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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Kurogane (Ikezawa) 3

The After-School Duel

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Sep 28, 2011 16:38 | Go to Kurogane (Ikezawa)

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Do not use without my permission.

Read chapter 3 here.

Page 1
Text: Let the katanas do the talking!! Special 23 pages for the 3rd chapter of the new series!!
Shidou: ...998,
Shidou: 1000...!!!
Chapter 3: The After-School Duel
Shidou: ...!!
Shidou: ...
Text: Under intense training...!!
TN: The note says to meet on the roof, and start at the signal of the first bell ring.
Shidou: Kurogane...

Page 2
Hiroto: "Letter of challenge, Kurogane-dono"...
Hiroto: So this is what he meant by let's do it again...!?
Sayuri(thought): That's right, fight, fight!!!
Box: Mastermind
Sayuri(thought): In order to force Hiroto to do kendo, I have to resort to using Shidou!!!
Hiroto(thought): Do people use this writing style in this day and age...?
How fishy...
Shidou: Kurogane.
Hiroto: Wah!! Shidou!?
You were there!?
SFx: *Crumple*
Shidou: ...Don't move.
Hiroto: Huh?

Page 3
Hiroto: ...!!?
Hiroto: Wha-what are you trying to do!?
Shidou: ...
Bubble: Mosquito
Hiroto: ...You got that off of me?
Shidou: ...
Hiroto(thought): ...Was it good intention!? Was it out of good intention!!?
But even so, to swing at me for just a mosquito---
Shidou: ...If I was too late, then use these.
Hiroto: ...
Hiroto(thought): ...I have no idea what he's thinking about...but he's a good guy.
So that must have been from Sayuri after all---
Shidou: ...Well, see you after school.
Hiroto: !!!

Page 4
Shidou: ...If you lose,
Shidou: Don't blame it on an itchy hand or something.
Hiroto: ...!!!
Teacher: Because a test is coming up, everyone should go home early-
Guy: There ain't club activities today, Tanaka-
Tsubame: Kurogane-kuuuuun!!!
Hiroto: ?
Tsubame: Shidou-kun wasn't in his classroom!!!
Text: I wanted to recruit him!!
Tsubame: Do you know where he might be!?
Sayuri(thought): The young lady sure is crazy about the new hero.
Hiroto: Sh-shut up!!
May...maybe he already went home?
Tsubame: I see--- I guess so...And I should go home too-

Page 5
Hiroto: It's raining hard...
Sayuri: So you're going in the end, Hiroto?
Hiroto: There are more things that I have to return now...
And if I make him wait the whole time in the rain, he'll catch a cold.
Sayuri(thought): What a good guy.
Hiroto(thought): He...broke the lock...
Hiroto: ...Are you there? Shidou---
Hiroto: !
Shidou: ...So you came.

Page 6
Shidou: ---"Kurogane".
Hiroto: Wait wait wait, don't suddenly take out your shinai!!!
I just came to return your medicine---
Shidou: ...?
Shidou: Are you trying to run away even though you called for me...?
Hiroto: Huh?
You're the one who sent the challenge---
Hiroto: Ah!!!
Hiroto(thought): So it was Sayuri after all!!!
Hiroto: Wait, Shidou, this is---
Shidou: ?
Shidou: !!
Shidou: "At the signal of the first bell ring"...
Shidou: Is what you wrote, isn't it?

Page 7
Sayuri: ...You're a step behind, Hiroto.
If you don't draw your shinai---
Hiroto: Wha...
Sayuri: You're really going to die this time.
Hiroto: ...!!!
Hiroto: ...!!
Hiroto: Why did it turn out like this again!!?
Hiroto: Take responsibility and help me out here!!!
Sayuri: Of course I will. You'll get beaten up if you fight alone.
Hiroto: !!

Page 8
Hiroto(thought): !!! That was close! He grazed me---
Sayuri: Not yet!!!
Hiroto: !?
Hiroto: !!!
Hiroto: !!!
Sayuri: Watch out, he's coming!!
Hiroto: !!!

Page 9
Hiroto: !!!
Hiroto(thought): Amazing...!!
Hiroto(thought): Even though I could follow him with my eyes, my body couldn't keep up at all...!!
Sayuri(thought): "Taiatari" and "Hikiwaza"...those are techniques used in kendo.
TN: Those mean attacking and then ramming into the opponent, and pulling the hands back to dodge an attack, respectively.
Sayuri(thought): Hiroto wouldn't be able to react to them---

Page 10
Sayuri(thought): And to think that he's only using one hand right now---
Sayuri(thought): But he really is hiding that fact well.
Sayuri(thought): ...As expected of the former strongest kendoist in Tokyo.
Shidou(thought): Who is this guy really?
Sayuri(thought): He moves like a complete beginner and yet...his reaction speed is definitely not normal---
Shidou(thought): In that case---
Shidou: !!
Hiroto: !!!
Hiroto: ...Shidou,
Hiroto: Is your left arm in pain?
You can't use it because of an injury right?
Shidou: !!!
Shidou: ...So you noticed?
Hiroto: Y-yeah...
Hiroto(thought): Sayuri did though.

