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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Kurogane (Ikezawa) 9


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Oct 29, 2011 17:57 | Go to Kurogane (Ikezawa)

-> RTS Page for Kurogane (Ikezawa) 9

Reserved for Lazy Ass Scans. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Chapter 9: Yodaga
Text: The maintenance of the sword is also a swordsman's job!!

Paeg 2
Sayuri: Oho---!
Sayuri: The 21st century sure is something!!!
Sayuri: So this is the school...
Text: The school that towers over everything!!
Sayuri: Of Hakurei that we're facing!!
Kakurai: I haven't exchanged greetings with their coach yet.
Hiroto: You're doing it now!?
Text: It's the night before, you know!?
Kakurai: Oh well, it shouldn't be a problem. He's an acquaintance after all.

Page 3
Man: Oh, if it isn't Kakurai-sensei!!
Man: As the kouhai, I should have been the one to visit...
Thank you for coming at such a late hour.
Kakurai: No, thank you for allowing us to practice with you tomorrow.
Kakurai: Ah,
This is a first-year who just joined this year.
I just thought to have him watch a practice here.
Man: I see!
Hiroto: Th...thank you for having me...
Hiroto(thought): He says greetings and watching the practice...
But he's totally spying on them...!!!
Kakurai: But you sure have a lot of people here.
Man: Yes...all students live in the dorm here, and our facilities here are nop-notch.
Because of that, all the good kendoists in the Kantou region gather here.

Page 4
Hiroto: The veterans practicing really is amazing...
Sayuri: Hm...yeah.
Sayuri(thought): There isn't really anyone who sticks out here though...
Man: Oh yes, speaking of good kendoists...
The first-year, Hazakura-kun.
Hiroto: !
Man: He was definitely looking to join us or Rakuyou, but...
Man: He is currently in Ouka, correct?
Kakurai: Hm? Yeah...that's right.
Kakurai(thought): The way he talks about us...what a punk.
Man: But after college...
Kakurai: Oh but I remember you threw up with your men on everyday.
Hiroto(thought): Hiii---!!!
Sayuri: ...
Sayuri: Ooi, old man!
Kakurai: Oh?

Page 5
Sayuri: I have no business with this small-fry here.
Man: Small...!?
Kakurai: Nice one, Sayu!!!
Kakurai: Ah, that's right. It seems that...
We have yet to see the regulars...?
Text: Everyone having the runs or something?
Man: ...Oh yes.
Man: They are all in a meeting right now in a different room.
Kakurai(thought): Which means you don't want to show us...
Sayuri: Oi, Hiroto!! We have no choice, so let's go find the regulars!!
Hiroto: Huh!? We can't just go around and---
Sayuri: Hey, just come!!
Hiroto: Ah, wai-!
Man: Wha!? Wait, where are you---
Man: Gah!
Man: Bwah!!!

Page 6
Hiroto: ...!!
Man: You tripped me just now, didn't you!?
Kakurai: Huh? There was a huge beetle just now, so I stepped on it.
Man: As if there's anything like that here!!!
Guy: Ah...
Guy: I would like to start the meeting soon, but...

Page 7
Udou: Yodaka is not here yet?
Box: Hakurei High School third-year/"Fukushou"/Udou Mayumi
Guy(?): ...
Guy(?): Huh...was that a pun just now?
Man ...5 points.
Udou: Of course not, go to hell!
Guy: Yodaka-san headed toward the terrace a while ago!!!
Udou: Be quiet, you go to hell too!
Guy: So mean!!!
Udou: Guess there's no helping it...go find him, stupid dog.
Guy: Alright---!!!
Udou: Shut up.
Guy(?): Ah...oh yeah. Hey Mayumi, look.
Udou: ...What is it?
Text: Don't call me by my first name.
Guy(?): I just thought up a special move for tomorrow's matches.

Page 8
Guy(?): Rocket punch!
Man: 10 points.
Udou: Both of you...
Stop that, or I'll kill you all.
Guy: Yodaka-san!!!
Guy: It's time for the meeting--- Yodaka-sa-
Guy: Hm?
Both: !!
Guy: ...
Sayuri: ...

Page 9
Guy: It's a kid!!!
Guy: Do you want me to play with you!!?
Sayuri: Sorry, but...
Sayuri: I don't have the kind of time to play with kids...
Hiroto: Sayuri---!?
Where did you...

Page 10
Hiroto: !!
Hiroto(thought): Oh crap!!
Someone from Hakurei...
Guy: Play!!!
Hiroto: Why!!?
Guy: Ah---sorry sorry!!
Guy: You're looking for a kid huh!! I saw her just now!!
Guy: She probably headed toward the terrace!
I need to go there as well, so I'll take you there!!
Hiroto: Thank you.
Hiroto(thought): Phew, he seems like a good person.

Page 11
Oogami: So you are a first-year at Ouka!! I'm a first-year too!!
Oogami: I'm Oogami, the "chuuken"!! I look forward to tomorrow!!
Hiroto: !
Hiroto: ...I'm Kurogane. Nice to meet you.
Hiroto(thought): He's a regular as a first-year at such a famous school...that's quite something.
Oogami: Oh? Are you a manager of your team or something?
Hiroto: Huh!? Why do you ask!?
Oogami: It's because you don't have any blisters on your left hand!!
Hiroto: Left hand...
Oogami: See!?
Oogami: When you do kendo for a long time, it becomes like this!!!
Hiroto: Uwah...
Hiroto(thought): I still have long ways to go...
Text: And I thought his hand was oddly bumpy...

