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Byousoku 5 centimeter 9

End Theme_3

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jul 25, 2011 01:20 | Go to Byousoku 5 centimeter

-> RTS Page for Byousoku 5 centimeter 9

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Page 1
Chapter 9: End Theme_3

Page 2
It's fine.
I'm home now.
I took the day off...
I have something to give to you...

Page 3
Risa: I was...
Risa: Thinking of sending my stuff back.
Risa: But I thought I'd take them myself.
Touno: Risa...

Page 4
Risa: Stop it with the apologies.
Touno: ...
Risa: Besides "sorry",
Risa: What are you going to
Touno: When I was a kid,
There was a person whom I really liked.
Touno: We were separated,
Touno: Even so, I believed that my feelings will carry on.
But in the end, letters couldn't fill the distance between us.

Page 5
Touno: What I really wanted to tell her,
Touno: I couldn't say even a word.
Touno: And the letter that I wanted to give to her...
Risa: ...What that person,
Risa: In Iwafune?
Touno: ...
Touno: Although I don't think she lives there anymore.
Touno: ...It was a memory that I didn't want to share with anyone.
Touno: But,
By doing so, I retreated into my own shell.
Touno: And I have hurt so many people.

Page 6
Touno: That's why...
Touno: When I left Iwafune...
Touno: When we separated,
Touno: I thought that I needed to be strong.
Touno: So that I can protect her,
Touno: And that I won't lose my feelings for her.
Touno: For me, that became...
The purpose of my life.
Touno: Although in reality, that pure wish did not last.

Page 7
Touno: With the strong sense of regret,
Touno: I wanted to go faster,
Touno: And straight ahead.
Touno: This is not where I belong,
And I don't accept this kind of me.
Touno: This sense of urgency is all that is left.
Touno: Like this, I betrayed...
Touno: Both her, and the me,
From that time.

Page 8
Risa: ...When was this?
Risa: The time that you went to Iwafune?
Touno: ...First year middle school.
Risa: ...
Risa: I see that you tried so hard to love at age 13.
Risa: Thank you for telling me everything...
Risa: What's important is that you're a good person.
Risa: Your memories,
And regrets,
Risa: Can both be healed eventually.

Page 9
Risa: People who are chained to the past,
Risa: Even if they are nice,
Risa: Have have a strong sense of responsibility,
Risa: Are actually quite weak.
Risa: I wonder if running away from things that didn't go well,
Has made you the way you are now.
Risa: But in the end,
Risa: The Takaki-kun right now is who I came to like.
Risa: I don't know what happened in the past,
Risa: But your regrets have become part of who you are.

Page 10
Risa: I loved the Takaki-kun as a result of that.
Risa: That's why,
I would like you to forgive yourself for not keeping the promise.
Risa: But I guess it's not in my place to say that...
Risa: I already know.

Page 11
Risa: The fact that you told me all this,
And the fact that I'm no longer angry,
Risa: Means it's over between us, right?
Risa: Even if I can wish for happiness,
Risa: I can't make you happy.

Page 12
Risa: Today is the end.
Risa: But,
Risa: If someday,
We meet again,
Risa: When we are both completely different,
Risa: I hope we can start something new again.
Risa: Not as a promise,
Risa: But as a wish.
Risa: Would that be ok?

Page 13
Touno: Yeah...
Touno: That would be good.
Touno: Risa.
Risa: Hm?

Page 14
...Thank you.

Page 15
I had a dream.

Page 16

Page 17
Mom: You should at least stay until New Year's...
Akari: I have lots of preparations to do.
And besides, we'll see each other again next month.
Mom: Next time we meet would be at your wedding...
You can't come until then?
Akari: I'll be back if I have time.
Akari: Ok?
Dad: Say hi to Yuuichi-kun for me.
Akari: I will.
Akari: Mom, dad, take care of yourselves.

Page 18
I had a dream yesterday.
You must have been lonely.
Did you think that I went home already?
I wonder if he wanted me to go back...
Since he's so nice.

Page 19
Akari(thought): But I waited for so long.
Akari(thought): I believed that you would come.
Akari(thought): I really...
SFX: *Vibrate*
SFX: *Vibrate*
SFX: *Vibrate*

Page 20
Do you have me,
In your memories?
At least,
At least,
Enough for me to wish for your happiness.

Page 21
Man: Hey, you're leaving soon,
And it won't be a big party or anything like that, so it's fine, right?
Man: Me, Kudou, Shimazaki, and uh...people over there.
It'll be about that size.
Touno: I'm really sorry that you went through the trouble,
Touno: But like always, I would like to work.
Touno: I can't go unless I finish, and I can't let everyone wait...
Man: You're just assisting, so it should be fine-
Touno: I will be free for a whlie after this,
So please ask me again then.

Page 22
Man: Touno.
Man: ...I caused you a lot of trouble.
Touno: ...It's nothing, sir.
Man: ...

Page 23
Box: How are you?
Box: It's snowing so hard today.
We didn't foresee this when we made the promise, huh.
Box: It seems like the trains are delayed as well.

Page 24
Box: That's why,
I'm writing this while waiting for you, Takaki-kun.
Box: ...I have to be able to stand on my own as well from now on.

Page 25
Box: I have no choice but to do so.
Box: Both me and you.
Box: Isn't that right?
Touno(thought): It's so pretty...

Page 26
Touno(thought): I wonder how long it has been,
Touno(thought): Since the last time I thought something was pretty?
Touno(thought): I listened to it once,
Touno(thought): And wasn't able to listen to it again.
Touno(thought): Nor could I delete it.
Akari: ...Takaki-kun,
There's more than 30 minutes before the next train.
Akari: What should we do...

Page 27
Akari: I'm sorry.
Akari: For making you come.
Screen: Message deleted.

Page 28
Just how much,
Of the beautiful things,
Or the happy feelings,
That are abundant under the sky,
Did I see all this time?

Page 29

Page 30

Page 31
I really like you, Takaki-kun.
Ever since I first met you, you have been strong and kind.
You have always looked out for me.

Page 32
No matter where, or how far away you go,
I will always,
Like you, Takaki-kun.
Please, please,
Just remember that.

Page 33

Page 34

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