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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Claymore 108

The Holy City's Looming Disaster

+ posted by gernot as translation on Oct 5, 2010 11:23 | Go to Claymore

-> RTS Page for Claymore 108

Since I read the mangastream scanlation before I got my hands on the raw itself, my translation is probably not completely original...

Claymore 108
Page 1
ヒュン - hyun
おい、デネブ – Oi, Deneve
これって… - This...
あぁ - Yeah
Miria, who had acted independently in order to destroy the organization, is defeated by the organization's warriors...! Meanwhile, around that time...!?

Page 2-3
くそ – Damn
一体何があった… - Just what happened...
Tons of youma and awakened beings...
are rushing into the holy city of Rabona
SCENE108聖都の禍機 – The Holy City's Looming Disaster
Why (are there) youma now in Rabona...!?

Page 4
キシャアア - gishaaa
アア - aa
きゃああ - gyaaa
てええぇ – Fiiiire
(The first syllable of うてええぇ is missing, but that doesn't really work in English...)
ドン - don

Page 5
ヒュン - hyun
ギ - gi
ギャヒ - gyahi
ガシ - gash
ドガ - doga
ギヒャア - gi hyaa
く… - Ku...
ズバァ - Zubaa

Page 6
ヒュン - hyun
ズバ - zuba
ドガ - doga
ガシュ - ga shu
たああ - Taaa
ママ - Mama
平気よ、ミアータ – I'm alright, Miata
Even I can't always...
(sit back while others fight? keep relying on you?)
ボコ - boko

Page 7
Those fighting nearby, please finish off any youma that
get wounded by ranged attacks or can't move anymore
Miata and I will defeat any youma that are unhurt

Page 8
ズン - zun
ギ… - gi...
ガ - ga

Page 9
はぁ - Haa

Page 10
Anyway, we'll attract the awakened beings
The soldiers and Clarice can't handle them
はぁ - Haa
Don't think about it too much
(Lit. Don't think about unnecessary things)
今はただ… - For now, just...
concentrate on annihilating the enemy in front of you
はぁ - Haa
ギヒャアア – gi hyaaa

Page 11
ドガアア - dogaaa
ダン - dan
ババ - baba
バツ - batsu
フォン - fon

Page 12
ガキイイ - gagiii
ガラテア - Galatea
ゴツ - gotsu
ドガア - dogaa
ガシャ - gasha
ドガガ - dogaga
きゃあ - Kyaa

Page 13
ザン - zan
キシャアア - gi shaaa
ドン - don
ヒュア - hyua
ドガ - doga
ドガガ - dogaga

Page 14
ギ - gi
バツ - batsu
ガシュ - gashu
ギャヒ - gyahi
ち - Tch
ゴツ - Gotsu

Page 15
ギヒャア - gi hyaa
ゴハァァ - gohaaa
くそ - Damn
せめて一匹仕留めていれば… - If I could at least finish off one...
ドン - don
ギ… - gi...
ギヒャ - gi hya
ガシュ - gashu

Page 16
7人の中でも - Even among the seven
唯一遠投だけは自信があるんだ – The one thing I am confident in is my long-distance throwing (ability)
(this is a little awkward... the one thing where she has confidence in her skill compared to the rest of the seven is her long-distance throwing... not sure how to say it better)
However, since you're throwing away the only sword you have, I can't say that it's a very effective technique
ジャ - jya
え - Eh
あ… - Ah...
いや、それは… - Well, that's...

Page 17
冗談ですよ – I'm just kidding
ガシャ – gasha
いきますよ – Let's go
We'll go in as reinforcements as well, Yuma
キン - kin
ガッ - ga
きゃああ - Kyaaa
Since she's holding a small child
I can't tell her to jump down from the window either...
きぁあ - Kyaa
うわああ - Uwaaa
ガシュッ - gashu

Page 18
ドガア - dogaa
きゃあ - Kyaa
な!? - Wh!?
ガシュ - gashu
ふう - Phew
まったく - Seriously
何がどうなってやがんだ – What the hell is going on
ヘレン - Helen
ガシュ - Gashu

Page 19
油断しすぎだ – You're letting your guard down too much
タバサ - Tabatha
デネブ - Deneve
ギヒ - gihi
ギヒャ - gisha
Compared to the time in the North, these opponents aren't all that
(Lit. “luke-warm”)
(wrong kanji? Normally it would be 片)
Let's settle this in one go

Page 20
ドン - don
ドガ - doga
聖都が… 何故こんな…
Why is... the holy city like this...
ドシャッ - dosha
きゃああ - Kyaaa
いやあぁ - Iyaaa

Page 21
ギヒャ - gi hya
ガ - ga
ガヒ - gahi
きゃあああ - Kyaaaa
ガシュッ - gashu
ドン - don
ドシャッ - dosha
な… - Wh...
く… - Ku...
ぐ… - Gu...

