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Kurogane (Ikezawa) 1


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Sep 21, 2011 09:52 | Go to Kurogane (Ikezawa)

-> RTS Page for Kurogane (Ikezawa) 1

Reserved for Lazy Ass Scans. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Sayuri: "Sakura One-Strike Style",
Sayuri: Toujou Sayuri!!!
Hiroto: ...Oi oi,
Hiroto: Don't tell me you're really going to---
Sayuri: Just try to parry,
Sayuri: My first strike!!!

Page 2
The downward swing of the blade---the shinai will cut open a path to the future for the young man!!

Page 3
Chapter 1: Hero

Page 4
Guy: It's coming to you, Kurogane-!!!
Hiroto: ...I can see it.
Hiroto: Drawing a parabola from the ball coming from the right---
Hiroto: It will end up right where I am!!
Hiroto: This is it!!!
SFX: *Gulp*
Hiroto(thought): A super save!?
Hiroto: !!!!
Guy: ...!!

Page 5
Hiroto: ...!!!
Guy: This sucks!!! The team that gets Kurogane always loses!!!
Guy: Let's just play without him-
Guy: I agree-
Guy: ...Wait.
Guy: If I join the team, then you can't complain right?
Guy: Woah- if you're with us, then we'll win for sure!!
Hiroto: ...
Guy: Can you stand?
Box: Ever since that day that I started looking up to "heroes"---

Page 6
Guy: I told you to not let Kurogane be the keeper---
This guy has been the worst at sports ever since elementary school---
Hiroto: ...
Box: For me, Kurogane Hiroto,
Box: Nothing has changed---
Hiroto(thought): ...Sigh, that hurt.
Hiroto(thought): It doesn't seem I can avoid failing physical education in high school...
Guy: Alllright, let's go!!!
Guy: Yeah!!
Girl: Ready!!?
Hiroto: ?
Everyone: Come be a savior!!!
Everyone: Ouka High kendo club is recruiting new members-!!!

Page 7
Hiroto(thought): It's already the end of April, and they're still recruiting...
Guy: The kendo club is so loud-
Guy: Only if they raise their voices- Otherwise they're so puny and weak.
Guy: What did you say!!?
Guy: It's...it's frustrating, but everything depends on the freshmen this year.
Guy: That's right!! They say that we are puny because our sophomores are so weak!!
Guy: Our leader, one of the best in Tokyo, is not here, so we always lose on the first match in team tournaments...
Guy: Since we can't win in matches, this is the only thing we can do right now...
And for the sake of our captain Kamiya---
Guy: If we can get just one strong kendoist to join...
Tsubame: Let's try our best, senpai!!
Hiroto: Huh?
She's the one who sits in the seat next to me---
Tsubame: Ah!
Tsubame: It's Kurogane-kun!! Do you recognize me? It's me!
Hiroto: Shi...Shiratori-san.
Tsubame: So you remembered! You can just call me Tsubame-
Tsubame: Hey! You haven't decided on a club to join, right?
Hiroto: Huh? Ah, yeah, well---

Page 8
Tsubame: Why don't you try training that wire-like body of yours with us!?
Hiroto: How rude!!!
Tsubame: Into iron!
Hiroto: Shut up!!
Tsubame: Fufu...you don't know, do you, Kurogane-kun?
Tsubame: The rumor about "Toujou Sayuri"!!
Hiroto: Huh?
Tsubame: She's a ghost!!
Tsubame: A woman who has long black hair, wears kimono---
And holds a katana in her hands!!!
Tsubame: She is often seen with big sakura trees---
And apparently slashes at passerbys!!
Text: Ghost?
Hiroto: How stupid of you to still believe that as a high school student...What about it?
Tsubame: Geez- I'm trying to tell you-!!
Tsubame: Strike before you are struck!!!
Tsubame: If you do kendo, then there is no need to fear getting attacked!!!
Hiroto: So you're just trying to recruit me!!!

