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To Love-Ru Darkness 11

True self ~Real face in the darkness~

+ posted by Finestela as translation on Sep 2, 2011 20:35 | Go to To Love-Ru Darkness

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TL for missing pages are updated.

Oshizu: Mikado-sensei, that tickles...
Mikado: Really?

Side Text: A long awaited appearance (heart)

Mikado: We have to keep your body nice and clean.
Mikado: It's proper manner for girls at your age, Oshizu-chan.

ToLoveRu Darkness

Chapter 11 "True self ~Real face in the darkness~"
Manga: Yabuki Kentarou
Script: Hasemi Saki

Oshizu: Hyah!
Mikado: Looks like you've gotten pretty used to the artificial body (heart)
Mikado: At this rate, even falling in love wouldn't be an issue for you.
Oshizu: Nnn-
Oshizu: I... is that so?

Oshizu: But it's really all thanks to you, Mikado-sensei,
Oshizu: that a ghost like me is able to live with an actual body (8th Note)
Mikado: Oh, my, but I too am really thankful for you.

Mikado: Thanks to you, Oshizu-chan, I am able to gather precious sample data on a "Psychic Entity".
Oshizu: Psychic... Entity?

Text: They are bodies of psychic energy that are born from living things with intelligence above a certain level...
Text: Basically, they are beings of existence like you, Oshizu-chan.
Text: The most advanced branches of the universal science have only slowly unraveling the truth behind these beings we call ghosts.

Mikado: Because you are an embodiment of energy, if you are worn down mentally, it could drain you away so much that you would disappear.
Mikado: So try not to do too many rash things.

Oshizu: No problem! I don't have many worries at all!
Mikado: That's true... It's not really necessary to worry about you on these matters.

NaNa: Oooooh!!

NaNa: So this is Mea's apartment?
MoMo: Sorry for intruding you on a day off, Mea-san.

MoMo: It's all because NaNa was saying that she wants to come and see your home no matter what.
NaNa: Tsk, again with the goody two-shoes act... It was you who said you want to see Mea's home, MoMo!

Mea: It's fine, I'm free on my days off anyway.
Mea: But there's nothing in my home, you know?

Mea: Welcome
Mea: to my home-!!

NaNa: Y... you really don't have anything in here...
Mea: See! I told yoooou!

Rito: Mea, do you live here all by yourself?
Mea: That's right-

Yami: Here are some refreshments for you, Kurosaki Mea.
Mea: Wah! Thank you-

Mea: Then I guess I should get some juice, right?
Mea: Are paper cups all right with you all?
MoMo: I... I'll give a hand with it.

NaNa: That Mea... She said she has an older sister... but it looks like they're not living together...
NaNa: Doesn't she feel lonely living in such a huge home with nothing in it...?
Yami: ...

Girl: Ah! Look! It's that dog-
Girl: The one that snuck into the school the other day-

SFX: Haa
SFX: Haa
SFX: Haa

Mikado: I see... So you went to Mea-san's home.
MoMo: Yes.

MoMo: While I originally was expecting to obtain some kind of intel on her "master"... it was all for naught.
Mikado: Well... if it is this easy to catch him by the tail, he would have shown himself a long time ago.

Oshizu: Erm...

Oshizu: Since Mea-san seems to be already really friendly with everyone,
Oshizu: if we go ahead and ask Mea-san, wouldn't she tell us about this master person?

Yami: Doubtful.
Yami: To Kurosaki Mea, her master is absolute.
Yami: I do not believe it is something that can be shaken by just being friendly with each other.

Rito: R... really? Because I too sees her as having resolved her issues with her completely.
MoMo: No...

MoMo: To be honest with you, I have yet to get an accurate read on Mea-san's personality.
MoMo: Even if she seems delighted on the outside,
MoMo: there is still a huge wall built against us in the depth of her heart.

MoMo: When we finally bring that wall down, we might be able to get to know the real Mea-san for the first time...
MoMo: But...
MoMo: what is with this uneasiness...?

Rito: Uneasiness?
MoMo: Yes.

Text: As I get closer to Mea-san, I get more of this sense of anxiousness...
Text: It's like as if there's some kind of unknown darkness lurking underneath and peeking at me...

Mikado: Is that... a woman's intuition?
MoMo: I'm not sure... This kind of feeling is a first time for me.

Yami: Both Mea and I are...
Yami: "weapons" built for battle.

Yami: I, too, have always felt the darkness within Mea's heart.
Yami: Perhaps the heart of a weapon is fundamentally different from that of human hearts.

MoMo: Yami-san! That wasn't what I meant!

Rito: Yami.

Rito: Mikan, to me, has always been...
Rito: my one and only preciously little sister.

Yami: Mikan...?

Text: Because our parents are never around, we've always been living together and supporting each other.
Text: I believe this bond is more special than that of siblings.
Text: I believe... that you worrying about Mea...
Text: has to be from the same place where our feelings originated... so...

Rito: I mean, she's your "little sister" you've just found, right?
Rito: Your heart, which generated this special feeling, is in no way different from that of ours.
Text: You are not a "weapon".

Yami: Yuuki Rito...
MoMo: Ahh! Rito-san...
MoMo: That was such an amazing reply... (Heart)

Oshizu: Rito-san...

Text: It must be that you're like this...
Text: that both Haruna-san and LaLa-san are...

SFX: Haa
SFX: Haa
SFX: Haa
Oshizu: Hmm?

Oshizu: !!
Oshizu: Eee...

SFX Bubble: Pulls up

Rito: !!?

Yami: I...

Yami: I hate Ecchi things! Please don't look this way!!
Rito: I... I didn't do any...

