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St&rs 25


+ posted by Fafa as translation on Sep 22, 2012 17:33 | Go to St&rs

-> RTS Page for St&rs 25

especially taken from this site
Requested by NilaiTP

Page 1
Credit Page of ST&RS Chapter 25
INDO TL: Prita_Ta

Page 2
left side text: the knowledge coming from another place. the power to open the gates to this planet.
story: Takeuchi Ryousuke art: Masaru Miyokawa

Page 3
text: the exploration into space... the unknown world. "memory" comes together with "light"!

Page 4
Ama- // chi
-kun ...
is that... me?

Page 5
I also...
receive it?
what do I // see...?
is that...
a tower...?

Page 6
damn... is the circuit breaker really broken?
are you okay?
what was that light just now?
A... A... Amachi-kun was suddenly... shot by the light! // from over there...!
calm down and tell us what happened!

Page 7
Amachi said that human always had desires to explore the unknown world... // and those accumulated desires can also be called "memories".
then after that, he was surrounded by the light, out of the blue?
this is the yellowish-gold color. no doubt.
it’s the third light...! // the power of memory...!
Amachi is the chosen one!

Page 8
Amachi-kun! are you all right?
wh... what? // what's wrong with him?
no matter what happened, let's follow him!
[already in and unlock the code.]
is everything all right?
yes. // looks like they're all here.
I also...

Page 9
have finished drawing.
that’s all. // ha~... my head is all clear now.
well done, you did your best.
what did you see?
well... I also didn’t know where it was, but...
if this is a blueprint of a tower, there must be some kinds of symbol with some kinds of meaning.

Page 10
Izumi... // you also come...!
yes... // I felt like I was summoned by Shirafune...
that is, Amachi...

Page 11
th... this light...!
Amachi, Wataru!
everyone, what happened?
is he looking for something?
it looks like...

Page 12
I think... // it should be read as "the rendezvous".
Shirafune, do you know that?
eh, no! not at all!
so, this is the power of "sound"...
and right around the position of the chairs...
is the spacecraft’s landing area.
this is a laser beam reducer.
and this is...

Page 13
a space gate.
so the aliens will use the tower as a gate?
ah, wait a minute... // to move the gate,
there seems to be an energy reactor, located at the tower’s base.
along with our powers, you have to activate the tower. // it’s written here. if we do it, then the gate will open.

Page 14
a reactor...
I have to go there.
I would activate the tower with this light...
and open the gate...
activate the tower // with light...?
.......... // I'm fine.

Page 15
I only... vaguely remember it...
Amachi... // what do you remember?
when the light is converged, I can see an image of the moving tower clearly.
......! // really?
b-but... why Amachi?
you’ve never experienced something like this before... right?
all Amachi’s thoughts...
which came from them were very accurate.

Page 16
what do you mean?
"memory" is the human’s entrance to go away to unknown places... in other words, if we involve all people’s desires who want to go into space... // then we are also included in the part of those who gathered from all over the world now.
Amachi has created a website to gather information about the light.
it would show how much people interested in him...!
text inside the picture: _amachi@stsaj.go.jp
it means the messages were also addressed to him...!
we received lots of message from around the world so that the server got crashed... // there are desires of going into space inside it // should it regarded as a power,

Page 17
then all the thoughts and desires flows inside Amachi.
you mean they bring their feelings into the e-mails?
you said the power of "memory" can activate the tower, right?
yes, that’s what’s written.
then the aliens would use their feelings... // does it mean that they have equipment working with feeling’s energy?
well, what kind of technology can do it? it’s truly beyond our understanding...
so you say if we could change the tower’s reactor to be used with the power of "memory"
then the gate will open and the aliens will come to Mars.

Page 18
so that means... // we can go to Mars?
now, we have all the powers!
all we need is go and meet the aliens on Mars!
I’m the activator, huh?
Shirafune! if you fall sick, I'll go take your place // and you must give me the power!
h... how?
we found them...
we have finally found them...!

Page 19
the children...!
are you sure, Fifi?
this is an important message.
people all over the world will see it. then they will do anything to whip it up more than whatever you think.
you know many things about stars and space, indeed...
but... can’t you just leave it to the adults?
well... if it’s for something I love, I guess I can work hard! // besides, grandpa, I’m not alone, right?
from now on, you can relax!
leave it to us! my sister and I will do the best!

Page 20
alright, I understand.
work together and do your best.
until your feelings reach the next generation...
yes, grandpa...
text: I know...
this is my job...
text: for humankinds to keep conveying their feelings...
text: to this new generations!


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#1. by Tauros ()
Posted on Sep 23, 2012
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
#2. by Fafa ()
Posted on Sep 26, 2012
u r welcome ^_^

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