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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Kekkaishi 281

The Men of Ougi

+ posted by Nagumo as translation on Oct 31, 2009 22:46 | Go to Kekkaishi

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For use in English by Binktopia ONLY. International scanslators to whom I've already given permission for any series may use this in a non-English language, provided I am credited. International translators to whom I've given permission must ensure that I am credited in the final scanslation, not just in the script. Others please PM for permission.

[Side text] The next head of the Ougi clan, Shichirou. Has his encounter with Yoshimori blemished his perfect record...?
[Title] The Men of Ougi

[Side text] The Sumimura household. What's the outcome of Sazanami's interrogation of the recently awoken Souji?
[3] SU*
* slide

[1] Sazanami-san. / TAN*
* tap
[2] Sen. / Yes. / I explained myself clearly to that kid, right? / I'm really gettin' stared down here.
[3] Even though he didn't go near the room, it was rough. I'm sure he understands in his head at least the importance of this interrogation... / KOSO* / KOSO* / You sure...?
* whisper / whisper
[4] So were you able to get any information from Hiura? / About the Commander, perhaps...?
[5] Well, bits and pieces.
[6] That's enough, isn't it? / SUKU*
* rise
[7] Let... / Hiura rest, please.

[2] You incompetent...
[3] The Commander's anger is only natural.
[4] Since in the end, the target escaped, / and you damaged his personal property.
[5] I apologize. / This was all brought upon us by your pride. / You're aware of that, yes?
[6] HAA*
* sigh

[1] You shouldn't be happy about that "Shinigami" nickname of yours. / No matter how much talent you have, you're no god.
[2] Wasn't there a time long ago / when you were called the "Wind God", father?
[3] Be serious!!
[4] GISHIRI* / Goodness...
* silence
[5] Why / did you volunteer for the Karasumori job?
[6] It's known to be a dangerous place, and moreover that plot of land has been monitored by the Urakai since long ago. / It's a risky target.
[7] I was wondering what was meant by "chosen".

[1] It's odd for a land as powerful as Karasumori to have a system of "choosing" people, don't you think? / That mark appears, after all (square)
[2] But as far as I could see, the "chosen" one was just a regular person.
[3] And?
[5] It seems that after all... To be beloved by some superhuman power / Is just an accident of nature...
[6] Fool. / It's too late to have doubts.
[7] Incompetent work bears incompetent results. / Reflect deeply upon that.
[8] GI* / BATAN*
* creak / slam

[1] Young master! / Young master... / What did the master...? / TA TA TA*
* tap tap tap
[2] Young master! / PUI*
* turn
[3] Young master! / PUI*
* turn
[4] Young- / GAN* / I told you not to call me "young master".
* slam
[5] Young maaaasteerrrr! / OOOOOOOO* / Don't be discouraged~~!! / HAAAA*
* ohhhhh / sigh
[6] It's fine. / It's the first time I've made such an error. I was prepared to be reprimanded.
[7] However, / maybe I'm a little more disheartened than I expected.

[1] My dad,
[2] probably wanted this series of jobs to be my final test.
[3] And those jobs have been cut off midway. / I'm sorry if I'm being gloomy today. / HA HA* / I wonder what'll become of me?
* heh
[4] Ah, there's no need to worry about that.
[5] You probably cleared / the final exam at the point you murdered your older brothers.

[1] As for that, rather than cruelly leaving behind their corpses as assigned, I reduced them to dust.
[2] I made all sorts of excuses, but I don't think my dad approved in that instance either. / It looks like he also picked up / on my bringing the talisman back without breaking it.
[3] The master / is evaluating you precisely because you have that mixture of mercy and cruelty.
[4] Is that so...
[5] Come to think of it, why am I getting encouragement from you? / That's it, I'll call Eri and Sayaka! / CHATSU* / Young master!? / GABIN*
* flip / shock
[6] It's the middle of the night! / I'm sure it'll be fine.
[7] But... / Those are regular girls from regular homes, aren't they?
[8] That's why it'll be fine.

[1] HAA* / Understood.
* sigh
[2] However, don't get too close to them. / It's impossible for those girls to become a part of your world.
[3] Please return by morning.
[4] Nah, I'll go to the mountain behind the house instead.
[5] To Mouryouzakura, eh...?** / Is that so...?
** T/N: Translates to something like 'The Haunted Cherry Tree'
[6] In that case, please take your time.

[1] SAWA*
* rustle
[4] POU*
* vrmmm

[1] FUWA*
* fwoo
[2] SUTAN*
* tap
[4] Mayuka-sama
[5] BOUU* / I'm so pleased / you came to see me, Shichirou.
* vrrrrrmmmm
[6] SURU...*
* touch

[3] FU...*
* heh
[4] KU*
* yank

[1] You look a little down tonight. / Did something happen?
[2] I see.
[3] To think that Nizou would bully you so... / Well, I did fail after all.
[4] Long ago, / Nizou was a good-hearted man, too...
[5] It's sad that humans change thus as they age. / He was such a fine man, too...
[6] No need to let it bother you, Shichirou. / Surely Nizou's just jealous of you.

[1] After all, even among the countless generations of men of Ougi, you are the greatest.
[2] When you succeed him as the head of the House, / I'll make every single one / of the sakura blossoms on this mountain bloom as a congratulatory gift.
[3] What, / are you dissatisfied by that? / Of course not.
[4] It's just that my dad strongly suggested / that I not assume that the matter's been decided.
[5] He says that the Commander turning his back on us will cause problems going forward... / The succession might not happen for a long time to come.

[2] Kanji: Nothingness
* wriggle (x3)
[5 inset] I'm Shiguma
[5] It certainly is a personalized landlord... / but you've clearly reached the ultimate blank state.
[6] Mmm. / Good, good. / No, it's not good.

[1] This is no good at all. / I'm still lacking something.
[2] I'm lacking power / as well as focus.
[3] I... couldn't maintain the ultimate blank state, / and was swept away by Karasumori's power. / I can't protect anyone like that.
[4] I need a jutsu that'll make me more... more powerful...
[5] No such thing exists.
[6] Up to the present, the ultimate blank state has been the highest achievement.
[7] Beyond that, there's only increasing your fundamental power and strengthening your whole being.

[1] KAA*
* caw
[2] DADA*
* run
* run
[4] Now then, / we made it in time, somehow.
[5] I have my doubts, but the 22nd has perfected the blank state... / Now he's finally proceeding to the next stage...
[6] How the hell / do I increase my fundamental power!!?
[Bottom text] Continues in Issue 49... (11/4 Wednesday)
[Side text] It's a little stupid, but since he's so full of energy, shall we go with Yoshi? / Next issue, Masamori's Secret Maneuvers...?

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