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DeroDero 5

Strangely 5 Ruka is Mad!

+ posted by Finestela as translation on Jun 21, 2009 16:26 | Go to DeroDero

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Read This First!! Notes about my translations

Link to Raw (Vol.01)

Proofread by: Binky

Ruka's Friend: Ruka, your brother's here again.

Logo: Tsujihira Middle School for Young Girls

Ruka's Friend: It feels like he's got a sister complex, doesn't it?
Ruka: I wouldn't know.
Ruka: Let's head home.

Title: Strangely 5
Title: Ruka is Mad!

Mimio: Yo, hey!
Mimio: You, the mountain hag!!
*Translator's note: Here, Mimio is refering to a Japanese fashion style called "Gals". These young girls apply heavy dark-colored makeup and bleach their hair. "Mountain hag" is one of the slang phrases/insults used towards these girls.
Ruka's Friend: You talking to me!?
Mimio: Well, duh!!
Mimio: Who else over there has that ugly fake tan!?
Mimio: You're messing up my sister's image by hanging out with her!!
Ruka's Friend: Say what!?

Ruka's Friend SFX: Mugyaaaaa---

Mimio: Hmph!
Mimio: Yeah! Scram!

Ruka: ... I can't believe this...
Ruka: You're such an asshole.
Mimio: Wah!?
Mimio: You shouldn't be with wierdos like that to begin with!
Ruka:I don't want to hear that from you, Onii-chan, who never wears his ties and always acts like a gangster.
Ruka: It's thanks to you that my number of friends dwindles every day, Onii-chan.

Weird Uncle SFX: Heheheheh

Weird Uncle: Well, would you like to be my friend...?
Mimio: But it's been a long time since we walked home together!! Why are you ignoring me!?
Ruka: There's nothing to be gained from walking with you, Onii-chan.
Mimio: H... Hey!!
Mimio: Hold on a second!!

Mimio: What should I do...? I got Ruka mad...
Mimio: That's it!! I could buy something for her!!
Mimio: But wait... All I have left is 4 stinking Yen!
1 Yen Grandpa: 4 Yen is moooooo~~~~~~re than enough.
Mimio: Who the hell are you!!
1 Yen Grandpa: Wanna take a look at my store!? Right now you'll get a special gift with your purchase!!
Mimio: Really!?
Mimio: But seriously, who the fuck are you!?

Logo: The 1 Yen Store
Logo: In this store, everything is 1 Yen!!

Mimio: The 1 Yen Store!?

1 Yen Grandpa SFX: Wah hah hah
1 Yen Grandpa SFX: Wah~~~~ hah hah

1 Yen Grandpa: There are plenty of Yen Stores in this world, but none of them can compete with mine!
1 Yen Grandpa: Anything and everything here costs just 1 yen!

Tag: 1 Yen per Ant

Tag: Leaves, 1 Yen

Tag: Hair, 1 Yen

Tag: Scotch Tape, Each piece sold separately

Tag: Toothpicks (used)

1 Yen Grandpa: P... Please wait a second!!
1 Yen Grandpa: I'm positive there will be something you like here!!
Mimio: Yeah? Like what?
1 Yen Grandpa: I got girls!!


1 Yen Grandpa: I obtained everything in my shop myself.
Mimio: Is that so...
Mimio: But... I don't think you can eat a Yen... So are you a Yen collector...!?
1 Yen Grandpa: Alright!! Here's the girl!

Tag: Air from Hawaii, 1 Yen

Tag: Gal, 1 Yen

Mimio: Ack!
Mimio: Isn't...
Mimio: Isn't she Ruka's...!?
1 Yen Grandpa: So this is the girl I got.
1 Yen Grandpa: You can cook her, steam her, or do whatever to her!
Mimio: Dude! You're freaking me out!! You'd do this just for 1 Yen!?
Mimio: And what the hell's with that mouth!?

1 Yen Grandpa: My main diet is the 1 Yen Coin!! So of course I'd do anything to fill my tummies!!

DeroDero Monster Index 5
1 Yen Grandpa
A basically harmless monster who loves to sell stuff. His diet consists solely of 1 Yen Coins, and, by running his store, he can fulfill both his need and his dream.

Mimio: Ah, I see!
Mimio: Well then, I'll buy her and this can of white-out!!

Mimio Small Text: Oh...
Mimio Small Text: Here, eat!

1 Yen Grandpa SFX: Clink Clink

1 Yen Grandpa: Oh~~~~~
1 Yen Grandpa: Delicious~~~~

Mimio: Here's a present from your dear old bro!!
Mimio: It's your friend who ran off, Ruka!! Colored white this time!!
Mimio: I was being quite a jerk today...
Ruka: So you're trying to make amends?
Mimio: Ah~~~ Well!! I actually bought her from someone who kidnapped her!
Mimio: And I got change from 4 Yen for her!! Isn't that a great deal!?
Mimio: Alright~~~ Let's have a party with your white friend, just the three of us!!

Panel Text: And I got booted.

Mimio: ......

Ruka's Friend SFX: Ehhehehe

Strangely 5 The End

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#1. by zahir2035 ()
Posted on Jun 25, 2009
If you keep translating this DeroDero thing I will have no option but to...
start reading it too!!!
It feels intriguing...
#2. by Finestela ()
Posted on Jun 27, 2009
lol ;)
I guess I'll just have to step up with the translation! XD

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