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Bleach 273

Bleach 273

+ posted by germinc as translation on Apr 27, 2007 00:26 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 273

Here it is, based on Jojohot's Chinese words, as I can only read Chinese and English -.- . There could be discrepancies due to the Jap > Chinese > English trans. Nonetheless, I feel it's relatively accurate. So here it is, do use in scanlations if you want to, but give me your lovely credits please! <3

Page 01.

Side: The one who entered amidst the chaos created by the intruders. Fear him, and then scream in pain! for his name is --- !



Loli: Grimm

Page 02.

Strong Without Comparison!


Page 03.

Grimm: Yo.

You dare to sneak in when Ulquiorra is not around

You guys seem to be playing very happily?


Menoli: Shit.

So.. So what?

Loli: I was about to ask what are you here for?!

Page 04.

Just sfx, nothing to translate

Page 05

Loli: "In Pain Sound"

3 "Vomit Sound"

Menoli as he charges towards Grimm : Grimmjow!

Page 06.

Loli: You, you, how dare you treat us like this

Aizen-Sama will not seat and watch without doing anything!

Page 07.

Grimm: Wiith just you?

Loli as her leg is picked up: Eh?

Next panel: Wait,

Wait, what are you doing?

Last row:

1st bubble: Wait!
2nd: I'm telling you to stop!
3rd: Please stop!
4th: Stop!

5th: Hey!
6th: If you let me go,
7th, I'll keep this a incident a secret!

Page 08.

(Only last row)
I'll kill you!

The likes of you should just be killed...

...by Aizen Sama

Page 09.

Grimm's panel: Ergh!

Grimm: you understand

that Aizen will never lift a finger to help the likes of you?

Orihime: Wh... why?

Page 10.

To repay the debt of healing my left hand

Orihime: eh

Page 11

Orihime: What, what are you doing?

Grim: What am I doing?

Do you really think I am here to save you?

That's too naive!

Next panel: I've repayed the favour owed to you,

do you still have any opinions now?

Next panel:
So it's time for you,

to do me another favour again.

Page 12.

Top Left panel: Meida! Meida! Meida was killed! (note: Meida is a germ-constructed name, might not be accurate and since it's such a lowly character, who cares, right?)

Btm Left Panel: Killed! killed! That guy killed Meida!

The rest of the panel just makes a lot of sound like "woah"...

Page 13.

Ishida: There's really a lot,

though I do not know their individual strength

Pesche: Ishida! Hey Ishida!

Pesche: Hows the situation? Did you tremble because of your sudden entrance?

Ishida: Can you stand further back?! The tension I created will be lost if you appear!

(not too sure about this part of the convo, sorry. so i did what i thought was accurate)

Page 14.

Just sound sfx, whew. I'm getting tired, haha.

Page 15.

Zael: You guys are too freaking noisy!

Left lower panel: This guest seems to have something to say

Let's listen to him

Ishida: Thanks for your courtesy

but before I continue, I need to confirm a little detail

Ishida in next panel: Are you, an Espada?

Zael: What a clear/precise fellow! Indeed, I'm the 8th Espada.

I'm called, Octava Espada Zaelapollo Grantz

Ishida: Octava, the 8th right?

Page 16.

Ishida: I'm full of relief, it's not a strong number.

Zael: That's right, relax. Even though, I'm still stronger than you. Then again,

Next panel: Who are you?

Ishida: Uryu Ishida. I am a Quincy

Page 17. Quincy!

The rare one that fought with that whore was you?


Next row: First a Bankai user, then a Quincy. I'm really lucky today!

If Yammi is around, he would surely shout out "Lucky" (suerte)!

Page 18.

Ishida: Yes

I'm not sure who Yammi is

Page 19:

But to be able to fight with such a careless opponent,

I would also want to shout out "Lucky" (suerte) !

Last box below with Zael inside looking shocked.

ps. Not to sound bad or anything but why do the chinese have their scan out in HQ but we do not even have the raw yet? grrrr.

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#1. by Magical Poof ()
Posted on Apr 27, 2007
Haha, before the raw is even out we've got a translation! Bravo!
#2. by germinc ()
Posted on Apr 27, 2007
heh, actually the raw is out i think. just not posted here.

if not, jojohot wont be able to do a scan on it.
#3. by aznkid14 ()
Posted on Apr 27, 2007
The Chinese actually get a raw version of Bleach in Chinese, so no translations are actually necessary.
#4. by Clod ()
Posted on Apr 27, 2007
thanx for trans
#5. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on Apr 27, 2007
Thanks Germinc for doing this. :D

Just some minor typos below.
[spoiler text="
Page 06.

Loli: You, you, how dare you treat us like this
Aizen-Sama will not seat sit and watch without doing anything!

Page 16.
Ishida: I'm full of relief (relieved), it's not a strong number.

Maybe for those comments which you make on your own, you can put a symbol or colour to show that is just your own remarks. E.g. *cant figure out what this is *


Reminder to All : Please do not use JOJOHOTs chinese scanlations for your scanlations. The chinese scans are not Raws. Thank you.
#6. by germinc ()
Posted on Apr 27, 2007
alright, will improve if i ever get to do a trans again! :D
#7. by coungpow ()
Posted on Apr 27, 2007
thanks man good stuff
#8. by bax ()
Posted on Apr 27, 2007
Thanx :kkthumbs
#9. by coby0 ()
Posted on Apr 27, 2007
thanks for the trans
#10. by juUnior ()
Posted on Apr 27, 2007
thx for the trans Germinc :D
#11. by Silhouette ()
Posted on Apr 27, 2007
Thanks a lot Germinc
#12. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Apr 27, 2007
Thanks, Germinc. Always appreciate it =)
#13. by germinc ()
Posted on Apr 28, 2007
welcome everyone <3
#14. by Az3r ()
Posted on Apr 29, 2007
Nicely done. Thanks...

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