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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Kekkaishi 281

Ougi Men

+ posted by fierywind as translation on Dec 8, 2009 02:04 | Go to Kekkaishi

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Kekkaishi 281
By fierywind

Chapter 281: Ougi Men

Side text: The next Head of the Ougi Clan, Shichirou. Has the encounter with Yoshimori affected his future…?

Sumimura Household. Sumimura Household. Souji, who just regained consciousness, was interrogated by Sazanami. What’s the outcome?


Did you explain everything to the little brother over there and get his consent?
He keeps glaring at me.

Well, it was really tough for him to stay away from this room, but he understands the necessity of this interrogation…
That’s probably true.

Anyway, did you get any information from Hiura?
Maybe something about the Sousui…?

Well, just bits and pieces.

Are you done?

Let Hiura rest for now.

Side text: Previously: Previously: Yoshimori managed to complete his Supreme blank state and stopped the hunting of Karasumori. However, Ougi Ichirou who was there to clean up the mess accidentally hurt Hiura Souji. Yoshimori was torn over the fact that he could not protect him. After Hiura regained consciousness, he was immediately interrogated for information on the Sousui. On the other hand, the Sousui canceled the contract with Shichirou…

This is a disgrace…

Of course the Sousui would be angry.

You let the target escape,
And in turn hurt his own men.

My apologies.
That was all because of your pride.
Do you understand?

Must have felt nice to be known as the “Death God”.
No matter how good you've become, you’re still no God.

Father, when you were known as the “Wind God”,
Did this kind of thing ever happen to you?

Don’t joke about that!!

Good grief…

Did you volunteer for this Karasumori job?

It's a dangerous and unpredictable land. The Urakai has been watching this land for quite some time.
It was inappropriate for you to take on this kind of unpredictable job.

I do wonder what it’s like to be chosen…

Isn’t it rare for a land such as Karasumori to have a system that chooses a human?
The mark of it is clear.
But, from what I can see, the chosen one is just an ordinary human.


As I thought… To have this power beyond human capability...…
It's a bit of an accident.


There’s no point in double-guessing.

Disgraceful jobs will eventually give disgraceful results.

Reflect on this matter.

Young master!

Young master…
What did the Master say…?

Young master!

Young master!

I told you not to call me that.

Please don’t lose hope~~~!!

I’m fine.
That will be my only failure. I’m prepared to accept the reprimand for it.

I might be more disappointed than I thought.

My father…
This assignment might be his final test for me…

I was cut off in the midst of this assignment.
He probably hasn’t finished scolding me for today.
What would happen to me, I wonder?

Aah, think nothing of it.

The final test,
You probably cleared that when you murdered your elder brother.

In that job, I should have left the corpse in a horrible condition but I ignored instructions and dusted it.

No matter what I say, I still don’t think he approves of me.
I took the charm without breaking it.
And I think he realizes that.

The master
Values both your compassion and your ruthlessness.

Is that so…
Well then, you really cheered me up!
By the way, I’ll call up Eri and Sayaka!
Young master!

It’s already midnight!!
It shouldn't be a problem.

Aren’t these girls from a normal family?

That’s why it’s alright.

I understand.

But remember to keep your distance.
These girls will not fit into your world.

Please return before dawn.

No, I’m going to Urayama.

Mouryou Zakura’s place, is it…?
Is that so?

If that’s the case, take your time.


I’m so happy.
That you came, Shichirou.

You don’t look so good tonight.
Is there anything bothering you?


Did Nizou bully you…?
It was because I failed.

In the past, Nizou was also…
A good-natured man.

But it is sad that humans tend to change when they grow old…
Even though he used to be such a good man.

Don’t take it too seriously, Shichirou.
I’m sure Nizou is just jealous of you.

That’s because,
You are the best of generations of Ougi men---

And when you become head of the family,
I will make all the sakura in this mountain bloom for you.

What is it?
Anything you’re dissatisfied with?
You must be kidding.

It’s just that for the time being I can't relax.
I’m being pressured by my father.

But did I cause more trouble, with the Sousui turning his back on us…?
It’ll probably be a long time until I can inherit the position.

HW: Shiguma
This is somewhat a unique landlord,
You’ve completed the supreme blank state well.

Good, that’s good.
Not good at all.

This thing won’t do.
It’s not enough.

The power wasn’t enough, and
The concentration too…

In the end, I couldn’t maintain the blank state,
And I was immersed in Karasumori’s powers.
At this rate, I won’t be able to protect anyone.

I need a technique that will make me stronger…

There isn’t any.

The supreme blank state is the best that you can achieve at this moment.
When you later improve your foundational skills, only then you can improve overall.

Somehow I made it in time.

Although I’m still a bit worried, the 22nd successor did managed to complete the blank state…
I think it’s about time to proceed to the next level.

How do I
Increase my basic strength---?!!!

Side text: Although a bit ridiculous, it’s alright as he seems to be quite energetic. In the next chapter, Masamori’s counterattack!

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