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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Kekkaishi 280


+ posted by fierywind as translation on Oct 24, 2009 04:35 | Go to Kekkaishi

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This translation is reserved for Franky House.

Kekkaishi 280
By fierywind

Side text: The Urakai Sousui, Oumi Nichinaga. Is everything in the hands of this little monster…?

Chapter 280: Awake

Hiura…! Thank god!

Text: Souji recovered! Yoshimori's relief!!

I'm so glad...

Hey… hey,
Is it alright for you to be up so soon?

Good… morning.
Ah… morning.

Is it… time for breakfast?
No, not really…

My arm…

The Yagyou medical team helped you with that.

These are not my clothes…
Yes, those are probably hospital clothes…

Hey, are you really alright?!

I am… sorry…
It’s alright, just lie down!!

By the end, I didn't notice anything around me..
If only I hadn't taken my eyes off of you...

But why did you attack Shichirou?
You were already injured.
No matter how you look at it, he’s much stronger than you.

It would have been fine if you had just left him to me…

I have to…

That’s right.
You kept all your promises.

I too,
Intend to protect the people around me, Karasumori, the school and all the people in it, the town and everyone in it… but
It’s really hard to protect everything.

When the time comes, no matter what,
You probably have to make a choice.

But you, you meant everyone, didn’t you?

I know I said a lot to you…
But it’s better for you to decide for yourself who you should protect.


Think and decide for yourself what you want to do.

Regardless of orders or what I said…
It’s okay if you don’t obey.

Because I
Usually don't listen to what others say, too!

It always makes my older brother super-angry

Well, there’s no hurry.
You just need to rest for now.

Who’re you?

Nice to meet you. I'm Sazanami, from the Intelligence team..

What business do you have with me?
Has Hiura regained consciousness?

We’ll be interrogating him.


What are you saying…?
We need to know whether
He’s involved with the Shinyuuchi huntings and the destruction of the Urakai.

Sorry to intrude.
Wait! His wounds are still…

We don’t have much time.
Even the Chief told us to act fast.

Actually, we could have done it without telling you,
But the Chief said that
He doesn’t want to cause any trouble.

Sen, don’t let anyone come near this door.
I understand.

The Urakai Sousui is the one controlling Hiura…

With the power obtained from Shinyuuchi hunting,
The Sousui intends to destroy the Urakai.

Use your blank state to stay composed.
I’ll tell you the details.


Listen to me…
I told you I’ll explain, didn’t I?

I know that Hiura is not a bad person..

This is a matter of life and death…!

What do you intend to do next?

Because of the Death God, Sangou would be of no use for the time being.
We have no choice but to change our plan.

Is that why you cut all ties with the Ougi clan?

That’s not the only reason.

Boring isn’t it?
Well, maybe not entirely.

With Tsukihisa gone, we’re only halfway.
We still have to destroy anything that belongs to him,
My revenge will only be complete when we have erased all traces of his existence.

Just that…
The power gained from the Shinyuuchi huntings is overwhelming..

How I wish
There was an opponent who could really put up a fight..

The leader is… the Sousui?!

Yumeji-san was murdered by the Sousui’s men right in front of me.

Your words aren't enough,
To mention the Sousui’s name is…
Why is it you’re the only one who survived?

It’s fine,
If you don’t believe me.

I do understand that…
Some of you might have certain commitments…

It's up to you,
If you would rather pass on hearing the hint to survival and let him have died in vain.

Mind your manners, kid!!

There, there,
There are only 8 of us here now.
It’s not the time to fight amongst ourselves.

We don’t have time to replace these people.
We have to solve this problem and reconstruct the Urakai with the remaining people here.

It’s already too late, isn’t it?
Yumeji-dono is dead, who else is there to take up this task?

Going by rank…
It should be Kidouin-dono.

I ‘m not…

What a pain!!

No way,
I’ll withdraw.

Council of Twelve, former Third Seat
Tatsu Ki

You don’t really approve of me and
I wasn't that interested in the first place.
I’ll be going now.


You’re really irresponsible!!
I just don’t feel like hanging out with you guys.

Deal with it as you like.
See ya.

Simply doing as she pleases…
What’s with her…
Anyway, back to us…

Now there's only 7 of us.
Well, it’s easier to get together with this few people..

As Tatsuki-dono said…
For now, should I take the lead in this matter?

Is that really appropriate…?
Meian-dono was our special advisor and the research division has already been already crushed.
There aren’t many of your subordinates left…

Is that really alright?

Well then, just let me make my final conclusion.
The future Urakai,
Will really be divided.

Council of Twelve, 4th Seat
Mei An

Meian is surprisingly hard-headed; it’ll be difficult to reach a conclusion.
I don’t know which way he'll go but is he really going to take this slowly…?

I have to be quick…

I am already old.
I want to have a quick deputy.

Can I count on you to take on this special task?

Special task?
Should we really give him such power?

If there was another way, I would have taken it, but…

Well, is this alright?
This 'special task' is almost like running errands…

What do you think, Sumimura-kun?
This way it’ll be easier for you to move around.

Despite the danger, you might come closer to the truth…
I hope to lean on you, a courageous young man..

Do you think,
I am suitable for the job?

Text: Masamori’s position rises, the beginning of the counterattack on the Sousui!

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#1. by Clod ()
Posted on Oct 24, 2009
thanx a lot fiery, great job releasing so many chapter transs.

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