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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Kurogane (Ikezawa) 6


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Oct 11, 2011 10:36 | Go to Kurogane (Ikezawa)

-> RTS Page for Kurogane (Ikezawa) 6

Reserved for Lazy Ass Scans. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Chapter 6: Regular
Kakei(thought): What...!?
Kakei(thought): Is this chill---
Sayuri(thought): That's right...with your eyes, you can do it.
Sayuri(thought): Don't focus on where to look---just see.
Sayuri(thought): Including the air
Sayuri(thought): That surrounds your opponent---
Kakei(thought): ...!! It's just my imagination!
Since this is the first time he has fought in a real match!!!

Page 2
Tsubame: !!
Tsubame: He dodged it!!?
Kakei(thought): !? Tch...
Kakei(thought): You can't be lucky every time...!!
Kakei(thought): ...He can see everything?
SFX: *Gulp*
Kakei(thought): No way---

Page 3
Sayuri(thought): You can see perfectly, and there's a big gap between Kakei's speed and Shidou's...
Hiroto(thought): I can see much better than before,
Hiroto(thought): With the heavy armor,
Hiroto(thought): And the difficulty of moving while wearing the hakama---
TN: Hakama is the pants that he's wearing
Sayuri(thought): My guess is that he can only swing the shinai one more time!!
Sayuri(thought): Don't miss now...!!!
Hiroto(thought): ...Must find an opening---
Kakei: !!?
Hiroto: Ah!!!

Page 4
Kakei: ...!!
Kinoko: !!!...A beginner...
Kinoko: Attempting tsuki!!?
TN: As mentioned before, tsuki is an attack to the throat
Shidou: ...!!
Sayuri(thought): I missed...!!!

Page 5
Sayuri(thought): Freaking idiooooooot
Sayuri(thought): ------------------!!!
Kinoko: He missed, but it was really great!! The timing was perfect too!
Tsubame: Wow! Kurogane-kun may really have what it takes-!!
Shidou: ...
Sayuri(thought): This is bad...the match is dragging on.
Tsubame: ?
Sayuri(thought): Hiroto, with his lack of physical strength---
Sayuri(thought): He's barely dodging right now,
And probably can't raise his arms anymore...!!
Hiroto: ...!!

Page 6
Sayuri(thought): One more minute and time will run out.
Sayuri(thought): At this rate, Kakei will win with his one point...!!
Sayuri(thought): I can't give any advice from here.
Sayuri(thought): You have to do something yourself, Hiroto...!!!
Hiroto(thought): I have to do something...!!
Hiroto(thought): But the only thing I can do,
Is to see with my eyes---
Kakei: Daaaaaaaah!!!
Hiroto: !!!
Hiroto(thought): He's aiming for my men!!
Hiroto(thought): ---Huh?

Page 7
Hiroto(thought): ...Just now,
Hiroto(thought): How did I know that he's coming for my men?
Hiroto(thought): I wonder if it's because I can see better than before?
Hiroto(thought): It feels like I have a grasp of Kakei-senpai's habits and attacking rhythm now.
Hiroto(thought): Senpai,
SFX: *Slip*
Hiroto(thought): Comes for my men the instant my shinai tilts to the right.
Kakei(thought): Now!!!
Hiroto(thought): ...And when he leaps in for attacking my men,
Hiroto(thought): His right knee,
Hiroto(thought): Sinks ever so slightly.
Hiroto(thought): I knew it...!!!

Page 8
Kakei(thought): Guh...I missed again...
Kakei: !
Kakei(thought): She's looking at the watch less than a minute left!!
Kakei(thought): Alright!
If I can just hang on till then, I'll win with one point...!!!
Kakei(thought): "Hang on"?
Kakei(thought): Oi oi, what am I thinking...!? My opponent is a beginner!!
Kakei(thought): I have to win with two points!! I need to score one more point!!
Hiroto(thought): I don't know if I can do it or not,
But if it's that spot---at that moment,
Then maybe I can take a swing...!!

Page 9
SFX: *Tilt*
Kakei: !!
Kakei(thought): His men is open!! Now's my chance!!!
SFX: *Step*
Shidou(thought): ...No.
Shidou(thought): He opened up his men on purpose!!!
Sayuri(thought): You're opening up your men!!? Why you-------
Hiroto(thought): My arms are completely exhausted,
Hiroto(thought): But if I tilt my entire body as I fall---
Kakei: Aaaaaaaaaah!!!

