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Byousoku 5 centimeter 3

Distant Memories

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Apr 30, 2011 00:38 | Go to Byousoku 5 centimeter

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Page 1
Chapter 3: Distant Memories

Page 2
Touno: This is really good.
Akari: It's just your ordinary roasted green tea though.
Touno: Roasted green tea?
This is the first time I've had it.
Akari: No way!
Akari: I'm sure you had it before.
Touno: Really...?
Akari: Yep!
Akari: And I have this.

Page 3
Akari: Since I made it myself, I can't make any guarantees about the taste...
Akari: Please...have some.
Touno: ...
Touno: Thanks...
Touno: Ah...
Touno: I'm really hungry!

Page 4
Akari: How is it...
Touno: ...This is the best food I've ever had in my life.
Akari: Huh!?
Akari: You're exaggerating-
Touno: It's true.
Akari: It's because you're hungry.
Touno: Really...?
Akari: Yes.

Page 5
Akari: I'll have one too.
Akari: Hm.
Touno: Mm.
Touno: When did you make them?
Akari: I went home after school and made them.
So I didn't do it all by myself. My mom helped me a little bit too.
Touno: What about the omelet?
Akari: That was all me...
Touno: It's REALLY good!

Page 6
Touno: What did you say before heading out?
Akari: I left a letter saying that I'll be back home no matter how late it gets, so please don't worry.
Touno: Same with me.
Touno: I said that I'll be late because of a farewell party after club activities, so don't worry... Although I think they'll be angry.
Akari: I see-
Touno: Akari, your mom must be worried too.
I'm sure.
Akari: Hm...
Akari: Actually,
It'll be fine...I think.
Akari: When I made the bento, she asked me who I'm giving it to,
I smiled and lied about it,
Akari: But mom seemed a bit happy about it.
So I think...
Akari: That she must know.

Page 7
Touno: Ah.
Touno: Sorry, I ate all of the hamburger meat.
Touno: Even your portion...
Akari: Fufu,
Akari: It's fine, have all of it.
Akari: ...You're moving soon, right?
Touno: Yeah,
Next week.

Page 8
Akari: Kajima, huh...
Akari: That's so far.
Touno: Yeah...
Touno: Coming here was far too.
Akari: Fufufu,
Now you can't go back anymore.
Akari: Um...
Akari: ...

Page 9
Man: We will be closing soon,
Since there won't be any more trains.
Touno: Ah,
Touno: Ok!
Man: Be careful out in this snow.
Touno: Thank you.

Page 10
Akari: Takaki-kun, you've grown taller.
Touno: Really?
Touno: I wonder...

Page 11

Page 12
Akari: Do you have to go to club tomorrow too?
Touno: Yeah.
The third-year who left was really good, so now we have to work harder.
Akari: I see...
Touno: ...But you're in the basketball club, Akari...
Akari: Hard to believe, right? I'm really bad but I'm trying really hard.
Touno: Can you do back spins on the bars now?
Akari: Huh?
Who knows. I haven't tried it.
Akari: Maybe I can.
Touno: Really?
Akari: Takaki-kun, you wrote that you joined the soccer club in order to make your body stronger, right?
Touno: Yeah.
Akari: Since you did the same, I was surprised...no, actually, I knew it.
Touno: You knew it?
Akari: ...
Akari: The books that you like,

Page 13
Akari: I liked them too, right?
Touno: ...
Touno: Yeah.
Akari: But...
Akari: Since we aren't together anymore in middle school,
Akari: I thought that I had to change.
Akari: Do you feel the same, Takaki-kun?
Touno: ...Yeah.
Touno: I know.
Touno: I know what you mean.
Touno: I think so too, but...

Page 14
Touno: To be honest, I still can't think of it as something natural.
Akari: Are you cold? I'm sorry.
I should have bought a pocket heater.
Touno: I'm fine. Although you seem cold, Akari.

Page 15
Akari: I'm fine too, since I'm already used to it.
Touno: Is that meant for the winter?
Akari: I'm wearing something warm on the inside.
Touno: I see...
How nice.
Akari: Guys don't really have something like that, huh.
Both: ...

