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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128
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Claymore 102

The Akuma that Swooped Down

+ posted by gernot as translation on Apr 4, 2010 08:14 | Go to Claymore

-> RTS Page for Claymore 102

Claymore 102

I don’t mind the watermark on the raws from raw-paradise per se, but they should be smarter about where they put them. It makes some of the text completely unreadable. So special thanks to FH's thefolenangel for providing me with a readable raw, I would probably not have translated this chapter otherwise.

It’s almost 4 am, so there are probably still some mistakes in here. Let me know if you find anything...

Page 1
Yuma, who had saved Cynthia, prepares for death as the enemies close in. At that moment, Dietrich appears as reinforcement...!?
One of the organization’s ... warriors...?

ギ - gi
ギニャ – gi nya
I have no idea who you are, but you should escape while you can
(lit: ... but run away right now!)
These are not opponents that you can do something about all on your own
I was demoted for failing my mission, but
I still have power close to that of a high single digit
And because they were wandering around the vicinity
I brought them with me so that they wouldn’t cause any trouble for the surroundings

Page 2-3
The ones to save the warrior in trouble...
That’s an unexpected clever scheme......!?

SCENE102 舞い降りた悪魔
Scene 102: The Akuma that Swooped Down

Page 4
ギ… - Gi...
ギヒャ – Gi hya
ヒャ - Hya
な… - Wh...
なんだこれは…? - What is this...?
深淵食い – Abyssal eaters...
Essentially they are weapons of the organization that attack a designated target
But it seems that they lost track of their target midway
They were swarming like crazy around this thing that had a lingering scent
白い…布きれ…? – a white ... piece of cloth...?

Page 5
動くな – Don’t move
That’s all the advice I can give

Page 6
ギシャアア - Gishaaa
ガシ - Gashi
ギヒャ – Gi hya
ギ - Gi

Page 7
ギ… - Gi
ギヒャ - Gihya
ボコ - Boko

Page 8
ボコ - Boko
ギヒャ – Gi hya
ヒャ - Hya
なんだ – What...
再生したぞ – It regenerated!
ギャ - Gya

Page 9
ギ… - Gi...
ギシ - Gishi
ギ… - Gi
ボコ - Boko
まずい – Oh no!
Those things of theirs stick roots into the body and parasitize it

Page 10
問題ない – No problem / Not a problem
既に経験済みだ – I already have experience with that
ギ… - Gi...
ガ - Ga
ギヒャ – Gi hya
ボコ - Boko
ヒャ - Hya
ギニャ – Gi nya

Page 11
バリ - Bari
く…食ってる…? - It... It’s eating it...?
The abyssal eaters don’t have so much of a sense of self that it could be taken over to begin with
All they have is an intense hunger for the target
By nature they wouldn’t eat anything other than their assigned target, but
When their consciousness is taken over, they are freed from that spell

Page 12
Their mental intrusion so to speak
merely removes the abyssal eaters’ limiter
ギヒャア – Gi hyaa

Page 13
バリ - Bari
ビキ - Biki
ギャヒ - Gyahi
ひ – Hi / Hee / *squeal/yelp*

Page 14
I’m building on / making use of the experience of fighting with them many times before we got here
You can say that in group battles, their strength is about evenly matched, but
(lit.: their difference in strength is about evenly matched... but that doesn’t make much sense to me...)
depending on the state of the battle, the outcome could fall to either side
そして戦局は この私がつくってみせる
And I’ll take care of shaping the state of the battle.
(lit.: And (I’ll show you that) I can create the state of the battle)

Page 15
ち - Chi
ヘレン - Helen
クレアを頼む – Take care of Clare

Page 16
ギ… - Gi...
ミシ - Mishi
ギニャ – Gi nya
ボコ - boko

Page 17
ドガガ – Do ga ga
ギシ - Gishi
くそ - Damn
So that doesn’t even slow her down at all

Page 18
デネブ - Deneve
いけ、ヘレン – Go, Helen
クレアを頼む – Take care of Clare

Page 19
馬鹿言うな – Don’t gimme that!
What the hell are you trying to do all on your own
止まるな – Don’t stop
クレアを死なせる気か – Do you want to let Clare die?
That’s no fair, dammit
I told you this before, if we die, we’ll do it together!
……く - Damn
いずれにしても… - Either way...
私は何の足止めにもならないんだ… - I won’t be able to stop her at all

Page 20
なんだ? - What (is that)?

Page 21
が - Ga
あなた… - You...
生きてたの…? - You were still alive...?

Page 22-23
オオオオオオ - Oooooooo

Page 24
ギシ - Gishi
ビキ - Biki
ギャヒ - Gyahi
ギャ - Gya
ひょっとしてそれ – Could it be that you
わざとくらったの…? - Let yourself get hit by those on purpose...?

Page 25
ち - Chi

Page 26
な…なんだよありゃあ – Wh... What the hell is that
一体何がどうなっているんだ – Just what is going on
ぶち – Bu chi
ドン - Dong
少女の…死体…? - A girl’s ... corpse...?

Page 27
何よ… - What the hell
あなた - You
ガ - Ga
Your consciousness has long been mowed down
You’ve completely forgotten the thing you wanted to protect, haven’t you...

Page 28
オ - O
ビキ - biki

Page 29
ガアア - Gaaa
ガ - Ga
トン - Tong
みんな揃って… - All of them together...
私の邪魔ばかり… - Just getting in my way...

Page 30-31
オオオ - Oooooo
私の邪魔する奴は – Those that get in my way
みんないなくなればいいのよ – should all just disappear
“The strongest and most evil devil” / “Priscilla” awakens at last...!!

Oh, and Happy Easter, everyone!

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#1. by Goral ()
Posted on Apr 4, 2010
Thanks, although this chapter sucks.
#2. by gernot ()
Posted on Apr 4, 2010
Can't be helped. It wouldn't have sucked so much if people hadn't figured out beforehand that Dietrich was bringing AE to the rescue... Maybe I should stop reading the forums :-)
#3. by Goral ()
Posted on Apr 6, 2010
Heh, your translation and MiB's scanlation is finally being used on One Manga, Manga Heaven, Manga Toshokan, MangaFox... Basically everywhere and all of this because Binktopia didn't want their release to be published outside of Manga Stream site.

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