Page 12
Hiroto: For now...I'm...a regular.
Oogami: Seriously!!?
Hiroto: But I'm just a beginner...
Oogami(thought): Wow---they must not have enough people over there.
It's completely different from us, choosing 5 people from about 100.
Hiroto: M...maybe it really is too late to start kendo from high school.
Hiroto: Since everyone has already been doing it for years and years...
Oogami: That's not true!!
Oogami: It's never too late to start kendo!!
Oogami: There's a senpai who started in middle school, and he went to the nationals in just one year!!!

Page 13
Oogami: Don't say stuff like that, and let's both work hard as fellow first-years!!
Hiroto: ...!! Yeah...
Oogami: In that case, let me teach you!! Listen up!! During matches--
Hiroto: Huh!?
Hiroto(thought): I have to find Sayuri though...
Udou: He's slow... That stupid dog definitely stopped by somewhere.
Guy(?): ...Oh well, isn't it fine? Since today we're not having a strategy meet?
Guy(?): And not good with stuff like this.
Man: ...Hm.

Page 14
He...doesn't like to bring purpose and duty into kendo.
...But well,
That is also his strength.

Page 15
Yodaka: ...Are you lost? This late at night---
Sayuri: ...No need to worry.
Sayuri: I'm perfectly able to go home by myself.
...I'm just enjoying the night breeze.
Yodaka: Haha...sorry about that.
Yodaka: What a smart young lady.
Sayuri: ...
Sayuri(thought): he's from the kendo club...?
Sayuri(thought): Although I don't sense much fighting spirit from him---
Yodaka: ...This is a good place.
It's the best spot to look at the stars in this school.
Sayuri: !
Sayuri: ...

Page 16
Sayuri: ...It's unfortunate that I know the stars in the sky from my Edo period.
Sayuri: But after 150 years, with the light pollution, there aren't any stars that I see anymore.
Yodaka: ...That's an interesting to say.
But is that so---
Yodaka: For me, I can see a sky full of stars---
Yodaka: Since these eyes of mine...can see a bit too much.
Sayuri(thought): ...!!
Sayuri(thought): He has
Sayuri(thought): The "eyes"---

Page 17
Sayuri: ...
Sayuri: ...Hey.
Sayuri: Are you the taishou?
Yodaka: ...
Yodaka: I am. What about it?
Sayuri: Are you strong?

Page 18
Yodaka: Yeah, I am.
Hiroto: ...Hey, Oogami-kun...
Oogami: Hm!?
Hiroto: The person you're looking for...
Hakurei's taishou, what kind of person is he...?
Oogami: Yodaka-san you mean!?

Page 19
Oogami: He's reeaaaaaaaly strong!!!
Oogami: Even the 5-dan and 6-dan sensei's are no match for him---!!
TN: Dan is the ranking in kendo. The highest level is 8-dan.
Hiroto: Th-that's amazing...
Oogami: ...Our taishou in middle school was strong, but he was really cocky.
Yodaka-san on the other hand is really nice...
Oogami: If I win, he praises me.
And if I lose, he encourages me.
Oogami: Udou-san says he's a dimwit, but it's really easy to talk to him.
And anyway...
Oogami: I really like him!!!
Hiroto: ...

Page 20
Yodaka: ...I'm going back soon.
Yodaka: Don't stay too late, young lady.
Sayuri: Wait.
Sayuri: Sorry, but...
Sayuri: I would like you to stay here a bit longer.
Yodaka: ...What is it? You want me to play with you?
Yodaka: If you stay up too late, you'll get in trouble.
Sayuri: ...I finally found the "taishou".
I can't just go back...without seeing his skills.

Page 21
Sayuri: Sorry but I...
Sayuri: Specialize in the nightlife.
Yodaka: ...Hoh.

Page 22
Yodaka: I've seen many things with my eyes so far...
Yodaka: But this is a first for me.
Sayuri: Hah...!! This is also the first time that I show myself,
Sayuri: And have the other person completely unfazed.
Sayuri: ...Try to dodge,
My first attack.

Page 23
Oogami: Maybe she's around this area!! The terrace!!
Hiroto: Ah, thank you!
I'll take a look at that side!!
Hiroto: Sayuri, are you around---!?
Hiroto: Sayu...
Hiroto: !!?

Page 24
Hiroto(thought): Showing yourself in front of people...
Hiroto(thought): What are you doing, Sayuri...!?
Yodaka: I'm shocked.
You are really strong.
Sayuri: You avoided it without any effort...
And you say that...!!?
Sayuri(thought): ---So he has it after all,
Sayuri(thought): Just like Kurogane,
Sayuri(thought): The "eyes"---

Page 25
Sayuri: ...Very well, next I'll fight using the same shinai.
Sayuri: I'll be taking a look at the swordfighting---
Of Japan's strongest taishou.
Yodaka: ...Alright.
Text: What is Sayuri up to!? Next chapter, the strongest of both eras!!
Yodaka: That's what I really like.

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