Page 11
Shidou: ...I don't need you,
Shidou: To go easy on me!!!
Hiroto: !!!
Sayuri(thought): He suddenly became faster---!!!
Sayuri(thought): He used his left arm!!?
TN: Btw, in kendo, a vast majority of the power comes from the left arm, regardless of whether or not you're left handed.
Shidou: ...!!!
Hiroto: Oi Shidou, maybe you should stop...!!!
Hiroto: Your injury will only become worse.
Shidou: That's irrelevant.
Hiroto: Wha...!? Of course it's not irrelevant!!!
Shidou: ...If you want me to stop, strike me down first.
Hiroto: Huh!!?
As if I can do something like that!!!
Shidou: Then I will strike you down.
Hiroto: I don't want that either!!

Page 12
Sayuri(thought): ...His injury seems worth that I thought.
Sayuri(thought): I wanted to use him...but it would be a pain to have him break. ...I should tell him the truth and stop---
Shidou: ...
Shidou: I'm a swordsman.
Shidou: There is absolutely no way,
Shidou: ...I'd ever throw away my sword.
Man: ...You want to continue kendo?
Man: That's impossible! With such a serious injury...
Man: But I guess there are dumb students like you!

Page 13
Man: ...You're going to a local school with a really weak kendo team right?
Man: What's the meaning of continuing it then?
Man: Isn't this a perfect opportunity to stop doing useless things like kendo?
You should study instead! Study!!! Hahaha!
Shidou: ...I didn't,
Ask about that.
Man: Huh?

Page 14
Shidou: ...Even with one hand,
Shidou: I can still swing.
Shidou: Are you going to stop working without your pen?
Man: ...!
Shidou: I'm a swordsman.
Shidou: No matter how many limbs I lose,
Shidou: I will never throw away my sword.
Shidou: ...It's irrelevant.
Stuff like not being able to use an arm.
Shidou: Or being in a nameless school...
...As long as---

Page 15
Shidou: ...I can still swing my sword.
Hiroto: ...!!
Sayuri: ...
Woman: This dojo is still unknown to everyone,
But someday, it will become the best in Japan---

Page 16
Sayuri: ...Heh...interesting...
So you think that you're a "swordsman" as well---
Sayuri: Someone who lives for the sake of swinging a sword!!
Sayuri: ...I apologize, Hazakura Shidou.
Sayuri: For using you...and also,
Hiroto: !!?
My body is moving on its own---Sayuri!!?
Sayuri: Allow me to do so just this once.
I will borrow your entire body.
Hiroto: !!?
Sayuri: To show respect to that first-rate swordsman.

Page 17
Sayuri: I, Sakura One-Strike Style instructor, Toujou Sayuri---
Sayuri: Will attack in one strike...with all of my power!!!
Shidou: ...!!?
Hiroto: Sayuri!?
What are you---
Sayuri: Sakura One-Strike Style,
"The Finishing Strike".

Page 18

Page 19
Shidou(thought): What...
Shidou(thought): Just happened...!!?
Hiroto(thought): Sayuri...
Hiroto(thought): What...did you do...!!?
Sayuri: ...Fu,
If you can understand that, then you would have mastered it.
Hiroto: !?

Page 20
Sayuri: The "Cherry Blossom Seven Styles" of my family heirloom katana.
Sayuri: It's the seven secret techniques that makes "Sakura" peerless in the world.
And that was the very last technique.
Sayuri: When you succeed those techniques...
"Sakura One-Strke Style" will once again take that throne.
Hiroto: I will...
Learn that just now---?
Shidou: Kurogane!! What was that technique just now...!?
Hiroto: !!
W...well, I don't know it myself---
Shidou: So you're playing dumb...but if it's a secret, then it can't be helped...
Hiroto: No, that's not it...
Shidou: ...

Page 21
Shidou: ...When my left arm heals,
Will you show me that again?
Hiroto: Huh?
Shidou: When the time comes,
Shidou: I won't lose.
Hiroto(thought): ...!!
Hiroto(thought): Someone as skilled as that is looking at me---
Hiroto: ...
Hiroto: Well,
But I---
Sayuri: ...I won't do it again, Hiroto.
Sayuri: Didn't I tell you it was just for that once?
Hiroto: !!
Shidou: Kurogane!!
Hiroto: !
Hiroto: ...
Hiroto: ...Sayuri...can someone like me...really also be able to do it...?
...A technique like that---

Page 22
Sayuri: Of course.
Sayuri: After all, you are the only successor
...To Sakura One-Strike Style.
Hiroto: ...
Hiroto: Fine.
Hiroto: I promise you, Shidou.
Hiroto: When the time comes...I won't lose either.
Hiroto(thought): When the time comes,
Hiroto(thought): Using my own strength---

Page 23
TN: The papers are club applications
Tsubame: ~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Sayuri(thought): ...Sigh. It never worked no matter how much I talked to him.
Sayuri(thought): I guess no matter what era it is, the person who can convince someone,
Sayuri(thought): Has to be a friend---
Text: Kurogane is motivated by the presence of a comrade!!
Text: Next chapter, what will be waiting for them in the kendo club!?

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#1. by RyuzakiRen (Scanlator)
Posted on Sep 28, 2011
Thank you :D
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