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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Kurogane (Ikezawa) 5

Temporary Hero

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Oct 6, 2011 22:44 | Go to Kurogane (Ikezawa)

-> RTS Page for Kurogane (Ikezawa) 5

Reserved for Lazy Ass Scans. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Tsubame: A record of...
Tsubame: Zero times...!!?
Chapter 5: Temporary Hero
Tsubame: Kurogane-kun, that's amazing!!!
Kakei: ...
Kakei: Th...that can't be right...!!
Kinoko: Kakei!?
Kakei: It was luck!
That must be it...!!
Sayuri: Hiroto---!!
Hiroto: ...!!?

Page 2
Kakei: Captain Kamiya!!
Hiroto: !!
Kamiya: ...Kakei.
Kakei: !!
Kamiya: ...We are going to use balls for this week's practice.
Kamiya: Can you go borrow some from gymnasium?
Kakei: Huh?
Kakei: But in the schedule---
Kamiya: Please.
Kakei: !
Kakei: ...
Sarutobi: ...Did we have that in the schedule?
Yuri: ...It's a lie.
Because it looked like he was going to fight more with Kurogane-kun.
Sarutobi: !
Yuri: ...He's pretty much told to go cool his head.
...So he doesn't embarrass himself in front of his kouhai.

Page 3
Kamiya: ...Alright, it's late, but you first-years!
Kamiya: I am the captain, Kamiya Tsurugi.
Hiroto(thought): So he is...the captain...!!
Shidou: ...
Kamiya: This year's first-years include Hazakura and...the beginner...
But Kurogane Hiroto---with zero hits from the hanging bamboo!
Hiroto: !
Kamiya: You have some really good eyes.
But your lack of athleticism and stamina is terrible---
Hiroto: ...! Yes...
Sayuri(thought): !
This guy saw through Hiroto's talent---
Kamiya: If you build up your strength, you'll probably become a good kendoist...Work hard.
Hiroto: !
Hiroto: ...Yes.
Hiroto(thought): Did he...praise me...a bit?
Kamiya: ...By the way, what is that tiny thing over there?
Hiroto: Huh? Ah! She's my second cousin Sayuri!! Due to many situations---
Kamiya: ...Hm.
Kamiya: Are you an animal?
Sayuri: A woman.

Page 4
Kamiya: ...I see...
Kamiya: Second cousin,
You say...?
Sayuri(thought): !?
Did he...realize that it's a lie...!?
Yuri: Anyway, Kamiya!!
Where did you go to be this late?
Kamiya: Hm? Oh yeah---
Kamiya: This weekend...we will have practice matches!!
Kamiya: Together with "Hakurei" and "Rakuyou"!!
Everyone: !!
Kinoko: Hakurei High and...Rakuyou!!?
Hiroto: ?
Tsubame: Both of of them are top schools in Tokyo!!!
Hiroto: !
Shidou(thought): Rakuyou...

Page 5
Yuri: ---So we need to decide on the regulars.
Kamiya: Yeah.
Shidou: !
Kamiya: With the new members, we have 7 people...!
Kamiya: But only 5 people can fight in matches.
Kamiya: And here lies the main problem.
Kamiya: Today...
We will hold matches to decide on the regulars!!!
Sarutobi: !!!
Sayuri: So they even gave you a chance?
Hiroto: Huh!? But to suddenly make me fight in real matches is...
Shidou: ...
Shidou: ...Kurogane.
If I fight against you, I will hold nothing back.
Hiroto: !!
Shidou: I have a debt of one loss and one tie to you.
Hiroto: !! Hey wait, if people hear about it, things will get complicated---
Tsubame: !?
Box: Long ears

Page 6
Tsubame: Is that true!?
Tsubame: That Shidou-kun lost to Kurogane-kun...!!?
Hiroto: !!!
Yuri: ...
Everyone: Huh!!?
Kamiya: ...How interesting. What happened?
Hiroto: Ah, well...
Hiroto: Oi, Shidou! Are you going to tell them about sneaking to the roof during testing period as well!?
Shidou: ...You have a point.
Text: It's a secret.
Kamiya(thought): ...Normally, that would be hard to believe...
Kamiya(thought): But anyway, those eyes.
...If I can just get a chance, possibly---
Sayuri(thought): ...!?
Sayuri(thought): Gr...
Kamiya: ...Alright.
Let's have Kurogane try fighting with a regular.
Yuri: Huh!? He's a beginner!!
Kamiya: ...Hazakura is obsessed over him, so it's worth having a look, no?
Yuri: I...I guess...
Kakei: ...In that case,
Please let me fight Kurogane...!

Page 7
Kamiya: Kakei...
Kakei: I will be the one to find out...
Whether or not he'll be a hindrance to the club!!
Kamiya(thought): ...And I told him to cool his head too...
But I guess he's thinking about the club.
Kamiya: ...Fine. Then Kurogane will go against Kakei.
And Hazakura against Yuri! We're beginning right away!!
Kakei: Thank you very much!!
Hiroto: ...
Hiroto: !!!
Hiroto: Wh-wh-what should I do? To suddenly have me fight---
Sayuri: Hohoho, this is interesting!
Sayuri: Hazakura Shidou...
Sayuri: Is no doubt stronger than the senior members over here.
They'll probably let him become a regular very quickly.
Hiroto: !

Page 8
Sayuri: Do you want to get left behind?
Sayuri: Weren't you going to chase after him,
Until his injury heals?
Hiroto: ...!!!
Sign: Kendo Club
Tsubame: Oooh---!!!
Hiroto: ...!!
Tsubame: Guys wearing the armor are the best...<3
Text: I'm glad I stayed up all night making that name you're wearing~<3
Sayuri: Hoho...clothes certainly make the man.