Page 9
Hiroto: I-I won't join! Kendo of all things!! You should already know how bad I am at sports!!!
Tsubame: Our club is in trouble this year!! Please!!!
Guy: Oi, Shiratori!!!
What are you trying to do by recruiting some complete newbie!?
Guy: We're looking for people with skills!!!
Guy: Someone who can save our club!!! Leave some beginner alone!!!
Hiroto: ...See, your senpai is telling you that as well.
Tsubame: But Kurogane-kun is a really good person!!!
Hiroto: Huh!?
Tsubame: Because you picked up my eraser on the day of the entrance ceremony!!!
Text: Here
Text: So nice!!
Hiroto: Wha!? I don't remember that at all!!!
Tsubame: That's because you are a good person---
Guy: Shiratori-saan!! Anyway, we have to return to our practice now!!!
Tsubame: Huh!? Ah, alright!
Just think about it!!
Hiroto: Huh!? Ah...
Hiroto: ...This.
What should I do with it...?

Page 10
Hiroto(thought): Sigh--- The cram school really dragged on today...
Hiroto(thought): ...
The club's savior, huh.
Hiroto: I would like to become one if I could...
Hiroto: But to start something new now would be impossible for someone so hopeless at sports like me...
Hiroto: I should return this tomorro...
Hiroto: Sakura---?
Hiroto: That's strange...was there a tree like this here...?
Sayuri: You...are holding a very nice shinai.
Sayuri: ...Are you a swordsman?
Hiroto: Huh?

Page 11

Page 12
Sayuri: "Sakura One-Strike Style",
Sayuri: Toujou Sayuri!!
Hiroto: ...I should've...
Hiroto: Joined the kendo club...
Sayuri: You seem calm, young man...
Sayuri: Are you strong?
Sayuri: ...Just try to parry,
Sayuri: My first strike!!!

Page 13
Sayuri(thought): ...So he's no good huh---
Hiroto: Ugh...
Sayuri: Hm?
Sayuri: !!?

Page 14
Sayuri: Wha...!?
Hiroto: Hii!
Sayuri: ...!!!
Sayuri(thought): He parried it!!
Sayuri(thought): It was no accident---
Sayuri: ...Fu!
Sayuri: ...I finally found him.
Sayuri: My successor---

Page 15
Hiroto: Phew...
Mom: What's wrong, Hiroto!?
You should at least how your face to your mother when you come---
Mom: Kyah!!! What's with all the salt!!?
Hiroto: ...
Hiroto: ...I don't want to see,
Hiroto: Any more women or traditional Japanese clothes today...
Mom: ...Rebellious age.
Hiroto has finally reached the rebellious age...
Text: But I won't lose!
Hiroto(thought): I didn't think she would really appear---
Well, with this much salt, I should be fine...
Sayuri: ...Fufu.

Page 16
Sayuri: Unfortunately, I really like salt.
Hiroto: !!?
Sayuri: With this little salt, I can't even make rice balls.
Hiroto: !!! You're from before---
Sayuri: I took the liberty of entering your dream for a bit.
Hiroto: So frank---!!!
You think you're a friend or something!!?
Hiroto: But hot!!? What the heck is this!!?
Ah, dream!?
Sayuri: Ah- Don't be so noisy!!
...You ran away before, but...
SFX: *Slide*
Sayuri: There is no place to run in your dream.
Sayuri: ...Just shut up and listen to what I have to say.
Hiroto: ...!!!

Page 17
Sayuri: ...Look.
Sayuri: This is the fire of Edo...150 years ago.
Hiroto: Edo...!?
Sayuri: On that day,
A dojo was burned down.
Sayuri: I---Was there, as the last instructor.
Hiroto: !!
Sayuri: The strongest swordfighting style at the time was called---
Sayuri: "Sakura One-Strike Style".
Sayuri: Because of the fire, all of the disciples died---
Sayuri: And our name has even left the history books...
Along with our teaching of "Gekiken".
Hiroto: ...Gekiken?
Sayuri: You don't know?

Page 18
Sayuri: Something that was created at the end of the era when people used real blades---
Fighting and competing with shinais.
Sayuri: I guess now they call it...let's see, "kendo"?
Hiroto: !
Hiroto: In other words, this ghost...
Hiroto: Was a kendo instructor in the Edo era...!
Sayuri: As for why someone like that would become a ghost---
Hiroto: So uncaring!!
Sayuri: I don't really care about the fact that I died.
Sayuri: It's just...this style that has been passed down through generations,
Has been lost in my generation---
Sayuri: I can't move on because of that---
Sayuri: ...And that's where you come in, Kurogane Hiroto.
Hiroto: ...?
Sayuri: You...will succeed the Sakura One-Strike Style.
Hiroto: ...
Hiroto: ...Huh!?