Page 22
これじゃ… - This is...
これじゃまるで… - This is almost as if...
ガシュ - gashu
ゴッ - go
キン - kin
ガシュ - gashu
第3投擲隊 – Third throwing squad
うてー - Fiire
ドン - don

Page 23
ギャヒ - gyahi
ガ - ga
ドガ - doga
ガ - ga
ヒュン - hyun
ガッ - ga
ドガ - doga
ガキ - gagi
ギ - gi
ガヒャ - ga hya
ガッ - ga
ガシ - gatsu
くそ - Damn

Page 24-25
ザン - zan
はぁ - Haa
お…おわったか…? - Is... Is it over...?
ママ - Mama
大丈夫…? - Are you alright...?
ぜぇ – zee (wheeze?)
はぁ - Haa
ギリ - giri

Page 26
被害の方はどうだ? - How is the damage?
何人やられた? How many were killed?
No no, there are many wounded, but none killed
あんたらのおかげだ – Thanks to you
助かったよ – You really helped out
そうか… - I see
よかった… - Glad to hear it
おい、タバサ – Oi, Tabatha
一体何があったんだ – Just what happened?
どうしてラボナがこんな事に… - Why did this happen to Rabona...?
はぁ - Haa
おい - Oi
タバサ? - Tabatha?

Page 27
ミリアの姿が見えない – I don't see Miria (anywhere)
ミリアはどうしたんだ – What happened to Miria
ぐ… - Gu...
く… - Ku,,,
おい - Oi
ミリアはどうした? - What about Miria?
ミリアに何があった – What happened to her?
え!? - Eh?
ミリアは… - Miria is...
ミリア隊長は… - Captain Miria is...
Miria headed towards the organization

Page 28
Taking advantage of the chaos in the lands of the West, she cut down Tabatha and headed towards the lands of the East by herself
組織を潰すためにな – in order to crush the organization
タバサを斬って… - She cut down Tabatha...
単身で東へ… - towards the East on her own...
だと… - you say...?
What do you mean?
What happened while we were away
I'll omit the detailed explanation, but
Miria was probably planning to do that from the beginning
It's not like anything suddenly changed
そ…それで… - Th... Then...
What happened as a result...?
ま… - Don't...
まさか… - Don't tell me...

Page 29
そうだ – That's right
これが - This
その結果だ – is the result
な!? - Wh!?
え? - Eh?
く… - Ku...

Page 30
Miria probably failed to crush the organization
And the organization came to seriously crush Rabona that had been planning to remain a spectator
They didn't use the organization's warriors, but
(さすがに is hard to translate here, it expresses that this would have been difficult even for the organization even though they probably wanted to – i.e. they don't have any scruples wiping out the city, but wouldn't want the warriors to be seen doing that / would have a very hard time selling that to the warriors)
they sent in a force that would have been sufficient to turn this holy city into ashes if you hadn't come back
そ…そんな… - No... no way...
それじゃミリアは… - Then, Miria...
I'll say it clearly so that you don't get caught up in sentimental illusions
She's probably no longer alive

Page 31
な… - Wh...
お前たちの方こそ – What about you guys...
もう一人はどうした? - What happened to the one that's missing?
…く - … Ku
まさか… - Don't tell me...
クレア…も – Clare... too?
馬鹿いうな – Don't be stupid
冗談じゃねぇ… - That's not funny
クレアは… - Clare...
クレイはまだ死んはいねぇ – Clare is not dead yet...
The warriors are losing one hope after another...
Can Deneve and the others ever find hope / bright light (again)...!?

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#1. by Goral ()
Posted on Oct 5, 2010
Thank you :).
As for the last sentence, is Dneve not mentioned there? Molokidan translated it as sth sth "Deneve's group" sth sth (sorry I'm too lazy to quote the whole sentence :P).
#2. by gernot ()
Posted on Oct 6, 2010
No, Molokidan is right to mention Deneve. It's just sounds awkward in English to me. You can replace "they" with "Deneve and her group", "Deneve and them", or "Deneve and the others" if you like. デネブたち doesn't mean that Deneve suddenly got promoted to the new leader of the group, she's just a random representative of a group of people.

P.S. if you have questions about a translation, please PM me, since I don't get notified about comments (or haven't figured out how to set that up).
#3. by Goral ()
Posted on Oct 8, 2010
Thanks gernot. As for writing here, it wasn't that important to ask you about it on PM plus it will take time before scanlation is out (I'm doing it this time and I'm reaaaaallly lazy) and I could find Deneve's name on my own. I just wanted for all people to know about it by having it written below.
#4. by gernot ()
Posted on Oct 10, 2010
I caved in and changed the last sentence to include Deneve's name. Let me know if you find any other mistakes.

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