Page 9
Hiroto(thought): This is much heavier and hotter than I thought...
Hiroto(thought): Can I even move in this thing...?
Tsubame: Hey, Kurogane-kun!
Is it really true that you won against Shidou-kun!?
Hiroto: Huh!?
Well...I guess...
Tsubame: I knew it!!!
Hiroto: Huh!?
Tsubame: I...!
I have believed in you ever since the day you helped me!!
That you are really strong when it matters, Kurogane-kun!!!
Tsubame: You may be a beginner at kendo...
Tsubame: But you can definitely do it!!
Becoming the hero of Ouka I mean!!!
Hiroto: Tsubame-san...

Page 10
Kakei: ...
Hiroto: Hah...
Hiroto: Hah...
Hiroto(thought): My field of vision is so narrow...and it's hard to hear because my ears are covered...
Hiroto(thought): So people have to fight in such suffocating conditions...
Sayuri: ...Listen up, Hiroto.
Hiroto: !
Sayuri: Even if I tell you this and that, you probably won't remember any of them.
So I'm just going to tell you one thing that's fundamental.
Hiroto: Fundamental?
Yuri: ...

Page 11
Yuri: ...Hey, Kamiya. Isn't this hopeless?
We haven't taught anything to Kurogane-kun yet.
Kamiya: Hm? Hm---
Kamiya: ...Well...
Kamiya: We won't know...until we see how he does.
Yuri: ?
Tsubame: Kurogane-kun, you know the rules right!?
Tsubame: There are men, koto, and dou. The first one to strike twice in any of those areas wins!!
TN: They are the head, (usually) the right wrist, and the stomach area. There is a fourth spot, the tsuki, which is the throat, but that's really dangerous.
Hiroto: Um...ok.
Kakei(thought): Oi oi,
Trying to remember the rules now? ...Geez.
Hiroto(thought): Entering the court,
Hiroto(thought): Three steps--- The crouching.
Sayuri(thought): ---Alright, show them,
Sayuri(thought): The Sakura One-Strike Style, Kurogane Hiroto!!!
SFX: *Sneer*

Page 12
Kamiya: Begin!!!
Kakei: Oooooooooooooooooo
Kakei: Ooooooooooooooooooo
Hiroto: !?
Hiroto: !?
Hiroto: !?

Page 13
Hiroto(thought): H-huh?
Hiroto(thought): What's this...
Hiroto(thought): Fighting each other
Hiroto(thought): In such a narrow court
Hiroto(thought): I'm...
Hiroto(thought): By myself
Hiroto(thought): What was it?
Hiroto(thought): Fundamental
Hiroto(thought): Sayuri
Hiroto(thought): Taught me
Hiroto(thought): ...Ah
Hiroto(thought): He's already
Hiroto(thought): Right in front of me---
Kakei: Haaaaa!!!
Hiroto: !!!
Tsubame: Huh?

Page 14
Kamiya: Kakei...point on men!!!
Sayuri(thought): ...!!! That idiot!!!
Sayuri(thought): He's losing it because he's nervous from his first ever match...!!!
Hiroto: ?
Hiroto: ...?
Sayuri: What the hell, Hiroto!!?
Tsubame: Kyah!
Sayuri: One more hit and it's over!!! Remember! What I told you---
Kamiya: Hey!!!
Kids should be quiet and watch!!!
Sayuri: Guh...!
Sayuri(thought): Gr...I can't handle that guy very well...
Tsubame: Now now, Sayuri-chan, be a good girl---
Sayuri(thought): But I'll cause a scene if I leave this body...
Text: Kyah-!!
Text: Sayuri-chan has fainted...!
Sayuri(thought): ...This is a problem.

Page 15
Kakei(thought): Hmph...Just like I thought.
Kakei(thought): When there's no fluke, his true character shows.
Hiroto: Hah...
Hiroto: Hah...
Hiroto(thought): One more strike and it's over?
Hiroto(thought): ...Which means I---lose?
Hiroto(thought): I can't participate in matches?
Hiroto(thought): Why do I have to fight in matches again?
Hiroto(thought): That's right,
Hiroto(thought): I'll be left behind...
Hiroto(thought): ...By whom?
Hiroto(thought): ---Ah.

Page 16
Sayuri: "Watching the mountains".
Sayuri: Listen up, during matches, look behind the opponent and into the distance.
As if you are looking at some mountains far far away.
Sayuri: At first it's scary, and your eyes tend to drift to the opponent's face or shinai...
But if you get distracted by details, then you will lose your cool.
Hiroto(thought): That's right...looking at things beside the other person,
Hiroto(thought): Requires the perfect amount of concentration.
Kakei: ...!!
Kamiya: What's wrong, hurry and return to the starting line.
Kamiya: The second round is starting.
Hiroto: Ah, yes.
Hiroto(thought): ...Now I remember.
Kakei(thought): He closed his eyes?
Kakei(thought): ...Does that mean he gave up?
Hiroto(thought): Even a few seconds is fine...!! After I rest my eyes,
Hiroto(thought): When I open them again...I will be seeing with all of my power!

Page 17
Hiroto(thought): ...More than half of what I have done so far was thanks to Sayuri...
Hiroto(thought): ...I have been a temporary hero up to this point,
Hiroto(thought): But I don't want to betray everyone's expectations.
Kamiya: ...
Kamiya: The second round...
Kamiya: Begin!!!

Page 18

Page 19
Kakei(thought): !!? What?
Kakei(thought): Is this chill that I feel---
Sayuri: That's right...
Sayuri: This is your starting point...!!!
Text: Now...his eyes are open!!
Sayuri: Of becoming a hero!!!

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