Page 19
Sayuri: You will revive the style in the present day---
And make that name known throughout the world once again!!
Sayuri: ...That is my purpose.
Hiroto: Y...you're telling me to do kendo!?
Hiroto: This isn't funny! Why me---!!?
Sayuri: You have talent!
Sayuri: During the past 150 years that I have been searching---
You were the first one to have parried my strike.
Hiroto: !!? That was just by chance---
Sayuri: Besides, you are a man.
Sayuri: Do you not---
Sayuri: Wish to become strong?

Page 20
Hiroto: ...!!!
Hiroto: Th-
Hiroto: ...At any rate, it's impossible for me.
Hiroto: Stuff like sports...I'm no good in any of them---
Sayuri: ...
Hiroto: Anyway, there's no way I'll do kendo!!
Hiroto: I---
Rooster: Koke kokko-!! TN: The Japanese onomatopoeia for a rooster.
Hiroto: !!?
Sayuri: So it's already morning huh...I guess I'm out of time in your dream.
Hiroto: Wha?!
Text: The dream is...!!
Sayuri: Let's make a show of waking you up.
Hiroto: Huh!?
Hiroto: Wa-wait!! What are you---
Sayuri: You would wake up after dying in your dream right?
I will take this opportunity to kill you.
Hiroto: Take this opportunity!!?
Kurogane: Wait a sec...
Sayuri: Good mooooooorrning!!!
Kurogane: Gyaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Page 21
Hiroto: ...!!
Hiroto: Wha...
Sayuri: ...I'm Sayuri.
Hiroto: !?
Sayuri: There was a doll that was just perfect in the living room, so I borrowed its body.
Hiroto: Isn't that the traditional doll that my mom treasures!!?
Mom: Ufufu- Komachi-chaan~
Text: Get out!!!
Text: Hohohohohohohoho
Sayuri: I can't move unless I possesss something during the day.
Mom: Hey Hiroto?
Mom: What's with all the commotion in the so early---
Mom: !!
Mom: Oh my, Komachi-chan!?
Your vital seems to be at its peak today!?
Sayuri: My name is Sayuri you know.
Mom: Oh?
Mom: Oh I see. I'm sorry for giving you a name without asking.
Sayuri: Fufu, as long as you know.
Hiroto: ...

Page 22
Mom: It's almost time for breakfast!
Sayuri-chan, would you like some natto?
Sayuri: Oh!! I'll gladly have some!!!
Hiroto: Wait-------------!!!
Hiroto: ...!
Mom: Sayuri-chan, would you like some more?
Sayuri: Yes please!
Dad: You seem happy, like getting a new daughter.
Hiroto: ...!!!
Hiroto: Don't just go with the flow-----!!!
All: ?
Hiroto: Aren't you in the least bit weirded out!!?
Mom: When you really love a doll, a life is born from within.
Dad: That's right, there's nothing weird about it.
Hiroto: Something's wrong with your brains!!!
Sayuri: Oh well, don't worry about the little details!
Look, if you don't eat some natto, you won't get muscles.
Hiroto: Huh? I don't need muscles.

Page 23
Sayuri: Hm? But aren't you going to do it?
SFX: *Grip*
Hiroto: No I won't!! And don't talk as if you're pouring drinks for someone!!
Hiroto: Ah! It's already this late...!
Mom: Today is Saturday though?
Hiroto: I have supplementary class today! I'm going to get there early to prepare.
Sayuri: Gr! A temple school!? TN: She's talking about something from the Edo period.
Hiroto: There's no way I'd take you with me, Sayuri!!!
Sayuri: Hohoho, don't say that.
Is there a dojo in your school or whatever it is? Huh?
Hiroto: Dojo...?
Hiroto: Oh yeah...
I think the kendo club would definitely have---
Sayuri: Kendo club...
Hiroto: ...Oi, don't tell me that you---
Sayuri: I'm going to go see it!!!!
Hiroto: Wait------!!!!

Page 24
Guy: Alright, the list is a bit long...but please go buy them, Shiratori-san!
Tsubame: No problem!
Guy: Listen up! We squeezed the last out of the club funds! Don't you lose that!!
Guy: I hear that lately there are a lot of upperclassmen demanding for money around these parts---
Tsubame: Geez, you're worrying too much, senpai!
I'll be going then!
Tsubame: Bft!
Tsubame: Goh!!
All(thought): We worry...
Sayuri: Look! It says the kendo hall is this way!!
Hiroto: I told you that I'm not going to---
Sign: Kendo Hall
Tsubame(thought): So many things to buy---
I have to make sure I don't lose the list-
All: Wha!?
Tsubame: Waaahh!!!

