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Translations: One Piece 917 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Alive 62

Because there is no way to continue living on

+ posted by Dark-san as translation on Jun 11, 2009 15:50 | Go to Alive

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Page 1
1- Pain…
2- Pant…
3- Pant…
4- I’ve…
5- I’ve won.
6- I’ve to hurry and save Aoi…!

Page 2
1- Because there is no way to continue living on (Title)

Page 3
1- Sergeant // I have just taken care of a one-armed Power User.
2- D2… Good job! We have still a couple left, continue on your mission.
3- Roger.
4- Pant…

Page 5
1- You’re really amazing…
2- But when the bullet penetrates to your brain, you will still die.
3- Sorry, I am just following orders. // I’ve to kill the Power Users.

Page 6
1- Oh bubbles… This is a nostalgia feeling.
2- Have I played this before when I was young?

Page 8
1- !?

Page 10
1- Ow…! Ouch…
2- Heh… Hehe…
3- This is going too far.
4- Besides aren’t you going to kill me, why don’t you do it?
5- You’ve just shot my stomach.
6- Don’t ever think of dying that fast…!

Page 11
1- Yeah…
2- Then what about you?
3- You did take a clean shot from me, right?
4- Press
5- Is it here?
6- It was a perfect shot to my head.
7- That is why I was saved.

1- I figured out that you will aim for the head.
2- That is why I create a small bubble here.
3- I destroyed the stuffs obstructing you on purpose…
4- in order to allow you to aim for the head conveniently.

Page 13
1- I see…
2- That would mean that my plan had failed…
3- I’ve lost…
4- That’s right. // Then what you going to do now?
5- You asked me about this?
6- I’m a right- handed…
7- There is no way I can do my job now…

Page 14
1- The purpose of me living…
2- is just to kill.

Page 15
1- Please kill me.
2- Your attitude is worthy of a praise. // I appreciate it.
3- What is your name?

Page 16
1- Carl… // Carl Atler…
2- Bye Bye, Carl.

Page 17
1- My purpose of living…
2- is just to kill.

Page 20
1- Carl…

Page 22
1- How did this happen? Both D2 and D4 lost!
2- This doesn’t look good…

Page 23
1- McPherson is in danger!
2- Ugh…

Page 24
1- Sizzle…
2- Why aren’t you taking any actions?
3- One of your comrades is already dead.
4- Who is it?
5- Who exactly died?

Page 25
1- I don’t want to witness anymore death…
2- Not ever again…
3- Owww!

Page 26
1- Ugh…
2- That should be enough… // Give up on the ‘heart’ immediately!
3- Don’t you ever mess around with us again!
4- More of…

Page 27
1- your colleagues will lose their lives.
2- Give up now!
3- Or else…
4- I will really…
5- No
6- Heh!

Page 28
1- …
2- Is it?
3- Pull
4- Ow…!
5- …

Page 29
1- Wah hah!

Page 30
1- They’re here!
2- …
3- Mama… Please go first.
4- But… Jun!

Page 31
1- Faster.

Page 32
1- Aoi! // Wait up!
2- Aoi!
3- Pant…
4- Pant…
5- She can actually run…
6- that far in this small span of time!

Page 33
1- I don’t need Mama…
2- Don’t need her!
3- Pant!
4- Pant!
5- It is useless…
6- My voice…
7- She doesn’t want to listen to us… Jun…
8- If it’s Mama who’s speaking, she’ll listen.

Page 34
1- Mama’s words are stronger…
2- than she thinks.
3- Aoi!
4- Listen to what I’ve to say!

Page 35
1- I’m sorry…! // I got to you too late…
2- There are lots of things that I failed in doing them earlier!
3- But I want to be with you guys together in future!
4- I beg of you… Please return…

Page 36
1- with Mama together…!
2- …

Page 37
1- Mama…

Page 38
1- I’m sorry…
2- I’m sorry, Aoi.
3- I finally caught up with you…

Page 39
1- Captured!
2- Hah congratulations, Lady.
3- This is the finishing point!

Page 40
1- Every Power Users, can you hear this broadcast? Even though you had it smoothy…
2- But it’s a pity! Right now both Mama and Aoi…
3- are under our custody! // Yay!

Page 41
1- If you don’t want them to lose their life…
2- It is best that you surrendered peacefully!

Page 42
1- Been captured…?

Page 43
1- …
2- Pui Pui… // This is so troublesome…

Page 44
1- Looks like I won’t be using my left hand…
2- for a while. // The situation has returned to over favour.
3- All thanks to your comrades.

Page 45
1- It will end here for now.

Volume 17 continue

A comic that will stained your eyes 16

The Jumped Bullet
1- !?
2- Wah!
3- Huh?
4- Yah hah!
5- It just an accident…
6- Alive End
7- It has been long overdue.

Glass Heart
1- Look at you…
2- D4, the ice-cream has dripped…
3- Hah!
4- Even if you have dodged the bullets, you can’t escape an ice-cream drip. It’s really funny…
5- There is no need to be that depressed…
6- Then what happen to you?
7- I’m so sorry, McPherson.

Glass Heart 2
1- Hah, have they all been washed?
2- But has my T-shirt been always this white?
3- White!
4- It has become whiter!
5- Heh… The blue dot has disappeared too!

Meat or Fish?
1- Let’s fish what we are having for dinner then…
2- Huh? Is it fish? I preferred eating meat!
3- Let’s have meat! Let’s have meat!
4- This brat is noisy…
5- Huh.
6- Dangle…
7- Looks like we will be having meat tonight.
8- Let’s have fish! Let’s have fish! // Released him!

1- Today, it’s Halloween.
2- I have to confess!
3- If I don’t get any candies, I will scare them! Ho ho…
4- Tries to imitate a bear
5- Eek!
6- This is expected.
7- Nami has forgotten about her earlier objectives.
8- Candies… Candies…
9- Don’t come any closer!

Ponytails are only restricted to ten years ago
1- Taisuke nii-san, looked at me!
2- Ponytail…
3- Hah! // I guess you are looking like an older sister today.
4- Hehe
5- Yikes!
6- I want to try experiencing a loli image today.
7- Heh…

No more Mama
1- A hair band
2- Even though, Mama is a bit like that… // But I’m guessing that Aoi will grow up to be a pretty lady just be like Mama.
3- Eh… in actual fact I am a bit bothered by it…
4- Why?
5- Come to think of it.
6- She loves to flare her temper, her limb’s movements are fast and seriously speaking she is…
7- Come and catch me…
8- But I don’t have any idea on bringing up Oujou-chan…
9- Oujou-chan heh… // Why not asked Youta?
10- Eh? What are you guys talking about?

T/L note: Oujou-chan usually refers to ladies being rich and mostly of the time leading a sheltered life. The joke here is that Youta’s power is ‘Isolation’, which happens to have relations with the word, sheltered. So to understand how these Oujou-chans lead their life, it would be better to ask someone who has some understanding of it.

Thanks for watching till here!

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Approved by njt

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