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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Claymore 107

Phantom and Hallucination

+ posted by gernot as translation on Sep 9, 2010 05:17 | Go to Claymore

-> RTS Page for Claymore 107

Claymore 107
Page 1
ビキ - biki
く… - ku...
Miria, acting alone in order to destroy the organization!
The twin warriors perform sudden complete awakenings, forcing a hard battle upon her...!

Page 2-3
Against the twin warriors! Phantom Miria... tough battle...!?
(Maybe: A tough battle for Phantom Miria...!?
or how about: Phantom Miria is fighting a tough battle...!?)

Scene 107 幻影と幻覚
Phantom and Hallucination

Page 4
ビキ - biki

Page 7
すごいな... - Wow...
あれが旧世代のナンバー6... - So that's the old generation's number 6...
幻影のミリア…か – Phantom Miria...?
まだ訓練途中とはいえ – Even though they're still in training
あの二人相手に傷ひとつ負わんとは… - to not receive a single injury against those two...

Page 8
傷ひとつ…は少し大袈裟かな… - Not a single injury... may be a bit of an exaggeration
Miria is not fighting (them) as easily as it seems...
はぁ - Haa
The level of fatigue is completely different from when she was fighting against the ordinary warriors earlier
It's probably a situation where
she is forced to use serious / all-out moves, different from what she's used so far...
Even if her outward appearance doesn't show a single injury...
inside, it's probably around the time where exhaustion is slowly beginning to set in...

Page 10
くそ - Damn
強いな… - They're strong...
But in the end, as expected since they haven't even been given numbers yet, they're still naive/soft
They probably don't compare at all to Alicia and Beth
It would be easy to cut off their heads...
But when it comes to sealing their movements...

Page 11
殺すか…? - Shall I kill them...?

Page 12
しま… - Oh no...
う… - U...
あ… - A...

Page 14
ち… - Tch...
またそれか… - (Not) that again...
The twins are good at the soul link, but...
When one of them get's defeated, the other one's mind becomes easily disarrayed
You could call it all a harmful effect of using the twin's soul link to the utmost, but
it seems to be necessary to crush their heart/mind from an even earlier age after all
ビキ - biki
Like I could kill them...
/ Obviously I can't kill them...
/ I can't possibly kill them...

Page 15
No matter what generation of warriors,
the circumstances in which they become warriors are largely the same
(lit.: there's no big difference in the circumstances of becoming a warrior)
Most lose their parents or are abandoned by them
and without wishing for it, are suddenly shouldering a claymore and fighting...
My goal... it began with a desire for revenge due to a personal grudge, but...
I don't want to cause any further, similar victims by crushing the organization either
(Yeah, I would also prefer “by crushing the organization, I want to prevent further casualties”, but that's not what she says)

Page 16
If I were to kill a warrior
the framework for what I have done so far would crumble

Page 17
ち - Tch
斬られた...? - I was cut...?
馬鹿な – No way
今のは完全に避けていたはずだ – I should have completely evaded that one

Page 18
ビキ - biki
It'll be a problem when she's done mending her arm and the two of them are together again
Before that happens, I should seal the movements of one of them...
悪いが – Sorry, but
しばらく寝てもらうぞ – I'll have you sleep for a while

Page 19
なんだ!? - What!?
間合いを計りそこねた…? - I misjudged the distance...?

Page 20
ビキ - biki
どうだ、いけそうか – How is it, can you do it?
ラフテラ - Rafutera
As long as her youki was suppressed, it was impossible, but
(lit.: in the state up until a little while ago where her youki was suppressed, it was impossible, but)
now that I can see her youki...

Page 21
組織のナンバー10 – The organization's number 10
ラフテラ - Rafutera
戦士内で知られる事はまずないが… - This is hardly known amongst the warriors, but...
For generations, the organization's number 10 is chosen without regard to their true strength, to be a warrior that excels at a certain particular ability
and stays within the organization at all times
That ability is sensory control by means of youriki synchronization
She is, as it were, the one and only warrior among the 47 that received anti-warrior training
な… - Wh...
なんだ…? - What...?

Page 22
視界が… - My field of vision...
かすむ……? - is growing hazy......?
ビキ - biki

Page 23
By sensory control, I mean something like making the eyes dizzy and weakening the sense of distance, but...
(Lit.: When I say sensory control, it's to the degree of making the eyes dizzy and weakening the sense of distance, but...)
actually, number 10's real strength is from here...
to slip into the soul of the confused opponent
and amplify the hidden feelings that are sleeping deep down in the heart, and make them run amok
何故だ… - Why...
Why are you here...?

Page 24
ヒルダ…! - Hilda...!
The stronger the feelings that became the primary factor for hating the organization...
the more the opponent is deceived by this trick...

Page 25
ぐが - guga
まて、ヒルダ – Wait, Hilda
お前は確かあの時に – I thought, at that time you ...
い… - N...
いや… - No...
生きて…… - You lived...
You survived, didn't you, Hilda

Page 26
Wait! Don't you understand, Hilda
私だ – It's me
ミリアだ – I'm Miria
会いたかった… - I've missed you...
ずっと会いたかったんだ – I've missed you for so long...
ビキ - biki
まったく – Seriously
見てられん…… - I can't (stand to) watch this...

Page 27
Even if I call it the organization's trump card, number 10's strength is nothing but distraction, assuming that an individual has turned her blade against the organization
If only you hadn't been alone, this revenge would probably have succeeded...
From the point when you were unable to divide up your comrades as mere battle power
I understood your (lack of) true strength as a captain
ビキ - biki
ぐ… - gu...
く… - ku...
がはっ - gaha

Page 28
はぁ - Haa

Page 29
思い出してくれ、ヒルダ… - Please remember, Hilda
ミリアだ – It's Miria
The number 17, Miria, who fought by your side so many times
あれから私は… - after that incident, I...
sustained by your words...
ナンバー6… - I made it to number 6
the same number as you...
これからまた – From now on
let's go fight together again, Hilda...

Page 30-31
Miria... falls...!?

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#1. by Goral ()
Posted on Sep 9, 2010
Thanks. So it turns out that Rafutera really is for Miria only. It was Yagi's mistake to limit her abilities in such way that she could defeat Miria specifically because it makes her death forced. Although her death is not definitive yet.
I was hoping that her abilities would also be useful on ABs or more than one opponents (it's still possible but very doubtful). Now even Yagi has noticed that calling her a trump card is a stretch since her only reason for existence was to defeat Miria that would stupidly go to HQ alone. I hope that in this case Rubel isn't alpha and omega and we will see Rafutera in other situations also.

I still consider it a great chapter though, for a long time I haven't read Claymore chapter with such enjoyment. 108th will be the most anticipated chapter in years for me.
#2. by Goddess of Speed ()
Posted on Sep 9, 2010
I've had a heartache since I saw the first spoilers and I just can't make it stop. Miria just doesn't deserve to end like this. This thing is cruel beyond any reason.

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