Rito: Gasp

Oshizu: I...
Oshizu: I... it's
Oshizu: a dog...
Oshizu: dog...
Rito: A dog has gotten to Oshizu-chan!!
SFX Bubble: Bow
SFX Bubble: Wow

MoMo: Kyah!

Mikado: Oh, my.

Rito: Oshizu-chan, calm down!!
SFX Bubble: Bow-wow
Rito: Your telekinesis is going out of control!!

Oshizu: Eeek!!

SFX Bubble: Flip

Yami: Ah-

SFX Bubble: Swoosh
Yami: !

Rito: Waaaaah!

Rito: Huh?

MoMo: Oh (heart)

Yami: ......
SFX Bubble: Fluff...

Rito: Ahh...

Yami: I am going to kill you!!
MoMo: Yami-san, that was an act of god-!

Mikado: Oh, dear...
SFX: Haa-
SFX: Haa-

Oshizu: Sigh... Here we go again...
Oshizu: Why do I have to have this habit of going on a telepathic rampage whenever I get scared...

Oshizu: I have to apologize to both Rito-san and Yami-san...
Oshizu: Where did the two of them go...?

Oshizu: Hmm?

Text: That's...
Text: NaNa-san... and that Mea-san everyone was talking about?!

Mea: Okay, but are you sure about this?
NaNa: No problem! Just leave everything to me!

Text: ......

Text: However you look at her, she looks just like a normal girl.
Text: I don't see how she could be a scary person...
Text: Could it be that MoMo-san and the others are just worrying too much...?

MoMo: Well then, I'll go ask Haruna for help.
Mea: I'll head back to the classroom.

Oshizu: Mea-san is alone now...
Oshizu: ......

Text: This could be...
Text: a great chance...!

Text: If I possess her as a spirit and search within her heart,
Text: I will be able to know exactly what kind of person is Mea-san...!!

Mea: !

Panel Text: So this is...
Panel Text: inside Mea-san's heart...

Oshizu: !?

Mea: Ahhh, Senpai (Heart)
Mea: Lick me more... (Heart)

Text: Being licked all over is so amazing... (Heart)
Oshizu: What is with these images?!
Oshizu: What is she thinking inside her mind?!

Oshizu: I... I'll dive a little bit deeper...!
Oshizu: There could be something related more to Mea-san's past...

Text: Is that...?

Oshizu: This isn't Sainan City...
Oshizu: Is it Mea-san's memories... before she came to earth...?

Bounty Hunters: Hehehe... So you wanna know information regarding the whereabouts of "Golden Darkness"?
Bounty Hunters: Do you really want to be a bounty hunter with the cute face of yours, Lil' lady?

Bounty Hunters: It's true that we have intel on her whereabouts!
Bounty Hunters: But do we look like one of those Mr. Nice-Guy that would just hand over information on our prey?

Bounty Hunters: We might think about it if you can hang out with us for a bit,
Bounty Hunters: Lil' Lady (heart)

Mea: Sure.

Text: Ahh...

SFX Bubble: Bzzzz

Text: She's...
Text: just like...

Text: how Yami-san was-...

Mea: ......
Mea: Jeez... These guys are not amazing at all...

Mea: But they finally confessed on Yami onee-chan's whereabouts.
Mea: She's on earth.

Mea: I guess I'm done playing a bounty hunter.
Mea: Shall we head there now, Master?
Nemesis: Of course.

Oshizu: Master?!
Oshizu: It's the person whose identity is sought by both Yami-san and MoMo-san...!!

Text: What kind of person is he...?!
Text: If I can find out about that...
Text: it would be a great achievement for me!!

Oshizu: !?

Oshizu: Ehh...?!
Oshizu: Why couldn't I see anything...?
Oshizu: What's...

Mea: It's best if you stop right now,
Mea: Murasame-senpai.

Mea: So you're Dr. Mikado's assistant...
Mea: and a Psychic Entity... It's the first time I've seen one.

Mea: You're even able to achieve something similar to my Psycho-Dive.

Text: But you shouldn't stay inside of me anymore... because...

Oshizu: Ahh... stop!
Oshizu: W... what's this?!

Text: I'm being pulled...
Oshizu: Eeek!
Text: into the darkness...?!

Oshizu: Kyaaaah!

SFX Bubble: Haa-
SFX Bubble: Haa-
SFX Bubble: Haa-
SFX Bubble: Haa-

Mea: Well done, Murasame-senpai.
Mea: If you were a fraction of second late in getting out of my body, you could have been annihilated.

Oshizu: Who are you...
Oshizu: exactly...?

Mea: ......

Mea: Waaaah!
Mea: Is this my room?!

NaNa: It looks great, right?!
NaNa: Haruna picked the furniture while I did the decorating.
Mea: Amazing!!

Haruna: See, it feels a lot better if the room is brighter.
NaNa: That's right!

Mea: But wouldn't this... cost a lot of money...?
NaNa: Ehh?

NaNa: It's fine! I'm a princess for crying out loud!
NaNa: It did take out half a year worth of allowance from me...

Mea: ......

Mea: Thank you,
Mea: Nana-chan
Mea: and Haruna-senpai (heart)

Mikado: Oshizu-chan?
Mikado: What's wrong? You don't look so good.

Oshizu: I... it's nothing!
Oshizu: Let me get some tea for you, Mikado-sensei (8th Note)

Mikado: ......
Text: Kurosaki Mea...

Side Text: Oshizu has taken a peek at the abyss...

Text: There's something scary... inside of her...
Text: ... but what was that?!
Text: Knowing this... what should I do...?

MoMo: Yami-san, it's enough, please forgive him!!
Yami: I shall not forgive him!!

Side Text: Next issue, some rapid developments!!

ToLoveRu Darkness ---- To be continued in November issue

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