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Byousoku 5 centimeter 7

End Theme_1

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jul 16, 2011 06:52 | Go to Byousoku 5 centimeter

-> RTS Page for Byousoku 5 centimeter 7

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Page 1
Chapter 7: End Theme_1

Page 2

Page 3
TN: The name of the contact: Mizuno Risa

Page 4
Touno: ...Sorry, were you asleep?
Touno: I see...
Touno: Yeah,
I just got back.
Touno: No,
I can't get any more days off for a while.
Touno: Yeah.
Touno: ...But no.
Touno: I'll go on Saturday night after all.
I have something to tell you...
Touno: I decided to quit my job.

Page 5
Touno: For the project that I've been working on the whole time...
Touno: It will be done within half a year,
So it's fine if I leave.
Touno: Besides...
Touno: I want to find something worth doing.
Risa: ...
Risa: I see...
Risa: Well,
Seriously though,
Risa: If you keep it up, I would have been worried about your health.
Risa: I mean to say that I think it's a good thing...
Risa: Although it's a weird way of putting it...

Page 6
Risa: You're done well.
Touno: ...Thank you.
Touno: ...When was the last time we saw each other again?
Risa: 3 months or so ago.
We were still wearing long sleeves.
Risa: Takaki-kun, we had dinner, but you had to go back to work after that.
Touno: Oh yeah...
Touno: ...I think I'll take it easy for a while after I quit.
Let's go somewhere.
Risa: Really?

Page 7
Risa: I'm so happy!
Touno: Since we only went on a vacation once.
Risa: Hot spring!
That was so fun.
Risa: I'm really looking forward to it...
Touno: Hey, where should we go?
Touno: You can decide, Risa.
Although it's still far in the future.

Page 8
Man: Oh- It's Touno! You're here-
Man: Welcome-
Man: It's been a while-
Come this way.
Man: There's an emergency situation.
Man: Kotani here is in trouble- He's being dumped by his girlfriend, and is about to get fired.
Man: Touno-kun, how are you these days?
Touno: Hm? About work?
Man: No, your love life.
A girlfriend?
Touno: I have one.
Man: Woah- What kind of girl is she? Do you have a photo?
Touno: No, I don't.
Man: Touno has always kept quiet about his girlfriends.
Touno: I didn't really.
Man: You didn't mention the one in college either-
Man: And you lied to this one here.
Man: That's right! Chii-chan asked Touno-kun if he had a girlfriend, because she liked him.
He said no, but he actually had one.
Chii-chan: Having a guy hide the existence of a girl from his friends really makes one curious-

Page 9
Touno: Even though we're friends...we haven't seen each other for a year now.
Man: Haha-
Man: How many years have you two being going out?
Touno: ...3 years.
Man: Wow-
So is it almost time?
Man: My girlfriend is older too, so she's getting impatient.
Man: Well, it's about time anyway.
Gotta start taking responsibility now-
Touno: ...
Touno: I haven't thought about it yet.
Touno: We're pretty busy these days, so we can't meet a lot.
Chii-chan: Even if you're busy, you will make time if you really want to see her-
Chii-chan: Don't you even want to try?
Touno: Takeuchi.
Chii-chan: You're just using that as an excuse!
Touno: What's the rush-?
Man: Here, drink some water.
Chii-chan: Nnn---!
Chii-chan: I wanted to tell you what I think about the way you treat women!

Page 10
Risa: Here.
Risa: Hah- it's so hot!
Risa: By the way,
In two weeks, my parents are coming.
Risa: They're visiting someone who helped them in the past, but currently in the hospital...
Risa: And they're going to stay here.
Touno: Huh?
Touno: In this room?
Risa: If we move the table, we could somehow fit two futons.
Touno: But there won't be any places to stand.
Risa: They won't stay at a hotel,
Since they wanted to see me.
Risa: And I haven't gone home at all...

Page 11
Touno: But you can't help it since you're always so busy.
Risa: Hmm...
Risa: Yeah.
Risa: Besides that, if it's convenient,
How about dinner that day?
Risa: I was thinking that maybe you could take them there.
Risa: You know, the Italian place near where you li-

Page 12
Touno: ...So,
Touno: You want me to meet them.
Risa: Yeah...
Touno: I told you I"m quitting my job, didn't I?
Touno: I can't meet them like that.
Risa: ...
Risa: It's not really that big of a problem...
Risa: Since they are coming all the way here anyway.
Touno: That's just it.
Touno: Even if you have no such intentions,
I'm sure that your parents will think otherwise.

Page 13
Touno: If they're introduced to the boyfriend...
Of the daughter that they haven't seen in a while...
Touno: ...
Touno: I'm sorry.
Touno: Right now,
Touno: I can't think about the future.

Page 14
Touno: Sigh...
Mizuno Risa
Good morning
Sorry about yesterday.

I want to talk to you, so can I call you at night?

Re: Good morning
I don't know when I'll get back tonight,
So I'll get in touch again when I have time.

Page 15
Risa: Touno-san.
Risa: You must be Touno-san from Samudo system.
Touno: ...
Touno: Yes...
Touno: Um, you are from Yoshimura-san's department?
Risa: I'm Mizuno.
I'm glad that you remembered me.
Risa: I'm sorry.
When we met before, I was wearing suits...
Touno: Touno-san, I recognized you right away.
Risa: In everyday clothes, you look like a student.
Touno: Mizuno-san, are you also going this way?
Risa: Um,
Yes...anywhere is fine.
Touno: Anywhere?

