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Kurogane (Ikezawa) 4


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Sep 30, 2011 15:04 | Go to Kurogane (Ikezawa)

-> RTS Page for Kurogane (Ikezawa) 4

Do not use without my permission.

Read chapter 4 here.

Page 1
Sayuri: The rich smell given off by the indigo dye with sweat---
Chapter 4: Zero
Sayuri: It's been 150 years since I last stepped inside a dojo...!!!
Sayuri: You're in the kendo club starting today, Hiroto!!!
Hiroto: ...You should watch yourself today especially...!!!
Guy: Hey!
Guy: The first-year over there!
Text: To the kendo club...!!
Guy: You are Kurogane-kun, right?
Guy: I heard about you from Shiratori-san.

Page 2
Yuri: I'm the club vice-president, Yuri, a third year. Nice to meet you.
Hiroto: Wah!
...Very nice to meet you!
Yuri(thought): ...!?
Sayuri: ...I'm Sayuri.
Yuri(thought): Who?
Kinoko: I'm Kinoko, a second-year!
It's really easy to remember, isn't it?
TN: Kinoko means mushroom.
Sarutobi: I'm also a second year, name's Sarutobi!!
Kakei: ...
Kinoko: Oi, Kakei, you should also-
Kakei: Hmph!
Kinoko: Oi, Kakei!!!
Sayuri: What a cocky guy...
Hiroto: ...He doesn't welcome beginners after all...
Kinoko: But hey! There's one more person right!?
Sarutobi: That's right!! The former strongest kendoist in Tokyo---
Hiroto: Ah.
Hiroto: Ah,,
Hiroto: !

Page 3
Hiroto: Shidou!!
Shidou: ...
Kinoko: Ooh!! It's really that Hazakura!!
Sarutobi: I'm really looking forward to this year then!!
Hiroto(thought): ...So Shidou really is famous...
Sayuri: Are you bothered by the difference in treatment?
Hiroto: N-no, that's not it...
Yuri: Anyway, let's begin! Hazakura, go get changed.
Shidou: ...Alright.
Yuri: Kurogane-kun, go borrow a set of uniform from the club room!
Shiratori-san has already prepared it for you---
Shidou: Kurogane...don't tell me you forgot it?
Hiroto: Huh!? No, I told you, I'm---

Page 4
Shidou: You're a...
Shidou: Complete beginner...!?
Shidou: What are you talking about!? That can't---
Kakei: The first-years, hurry it up!!
Hiroto: Ah, yes...!!
Shidou(thought): ...!? He's really an amateur...?
Shidou(thought): Then that technique that he used...!? But it can't...
Kakei: Hazakura---!!
Sign: Kendo Club
Paper #1: Change room
Paper #2: Equipment storage
Paper #3: A girl also changes here, so knock first!
Hiroto: Tsubame-san,
Are you there?

Page 5
Tsubame: Huh?
Hiroto: !!?
Tsubame: Ku...
Hiroto: !!? Ah, no, this is not---
Sayuri: Oho! <3
Sayuri: Tsubame!! These are some impressive goods!!
SFX: *Squish*
Tsubame: ~~~~~~!!?
Yuri: ...Oh!

Page 6
Yuri: Everyone is here now!
Hiroto: Why me...
Shidou: ...Want to use this?
Yuri: ...Alright, since this is their first time---
I'll have the first-years take a simple test.
Shidou: Test?
Yuri: It's a basic measurement of your strengh and senses.
Every year, the info are recorded here.
Yuri: This will be turned in to the coach, who will base his decision of the regular members off of it...
Yuri: So give it your all!!
Shidou: ...This is a match,
Shidou: Kurogane.
Hiroto: Huh?

Page 7
Kinoko: So fast!!!
Sarutobi: With that speed, he would be in the nationals level even in track and field!!
Kakei: ...
Hiroto: *Huff---*
Hiroto: *Huff---*
Hiroto: !!!
Hiroto: Owww----!!!
Sayuri: What are you, a comedian!!?
Shidou: Phew!
Shidou: Phew!
Hiroto: Wow, he's swinging a 2kg bokuto with only one hand...!!
TN: Bokuto is the wooden katana
Kakei: And in contrast...
Hiroto: How do I raise this thing?
Sayuri: With your hands!!!

Page 8
Yuri: Ok...I have a good idea of your basic abilities.
Yuri: Your total score is 0...
Yuri: You are the first one to have achieved that score...
Sayuri: ...
Kakei: Not only are you a beginner, you also can't do sports at all!!!
Kakei: Who the hell are you kidding!?
Kinoko: H...hey now...
Yuri(thought): And on the other hand, Hazakura has broken the club records by a long shot in everything...
Yuri(thought): Those two really are complete opposites of each other...
Shidou(thought): ...Could it be that Kurogane really is a complete beginner...?
Shidou(thought): ...No.
Shidou(thought): The way he fought couldn't have been due to luck---
Shidou(thought): Kurogane must...
He must have something---!!

