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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Bleach 305

Bleach Chapter 305

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 13, 2008 16:36 | Go to Bleach

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[side text: Szayel Aporro - even when killed, he does not die!]
Szayel: Do you understand what I am telling you? // Kurotsuchi Mayuri. // Using this ability, / I am able to impregnate myself into my enemies... // ...and thus I can be ever reborn into a new body. // Just as the Phoenix, the Immortal Bird... / ...engulfs itself in flames once it reaches old age... // ...and is reborn, its life begun anew, from the midst of those flames...

Szayel: Do you realise now? / Immortality... // This is its most absolute form. // One does not attempt to escape death... / ...but accepts it as one's due, and allows life's cycle to continue. // Not allowing that death to bring an end to one's own existence... // Eternally repeating that cycle of death and rebirth, an existence such as this... // Truly, mine is what may be called a "perfect existence"!

Szayel: For one such as me... // The concept of "death" as an end to life simply holds no meaning. // You may kill me, but in defiance of the finality of death, I will simply arise once more. // Now do you understand? // It is impossible for you to truly kill me. // As such, you have no means to achieve victory in this battle. / Kurotsuchi Mayuri.

Bleach 305. The Rising Phoenix
[side text: Inspiring not praise, but slander; not love, but terror. That is my Resurrection.]

[no text just staring]

Nemu: ......Ma... // ...Mayu... / ...ri...... // ...sama...

Nemu: My... / ...deepest... // ...apo... / ...lo... // ...gies...
Szayel: What's wrong? / Distracted by the sight of your adjutant wasting away before your eyes? // How very touching. / I wouldn't have thought it of you. // Give it up. She's nothing more than a shrivelled lump of meat by now. // Let me think... // Perhaps bacon would make a nice analogy?

Mayuri: How very intriguing! // Oh, yes... / This power intrigues me greatly! // You have certainly sparked my interest.

Mayuri: So? // Is that all?
Szayel: ...What?
Mayuri: This can't be all you have up your sleeve...? / You went so far as to call yours the "perfect existence"... // There must be some other power that you are still hiding from me, yes? / Hm? // Now, why could you be making a silly face like that? // Come now, come now, no need to be shy. // Stop dawdling around and show me what's next! / Come on!

[no text just konjiki ashisogi jizou]

Szayel: Gahahahahahahah!!! // Did you really think that thing would last after eating my body?! // Once consumed, my body liquefies and invades the nervous system from within! // I don't know the exact structure of these zanpakutou of yours... / ...but once I've taken over its nervous centre, none of that matters a jot! // Your very bankai belongs to me!!

Szayel: Now weep!!! // You will curse the day your bankai took the form of a living being!! // ?!

Szayel: ............ // ...Wha......?!
Mayuri: ...My, my... / The tool defying its own master... // Did it really think it would get away with that?

Mayuri: It was designed such that if it were ever to bite at me... // ...then it would instantly self-destruct. // ...It would appear... / ...that you now have nothing more left to show me. // In that case, I think... // ...I shall have you serve as the test subject for my latest drug.
Szayel: !
Mayuri: Don't get all tensed up like that, now.

Mayuri: Your dosage... // has / al / ready / been / given.
Szayel: Wha...? // (What?! What did he just...?!)
Mayuri: I always keep a variety of drugs safely packed away inside Nemu's body. // So if an enemy consumes her, or invades her body, I can give them a nice little dosage.
Szayel: What?!! // What kind of drug is this?!! // Now, I imagine the region you invaded was somewhere around the ovaries... this is the drug I had set up in that particular location. // Don't worry yourself, now... it isn't poison or anything. // Let me see... // I suppose one could call it... / ...a "Superman Serum".

Mayuri: When two true combat experts do battle... // ...one hears of a phenomenon in which the swords appear to stand still in the air, yes? // As though time seems to stretch out forever... / It is a phenomenon that can result when one's senses are honed to their very limits. // This drug is designed to forcefully induce that state. // In other words, / it is a drug that can provide anyone with the sensation of becoming superhuman.
Szayel: (What is this...? // What's he saying...? // The words are so slow, I can't understand them...)
Mayuri: Do you understand my meaning, I wonder? / Espada... / Using this medicine, even a baby could witness a bullet stop in midair... // You have become superhuman... / ...so naturally, one such as myself, who is still "ordinary", must appear too slow to even be worthy of notice. // Now, then...

Mayuri: Does this sword... // ...appear to have stopped in midair? // Here is the most incredible thing about this drug... // When a swordmaster experiences this phenomenon, it lasts only for one crucial instant as the swords strike... // But using this "Superhuman Serum", the effects can be extended to ten times, a thousand times, a trillion times that. // The proper dosage of this drug is to dilute a single part serum in 250,000 parts water. / But just for you, I administered the pure, undiluted form. // For you, right now... // A single second must feel like a hundred years.

Mayuri: Which is to say... / As I bring this sword closer and closer towards you like so... // To you in your superhuman state, this must seem like a smooth, gradual motion, taking place over many hundreds of years. / How wonderful! // Yet in contrast with your superhuman senses... / ...your body is still human, and lags terribly behind. // Your senses, honed to such a level, have transcended the movements of your own body. // Should you make an attempt to stop my blade with your hand... // The sensation of the blade piercing that hand... // ...will reach you only a hundred years after the fact. // Well... / Though I stand here telling you all of this... // My words seem unlikely to actually reach you. / At least, not for a long, long time. // Ah, well. // There's no need for us to rush. // As, over the space of hundreds of years, / my sword works its way through your heart, // and your bodily fluids slip out of your body like sand... / I want you to take your time, and savour it all. // Well, now... // With that...

Mayuri: I hope you enjoy these hundred years.
[TN: Brings new meaning to the old phrase "a thousand years of pain", really, doesn't it.]
[insert text: And then... darkness.]

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#1. by Ichiki ()
Posted on Jan 13, 2008
Finally, thanks *__*
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