Page 10

Page 11
Point on dou!!!

Page 12
Everyone: Oooooh!!!
Tsubame: Kurogane-kun, that's amazing!!!
Kakei: !!!
Sayuri(thought): And the time runs out...
Sayuri: What's going to happen, Tsubame?
And extension!?
Tsubame: That's the case for individual fights...
Tsubame: But the team regulars aren't decided based on who wins and who loses---
Kamiya: A draw!!!
Tsubame: ?
Sayuri(thought): ...He would have lost with an extension...

Page 13
Kakei: ...
Hiroto: Hah...!
Hiroto: Hah...!
Kamiya: What's wrong, Kurogane. The match is over.
Kamiya: Get back and and do the bow---
Kamiya: !!
Tsubame: Kurogane-kun!!
Tsubame: Hang on---!!!
Someone: He fell over!

Page 14
Hiroto: !!!
Hiroto: ...!! Sayuri!!?
Sayuri: ...Yo.
Sayuri: How does it feel to sleep in the lap of a ghost? Kukuku...
Hiroto: ...!!! So I'm dreaming...
Sayuri: ...It was a magnificent "nuki-dou".
Hiroto: !
Sayuri: It was a very basic counterattack...but the timing is very hard to get right.
Sayuri: But there is no need to leap in, so it really suits you.
I'm impressed that you thought of it...let me praise you.
Hiroto: ...!!
Hiroto: ...I I...scored a point...
Hiroto: So feverishly...
Hiroto: !! Oh yeah! What about Shidou!? And the final results!?
Sayuri: Hm?
Oh yeah...

Page 15
Sayuri: They're doing it right now actually.
Tsubame: Shidou-kun's stance---
The "right-hand upper stance"...!!?
Kinoko: This is my first time seeing it...
Yuri(thought): It's a stance often used by people with injured left arms...
Yuri(thought): And now that I think about it, he only swung with the right arm during the test. Could it be---
Kamiya(thought): I knew it was strange that such a famous kendoist came to Ouka High.
...And just as I thought, he has a major injury I see.
Yuri(thought): I can do this...!!! Kendo depends on the left arm.
TN: A vast majority of the swinging power comes from the left arm, and normally one does not attack an opponent's right side.
Yuri(thought): And he won't be able to hit anything straight-on.
Yuri(thought): I feel bad, but I'll be taking the win...!!!
Yuri: Yaaaah!!!

Page 16
Hiroto: Will Shidou be ok during the match with his injury...?
Sayuri: ...Hah.
Sayuri: How absurd, for you to worry about him.
Sayuri: If you have the time for that, then hurry up and wake up! Or else you will miss it.
Hiroto: Huh?
Sayuri: With a matchup like that---
Sayuri: It probably wouldn't even last 10 seconds.
Shidou: ...Ne.
Shidou: ...Gane.
Shidou: Kurogane!!!
Hiroto: !

Page 17
Shidou: ...So you're awake.
Hiroto: Shidou!!
How was the match!?
Shidou: ...
Shidou: Won.
TN: The board says Shidou won by 3 points
Hiroto: ...!!!
Yuri: ...
Hiroto: !! Oh yeah...what about the regular members!?
Tsubame: !
Tsubame: ...Geez!
Tsubame: That's why we were trying to wake you up.

Page 18
Hiroto: ?
TN: The names are Kakei, Kurogane, Hazakura, Yuri, Kamiya
Kamiya: Did you not hear, Kurogane?
Kamiya: As for the regulars in the upcoming matches...
You will be fighting second!!
TN: The names are ordered by team match orders
Hiroto: ...!!!
Kakei: ...I won't let you off easy if you hold the rest of us back.
Hiroto: !

Page 19
Kakei: Starting tomorrow, you will be going through intense physical training!!!
Kakei: You will be going along with it, right!!?
Hiroto: ...Yeah.
Kamiya: That's no proper way to answer, Kurogane!
Hiroto: !
Hiroto: ...!
Hiroto: Yes!!!
Text: With his own powers...Kuragane secures the position of a regular!!
Text: Next time, what will appear in front of Kurogane during his special training...!?

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