Page 9
Yuri: Now then...
For the last part, we will go outside.
Shidou: Outside?
Sarutobi: It's THAT...
Kinoko: That, huh---
It'll leave bruises...
Hiroto: ...?
Yuri: Ouka High's famous---
Yuri: "Hanging bamboo hell"!!!
Sayuri: What's this? Pieces of bamboo are hanging from the tree.
Sayuri: And they are pretty heavy with the water inside...
Yuri: ...I guess it's faster to just show you.
Sarutobi: Al...

Page 10
Yuri: ...Here we go!!
Sarutobi: !!
Sarutobi: ...!
Everyone: !!
Sarutobi: Hwaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
Sarutobi: ...!!!
Yuri: You can either avoid them or hit them away---
Sarutobi: Oww!!
Sarutobi: Eee!
Yuri: Anyway, try to get hit as few times as possible in 3 minutes!!
Yuri: Your score will be based on how little you get hit.
It's an integrated test for your kinetic vision and judgment.

Page 11
Tsubame: Sarutobi-senpai, 31 times!!
Sarutobi: Hiiii...!!
Yuri: The goal is under 20 times. You're slacking off!!
Sarutobi: I'm sorry...
Yuri: Next!! First-years!!
Hiroto: !
Hiroto: ...!!
Kakei: ...
Kakei: ...Kurogane, or whatever...
Hiroto: !
Kakei: ...I don't know why you came to kendo club in that sorry state...
But leave before you get hurt.
Hiroto: ...!?
Kakei: ...Did you hear the rumor that we're weak,
And think that even you can become a regular member?
Sayuri: Gr!
Hiroto: ...
Kakei: It's true that we may be weak right now,
Kakei: But...we do have a strong captain,
Who hasn't given up on us for 3 years.

Page 12
Kakei: For Captain Kamiya's last summer here...
Kakei: Those of us from Ouka kendo club,
Will train to the death to become stronger!!!
Kakei: ...I won't allowed any half-heartedness,
...That will hold the rest of us back.
Hiroto: ...
Yuri: Kakei...
Sayuri: ...Hoh!
Sayuri: I thought you were just a cocky guy...
But you're saying some nice stuff.
Sayuri: However...
Kurogane is also the same.
Sayuri: It's true that he's weak right now...!
Sayuri: But he definitely has what it takes!!
To become the hero who will lead this dojo to be the best in Japan!!!

Page 13
Hiroto: Sayuri...
Kakei(thought): What's with this brat...!?
Kakei: A hero...?
Anyone can say whatever they want---
Hiroto: ...No.
Hiroto: ...Please let me do it.
Kakei: Tch...
Tsubame: Kurogane-kun, are you ready!?
Hiroto: ...Yeah.

Page 14
Kakei(thought): Trying to act cool in front of the kid---
Doesn't he get how difficult this is...!?
Kakei(thought): With this...he should give up...!!!
Kinoko: Wait...throwing from behind is...!!
Kinoko: Danger---

Page 15
Sayuri(thought): ---That's right!!
Hiroto(thought): ...This test,
Compared with Sayuri's or Shidou's sword---
Hiroto(thought): ...It feels as if everything is still---
Sarutobi: Wow...!!!
Kinoko: And not using the shinai---
Yuri(thought): What a natural stance...
Yuri(thought): He's supposed to be an amateur...but no flustered movements...!? No---
Yuri(thought): He's simply not using excess power!!!
Yuri(thought): But if he can move like that without so much power...then---!!
Shidou(thought): ...It's talent.

Page 16
Tsubame: 5 seconds remaining!!!
Hiroto(thought): ---That's right.
Hiroto(thought): I already know ever since the beginning that I have no physical strength.
Hiroto: Hah...!
Hiroto(thought): And I'm used to---people making fun of me.
Hiroto: Hah...!
Hiroto(thought): But,
Tsubame: 3!!
Hiroto(thought): I've made up my mind.
Hiroto(thought): I won't run away anymore.
Hiroto(thought): ---With these eyes of mine,
Tsubame: 2!!
Hiroto(thought): I will...
Tsubame: 1!!!

Page 17
Hiroto(thought): Move forward---
Tsubame: ...Kurogane-kun,
Tsubame: A record---

Page 18
Of zero times...!!!

Page 19
Kakei: Wha...!
Kakei: Zero...
...A record like that---
Kamiya: Hasn't happened since mine...right?
Kakei: !!!
Text: The captain appears!!
Kamiya: I only heard that Hazakura is a new member this year---
But it seems like there's someone who can be trained well!!!

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