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To-LOVE-Ru 152

Trouble 152 Rito Style

+ posted by Finestela as translation on Jun 12, 2009 22:42 | Go to To-LOVE-Ru

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Read This First!! Notes about my translations

Proofread by: Binky

Special Note for this Chapter: For those who object to Peke's gender being female, please feel free to change the "she/her/her" to "he/him/his" or "it/it/its". (Though I still insist that Peke is a she... since Ch.145's side text used "her" to describe Peke... :p)

Side Text: Painting black on black, a gothic rose is veiled in black.

Trouble 152
Rito Style

Manga: Yabuki Kentarou
Script: Hasemi Saki

Side Text: First thing that awaits Rito in the morning is... Another disaster!?
Rito: Umm...
Rito: Hmm...
Rito: Ack!
Rito: This situation again!?
Rito: .........

Rito: What the!?
Rito: P... Panties?!?
MoMo: Good Morning, Rito-san.
MoMo: Teehee...
Rito: Mo...
Rito: MoMo!?
MoMo: You're spirited today, just like always (heart).

MoMo: Well then... I'll go get changed now.
Rito: ......
Rito: Wha...
Rito: What about this!?
Mikan: Rito... For once, can't you get out of bed on your own...?
Mikan: Hmm?

Mikan: ......
Mikan: Please carry on.
Rito: It's not what you think-----!!

Rito: Man... Why were there panties in my bed?
Rito: Or, I guess I should ask, why was MoMo here when I got up!?

LaLa: Oh, Rito!
LaLa: Morning----!
Rito: La... LaLa!!
Rito: Why are you dressed like that again!?
LaLa: Huh--- But...
LaLa: Peke's not done with her recharging yet.
Peke: Zzz...
Rito: Re... Recharge!?
LaLa: Yeah.

LaLa: We stayed up until late last night reading Manga together---
LaLa: I'm still kinda sleepy, but I've got class chore duty today.
Rito: !!
Rito: Al... Alright! I'll bring Peke with me!!
Rito: Just get dressed and head for school!!
LaLa: Aww--- But I don't have my uniform---
Rito: Don... Don't you have some kinda invention for this!?
LaLa: Ah--- Yes! I have the data for our uniform inputted into the "Peke Badge Express" I made last time!
Rito: Wha... Whatever works!

LaLa: Well then, please take care of her---
Rito: Yeah~~~ Yeah.
Rito: That's one down...
Rito: When is the recharging process going to be done?
Rito: Hey, wake up, Peke----
Rito: ... Nope, not working.
MoMo: What's going on, Rito-san?

Rito: MoMo!!
Rito: Peke is still not done recharging...
MoMo: Peke-san's recharging?
Rito: I'll be late for school if this keeps up... Is there something you can do?
MoMo: Something... I can do...?
MoMo: Yeah...
D-Dail: Beep
D-Dail: Beep
MoMo: I think I have a Rapid Recharger somewhere...

Rito: So this is the Recharger?
MoMo: It should be... I made this piece of junk in my spare time back when I was working on Trouble Quest.
Rito: Alright! Let's give it a try!
MoMo: Um... Please wait a minute. I'm not 100% sure...
Rito: How do you turn this on?
Rito: Ahgyaaahhh---!!
MoMo: Huh?

MoMo: He's gone!?
Peke: Thump
MoMo: Rito-san!?
Peke (Rito): Erm...
Rito: Awww~~~
Rito: Huh? MoMo...
Rito: What... Happened to me?
MoMo: Peke... Wait...
MoMo: I mean Rito...-san?

MoMo: Could... Could it be?
MoMo: Oh dear...
MoMo: It's the Digitization Transmitter...
Rito: What... What do you mean!?
MoMo: I am so sorry~~ This... Isn't the Recharger.
MoMo: It's the device we used to transport matter into the fantasy realm of the game...
MoMo: It seems that Rito-san's body has been digitized and transferred into Peke-san.
Rito: Huhhh!?

Rito: What... What should I do!?
MoMo: It's easy to turn you back... But it takes around two hours to do it.
Rito: So... So I'm stuck like this~~~!?
MoMo: ......
MoMo: I've got it!
MoMo: How about you spend the day pretending to be Peke-san, Rito-san!?
Rito: What!?
MoMo: Otherwise this will create such havoc for Onee-sama.
MoMo: I'll tag along and help as well, how's that!?

MoMO: Alright! Let's go then!
Rito: But... But wait...
MoMo: Anti-Gravitational Wings, ON!
MoMo: I'm so sorry, Rito-san!
MoMo: I just don't want to let Onee-sama know that it was my mistake!!
NaNa: ...Hmm?
NaNa: Where is MoMo heading now...?

Yui: ......
Yui: It's getting a bit tighter again...

Haruna SFX: Staring

Yui: What... What is it!?
Haruna: Getting tighter you say... I see... So it could get tighter...
Yui: Sai... Sairenji-san!?
LaLa: Rito and Peke aren't here yet---?
LaLa: I can't change my clothes since this "Peke Badge Express" doesn't allow form-changing......

MoMo: Onee-sama-----!
LaLa: MoMo?
MoMo: Here! Rito-san asked for my help!
MoMo: And I brought Peke-san here for you!
Rito: H... Hey, LaLa-sama...
LaLa: Wow----! Thank you so much, MoMo! You've helped a lot---!
MoMo: It's nothing.
LaLa: Alright, Peke, please form-change into my gym uniform---!
Rito: Huh?!
Rito: Form... Form-change...!? How the hell do I do that!?

MoMo: It's ok, I know you can do it, Rito-san!
Rito: H... How can you even know stuff like that----!?
LaLa: Come on! Hurry up!
Rito: LaLa...

Panel Text: Here goes nothing!!

Rito: Form-change!!

LaLa: Hmm?
Rito: Huh!?
LaLa: Come on--- You got it wrong, Peke! I need the gym uniform!
Rito: I... I'm sorry!!
MoMo: ...I guess this just isn't going to work...

Side Text: Rito, cradling LaLa!!

Trouble 152 The End

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#1. by juUnior (Intl Translator)
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Big THX!
#2. by Finestela (RAW Providers)
Posted on Jun 18, 2009
I'm glad you enjoy it ^^
And also, great work on the Polish translation^^
#3. by zahir2035 (Intl Translator)
Posted on Jun 19, 2009
Isn't it funny to discuss whether a machine (Peke) is this gender or the other ? :)
To me it should be an "it" but contextually it seems difficult that a trouble partner, almost a friend, be treated as impersonally, so I translate as "him". You know, uses a necktie (yes, LaLa does too :P ), when it took human form it had short hair, no body shape (being ecchi as TLR is I can't imagine a female character being drawn without a shapely body... except NaNa, of course :) )

BTW, keep up with the good and timely job you do! It's good not to have to resort to looking to the RAWs for days wondering what the JP symbols mean...
#4. by Finestela (RAW Providers)
Posted on Jun 19, 2009
I don't know, for some reason, I've been thinking Peke as her since day one... partly due to the fact that... she's wraping around LaLa's body!! (rofl)

Jokes aside, I know it sounds wierd, but that's what I felt from the beginning. Then came the drama CD and anime, which had Arai Satomi as the seiyu. While it could mean nothing since there are plenty of female seiyu doing male/neutral voice, Arai Satomi does almost exclusively female voices only... so... :p

Anyway! Enough Peke talk! (lol)

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