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Byousoku 5 centimeter 1


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Apr 26, 2011 05:33 | Go to Byousoku 5 centimeter

-> RTS Page for Byousoku 5 centimeter 1

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Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5
Chapter 1: Sakura

Page 6
Teacher: This is Shinohara Akari-san.
Teacher: Everyone, please help her and be nice to her.
Akari: Nice to meet you.
Girl: Do you have any speech problems?
Akari: Hm, not really.
Girl: Do you have any nicknames?
Akari: Like Shinohara-san...
Girl: But that's normal.
Akari: Ari-chan.
Girl: Ari!?

Page 7
Use this.

Page 8
Akari: Thanks...
Akari: We're...
In the same class, right?
Touno: Yeah.
Touno: Today must have been tough.
Akari: Huh?
Touno: I also transferred here last year.
Touno: It was my second time, but...
Touno: Rather than saying I wasn't used to it...

Page 9
Akari: ...
Akari: Yeah.
Akari: It's really tiring.
Touno: Where did you come from again?
Akari: Shizuoka.
On the countryside.
Touno: Same here.
Nagano for me.
Akari: I see.
Akari: I don't like Tokyo. Just walking around makes me nervous.
Touno: Nervous, huh.
Akari: Yeah.
You're not?
Touno: I think I know what you mean.
Akari: But I like the library.
Akari: There are a lot more books compared with my old school.

Page 10
Akari: Hey, are there any other places?
Akari: In school,
That you liked when you first came here?
Touno: ...
Touno: Hm...
Something like this...
Touno: Not really...
Touno: Ah...
Touno: But there's something on the way to school.
Touno: Now is the perfect time.
Akari: Could it be,
Akari: Sakura trees?

Page 11
Magnificent sakura.
A library with lots of books that I want to read.
I found these two things that I like.

Page 12
Touno: ...
Touno: If that's the case, there's one more.
Touno: Isn't it nice?
Akari: Hm...
Akari: Yeah.

Page 13
Akari: It's really nice-
Touno: I'll let you know,
Touno: If I think of something else.
Touno: Nice places,
Touno: Or fun things to do.
Akari: Me too!

Page 14
Good morning, Touno-kun.
I want to show you something on the way home today!
See, they don't run away at all.
I wonder if they are pets?
It's so cute-
It looks like a small mustache.

Page 15
Akari: Touno-kun, what will you do for club activities?
Touno: Hm...
I haven't decided yet.
Akari: Maybe I should join the choir.
Touno: Do you like singing?
Akari: yeah.
If you can't decide, do you want to join too?
Touno: I can't sing.
Touno: I'm really tone-deaf.
Akari: It's fine, there aren't competitions or anything.
Touno: I'm really, really bad.
So no way.
Akari: ...
Touno: ...
Touno: Phew---

Page 16
The---morning sun---shines---brightly---
You can go ahead and laugh.

Page 17
Girl: Shinohara-san, you can't do back-spins?
Akari: Yeah...
Teacher: Touno-kuun, don't push yourself too hard.

Page 18
Akari: So you have asthma... It must be hard.
Touno: It's not that big of a deal though.
Akari: Ah---again!
Touno: ?
Akari: Look.
Akari: You always read the books that I want to borrow before me.
Touno: ...
Touno: It's an interesting book,
Touno: But there's one thing that I didn't get.
Akari: Really?
Touno: I want to talk about it after you finish.
Akari: Sure!

Page 19
Boy: Touno, so this is the club you chose?
Touno: Yeah.
Touno: There wasn't anything that I wanted to do...
Boy: What do you want to do?
Touno: I don't know anything other than shougi. TN: Shougi is Japanese chess.
Boy: Sure thing---
Choir: Those--who--dream---
Choir: Wish--for--
Choir: One--happiness--

Page 20
Akari: Touno-kun!
Akari: I finished reading "The Flying Garden" yesterday.
Touno: Huh?
Akari: It was really interesting, so I read it all at once.
Touno: You should have told me this morning.
Akari: I wanted to talk about it on the way home.
Girl: Look---
Girl: Those two-
TN: The books have been checked out by both Touno and Akari.

Page 21
Boy: Wah!
Touno: What?
Boy: It's,
Boy: It's nothing!

Page 22
TN: People making fun of those two together.

Page 23

Page 24

Page 25
I can't,
Run anymore!

Page 26
Both: Ha---
Both: Ha---
Touno: Ah!
Akari: Fufu!
Akari: Fu!
Akari: Kukkuku!
Akari: Fufu!

Page 27
Akari: Fu!
Akari: Kuh!
Akari: Fu!
Touno: Pft!
Akari: Hii!
Akari: Kufufu!
Akari: Fufu!
Touno: Ahaha!
Akari: Ah!
Akari: Airplane trail.
Akari: Touno-kun.
Touno: Hm?
Akari: Um...

