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DeroDero 1

Strangely 1 The Law of Horror

+ posted by Finestela as translation on May 24, 2009 16:29 | Go to DeroDero

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Read This First!! Notes about my translations

Link to Raw (Vol.01)

Translation checked by: njt

Proofread by: Binky

Title: Strangely 1 The Law of Horror

Mimio: So this is the haunted hospital you guys were talking about!!
Mimio: You guys sure like to hang out in places like this~~~~~
Bandanna Punk: There's also a morgue here. Wanna go and take a look, Mimio?
Mimio: Wow~~~ There sure are loads of them roaming around here

Round Face Spirit: Tehehehehehe

Dead-man-walking ghost: Yo

Mimio: Exactly what you would expect from an abandoned hospital
Punk: Since no one comes here, we get to do stuff like nude parties and treasure huntings
Punk: An abondoned building at night is like a paradise for us
Bandanna Punk: Here's the morgue. It's the first time for you, Mimio, isn't it?
Mimio: Sure, we'll end up here when we die, too

Kaori (the girl): Kyaaa
Bandanna Punk: Oh, there's someone already here
Takeru (the guy with white shirt): What the!! It's just some guy!!
Takeru: The three of us are just doing a bit of ghost hunting here
Bandanna Punk: That so. I figured that you guys probably aren't here for a date

Door SFX: *Doors shut*

Bandanna Punk: What the?
Takeru: It's the door
Mimio: Eh?
Mimio: Why can't I open it? It must be locked or something
Bandanna Punk: You're kidding!?
Punk: The hell, man?
Punk: Why did the door get locked by itself?
Punk: We can't get out!!

Ghastly Voice: No return for you~~~ No return~~~~~
Takeshi (Dark Sweater dude): What now!?
Takeru: What's that sound!?
Ghastly Voice: You'll all die one by one...... Hehehehe
Takeru: This must be the evil spirit!!
Kaori: Noooooo~~~~!!
Kaori: I told you guys I didn't wanna come!!
Takeru: Kaori-chan
Mimio: She said no and yet you took her here. You're such a dick
Takeru: It's ok, Kaori-chan
Takeru: The three of us are currently protected by a certain law
Punks: A law!?

Takeru: The law states that punks get it first
Bandanna Punk: Say... Say what!!
Takeru: What are you mumbling about? You got a problem with me, huh?
Mimio: Hold it
Mimio: It's like the dude said. The Law of Horror does exist
Mimio: Haven't you seen those horror films?

Panel Text: The punks who were the antagonists in the film...!!

Words on the skull: Effort Friendship Victory

Words on shirts: Punk

Punk in the middle: Da---d---dy!

Panel Text: They were always ones who died of a horrible death!!

Mimio: If we continue to act as punkish as we are right now, we'll die for sure!!
Mimio: We have to do stuff that would overturn the Law of Horror!!

Mohawk Punk: Inside a room with a girl......
Egghead Punk: My balls are aching for action
Mimio: You guys!! Chill out!!
Mimio: Acting like a perv in this situation is like egging death on!!
Mimio: We first need to change appearances to fight the Law of Horror!!
Mimio: And to break the horror mood, we'll need to laugh like nuts whilst cleaning the place up!!

Punks SFX: Ha----Ha Ha Ha

Mimio: However you look at it, we're just a happy bunch of do-gooders!!
Takeru: Hey, look!! This airduct might lead to a way out!
Takeshi: Alright Takeru!! Let me check it out!!
Takeru: Go for it, Takeshi!!
Takeshi: Leave it to me!!
Punks: Even the Law of Horror wouldn't come for those who are doing a flashy move like this!!
Punks: The Law of Horror can still show some mercy and sympathy!!

Takeshi SFX from airduct: Guhwaaaaaa

Takeru: Ack!! It's Takeshi's scream~~~~!!
Kaori: Nooooo~~~! We're all going to die!!
Takeru: It's ok!! These punks will be the ones getting killed while we two survive by following the Law
Mimio: You annoying piece of crap!!
Takeru: Gyaaaaaaaah

Kaori SFX: Kyaaa---

Mimio: Well~~~~ now!! Let's see a fugly asshole like you stay safe and alive with just some underwear!!
Bandanna Punk: Mimio!! You gonna be ok after doing bad stuff like that!?
Mimio: Hell yeah!!

Panel Text: My lovely sister and dearest dog are waiting for me with all their hearts......!!

Panel Text: There's someone waiting for me out there!!

Takeru: Ar..argh!!
Takeru: What the hell!?

Panel Text: Why yes......!!
Panel Text: I also have someone waiting for me!!

Panel Text: My sick mother is all alone, waiting for my return!!

Takeru: Why!?
Takeru: I should be the last one standing......!!

Panel Text: I have my dream of becoming a shoujo mangaka!!

Panel Text: Who's gonna feed my pill-bugs if I die!?

Punks: Even punks should have the right to live a dignified life!!

Punks SFX: ooooooooohhhh

Takeru: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaah

Bandanna Punk: Hey!! The door's open......!! What's going on!?
Punk: We've defied the Law of Horror!!
Punk: We're free!!

Spirit of LoH: Everyone! I am the Spirit of the Law of Horror.....
Punks: Woah

DeroDero Monster Index 1
The Spirit of the Law of Horror
The Great-Fiend who lords over the Law of Horror, dictating films as well as movies and mangas. Lives at various famous haunted spots.

Spirit of LoH: This time, I'm suprised by your actions... and overwhelmed by your emotions
Spirit of LoH: Whilst I hated punks, this experience has changed my preconceptions
Spirit of LoH: I'll consider making modifications to the Law
Punks: Awesome!! Our power has changed the Law of Horror!!
Punks: Al~~~~right! Let's head home with pride!!

Thus, all the punks successfully managed to stayed alive

Small Text Kaori: I really don't get it...
Mimio: I got locked out......!!

The lovely sister didn't bother to wait

Strangely 1 The End

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#1. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on May 25, 2009
Your translation is accurate for the most part.

Mimio: Hey now, we'll be here if we're dead as well
This part he says: Yeah, I wonder if we'll end up here when we die.

But other than small things like this, it's good :).

As far as Flow and natural English on the other hand, I think you should get yourself a proofreader. I'll create a thread where you can requests proofreading and edit my comment in a bit.

Good work Finestela :).

#2. by Finestela ()
Posted on May 25, 2009
Got it, thanks for looking over it for me, njt :)

Like I said, I'm extremly rusty with English translation of manga in general, and I'd need every bit of practice and help I can get :p
#3. by Laika ()
Posted on May 25, 2009
I hope this series gets picked up by someone. There are some really hilarious chapters. If nobody else offers to proof read it, I'll offer my help :p
#4. by Finestela ()
Posted on May 26, 2009
Laika, Binky was very kind and helped me with the proofreading of the 2 DeroDero chapters... but like I said, if you saw anything that you think could use some improvements, just let me know! :)

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