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Translations: Gintama 625 by kewl0210 , One Piece 855 by cnet128

Claymore 105

Whereabouts of Revenge

+ posted by gernot as translation on Jul 26, 2010 03:51 | Go to Claymore

-> RTS Page for Claymore 105

Claymore 105
Page 0
邪魔するものは – The things that get in my way
全て捻り潰す…… - I shall squish them all
SCENE105 復讐の行方 – Whereabouts of Revenge

Page 1
ク…クレア… - C...Clare
そ…そんな… - No... no way...
ヘレン… - Helen...
デネブ… - Deneve...
すまない… - Sorry...
私は… - I...
Deneve and Helen were dodging Priscilla's pursuit, but Clare's body was pierced by the mass of youki...!?

Page 3
Enough already... Let's end our game of tag here/now (lit.: with this)

Page 4
はぁ - Haa
くっ… - Ku
あれ? - Oh?
Where did the other one go that you had with you?
はぁ - Haa
ギリ - giri

Page 5
くそったれえぇぇ – Damn you! (or insert your favorite insult here)

Page 6
ぐが - guga
ヒュン - hyun
がああ - gaaa
ビキ - biki

Page 7
が - ga
デネブ - Deneve
どうしたのよ – What's the matter?
You've both suddenly become so desperate...

Page 8
Wasn't it exactly because you understood that such an attack won't damage me at all (lit.: can't inflict a single injury on me)
that you did such annoying things and ran away this far?
To hold back to the extent that you won't die
is pretty hard work, so give me a break, won't you?
ぐ… - gu...
か… - ka...
く… - ku...
もう一度聞くわよ – I'll ask again
私の追ってた子はどうしたの? What happened to the girl I was chasing?

Page 9
はぁ - Haa
ギリ- giri
てめーが… - You
If only you hadn't been there to begin with...
何? - What?
何を言ってるの – What are you saying
はぁ - Haa
ぐ - gu

Page 10
クレアは… - Clare
死んだ - died
え? - Huh?
A little before you came, that thing pierced her entire body
In an instant, she was swallowed and disappeared without a trace
何? - What?
何を言ってるのよ、あなた… - What are you saying, you...

Page 11
ぐはっ - guha
If that girl were to die this easily
then what did I come all the way here for, huh?
やめろ - Stop
やめろ、てめぇ – Stop, you!

Page 12
ドン - don
え? - Huh?
ヒュン - hyun
ドガ – do ga
ドガガ – do ga ga

Page 13
ち - Tch
何よ、急に… - What now, all of a sudden

Page 14
デネブ - Deneve
ふん - Hmph
だああぁぁ - Daaaaaa

Page 15
デネブ - Denebu
しっかりしろ – Hang in there
この – This …!

Page 16
な… - Wh...
なんだ、あれは… - What is that?

Page 17
The huge mass of youki that was spreading with enough force to swallow the forest
is flowing back towards the center...?
ユ… - Yu...
ユマさん… Yuma...
あれの中に… I can feel...
Helen and Deneve's youki in there
な… - Wh...

Page 18
その二人には恩がある – I owe those two
If they died before I paid them back completely, that would be quite inconvenient
無茶だ、その身体で – That's reckless, look at yourself (lit.: with that body)
Just making it out of there alive was close to miraculous!
A life that would have been lost if those two hadn't been there
命をかけずして - Without risking my life,
I obviously can't repay that debt in full
(Lit.: Without risking my life, that I can't repay an equal debt is reasonable)

Page 19
おい - Oi
お前 - You
ヒュオオオ - hyuooo
な… - Wh...
ユマさん、我々もいきましょう... - Yuma, let's go as well...
シンシア! - Cynthia!
なぜだか、あれは… - For some reason, it feels like
はぁ - Haa
私たちが見届けなければならないような気がします… - we should see that with our own eyes / we should make sure of that ourselves

Page 20
くそ、なんだ…? - Damn, what's this...?
こいつ、流れが急に変わったぞ… - This thing's flow has suddenly changed...
まるで… - Almost as if...
Everything was heading towards *her*...

Page 21
まったく…… - Seriously! / For crying out loud!
どうしてこういつもいつも – Why is it always, always like this?
ビキ - biki
ドン - don

Page 22
オオオオオ - ooooo
ボコ - boko
ギュアア - gyuaa
オオオオ - oooo

Page 23
The predatory actions that were directed outwards until now
It feels like you've tightened them around me alone...
I don't know what you're trying to do, but (lit.: I don't know what kind of intentions you have, but...)
ちょうどいいわ – It suits me just fine
You... the girl I was supposed to kill
You tore her apart, right?

Page 24-25
By turning you into dust,
I shall make you a replacement for my goal

Page 26
ぐはっ - guha
はぁ - Haa
S... somehow we were able to slip out from their midst
デネブ - Deneve
おい、デネブ、しっかりしろ – Oi, Deneve, hang in there
がはっ - gaha
がは - gaha
が - ga
おい、冗談だろ – Oi, you're kidding, right?
おい、デネブ – Oi, Deneve

Page 27
ユマ - Yuma
ビキ - biki

Page 28
ふう… - Phew
I returned the chaotic flow of youki to normal
Her youki is extremely reduced (lit.: has been shaved off extremely), but if she gets some rest, she should be fine
ユマ… - Yuma...
お前… - You...
周囲は大丈夫だ – The surroundings are alright
It seems that that monster has completely devoured the area around here
生きているものは何もない – There's nothing at all that's still alive
ちびっ子 - Shorty
なんでてめーがここに – Why are *you* here
話は後だ – We'll talk later
It is suddenly converging, but it would probably be better to get away from that thing after all

Page 29
平気だ… - It's alright...
It probably won't spread out any more than this
デネブ - Deneve
大丈夫か、おい – Are you alright? Oi!
あぁ - Yeah
It seems that the youki regeneration will take some time, but...
なんとかいける… - it'll work out somehow
おい、クレアは… - Hey, what about Clare...
クレアは一体どうしたんだ? - Just what happened to Clare?
あの中 – In there
あの巨大な妖気の塊の中… - Within that huge mass of youki
I faintly feel Clare's youki
まさか…… - Don't tell me......

Page 30
なんだよ、それ – What?
一体何がどうなったんだよ – Just what is going on?
クレアの… 最後の言葉だ…
These were Clare's final words
I have to stop the rampage of that huge mass
That's the final duty that's left to me... she said
I asked her what she meant but she didn't answer
And the next moment she was swallowed by that thing
Something seemed different about Clare at that time...
She spoke almost as if that huge mass was an offshoot of herself...

Page 31
の…のみ込まれた......? - She... she was swallowed?
のみ込まれたってどういう事だよ – What do you mean, swallowed
Just what happened to Clare
わからない… - I don't know...
I don't know anything either...
But in order to save us, and
in order to carry out her own revenge,
She herself became part of that thing
What's the true meaning of the words that Clare spoke to Deneve...!?

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#1. by Ryus ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2010
Thanks again! You [again] cleared up a few things I felt was odd about the other translation. ;)

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