Page 25
Hiroto: Owww...
Hiroto: ...!!!
Tsubame: Wah! Kurogane-kun!?
Hiroto: You!! Hurry and cover it up!!!
Tsubame: Ah!!
Tsubame: The list...!!!
Tsubame: What should I do, they're being blown away~~!!!
Hiroto: ...

Page 26
Hiroto: ---2 of Sanbachi shinai shafts,
2 boxes of sports...tape.
SFX: *Click*
Tsubame: ...Huh?
Hiroto: 2 of tsuba--- and tsuba stoppers. TN: Tsuba is the circular hand guard on the shinai.
Hiroto: 1 tightening string, 3 hand grips.
2 bottles of shinai oil.
Hiroto: 1 pair of tabi.
Sayuri: Wha...!?
Hiroto: ...Here.
Hiroto: That's everything.

Page 27
Sayuri: Oi oi!! Where do you think you are going!?
Hiroto: I told you that I'm going to go study---
Sayuri: Did you---see all of that just now!!?
Sayuri: Just what kind of eyes do you have!!?
Hiroto: ...
Sayuri: Bu-but those things---called glasses or whatever,
Aren't they only worn by people with bad eyes---
Hiroto: ...Ah, these---
Hiroto: ...Are fake lenses.
Sayuri: !? Wha...
Hiroto: My eyes get tired from seeing too much...
Sayuri: Wearing them help with repressing my sight.
Sayuri(thought): !!! That's it---
Sayuri(thought): He parried my strike with those eyes...!!

Page 28
Sayuri: So you do have it!!! What an amazing talent---
Hiroto: It's useless.
Sayuri: !?
Hiroto: They are useless.
...These eyes of mine---
Sayuri: ...?
Hiroto: ...Sayuri,
Hiroto: Do you know about "heroes"?
Sayuri: ...Like really strong people?
Sayuri: Of course that's a prerequisite...but---

Page 29
Hiroto: A hero is someone,
Who will save others in matches.
Hiroto: The person has to be strong...
And win no matter the difficulties.
Hiroto: Even if someone who sucks at sports drag everyone down.
Hiroto: A savior who will lead any team to victory---
Hiroto: That is a hero.
Sayuri: ...
Hiroto: I have always been envious,
Of heroes like that.

Page 30
Hiroto: I tried many things, thinking that I could do at least one.
Hiroto: Basketball, ping pong, tennis, karate---
Hiroto: ...But,
Hiroto: No matter how good my eyes are, it's no use.
Hiroto: Even if I can see what my opponents are doing,
and where they are---
Hiroto: My hands...and body can't keep up.
With zero physical strength, the talent is wasted.
Hiroto: What I always saw clearly,
Hiroto: Was just myself losing pitifully.
Hiroto: ...That why,
I won't do sports anymore.

Page 31
Hiroto: I---
Hiroto: Can't become a hero.
Sayuri: ...!! You're wrong!! If it's kendo---
Hiroto: Just stop it!!!
Hiroto: I told you it's hopeless!!!
Stop bothering me!!!
Sayuri: Hiroto!!!
Sayuri: ---

Page 32
Tsubame(thought): Fufu...
Thanks to Kurogane-kun, the list is alright---
Tsubame(thought): Ah, the club funds!
I hope I didn't drop it---
Tsubame(thought): ...Phew, I do have it-
Tsubame: Kyah!!
Tsubame: Wah! Wah!!
Tsubame: I'm sorry!!
Guy: ...It's fine.
Guy: I should be thanking you.
Guy: ...Ouka High kendo club-sama?
Tsubame: ...Huh...?

