to the point of foolishness!! // So once he has decided to sacrifice himself for another’s sake, he will never budge!!! // My Captain, on the other hand, is a man who believes in his ideals and pursues them to the last!!! // So this is a score for the two of them to settle!!!
BigMam: Ha~~~~~hahahahah! Is that right! / So you came after some rock since you had nothing better to do?
Brook: Not at all…!! In the worst case scenario, if Sanji-san resolves not to return… / I must ensure he does not blame himself!! // I must prove to him that we achieved a great goal in our journey here!!! // Thus I will be taking that Road Poneglyph!!!
BigMam: Mah-mah-mah-mah!! Your “worst-case scenario” is a little optimistic, I fear!! / Sanji failing to return?! That’s your worst case?! Not a single death involved?! // What if you all die, eh?!!
Brook: My dear girl, only the very greatest of fools… / …would lay plans involving their own deaths!
BigMam: ?!!

[Box: Mirroworld]
Brulee: Wiiiiiiiififih! Stoooop!! // Wiwifiiiiiiiihh!!! // Pleazh shtoppp… // Shtop tigkling be~~~~~~!! // I’ll talk!! I’ll talk, okay~~~~~?!!!
Chopper: OK, give her a rest, Carrot.
Carrot: Now let’s hear some answers! Where are the mirrors to the castle?!
Brulee: Fiiii…hiiii… / You’ll pay for this… *pant* *pant* // You think I remember all that?!! / Just ask the mirrors, you nincompoops!!
Chopper: ! / Ask them??
Brulee: Each and every mirror knows precisely what it reflects!!
Chopper: Huh?

Carrot: Mirrors, mirrors, on the walls!! Which of you leads… // …to the castle~~~?!!
Mirrors: Ay-up!! // That’d be me! // Same here!! // Present! // I’m a mirror in Galette-sama’s closet! // I’m a hand-mirror in the second-floor guest room! // I’m a mirror in the fourth-floor ladies’ bathroom!!
Chopper/Carrot: !! // The mirrors actually answered~~~~~~~~!!!
Chopper: Has any of you got a view… / …of Luffy, Nami, Brook, Pedro or Sanji?!! // We’re looking for them!!!
Mirrors: Who’re they? // What do they look like? // Sanji-sama went past me a little while back!
Chopper: Ahh…
Carrot: Leave it to me, Bropper! // I’m good at drawing faces!!

Purin: Now then… // My beloved sister……!♡ // We can’t have you dying from blood loss, can we……? / And above all…
Reiju: …………
Purin: We can’t have you blabbing about all the embarrassing things you just witnessed!
Reiju: ?! // Huh?! // What?!
Purin: Just hold still, it’ll be over in a jiffy.
Reiju: Urghh!!

Purin: This is the power of my Memo Memo no Mi. / Everyone in the world…
Reiju: Ahh!
Purin: …has these films of memories inside their head. // You must have things that scared you… Things that made you sad… Memories you'd rather forget, yes? // Now if I paste a memory of a “stray bullet” from a soldier in here… // Aaaand… Edit!
Reiju: !!
Purin: There, all done! // Hee hee hee… I’m afraid I’ve had to “cut” our little chat just now. // Let’s have a wonderful wedding tomorrow, shall we?♡ // Call the soldiers! To the medical ward, pronto!
Someone: Of course.

[Box: Library of Prisoners]
Nami: Aaaaaaaghhhhhhhh~~!!!
Opera: ……
Nami: Seriously, just stop, Luffy!! // You’re scaring me! All that blood! Just stooooop!!
Luffy: Owwwwwwww!!!
Opera: He’s a crazy one, fah……!!
Luffy: Just a little further~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Opera: Hey, girlie!! I’ve been told by Mama to get Lola’s location out of you… / …before the night is through, fah. // Hurry up and talk, fah!!
Nami: Not happening! Why would I sell out my friend?!!
Opera: Torture time then, fah.
Nami: Noooo!! Don’t say that so casually!!

Opera: All right, I’ll shoot you once every five seconds with this crossbow. When you feel like talking… // …Just talk.
Nami: Whaa?! What are you saying all of a sudden?!! // You’ll kill me!! Put that down!
Opera: Not if you talk, fah.
Luffy: Don’t screw with us, Warthead!!! / You’re not hurting her!!! // Don’t worry, Nami!! I can snap these arms in less than 5 seconds!!!
Nami: Ehhhhhh~~~~~?!! // Noooooo!! I don’t want either of those things~~~~!!!
Luffy/Opera: Don’t be so selfish!!!
Jinbei: Hey~~~! // Is anyone in here~~~?
Nami: Huh?
Opera: Ah! Now then, now then, you know you shouldn’t be in the castle.
Jinbei: There’s fighting going on everywhere; give me a spot of peace… // I’m sorry, Opera, but……
Opera: Hm?
Jinbei: 5000 Tile……
Luffy: Ahhhhhhhhh~~~~~!!
Opera: Huh?

Jinbei: SEIKEN!!!!
Opera: ?!!! // Jin…be…!!
Luffy: JINBEI~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!
Jinbei: !
Luffy: What are you doing here~~~~~~~~~~~~?!!
Jinbei: Ah, Luffy! Nami! // I heard you had been captured…… It’s good to see you’re safe! / We can talk later. // For now…shall we get you out of there?
Luffy/Nami: Yes, please~~~~~~~~~!!!
[Insert text: A saviour appears…!!!]

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#1. by BernieCrane ()
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missed this bubble on page 13: https://puu.sh/tmZ7k/aa495a6088.png

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Added the missing bubble now.
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