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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Claymore 106

The Phantom's Surprise Attack

+ posted by gernot as translation on Aug 8, 2010 05:23 | Go to Claymore

-> RTS Page for Claymore 106

Claymore 106
Page 1
3rd day of the Month of Shinrou
(Sorry, no idea how to translate the name of this month)
聖都ラボナ – Holy City Rabona
Shortly after the organization's current number 8 warrior Dietrich, as a messenger
Relayed the events that happened in the lands of the South, and that Deneve was now heading to the lands of the West with Helen...
A single warrior called Phantom turned her sword towards her comrades and quietly brought it down
Clare sacrificed herself to the huge mass of youki... Turning back the time a few days, in the holy city Rabona...!?

Page 2-3
SCENE106 幻影の奇襲 – The Phantom's Surprise Attack
What are the true intentions of Miria, who cut down her ally / Tabatha?
(The kanji say “ally”, the furigana explain that it should be read as “Tabatha”)
な… - Wh...
ミ… - Mi...
ミリア隊長 – Miria-taichou (“Captain Miria”, but that sounds awful)
何故… - Why...

Page 5
邪魔をするなら – If you get in my way
お前も斬るぞ – I'll cut you down as well
悪いがこの目だ – Sorry, but my eyes are like this
(Lit: These are my eyes)
With you as an opponent, I can't do anything at all

Page 6
Descending (Lit: falling down) into hell on your own volition, huh?
幻影のミリア… - Phantom Miria

Page 8
Not wasting any time / Without delay
Phantom Miria disappeared from the holy city Rabona

Page 9
気がついたか – You came to? / You woke up? / You regained consciousness?
思っていたよりは早かったかな – Faster than I expected
ガ…ガラテア……!? - Ga... Galatea
私は… - I'm...
動くな – Don't move
傷が開くぞ – The cut will open
な…何故だ – Wh... Why
ミリア隊長は何故私を… - Why did Miria-taichou attack me...
(the Japanese leaves out the word “attack”, I had to make it up)

Page 10
全てを終える – Until she ends everything
She cut you so that you can't move until right about that time
大した腕だ – She's good / That's some skill
何を言っている – What are you saying
全てを終えるとはどういう事だ – What do you mean, until she ends everything
After receiving Dietrich's report, Miria had two choices:
To head East, or to head West

Page 11
As you know, the current organization is short-handed
The protectors Alicia and Beth are not there
You could say that in a way, it's quite an opportunity to crush the organization
At the same time, the other comrades are gathering in the West, and moreover a grave crisis is drawing near
It is unbearable
(Lit.: The limit of anguish)
In fact, for a while Miria was unable to make any move at all
And then Miria chose to go East
And cut you down
何故だ - Why
Why would she cut me in order to crush the organization!?
Whatever she chose, I was planning to follow her

Page 12
Miria's and your resolution are different
For Miria, crushing the organization was her goal from the beginning, and something she must risk her life to achieve
You could say she devoted her whole life as a warrior to that purpose
I know that
That's exactly why we...
why the seven of us were going to fight the organization!
There was no lie in the words she spoke to us back then
Also, to not (want to) kill our fellow warriors... she must truly feel that way
But in contrast to you, Miria is thinking beyond that
(Lit: But in contrast to you, for Miria, there's something beyond that)
その先… - Beyond that...
だと…? - you say...?

Page 13
When the time comes, Miria will probably
for the first time kill humans
humans... the organization's people...?
そうだ - Right
That's basically what it means to crush the organization
To turn your blade not against youma or awakened beings, but against humans...
Can you guys do that?

Page 14
わ。。。私は。。。I... I...
私なら – I could
きっと… - surely...
あぁ - Yeah
"Maybe you (could), since you adore Miria, or possibly, (aside from you)... well" /
"Since you adore Miria, maybe you (actually could), or possibly, (aside from you)... well"
(The "or possibly" is a little awkward. あるいは…な sounds to me like Galatea is trying to list those who might also be able to kill humans, but is having a hard to coming up with names. The stuff in parentheses is not explicitly mentioned in Japanese, maybe it makes it more understandable)
But it would come to that because you'd follow Miria without looking at reality
(I'm not quite sure about this sentence. Literally: But that is something that would come to fruition by not seeing / looking at the true essence / reality and just following Miria)
You should understand why Miria made it so that you can't move until everything is over
Faith will occasionally
hurt both hearts and shred them to pieces
(Don't ask me what this means... Faith in one another? Tabatha's faith in Miria? No clue...)
く。。。 - Ku...

Page 15
It is even possible that Miria
might have wanted the situation to turn out like this from the start

Page 19
はぁ - Haa
やめておけ – Don't! / Let it be!
The battlegrounds that you and I have survived / have returned from alive are (too) different
がぁぁ - Gaaa

Page 20
げ…幻影…? - Ph... Phantom
く… - Ku...

Page 21
が… - Ga...

Page 22
なんてザマだ – What a mess
あれが今の上位ナンバーの実力か… - Is that the true strength of the current high-ranking numbers?
いやいやいや – No no no
We should rather praise the intruder
What kind of experiences does a warrior of the old generation have to cram in, in order to get that strong...

Page 23
本気で殺しに来る者相手に – Against opponents that seriously want to kill her (lit.: that seriously come to kill)
to be able to bring them down without killing them, just to the degree that they can't move
That's something you can do when there's a considerable difference in strength
う… - U...
く… - Gu...
ち - Tch
アリシアとベスは無く – With Alicia and Beth gone
Acting as if the current number 3's and 5's strength is nothing at all
And she seems to be prepared to kill us as well......
まったく大したものだ – She's really something
まさかここまで強くなるとは… To think that she would become this strong...

Page 24
惜しいなぁ… - Such a shame... / So close...
後ほんのちょっとだったのになぁ… - She would have needed just a little more...

Page 25
小さいな… - So small...
訓練生…… - Trainees......
双子か…? - Twins, huh?
ビキ - biki
まさか… - Don't tell me...

Page 26-27
バキ - baki
馬鹿な… - Ridiculous...
覚醒した!? - She awakened!?
They have not been assigned numbers yet, but...
That Alicia and Beth's successors would be here
should have been obvious
(Lit.: Think it obvious that Alicia and Beth's successors would be here)

Page 28
く… - Ku...

Page 29
ビキ - biki

Page 30
They exchanged their awakening!?

Page 31
さすが幻影のミリア – As expected from Phantom Miria
Even against those two she can fight in her own way
く… - Ku...
But the organization's trump card
is not *that* / is something else...
What is this trump card that the fearlessly laughing Rubul is speaking of...!?

(Note how much better these new twins are compared to Alicia and Beth: Not only can they quickly switch who is awakened, but they can also awaken without tearing their clothes!)

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#1. by Goral ()
Posted on Aug 8, 2010
Thank you very much gernot. And nice observation about the twins xD.
#2. by QS_Bilal ()
Posted on Aug 8, 2010
Thanks a bunch Gernot. Your the best ! xD
#3. by Goddess of Speed ()
Posted on Aug 8, 2010
Thanks a lot.

I hope that Rubel idiot is wrong and Miri wrecks everybody to oblivion
#4. by Piggy ()
Posted on Aug 8, 2010
Thank you a lot. As always your translation is worth waiting for :)
#5. by Goral ()
Posted on Aug 10, 2010
Thank you for your explanation of Galatea's strange line on page 14 and other supplemental commentaries.

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