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Translations: Gintama 588 (2) , Bleach 673 by cnet128 , One Piece 825 by cnet128

Alive 62

Chapter 62: Because I can’t keep on living this way

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Jun 11, 2009 03:17 | Go to Alive

-> RTS Page for Alive 62

**This is for Twilight Dream Scans Group use only. Thanks!
edited by Quintuple (thanks!)


Sfx: hurting

Nami: I // won. // I have to save Aoi-chan…!


Chapter 62: Because I can’t keep on living this way


D2: Sergeant / I’ve taken care of one of the power holders just now.

McPherson: Good job D2… There should be a few more so keep at it.

D2: Roger. // Phew.



D2: You were a tough opponent… // but any power holder will die with a bullet to their head. // It was ordered… // to kill power holders. Sorry…


D2: Bubbles? How nostalgic… // I used to play with them…





D2: Ugh…! / Gah…

Yura: Heh / heh heh…


D2: You’re cruel… // If you’re going to kill me, you should just do it in one blow…!

Yura: Don’t be stupid… You shot me in the stomach… // I won’t let you die that easily…!


D2: Oh yeah…?


D2: So how are you still alive…? // I thought I hit you spot on.

Yura: Here? // It was a great shot. // I’m still alive thanks to it.


Yura: I knew you’d aim for my head // so I left a tiny bubble right here. // I destroyed the room so that you could aim for my head // and gave you a clear shot on purpose.


D2: I…see… // I underestimated you… // I lost…

Yura: Yup / so what now?


D2: What now…? // My right hand is gone now… // I’m worthless now…


D2: The only way I can keep on living… // is by killing others…


D2: Please kill me…

Yura: I like that mentality. / It’s great. // What’s your name?


D2: Carl… // Carl Adler…

Yura: See ya / Carl.


I // lived through killing




Yura: Carl…



Doctor: Oh no! D2 and D4 both lost! // This is baaaad!


Doctor: We’re in trouble, McPherson!

McPherson: GAH…!


Sfx: sizzle

McPherson: Aren’t you going to do anything? // One of your friends is dead.

Taisuke: Who is it!? // Who’s dead!?


Taisuke: I don’t want people to die // anymore!!

McPherson: GAAAAH!!


McPherson: Ugh…

Taisuke: Haven’t you had enough? / Abort your mission for the “heart”! // Leave us alone… // Your…


Taisuke: Your men are dying too! // Surrender already! // Or else… // I’ll seriously…

McPherson: NO // way!


Taisuke: Oh really…

McPherson: Ugg // Ugghhh…!?


Men: WOAH!


Men: Over here!

Jun: Mama…go ahead of me.

Yukie: But, Jun…!


Jun: Hurry!


Yukie: Aoi / wait! // Aoi!! // haa // haa // She’s // so far away!


Aoi: I don’t… // need you.

Yukie: haa // haa // I can’t… // She doesn’t // hear my voice anymore…

Jun: Your words will reach her.


Jun: Your words / carry more weight / than you think.

Yukie: AOI! // LISTEN TO ME!


Yukie: I’m sorry…! / It took me so long // to come pick you up. // But I want to stay with you all now! // So please…


Yukie: Come home with me…!


Aoi: Mama…


Yukie: Sorry… // I’m sorry Aoi. // I finally caught you…


Doctor: I gotcha!! // Congratulations mother! // You reached the goal!


Doctor: Are all of you power holders listening? You all were doing pretty well but // too bad! Aoi-chan’s mom // just got captured! [Hoorah!]


Doctor: So if you want this mommy and kid to live // all of you surrender right now!


Taisuke: Captured…!?


McPherson: Oh geez… / this smell is awful…


McPherson: I won’t be using my right hand for a while… / Oh well / thanks to your friend // I'm in control again.


McPherson: It’s over…

To be continued in Volume 17


Eye-dirtying Manga 16


Nami: Wah!

Yuuta: Hm?

Taisuke: Whaaa? // I put my guard down… [sfx: falls over]

Alive End

Rei: Haven’t seen this in a while


The glass heart

D2: [Here ya go] D4, some ice cream
D4: Oh…

D2: You can dodge bullets but you can’t evade ice cream! Haha!