Page 33
Hiroto(thought): ...I wonder where Sayuri is.
Maybe I said a bit too much...Hm?
Hiroto: ...The list from before...so this is where it ended up.
Hiroto: ...I forgot to tell her something.
Hiroto: I still have 2 hours before the class.
...Guess there's no helping it.
Hiroto(thought): If she were to be at stores that sell kendo equipment,
Hiroto(thought): It would be in this area---
Tsubame: P-please wait!!!
Hiroto: !?
Guy: Hehe...picking on those out shopping is a good idea...
Guy: Everyone's so broke these days.
Hiroto(thought): !!
Hiroto(thought): Taking other people's money...!!
Hiroto(thought): It's best that I don't get involved in things like this...
But it feels like I've heard that voice just now from---

Page 34
Tsubame: That money is very improtant!!!
Guy: Ah? Don't be so uptight. It's not even your own.
Guy: Just tell them you dropped it or something.
Hiroto(thought): Tsubame-san...!?
Tsubame: Everyone in the club worked so hard to gather that money!!!
Tsubame: I beg you, please return it---!!
Guy: Wow...so praise-worthy.
Guy: What should I do~~~~~
Tsubame: ...?
Guy: You're pretty cute---
Guy: If you come with me for a bit, then it's not like I won't return the money.
Tsubame: !!
Guy: What will you do? Hm?
Tsubame: ...

Page 35
Tsubame: ...If I do what you tell me to do...
Tsubame: Then you'll return it...?
Guy: Yeah, I'm not mean!
Hiroto(thought): D-don't, he's definitely lying!!
Hiroto(thought): They're going to take Tsubame-san away!! What do I do!?
Hiroto(thought): Should I stop them!? Me!?
Hiroto(thought): I-I have to run!
Hiroto(thought): Run---
Hiroto(thought): Ru...
Tsubame: But Kurogane-kun is such a good person!!!
Hiroto: ...
Hiroto: ...!

Page 36
Hiroto: Wai...wait a second!!!
Tsubame: Kurogane-kun...!!?
Guy: What the hell do you want...!?
Hiroto: ...
Hiroto: ...She's my friend.
Tsubame: !
Hiroto: Won't you...
Hiroto: Let her go...!!?

Page 37
Hiroto: !!!
Guy: What are you, stupid!!?
Guy: Trying to be a hero when you're so weak!!
Tsubame: Kurogane-kun!!!
Hiroto: Gah..!
Hiroto(thought): It hurts...! I can't breathe...!!
Guy: She's agreeing to come with us you know!?
Tsubame: ...!
Guy: Let's leave that trash here and go~~~
Guy: !?
Guy: Wha...!?
Guy: Stop struggling, you small-fry!!!
Hiroto: ...!!!

Page 38
Guy: ---What should we do? It'll be trouble if he calls someone here.
Guy: You're right...
Guy: This is perfect.
Guy: I'll make sure your body doesn't move for a while.
Tsubame: !!? What are you doing!? Stop!!
I'll do whatever you want, so...
Guy: Hehe...
Hiroto: ...!!
Hiroto(thought): What am I doing... Not to mention being a hero, I can't even protect one girl---
Hiroto(thought): Why am I so weak!!?
Hiroto(thought): But I...
Hiroto(thought): Even so, I---

Page 39
Sayuri: ...Is it frustrating?
Sayuir: Kurogane Hiroto!!!
Hiroto: ...Sayuri...!?
Guy: What's with this little kid...!?
Sayuri: Hiroto...
Sayuri: It's true that I said you have talent---
But that doesn't mean you can go into battles empty-handed!!!
Sayuri: What you have---
Hiroto: !!
Sayuri: Is the "sword"!!!

Page 40
Hiroto: A katana...!?
Guy: Tch...even with another kid and weapons, small-fry is still small-fry...
Guy: Don't be so full of yourself by pretending to be a hero!!!
Hiroto: ...!!
Hiroto: ...If I have this...
Hiroto: Can I become one?
Sayuri: Yes you can!!!
Hiroto: ...I understand, Sayuri.

Page 41
Hiroto: I will---
Hiroto: Become a hero!!!!
Sayuri: ...Well said.
...Fitting for a disciple of mine---
Sayuri: Let's go! "Sakura One-Strike Style"---
Sayuri: Kurogane Hiroto!!!

Page 42
Guy: What are you standing around for---
Guy: You two!! Go get them!!!
Hiroto: ...They're not scared at all...!!
Sayuri: Of course not. I'm not showing myself to them...
If I did that, there would be no point.
Hiroto: I have to say this, but...
There's no way I can wave this heavy thing around!!
Sayuri: It's only 500g!!!
Don't boast then!!!
Sayuri: Tch...
Oh well, don't worry.
Sayuri: ---Alright, I'll help you a little bit.
Sayuri: For "Sakura One-Strike Style"---
Sayuri: There is no need to wave the katana around!!!