Page 16
Risa: I don't really have any plants.
I have the day off, and the weather is good.
Risa: I thought that maybe I'll go shopping.
Touno: Same here.
Touno: Would you like to have some tea then?
Text: That's how I met Mizuno Risa.
Text: It has been a while since I talked to anyone just for fun.
Text: When we talked,
Text: I felt very comfortable.
Text: Like that,
Text: We had meals together,
Text: Went to see movies,

Page 17
Text: And then slowly,
Text: Our relationship went deeper.
TV: The H.A Rocket number 9 was launched at 3pm today, from Tanegashima Space Center.
TV: Main engine, start.
TV: 3, 2, 1, 0.
SFX: *Vibrate*
SFX: *Vibrate*
Mizuno Risa
Thank you
Thank you for today.
It was very fun.

If it's alright with you,
Can we have dinner again?

Page 18
Box: And then...
Box: I started going out with her.
Girl: Yeah,
Girl: I'm sorry.
Girl: I just want someone who would like me back.
Girl: I still like you even now, Touno-kun.
Girl: But you don't really like me that much, do you?
Girl: I already know that,
Girl: So being with you...
Really hurts.
Box: That's why, if you like me...!

Page 19
Touno: Why can't you just leave him?
Touno: Have you...
Touno: Thought about his wife?
Risa: Takaki,
I would be sad if I left Fujida-san.
Risa: You like,
Risa: Immoral acts, don't you?
Touno: What the hell!?
Box: The whole time...

Page 20
Kanae: I have liked you, Touno-kun.
Touno: Thank you.
Touno: Thank you...
Touno(thought): I have hurt,
Touno(thought): So many people.

Page 21
I want to go shopping.

Are you free on Friday night?

Touno(thought): But I thought that I like her.
Touno(thought): And that's why,
Touno(thought): Even though it was scary, I made the move.

Page 22
SFX: *Vibrate*
SFX: *Vibrate*
SFX: *Vibrate*
SFX: *Vibrate*
Risa: Hi... It's Risa.
Risa: Sorry that I called you so many times even though you're busy.
Risa: When you get the chance,
Risa: Please call me back if you can.
Risa: ...Well then, good night.

Page 23
Risa: Uu...
This is so strong!
Touno: That's not true.
Risa: It burns so suddenly though.
Touno: You get bright red with just one glass of beer.
Risa: Phew...
Risa: Hey,
Risa: Takaki-kun, what did you want to become when you were little?
Touno: why that so suddenly?
Risa: Because I don't know much about you yet.

Page 24
Touno: ...
I don't think I wanted to become anything.
Risa: Nothing?
Touno: I was trying very hard just to get by everyday.
Risa: I see...
Risa: Ah- maybe I was the same.
Touno: You too?
Risa: Yeah.
When I was asked about my future in school, I always didn't know how to answer.
Risa: That's why when I decided to work for this company, I thought that I wouldn't ever have to think about my future again.
Risa: Something like that.
Touno: I see...
Risa: When I was little though, I wanted to become a lot of things.
Like when I was playing house, I'd have cake or flower shops.
Risa: But after I learned that realizing your dream is a very difficult thing...
Risa: I was really envious of people who have goals in their lives.

Page 25
Risa: Takaki-kun, snow!
Risa: IT's snowing!
Touno: Huh!?
I'll contact you if I find some time

Page 26

Is it over between us?

Text: Will you cancel the message?

Man: Touno.
Touno: Ah.
Touno: ...Yes?
Man: You're quitting?

Page 27
Touno: ...Yes.
When I finish this job.
Man: ...
Contact: Mizuno Risa

Page 28
Risa: Um...
Risa: Sorry.
Risa: I'm...
Not sure what to do...
Risa: Since...
Risa: It's my first time.
Risa: I did go out with someone in college,
Risa: But we always met with a group of people,
So maybe we didn't actually date...?
Risa: He just...
Fancied someone else after a while and gradually disappeared...
Risa: That's why,
Risa: Um,

Page 29
I don't know,
How to properly...

Page 30
Touno: Hey mom?
Touno: It was my answering machine?
Touno: Yeah, sorry, I can't really pick up because I'm busy.
Touno: Ok.
Class reunion?
Touno: Ah...
Touno: Decline it for me, will you?
Touno: I don't have the time to go to Tanegashima.
Touno: Yean.
Touno: ...Ah.
Touno: And there's something I need to tell you.
Touno: I decided to quit my job.

Page 31
Touno: ...I haven't decided yet.
Touno: There's still work to be done so I'll decide in about 2 to 3 months.
Mom: Why are you quitting!?
Mom: It's not like you can find another job right away with the economy in this condition.
Mom: And Takaki, you have never given up on anything before.
Mom: Can't you hang in there for a bit more?

Page 32
Touno: ...Risa.
Risa: Takaki-kun.
Risa: So you're working on Sunday too.
Touno: ...What are you doing?

Page 33
Risa: ...
Risa: I'm sorry.
Risa: I know that you don't want me to bother you here.
Risa: But,
Risa: At this rate,
Risa: I won't be able to talk to you at all before it all ends.
Risa: What could have gone wrong?
Risa: And is it no good now?
Risa: I keep on thinking,
Risa: We...
Already dated for 3 years,

Page 34
But I don't know how you feel at all, Takaki-kun.
Show me.

Page 35
The side of you that was hidden from me.
What you don't want to show me the most,
Please let me see it...

Page 36

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