Page 28
Akari: Can I call you Takaki-kun?
Touno: Sure...
Touno: Here.
Akari: Thanks.
Akari: Ah,
It's Chobi and Mimi-
Akari: They're worn out from the heat.

Page 29
Touno: They say where cats are is the coolest place.
Akari: I see.
They are so smart-
Akari: Oh yeah,
Takaki-kun, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Touno: Huh?
Touno: Why that sudden question...?
Akari: We were talking about it at home yesterday.
I thought that maybe I want to work in a zoo or something.
Touno: Wow, how unexpected.
Akari: It's because we can't ever have pets where we live.
Touno: I see.
Touno: I...do have an idea of what I want to be.
Touno: But you'll laugh at me.
Akari: I won't!
Touno: ...A space pilot.

Page 30
Akari: That's wonderful.
Aakri: I read about 4 billion years in one night.
It's so nice, to be able to read that much in one night.
Touno: Where are you right now?
Akari: When Anomalocaris appeared.
Both: The Cambrian period!
Touno: What was it, Hallucigenia?
Touno: Hehe!
Akari: I like it.
Akari: Like this.
Touno: It looks similar!

Page 31
Akari: Takaki-kun, which one do you like?
Touno: Probably Opabinia.
Akari: The one with 5 eyes...
Should I cut up the fries for the eyes?
Touno: First, break the legs in half...
Akari: Morning---no,
Happy new year.
Touno: Yeah, happy new year.
Akari: Takaki-kun, this is your card.
Touno: Heh!

Page 32
Akari: Takaki-kun,
Akari: We're in different classes now.
Touno: Yeah.
Akari: You know.
Akari: My class is just next door, but I feel like crying.
Akari: It's so weird...
Touno: ...
Touno: I'll join the choir.
Akari: Huh?

Page 33
Touno: For my club activities this year,
Touno: I'll join the choir.
Akari: ...
Akari: I'm thinking of changing it this year.
Akari: To science club.
It's new this year.
Akari: We will b doing experiments.
Akari: Doesn't that sound fun?
Touno: Yeah.

Page 34
Akari: So Neanderthals were killed off by Homo Sapiens?
Touno: That's not true.
The climate became warmer, and they couldn't deal with it.
Touno: And the Homo Sapiens could, so expanded their territories.
Because of that, the Neanderthals had fewer places to live...I think.
Akari: If their numbers gradually decreased, and they eventually went extinct,
Then the last person must have been really lonely.
Touno: It's true for all extinct animals.
Touno: You're resting tomorrow, right?
Akari: Yeah, I have a fever.
I get fevers really easily, it's annoying.
Akari: Takaki-kun, you don't miss school these days.
Touno: Yeah, I don't get those anymore.
Akari: It goes through the air like this right?
The light hits the particles in the air and diffused reflection occurs.
Akari: And,
Akari: Depending on the color of the light, it'll be reflected differently.

Page 35
Akari: I'm surprised that so many people are taking the middle school entrance exams.
Akari: Where I'm from, everyone automatically go to the nearest public school.
Touno: Isn't it because there are a lot of private middle schools in Tokyo? I think I'll take it too.
Akari: Really? Where are you thinking of?
Touno: My parents was saying that Nishichuu is pretty good.
Akari: Nishichuu huh...what should I do?
Akari: It would be nice if I can, but I'm bad at math.
Touno: I'm sure that you'll be able to get in.
Akari: I wonder...

Page 36
Akari: ...5 centimeters per second, they say.
Touno: For what?
Akari: The speed of sakura flower petals falling.
Akari: 5 centimeters per second.

Page 37
Touno: I see...
Akari: Didn't you know?
Touno: No.
Akari: I read it in an illustrated book recently.
Akari: There were other things too.
Let me think.
Akari: Rain is 5 meters per second.
Cloud is 1 centimeter per second, and---
Touno: Cloud?
The speed that they move around?
Akari: No, the falling speed.
Touno: Falling? Cloud?
Akari: Yeah. Clouds appear to float, but they actually fall.
Akari: It's where small rain droplets gather.
As the droplets slowly fall, they become bigger and bigger,
Akari: And eventually drop to the ground as rain or snow.

Page 38
Touno: ...Hm.
Akari: Hmm.
Touno: Hey...
Don't make that face.
Akari: Kyahaha!
Touno: Ah!
Touno: Hey,
Touno: Wait up!

Page 39
Touno: Akari!
Akari: Takaki-kun.

Page 40
Akari: I hope...
Akair: We can see the sakura together again next year.
SFX: *Riiiing*
SFX: *Riiiing*
SFX: *Riiiing*
SFX: *Riiiing*

Page 41
Woman: Takaki, a call for you.
Woman: It's from Akari-chan.
Takaki: Huh?
Takaki: Transferring schools?
Akari: My dad is switching jobs...
So we're moving to around Tochigi's Iwafune.
Touno: ...