Page 16
Akari: Can you see it?
That tree.
Touno: The one in your letter?
Akari: Yeah.
Akari: The sakura tree.

Page 17

Page 18
It's as if...

Page 19
...You're right.

Page 20

Page 21

Page 22

Page 23

Page 24

Page 25

Page 26
Touno: !
Text: "Takaki-kun,"

Page 27
"I hope can can see the sakura together again next year."
For the two of us,
From now on,

Page 28
We probably...
Can't be together.
I'm sure that Akari...
Thinks so,
As well.

Page 29

Page 30
Akari: Wow, this blanket sure smells.
Touno: I'm just glad we have it.
Akari: Takaki-kun, are you covered up properly?
Touno: Yeah, I am.
Touno: Akari, you should take off your socks for now.
Touno: They're wet now, so you should put them on again after they dry.
Akari: Ooh-
Akari: So cold!
Touno: Here, cover up your feet too.
Akari: This really sucks-
Touno: Phew...

Page 31
Akari: ...For Kajima,
Akari: How long does it take to get there from Tokyo?
Touno: Hm...?
Touno: By plane...a bit less than 2 hours.
Akari: Really!?
Touno: Although...I didn't tell you, but...
Touno: Even though it's Kajima, we're going to Tanegashima.
Akari: Huh?
Touno: So we'll need to take the plane for about an hour from Kajima.
Touno: If by boat...an hour and a half.
Touno: Or so.
Akari: Boat...
Touno: Yeah...

Page 32
Akari: ...
Akari: Ah...
Hey! Don't they have a space rocket in Tanegashima!?
Touno: ?
Touno: Oh, a space center? They launched a rocket there.
Akari: Yeah! That's great, Takaki-kun.
Akari: You'll learn a lot,
Akari: In order to become a space pilot!

Page 33
Akari: ...
It's what you want to be...
Akari: Right?
Touno: The only one who would listen to that dream,
And really cheer me on this much,
Touno: Is you, Akari.
Akari: ...
Akari: You'll become one, Takaki-kun.
Akari: Even if not a space pilot,
Akari: You can be anything you want.

Page 34
Akari: You came all this way here all by yourself.
Akari: I'm sure you can do it.
Touno: Thank you...

Page 35

Page 36
Akari: Nn...
Touno: Morning.

Page 37
Akari: ...Good morning.
Akari: Wow-
Akari: There's so much snow.
Akari: I wonder if the train will be ok.
Touno: You should buy another pair of socks on the way.
Akari: I wonder if stores will be open...
Touno: I've bought them in convenience stores before.

Page 38
Akari: Wow, this is amazing-
Akari: Ahahahaha!
Speaker: Please stand behind the yellow line.
Akari: Ah.
Akari: The train is here.

Page 39
Akari: Just on time-
That's great.
Touno: Yeah.
Akari: Hopefully it won't stop on the way.
Touno: Hahaha.
Touno: But...

Page 40
Takaki-kun, I...

Page 41
I'm sure that you'll be just fine from now on.
For sure!

Page 42
Thank you...
Be well.
I'll write letters,
And call you.

Page 43

Page 44
TN: The letter says "To Touno Takaki"
Box: ---Akari,

Page 45
Box: What does it really mean to become an adult?
I still don't understand.
Box: But someday in the future,
Box: If by some chance that I see you again,
Box: I want to be someone who won't be embarrassed to be seen by you.
Box: That is what I hope.

Page 46
Box: I will,
Box: Make that promise with you.
Text: You...
Text: Are going away,
Text: And someday,
Text: I will lose to a gap that can't be filled,
Text: And time...
Box: Akari,

Page 47
Text: Your voice,
Text: And your face,
Text: I will probably forget them both.
Box: I will always...
Text: How would I be able to...
Text: Gain the power to fight it?
TN: The sentence in the letter says "I have always liked you".

Page 48
What would I have to do...
To see you again?

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