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St&rs 25


+ posted by paramitan as translation on May 30, 2012 10:04 | Go to St&rs

-> RTS Page for St&rs 25

Looks like my "client" can't access it, so now I've made it public. Now that I did, I'll just say this is a bit of a "wake-up call" to the English scanlators of the series. I love your work, and I like this series although it has already ended, so I hope you guys can come back up and scanlate the remaining chapters right away. Maybe I'm asking too much as a fan, but this is my way of keeping the attention to the series alive.

Not for scanlation. For preview purposes only.

Step 25: Eureka


#the latest Comic Volume 2 goes on sale January the 4th! Included also are character profiles and bonus manga!
#wisdom recieved from what's beyond. a power set to tear through this planet.
#a special 4-koma chapter appears on NEXT!, currently on sale with rave reviews! details on Page 326!
Step 25: Eureka Story TAKEUCHI Ryousuke Art MIYOKAWA Masaru


#the "light" of the accumulated "memories" of humankind towards space, the unknown world...is near!
: /light!/


: !!
: *ama* \\ *chi*
: /......?/
/this is...me?/


: /did I.../
/also recieved it?/
/what do I.../ \\ /see?/
/that's a.../


SFX: groan
: *ah!*
damn...the breaker really did broke down!
: *Amachi-kun!*
*are you okay?*
: *what was that light just now?
: Amachi?
: A...A...Amachi-kun suddenly \\ got shot with light \\ from the outside!
: *calm down and tell us what happened!*


: they say those who have the will to break through the unknown world \\ would be able to gather "memories" within him...
: so at that time, he suddenly gathered light...
: this yellowish-golden color...no doubt about it...
it's the third Light, \\ the power of Memories!
: *so Amachi has that!*
: !


: *Amachi!*
: *Amachi-kun, are you fine?*
: eh?
: w...what the? \\ what happened to him?
: in any case, let's follow him!
: =we have lifted the rock at the entrance.=
: thanks.
is that okay?
: yeah... \\ everyone, I think I'll be coming back...
I'm also...


: finished drawing!
this is all. \\ ha~~my head's all clear now...
: good work. you did your best.
and the overall picture would be...
: yeah...I don't know which goes where, though...
: if this is a blueprint of a tower, there must be some kind of symbol with some kind of meaning...


: Izumi... \\ you also came!
: yes. \\ I felt like I was called by Shirafune-san...
: *Maho!*
: Meguru!
: *Amachi-kun is...*


: *t...this light is...*
: *Amachi Wataru?*
*what is the meaning of all this?*
: Fifi-san...
this is...
: it's like he's looking for something...
: uhmm,
this is...


: *I feel that this is* \\ *the "Meeting Place"...
: eh?
: did you know that, Shirafune?
: *no, I don't!*
: then, it's the power of "Sound"...
: it fits with the positions of the chairs...
: this is the spaceship's landing area...
this is a decelerating laser gun...
and this is...


: a warp gate!
: w...
: so the aliens would warp their way to the tower?
: ah, wait a sec... \\ for that gate to move,
there seems to be an energy reactor located at the tower's base.
it gathers energy and activates the tower. \\ and if that happens, the gate would open...so it seems.


: reactor...
: !!
: if we go there,
the Light will activate the tower,
and the gate shall open...
: the light will activate \\ the gate?
: Amachi-kun!
: ......... \\ I'm okay...


: I can...faintly remember it...
: Amachi-kun... \\ what do you remember?
: oh...
an image of an activated tower that's bathe in light...
: ......! \\ I see...
: *b...but why Amachi?*
*it didn't manifest on him until now...*
: ..................
don't you think Amachi's deduction...
hit the mark this time?


: ......?
what do you mean?
: "memory" is a human's access to the unknown \\ meaning, it should be inside people like us who has the desire to go to space...
there was a site created for the purpose of getting info about the Light,
and through it, Amachi has a video of himself!
and the mail address there is also from Amachi!
: *eeh?*
: the server almost went down as mails came from all over the world. \\ and inside it is a huge desire of going into space. \\ if that can be considered a power,


: all of it flows inside Amachi!
: !
: h...he has the feelings of the e-mails in him?
: so that's what it is...
: so that power of "memory" can activate the tower, right?
: yes, that's what's written.
: then, does that mean \\ that the aliens have feelings, and the machine that can control the tower?
: that is the case, since we don't have the technology to do that...
: they're amazing!
: so if the power of "memory" can help activate the tower's reactor,
the warp gate will open and the aliens will come to Mars...


: ............!
: so that means... \\ we just have to go there?
: *now, it's a complete set!*
: *all we need is to go to Mars and meet with the aliens!*
: I'm the activator, huh...
: Shirofune! if you catch a cold, I'll be going instead of you! \\ if that happens, give me your power!
: eeh? how will I do that?
: /finally.../
/we found them.../
/we've finally found them!/


: /the children!/
: are you really okay with this, Fifi?
it'll be very hard if word gets out about the message...
: all eyes would be on you, and you'll find yourself in a very hectic job...
I know that you love stars and space...
but, don't you want to leave this to the adults?
: I guess. but I do my best for the things I love! \\ and didn't you tell me this?
"it's our time!"
so leave this to us! me and my sis would do our best!


: I see...I understand.
gather your strength and do your best,
until you've shared your feelings to the next generation...
: /this is.../
/my job, grandpa.../
# and humankind continues to advance...
: /and look,/
/that's the new generation!/
# ST&RS ...step 25 /end

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#1. by Zom-B ()
Posted on Jul 15, 2012
I like this too!

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