Page 42
Akari: ...Takaki-kun?
Touno: Hah!
Akari: Takaki-kun...
Akari: Um...
Touno: Nishichuu...
Akari: Hm?
Touno: Nishichuu...

Page 43
Touno: What about Nishichuu then?
Touno: They even accepted you.
Akari: ...
Akari: I'll be going to a public school over there.
Touno: I see...
Touno: ~~~~

Page 44
Touno: ...
Akari: I'm sorry...
Touno: ~~~~
Touno: Akari,
Touno: It's not something that you need to...
Touno: Apologize for...
Akari: I told him that I want to go to Nishichuu from my aunt's home in Katsushika.
Akari: I told him,
Akari: He said,
Akari: *Hic*
Akari: *Hic*
Akari: I can't do that until...
Akari: I get older.

Page 45
Akari: ...He said.
Touno: ...!
Touno: I...
Touno: I got it!
Touno: So...
Touno: Stop it...

Page 46
Touno: Sorry...
Akari: I'm sorry...
Akari: *Hic*
Akari: *Hic*
Akari: !
Akari: Ah.
Akari: Wait,
Akari: One second!

Page 47

Page 48

Page 49
Akari: ...Good morning.
Touno: Morning...

Page 50

Page 51

Page 52
Akari: Today is goodbye.
Guy: First-years--- 5 dashes!
Guy: Hai!

Page 53
Guy: Start with the guys who are done first---
Touno: Hai!
Guy: Geez-
Nishichuu's soccer team isn't really that good right?
Guy: So intense.
Guy: Yoshino is so lucky... he's being treated like a second-year.
Touno: Club members are special you know.
Guy: But Touno, you did soccer before, right?
Touno: Huh, no, I didn't.
Guy: Really?
Guy: But you looked like you have.
Touno: I joined because I wanted to become stronger.
Guy: What-?
Guy: Did you watch "Radiowave Shounen" yesterday?
Touno: No,
I was studying for the test.
Guy: Nerd! Nerd!
Guy: Don't remind me of something unpleasant.

Page 54
Touno Takaki sama,

Page 55
The last time we met was in the elementary school graduation ceremony,
And it has been half a year since then.
Hey, Takaki-kun,
Do you still remember about me?
Shinohara Akari sama,

Page 56
Box: Thank you for the letter.
Box: Sorry for the late reply.
Box: But during that time,
Box: I read your letter over and over again.
Touno: Phew.

Page 57
Box: To Takaki-kun,
Box: Thank you for the reply. It made me happy.
Box: These days, my club activities start early in the morning,
Box: So I'm writing this letter on the train.
Touno(thought): Like those, huh...
TN: Akari talked about uniforms in the letter.
Guy: Touno---
Guy: Why are you staring at the girls from Sawachuu-?
Touno: That's not it!

Page 58
Recently I cut my hair.
It's short enough for my ears to show.
Even if you see me, you may not recognize me anymore.
You must have changed a lot as well.
And from now on, bit by bit,
You probably will continue to change.

Page 59
It's been a while.
Huh, I see that you have collars now.
...Akari wrote about you guys in her letter.
She was wondering how you were.
And that you probably forgot about her.

Page 60
Touno: ...Hey.
Touno: Have you ever been to Tochigi?
Guy: No.
Touno: I wonder how I would get there...
Guy: Who knows--- Probably with the Shinkansen?
Touno: It's so far...
Guy: Kagoshima is farther away.
Guy: ?
Guy: You didn't hear about it?
Guy: Touno is transferring to Kagoshima.
Guy: Huh!?
Guy: Seriously!?
Someone: First-years---!
All three: Hai!

Page 61
Takaki-kun, when you told me that you are transferring school,
I was so shocked.
We're both used to moving, but Kagoshima...
This time, it's a bit far, huh.
With that kind of distance, we won't be able to meet by train anymore.
It makes me...
A bit lonely.
Shinohara Akari sama,
I found out that I can transfer once on the train from Shinjuku to go to Iwafune.

Page 62
Before we drift further,
Would you like to meet once?
In that case, it's decided. On the 4th of March.
After classes, if I skip club activities and leave right away, I'll get there at around 7.
I'll catch the last train two hours later to come home.
I want to see you soo...

Page 63
Touno: Phew.
Text: I spent two weeks writing a letter to Akari.

Page 64
It was the first time in my life that I wrote...
Something like a love letter.

Page 65

Page 66

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#1. by rajin ()
Posted on Apr 26, 2011
i never knew that its a manga too

thanks a ton because this translation gave me the idea that this manga exist
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