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Translations: Gintama 532 (2) , Bleach 617 by BadKarma , One Piece 777 by cnet128

Naruto 639


+ posted by GoDMasteR as translation on Jul 22, 2013 11:58 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 639: Attack
Naruto: What?!
Minato: [He's fast...!]
Tobirama: Saru! Yondaime! Fly away!
Sarutobi: Yes!
Sarutobi: [These are Nidaime-sama's instructions!!]

Tobirama: Brother!!
Hashirama: Yeah!

Sarutobi: Ehi, Minato! Get out of here!
Minato: Nidaime-sama is a quick worker!
Minato: (Hiraishin no jutsu)
Tobirama: Nevertheless, this amount didn't kill you.
Tobirama: The Edo tensei was manufactured by me.
Tobirama: Moreover, also the strategy that comes together...
Tobirama: However I'll use it on my own body for the first time.
Sarutobi: [Is he going to....?]
Sarutobi: [The Nidaime-sama's device...]

Tobirama: GOJOUKI BAKUFUDA! (*Mutually Exploding tokens multiplication!!)
Tobirama: It works in this way.
Tobirama: [The tokens summons others tokens and keeping up to reiterate the explosions...]
Tobirama: [It's a explosion sequence concentrated on a dot...!]

Naruto: What's what again?!
Sasuke: Don't give in to despair, look always to the situation!
Fooder: Juubi's Jinchuuriki or what, the hokages-sama are fighting.
Fodder: We'll go too!
Darui: Don't be impatient, now we're...
Hashirama: Everybody!
Hashirama: Don't approach inadvertently!!

Sarutobi: [Not only fast but also tough...]
Sarutobi: [And the attacks are pulverized in an instant!]
Sarutobi: SHURIKEN KAGEBUNSHIN!! (*Shuriken shadow clones!!)

Sarutobi: [It's similar to Oonoki's Jinton but...]
Sarutobi: [The shape is in flux and changes in accordance with offense and defence and he can constantly hold it.]

Sarutobi: [Perhaps he combines not less than four natural elements...! It's... even higher up the Kekkei genkai and the Kekkei touta...]
Sarutobi: [But I reckon that its shape changing has a time duration.]

Naruto: Dad!
Naruto: Didn't have you make fly grandpa Sandaime with your technique?!
Minato: It cannot make fly if it isn't touching somemone with either myself or my chakra indirectly.....
Sasuke: Don't scream, Naruto...
Sasuke: The hokages are edo tensei...
They know that they're immortal and, in order to analyze the abilities and moves of the enemy,
Sasuke: they took upon themselves to move for plunging into.
Sasuke: ...You should concern to analyzing from seeing that battle.
Minato: [Sasuke-kun... He's an excellent boy.]
Minato: Although the Edo tensei takes a little time before he has restored.

Minato: First, I'll move forward and make an opportunity!
Hashirama: I also should do....
Madara: I cannot wait anymore
Madara: Hashirama!


Naruto: Wh... What?
Minato: [I see... It's that he didn't become successfully familiar with the Juubi as Jinchuuriki yet!]
Minato: [In these circumstances... I'll defeat him!]
Minato: [I'll also come the original here...]

Minato: It's been a while since I used the Rasensenkouchourinbukousanshiki!* (*Spiral flash super round dance howl three style!)
Naruto: Gamakichi, he's below!!
Gamakichi: Gggh!!
Naruto: Uwhaaaaa!!

Minato: Did he pass through below...!?
Minato: and with just his bust......!!

Minato: Damn...!!
Minato: Aargh!

Naruto: [Sasuke...]
Sasuke: ...It won't be you......

Sasuke: The one who will cut the past....
Sasuke: is me.
Minato: I must to be in time!!
Minato: (Hiraishin no jutsu!!)
"Hurry, Minato!!"

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