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Claymore 99

Craving for Flesh and Blood

+ posted by gernot as translation on Dec 31, 2009 06:14 | Go to Claymore

-> RTS Page for Claymore 99

Claymore 99

Page 1
Amidst the snow that covered the smell of blood, dust, and rotting flesh...
Due to the familiar scent that stuck to that man
I regained my own consciousness
Not that my memories returned completely, but
I became strongly convinced that the thing I am seeking lies at the tip/end of this scent
(t/l: the other end where this scent is leading... source/origin might work, but it’s not really a translation)
From that time on, I placed myself by that man’s side
and stopped eating any blood and flesh
Priscilla, who extremely easily kicked around the organization’s warriors Alicia and Beth!! Just what is her goal...!?

Page 2-3
It’s all for the sake of arriving at the tip/end/source of that scent
Her hunger (lit: starvation) cannot be satisfied
SCENE99 血肉への渇望
The craving for flesh and blood

Page 4
ギ… - gi
ガ… - ga
ビキ - biki
ギヒャ – gi hya

Page 5
ギ - gi
ガ - ga
ヒ - hi
あら あなた あの町にいたのと同じものなの?
Oh, you’re the same as the things that were in that town?
I didn’t notice because your appearance is different
残念だけど 私に取り憑ける訳がないでしょ
Too bad, but it’s not like you can possess me
because our basic strength is too different
ギ… - gi
JUMP SQ 3月号 特報!!
Jump Square March Edition News Flash!!
Opening pages in color to commemorate the 100th chapter!!
Norihiro Yagi “Claymore” Special Present is also planned!!

Page 6
さて… …と – Well... then
ダフ - Daff
にげて – Run away
え? - Huh?
でも おれ いま こんなんんで…
But, I’m like this now...
And to run away by myself, leaving you here...
Shush, hurry!
Get away from here, even if it’s just a little

Page 7
It’s been on my mind since a little while ago
Your youki...
It seems like I felt a similar one before...
I wonder if we’ve met somewhere, you (and I)...

Page 8
R... Ridiculous...
From there, this fast...
Y... you
If you... If you do anything to Riful
I won’t forgive you
ビキ - biki
や…やめて… - St... stop...
Please... Daff, stop...

Page 9
You won’t forgive me, you say?
What specifically are you planning to do?
I’ll pull out your arms and legs
drag out your guts
and torment you to exhaustion
ふーん - Hhm
が…があぁ – Ga...gaaa
ダフ - Daff

Page 10
奇遇ね – What a coincidence
I was also thinking of doing that
ぎゃひ – gya hi
ぎゃ - gya
貴様ァ - Youu

Page 11
え? - Oh?
あの町の住人のものだけじゃ – Just that of that town’s inhabitants
全然足りないの私… - Is not nearly enough for me
りふる - Riful
ギシ - gishi

Page 12
ガガガ - gagaga

Page 13
おいしくなくても – Even if it doesn’t taste good
この際がまんするわ – I’ll endure it this time

Page 14
なんだ… - What...
なんだ、この妖気は…? - What is this youki...?
この妖気…どこかで… - This youki, where have I...
おい、クレア – Oi, Clare
何をほうけてる – Don’t zone out
(t/l: From what I can tell, ほうけてる is intransitive, so I’m not sure how to translate 何を here... “What are you zoning out” or “What are you being slow” sounds rather odd...)
来るぞ – It’s coming
第2弾だ – It’s the second shot

Page 15
ビキ - biki
ドン - don

Page 16
ゴオオオ -goooo
くそ、あの野郎 – Damn, that bastard
Just won’t learn (from its mistakes) and keeps repeating the same thing...
はぁ – Haa
ス… - Su
落ち着け… - Calm down
一度目と同じだ… - It’s the same as the first time
Read in the movements that are being shot from within this enormous youki one by one
くそ - Damn
動くな – Don’t move
ヘレンはそのままその姿勢でいい – Helen is okay as is in that posture

Page 17
デネブはそこから – Deneve, from there
半歩身を引け – draw back half a step
うひゃあ – U hyaa

Page 18
何だ? - What is it?
The strange youki I felt for a moment earlier
of such extent that I can feel it even within the enormous youki of Rafaela and Luciela
Do I know it?
But where...?
Where did I get to know a youki of such extent...?
I see, it was once...
when I was (still) human, it was etched into that young body

Page 19
ドン - don
な… 何だ – Wh... what!

Page 20
そうか – I see

Page 21
She’s nearby...
ビキ - biki
おい、クレア – Oi, Clare
Just what’s going on / What in the world happened?

Page 22
ドガッ - doga
ゴオ - goo
何だ…? - What...?

Page 23
Someone’s walking toward us (lit: toward here)
ばかな… - No way
プリシラ… - Priscilla...
激突必至!? - Certain/Imminent Severe Clash!?

Page 24:
Not sure why this page is in the raw, it is not related to Claymore...

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