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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Naruto 425

Hatake Kakashi

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 27, 2008 18:20 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 425

#425: Hatake Kakashi
[insert text: His final moments...]
Flashback!Obito: ...No matter what... everyone in the village says... // ...you're a brilliant Jounin... // ...I'm done for......... dead. // But... I can be your eyes... and see what's yet to come that way... // Take care of Rin...
Kakashi: (Obito...)

Kakashi: (.........It looks like the future that you're witnessing through this eye...... // ...is going to end here and now. // ...I failed to protect Rin. // I've done nothing but break the promises I made to you, but please... forgive me... // Obito... Rin... Sensei... // ...I'll... be with you all soon enough.) // !

Father: Kakashi...?
Kakashi: ...So you were in a place like this...
Father: Would you be kind enough to tell me your story?
Kakashi: Sure...... // But it's going to be a long one, / so I'd like to take my time about it...
Father: Sure... go ahead.
Kakashi: Well, you see, Father...

[no text just not!dying Kakashi]

Fukasaku: L... Let me try that one more time... // Senpou: Ryousei no Jutsu!!
[TN: "Amphibian Technique". I believe it's a pun of sorts, though, because "Ryousei" ("amphibian") is literally made up of kanji meaning "two lives", so... yeah. Fitting enough for a technique for linking two people together.]
Fukasaku: !!

Naruto: ?!
Fukasaku: Nguahh!

Naruto: .........
Fukasaku: Ahahaha...... // It looks like this isn't going to work.
Naruto: It's not...?!
Fukasaku: ...I suspect the Kyuubi inside of you... / ...is rejecting me and forcefully repelling me from your body...
Naruto: ...... // You're kidding me!! // Then what was the point in ALL this training?! / What am I meant to do now?!!

Beast!Pain: Kuchiyose no Jutsu!!
Shizune: And that's everything!
Ino: So what, are they all transmitting Chakra to one another? / It sounds similar to my own family's line of secret techniques...
Inoichi: .........

Ibiki: We're talking about someone possessing the Rinnegan... / ...the same eyes as the Rikudou Sennin, legendary forefather of all shinobi... // If a man like that can actually exist... / ...then there is no limit to the jutsu he may feasibly possess...
People: !! // What's that?!! // !! // !! // !!
ANBU: It looks like they've shown up in here as well. // Fuuton: Kazekiri no Jutsu!!
[TN: Wind Element: Windcutter Technique]
ANBU: Raiton: Shichuu Shibari!!
[TN: Lightning Element: Four-Pillar Bind]

ANBU: Doton: Otoshibuta!!
[TN: Earth Element: Drop-Lid]

ANBU: How's that... did we get him?!
ANBU: What the...?! / His... his heads are multiplying...! // It looks like this is some special kind of summon. / Rather than trying to fight it, we're better off looking for the summoner!
Beast!Pain: Kuchiyose no Jutsu!!

People: Wha - ?! // ! // What is that?!
Beast!Pain: There you are...

Inoichi: (...Hm?!)
Katsuyu: It looks like I was just in time.
Shizune: Katsuyu-sama! Thank you so much!
Ino: ?! // Ughhh!! What is this?! An enemy technique?!
Ibiki: Don't worry. That's the Hokage-sama's own summon, Katsuyu.

Dog: Grrrrrrr...
ANBU: These summons are powerful! Everybody, stay on your guard!
Inoichi: No doubt about it... / When I was looking through the mind of the man from the Rain Village... I saw that face.
Shizune: ?!
Inoichi: But what does it mean?!
Shizune: What...?!

Inoichi: It was a dead body!
Shizune: ?!! // (And now that dead body...... // ...is using the Kuchiyose no Jutsu! // Each one of Pain's six bodies should only be able to use one type of technique! // There can be no mistake about that; we have testimony from Fukasaku-sama, who fought against them himself! // But there's something strange going on here! // Fukasaku-sama told us that the only Pain who used summoning techniques was the one whose body we already have! // What's going on here?! / Jiraiya-sama already defeated the one Pain with the power to summon...!)

Shizune: Inoichi-san! I need any other information you can give me! I think I'm close to working something out!!
Inoichi: But in a situation like this...
Ibiki: You can leave this to me and the ANBU - have your discussion elsewhere!!
Inoichi: Ibiki...!
Shizune: Come on, let's go, Inoichi-san! // We have to work out the truth about Pain once and for all!
Konohamaru: *pant* // *pant* // *pant*
[insert text: In the midst of the carnage, Konohamaru...!!]
[bottom text: Can Pain's secret be unravelled?! Next issue, "Konoha and Naruto"!!]

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