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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Kurogane (Ikezawa) 10

Japan's Number One

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Nov 15, 2011 16:00 | Go to Kurogane (Ikezawa)

-> RTS Page for Kurogane (Ikezawa) 10

Reserved for Lazy Ass Scans. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Chapter 10: Japan's Number One
Hiroto(thought): Showing her true form...!!!
Hiroto(thought): What are trying to do, Sayuri...!!?
Text: A fight between the strongest of both eras!!
Sayuri(thought): Taishou...Yodaka.
As I thought, this guy...
Sayuri(thought): Has the "eyes",
Sayuri(thought): Just like Kurogane...!!

Page 2
Yodaka: Is that...a fukuro shinai*? This is the first time I've seen one.
*It was created at the end of the Edo era. A prototype of the current shinai.
Yodaka: Are you sure you want to use that against me?
Sayuri: Oi oi...I'm just going to put this up front...
Sayuri: But I specialize in this one here you know.
Sayuri: If you take it lightly...
Sayuri: You're going to end up dead.
Yodaka: How scary.

Page 3
Sayuri: Hah...!
Sayuri(thought): Although your face is saying otherwise...!!!
Sayuri(thought): He's completely different from before.
Sayuri(thought): A calm and yet...intense fighting spirit---
Sayuri(thought): It's been 150 years...since I last experienced this kind of nervousness.
Sayuri: Here I go, Taishou.
Yodaka: Any time.
Hiroto: ...!!!
Hiroto(thought): Taishou...!! So he is the person we're been looking for,
Hiroto(thought): Japan's number one Taishou.
Hiroto(thought): My...opponent tomorrow---

Page 4
Yodaka: ...A stance I've never seen before.
Do you fight with a nameless style?
Sayuri: !
Sayuri: Hah!
Sayuri: You dare to say that.

Page 5
Sayuri(thought): Sakura One-Strike Style,
Sayuri(thought): ---Flower Steps!!!
Yodaka: !!!
Yodaka(thought): So missing my tsuki was just a distraction!!!
TN: Tsuki is the throat target.
Yodaka(thought): In reality---

Page 6
Yodaka: A counter to a counter...!!
Yodaka: What scary techniques.
Sayuri: Hah...!
Sayuri: Although I was going for your shoulder.
Yodaka: ...This seems way too strong...
Yodaka: For some nameless style.
Sayuri: !
Sayuri: ...You wouldn't know about it.
Sayuri: ...Since it was in my previous life.

Page 7
Sayuri: "Sakura One-Strike Style".
Sayuri: Unfortunately, its name has not been recorded in history--
But it was the strongest style in its era.
Oogami: !
Oogami: ...!?
Guy(?): Did you hear that...just now?
Man: ...Yeah.
There's no mistaking it.
Man: It's Yodaka fighting.
Udou(thought): Going all out...!?
Udou(thought): Against whom---?

Page 8
Yodaka: Hah...!!!
Sayuri(thought): How fierce...!!! In addition to the "eyes" that are on-par with Kurogane's,
Sayuri(thought): Power, speed, technique, this guy has no weaknesses in any of those areas...!!!
Sayuri(thought): However---
Yodaka: Woah!!!
Yodaka: Countering from that...!!! It's pretty amazing,
Yodaka: That...Sakura One-Strike Style of yours...!!!

Page 9
Sayuri: ...What, feeling scared?
Yodaka: Haha, no---
Yodaka: I'm happy.
Yodaka: Now I know...
Yodaka: That my path of the sword has not reached the end.
Sayuri: ...
Sayuri: Hah!
Hiroto: ...!!
Sayuri: I'm happy as well. Even though time has passed...
The title of Japan's best has not degenerated...
You're at the right level to be aiming for.

Page 10
Sayuri: Now it's easy to figure out. ...Defeat you,
Sayuri: And Sakura One-Strike Style will once again,
Become the best in Japan...!!!
Yodaka: ...I see.
Yodaka: So you are here in this era...
For that reason.
Sayuri: ...Try taking this.
Sayuri: "Cherry Blossom Seven Styles",
The first style--

Page 11
Hiroto(thought): The outcome,
Hiroto(thought): Will be decided.
Hiroto(thought): ...I have to see more.
Hiroto(thought): And watch,
Hiroto(thought): My teacher---
Oogami: !!!
Oogami: Yodaka-san...!!?

Page 12
With something like this...
If it had hit me,
It would have been really bad.

Page 13
Hiroto: !!!
Hiroto(thought): He stopped it...with the grip of the shinai...!!?
Sayuri(thought): The first style, "Early Summer Rain", is a Tsuki attack that predicts the opponent's movements and is unavoidable.
Sayuri(thought): But to think that it can be stopped...!!
Sayuri(thought): Wait...!! In the first place, there should have been no time for him!!
Sayuri(thought): "Cherry Blossom Seven Styles" should only hit targets in the way they are meant to.
Sayuri(thought): Taking his power, speed, and technique that I observed into account,
Sayuri(thought): He should not have been able to avoid the attack just now...!!!
Sayuri(thought): If that's' the case,
Sayuri(thought): Then could it be that he,
Sayuri(thought): Within these past few minutes, with the few exchange of blows---

Page 14
Sayuri(thought): Became stronger...!!?
Sayuri(thought): There's no mistake that he's already the very best.
Sayuri(thought): And yet, even now,
Sayuri(thought): He continues
Sayuri(thought): To evolve...!!
Sayuri: ...
Sayuri: Hah!

Page 15
Sayuri: Stop, stop!!
Yodaka: !
Sayuri: I have no obligation to help someone get stronger when he's not even my diciple--
Yodaka: Hey now, it's still too soon to end it.
It's been a long time since I've had this much fun.
Yodaka: Besides...
Yodaka: Wasn't it your goal to defeat me and take the title of Japan's best?
Sayuri: ...
Sayuri: Who's going to believe you if you said that you were beaten by a ghost?
Sayuri: It's not my job to defeat you.
...The rest,
Sayuri: I have entrusted to my disciple,
Sayuri: Who is alive in the present.
Yodaka: ...You have a disciple?
Sayuri: Yeah.
Yodaka: Is he strong?

Page 16
Sayuri: ...
Sayuri: Not at all.
Sayuri: ...For now.
Sayuri: But,
Someday, he will definitely do it.
Sayuri: Succeeding the Sakura One-Strike Style,
Sayuri: And make it Japan's number one---!!!

Page 17
Yodaka: ...
Yodaka: I'm looking forward to it.
Sayuri: That's why, as for meeting me,
Think of it inside a good dream, and forget about it.
Sayuri: ...The next time you see me---
Sayuri: I'll just be a lost child.

Page 18
Sayuri: ...Huh?
Sayuri: Where is this---?
Sayuri: Father---
Yodaka: ...
Yodaka: What a strange ghost.
Hiroto: ...Sayuri.
Sayuri: ...
Sayuri: ...Were you watching?
Hiroto: ...Yeah.
Sayuri: ...That is your opponent.
...Both tomorrow,
Sayuri: And definitely,
Sayuri: From now on.

Page 19
Hiroto: ...Yeah.
Oogami: Yodaka-
Oogami: I was worried---!! I heard strange sounds...!!!
Yodaka: Hahaha, sorry-- sorry--
Yodaka: ...It's alright.
Yodaka: It was just a ghost appearing.
Oogami: Ghost!?
Yodaka: ...Hah,
This year will be interesting...
Yodaka: ...I'm waiting,
Text: Thee battle---is drawing near!!
Yodaka: Sakura One-Strike Style.

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