D2: You shouldn't take those words to heart…

D2: What’s going on over here?

Doctor: Sorry Mac!

The glass heart 2

McPherson: Oh, you washed these for me? // Were my T-shirts always this white?

D4: It’s white… // It’s completely white!!

Doctor: Even my polka dots are gone!!


Meat or fish?

Rei: I’m gonna fish our dinner.

Yuuta: Fish? I want meat.

Yuuta: Meat, meat!

Rei: Oh! [Shut up, kid]

Yura: [Gyaaaa!]

Rei: Okay we have meat!!!

Yuuta: Fish! I want fish! [Let it go!]


Today is Halloween // I’m going to confess.

I’ll attack you if you don’t give me candy!!

Taisuke: Pyaaaaaa!!
<normal reaction>

<Nami has already forgotten the most important thing she was trying to do>

Nami: Candy…candy…

Taisuke: Don’t come near me!


Pigtails are only for teens

Aoi: Tai-nii look!

Taisuke: Oh / you look older today!

Aoi: Ehehe

Taisuke: Woah!?

Yukie: I’m feeling girly today!

Taisuke: Hah…

No more mama

Taisuke: [Mama has a mark from her BCG shot still but…] I bet Aoi will be beautiful like her mom


Rei: Yeah, I’m a little scared to see that

Taisuke: Yeah?

Rei: Think about it. // She’s stupid and quick to do things and is super fast at running away.

Aoi: Catch me if you can!

Rei: I don’t know how to raise a girl whose been sheltered…

Taiske: [Sheltered…?] Why don’t you see if Yuuta knows what to do with trapped people?

Yuuta: What? What are you talking about?

Thanks for reading until the end!!

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#1. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jun 11, 2009
Oh wow! You do Alive too Shirokuro-san?! As if you weren't epic enough already!! Thanks!
#2. by Quintuple ()
Posted on Jun 11, 2009
Right, time for me to do the evil job of pointing out mistakes.

Firstly, I believe most scanlations use 'comrades' or 'power users' instead of 'power holders', though that's not very much of a problem.

I haven't found a raw to compare things against, so I'll mainly check for grammar etc:


McPherson: Good job D2… There should be a few more so continue on.
>> How about 'There should be a few more so keep at it.'


D2: You were a tough opponent… // but any power holder will die with a bullet to their head. // It was an order given to me… // to kill power holders. Sorry…
>> I suggest 'I was ordered... // to kill power holders'


D2: You’re cruel… // If you’re going to kill me, you should just go it in one blow…!
>> You should just do it in one blow!


Doctor: So if you want this mommy and child to live // all of you surrender right now!
>> 'Mother and child' or 'mommy and kid' might be better here.


McPherson: I won’t be using my right hand for a while… / Oh well / thanks to your friend // the ball’s back in my court.
>> Not sure if that's a proper English expression, how about 'thanks to you friend // I'm in control again.'


D2: You don’t have to take it to heart that much…
>> This doesn't feel right to me, an alternative would be 'You shouldn't take it too seriously'.


Rei: I’m gunna fish our dinner.
>> Is this intended? gunna -> gonna


Aoi: Tainii look!
>> Dashes are used here in most translations: Tai-nii.

Yukie: I’m feeling girlie today!
>> Girly

Taisuke: [Mama has a mark from her BCG shot still but…] I bet Aoi will be pretty like her mom
>> Do you mean pretty as in 'good looking' or as in 'very much'? In the latter case, it should be 'I bet Aoi is going to be a lot like her mom'

Rei: I don’t know how to raise a girl whose been sheltered…
>> I don't know how to raise a girl who's been sheltered...

Other than those small tidbits, nice translation!
#3. by shirokuro ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2009
bomber d rufi: yeah! i've been doing it since Volume 9. They're in the backlog, I've been posting them and then releasing them b/c the group scanning them is slower than my TL. I always post it on private but i accidentally released this one but i can't find the thing to make it private again...oops! :P

Quintuple: thanks for the edits! The thing about the comrades vs power holders - if you read my other TLs, when the power holders talk about each other, I use "comrades" and when anyone else refers to them like McPherson, I use "power holder" since McPherson isn't their comrade.

About the author:

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