Page 43
Sayuri(thought): ---That's right.
Sayuri(thought): If you're watching,
Sayuri(thought): All you need to do,
Sayuri(thought): Is to shift the direction of the power---
SFX: *Clank*
Guy: !!?
Hiroto: ...!!

Page 44
Sayuri: In the first place, Sakura One-Strike Style--- Was created for us women with inferior strength.
Sayuri: It's not something that requires control of power or speed--- We take advantage of the opponent's movements!!!
Kurogane: !!!
Sayuri(thought): ---Don't be afraid.
Sayuri(thought): If the opponent strikes in front of him---
Guy: !?
Sayuri(thought): Then the hit will come from the front!!!
Guy: !!!!

Page 45
Guy: ...!!
Sayuri: ---How is it? If you have the "eyes" and the "katana", you won't need power.
Sayuri: ...Don't you think this style is perfect for you?
Hiroto: ...!!
Sayuri: Well, you still need to meet the bare minimum physical requirements---
But there's only one left. Show him your fighting spirit!!
Hiroto: ...!!
Guy: Why you...!!!
Guy: I'm really going to mess you up now!!!
Sayuri: Don't be scared!! Forget about losing before!!!
Hiroto: !!
Sayuri: Now you can utilize the full power of your "eyes"---

Page 46
Sayuri(thought): And the "katana"!!!
Guy(thought): Shit...! I'm making clean strikes...!!
Guy(thought): So why can't I hit him...!!?
Sayuri: Kuku...you picked the wrong person to exchange blows with.
Guy: !!
Sayuri: You hoodlum,
Sayuri: Don't insult-

Page 47
Sayuri: The strongest swordfighting technique from 150 years ago---
Sayuri: That has crossed over to the present!!!
Guy(thought): !!? It's a bluff---
Tsubame(thought): What is that stance---
Tsubame(thought): That's not "kendo"---!!!
Hiroto: Oi, Sayuri! I haven't---
Sayuri: That's ok. Just don't take your eyes off of him.

Page 48
Sayuri: ...You said it.
Sayuri: What you opponent does,
Sayuri: Where he's coming from,
Sayuri: You can see it all.
Sayuri(thought): In that case,
Guy: Uwaaaaah!!!
Sayuri(thought): Simply stick the katana,
Sayuri(thought): In that direction---
Sayuri: Sakura One-Strike Style's first attack:
"Early Summer Rain".

Page 49

Page 50

Page 51
Guy: ...!!!
Hiroto: ...Sayuri.
If I---
Hiroto: Went with kendo...would I become one?
---Become a hero?

Page 52
Sayuri: ...Yeah.
Sayuri: ...Well,
Sayuri: If I'm around, that is.
Hiroto: ...Hah!
Tsubame: Kurogane-kun!!!
Tsubame: Thank you~~~~!!!
Hiroto: ...Well,
Hiroto: I worked harder than picking up an eraser.
Tsubame: ...Hehe.

Page 53
Tsubame: Morning, Kurogane-kun!!
Tsubame: ---And Sayuri-chan, was it!?
Hiroto: Ah!
Yeah...I'm looking after my second cousin---
Sayuri: Feel free to love me to your heart's content.
Tsubame: Speaking of Sayuri, I wonder what happened to Toujou Sayuri?
I haven't heard any rumors about her lately---
Hiroto: !
Sayuri: ...If a ghost that isn't worth thinking about disappears,
Sayuri: It means that "the long-awaited person arrived"---
Tsubame: What---!? Sayuri-chan, do you know something about it!?
Sayuri: Ahaha--- Who knows---!!!
Hiroto: ...
Hiroto: Um...Tsubame-san, I have been meaning to give this back.
Tsubame: Ah!
I forgot about it! Sorry!!
Hiroto: This---

Page 54
Hiroto: Can I...borrow this for a bit longer...?
Hiroto: M-maybe I'll...use it or something.
Tsubame: !!! ...Sure!!
Sayuri: Hiroto---
Hiroto: Wh-what is it!?
It doesn't mean---
Sayuri: Will you give me natto today?
Hiroto: ...Oh, you're asking about that...
Hiroto: ...I won't!
Hiroto: ...Instead---
Hiroto: ...I will be doing kendo.
Sayuri: Ooh!?
In that case, I'll gladly accept it!!!

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Posted on Sep 21, 2011
It seems like it's going to be interesting.... I'm looking forward to reading next chapter. ^^
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