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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

I Am A Hero Volume 4

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Jul 3, 2011 15:57 | Go to I Am A Hero

Scanlation available from Gantz Waiting Room.
Hopefully now I can return to Sakuranbo Syndrome...
chapter 35 3
chapter 36 21
chapter 37 39
chapter 38 59
chapter 39 77
chapter 40 95
chapter 41 113
chapter 42 131
chapter 43 149
chapter 44 167
chapter 45 191
chapter 46 209

chapter 35

=A-are you okay?!

=Whoa!! Whoa!!/Here it comes.
=Mo-move!!//Get outta the way!!

=Ooooooow. Quickly, get outta here.//Go away!!
=Aft-/after getting your bacon out of the fire?[tn: I haven't read the previous volumes, so I don't know if the translation for that line is accurate.]


=...What is it?
=Come on!!/Ge-get away. Be quick about it!!/If they bite you it's over./I'm gonna run for it too, so you just leg it. Now!!

=Awwwright. Got trapped by the rope, he did.
=...Um, is he alive?

=......Well./I don't really know, to be honest...//It started yesterday... Just like that... they just... I mean, those fellas started to attack | I barely managed to run and save my hide... so I've got no idea what's going on.//...But ...if they aren't dead/well, I'd hate that alright.......//I'd hate that...//...Anyway. Better get out of here ASAP.

=The moment the rope snaps he'll be coming at us.
=......What is it/they are looking for?

=Duh?/Hello, didn't you hear me? I just found myself neck deep in it. Didn't even know if I'd make it away so I ain't got no frickin' idea!
=...But take a look at his hands.../if he was trying to attack us, wouldn't they be kinda clawed, like this?//His hands don't look like those of an attacker... He's asking for something, more like...
=...Well. Erm.../But. You see... their minds are like, no longer there. I mean...

=That bag, maybe?
=Hey. Watch out!//Hey, it's dangerous, I'm telling you./C'mon.

=...Is this/what you're looking for?

=You-/you... okay?

=I'm fine.

chapter 36
=Don't close your eyes.//Ye-Yeah. Just like that./That's it, stay still. Goooood. Very goooood.


=...there's... something... out theeeeere

Whoa! | Whah whaaaaaaah!!

=Get running, get running!!! | Get running!!!!

=Hah/Hah | We're boned!!//This is bad news alright!!

=What the heck is that thing?/Man, it's scary!!
=Hah | Sa-Sae/Sae-chan? | Hah

=Aaaaargh. Here it comes./Boy I'm creeped out./Move it move it move it.//Oh shit/oh shit.//Hah/Wha/What now?!

=Hah/Hah/Let go of me.
=Hah/Let go

=Hah/It's/It's after me, you see.
=Hah/Don//Don't be/silly.//Oooooooooooh.
=It | used to be//used | to be my friend.


chapter 37



=Huff.//The heck... am I doing?/......That's a crime alright...//Hah//Gh!!


=We're going to walk quite a bit, so don't forget your running shoes.

=Man, I don't like it./Kikuchi's ugly ass lands in a hospital/and we should go see her on our Golden Week why, exactly?!![tn: Golden Week is a national, week-long vacation in Japan (April 29th - May 5th).]
=I don't like it either, stupid... It's a tradition in this school.
=Has he made his damn point yet?
=Beats me. I wannna go to the amusement park.
=Have you seen yesterday's episode of S-sute? Nasty, eh?
=Yeah | I saw it.
=EXCLUSION was like, super-ultra cool.

=Sigh... | Sae-san you're so pretty.../with a big bust, and all...

=Well, I won't be sticking around much longer. See you.
=Give your mom my regards.
=You stupid. You ditz. You idiot.../Just die, shit-for-brains.

=?!//Sorr... Uh!//......//Eh?//Sorry, I couldn't hear you. What is it you were saying?/Oh, What I'm listening to? The name's RADWIMPS...

=Anything else?
=...Lately, I've been listening to Soutai Riron, 9mm and the like...[tn: Soutai Riron (相対理論)=Theory of Relativity.]
=Sigh./Anything else?
=Ah, um./Andymori, Kamattechan, Asian Kung-Fu... | Though I don't mind old either. Say, Happy End or Kisugi Takao.[tn: These are real-life Japanese artists. Asian Kung-Fu is responsible (IIRC) for the opening themes for FMA and Naruto, among others.]
=...You might love this one. ...Kururi. Rings a bell?
=Of course it does. I think they're great./Gosh, I never knew you had such tastes in music, Sae-san.

=That's cause among our classmates I don't have many people to discuss music with.
=......That so?//......Oh. Speaking of Kururi | I happen to have a record of "Moshi Moshi", from their Indies period.
=Yeah? No kidding? It's like, a 1000 copies limited edition. | Man, I've got to hear that!

=Now that's nice.//......By the way, every week you leave school early. Why is that?
=Oh, well | My mom's in a hospital, so I bring her spare clothes, that sort of thing.
=...Ahem. | Sae...-chan?
=Oop. Rain's stopped...

=Ah.../A rainbow......

chapter 38

=Move aside./And step back, while you're at it!


=What do you think you're doing with this?
=Whoaah!!/Watch out, it's dangerous!! | What if it explodes, huh?!
=Oh no you don't... This is my friend.

=Use your eyes!!/That thing's not your friend anymore, damnit. Gotta kill the buggers before they can jump us!!//..../A-alright, alright. I'm not shooting.
=Thi-this stuff's like real dangerous.//...Make sure to unload the bullets...

=Hah/Hah/Haaaah.//Man.../What a relief...//Never thought pointing a gun at someone.../was nearly that scary...

=My shoes.//...Sae-chan.
=? | ...What are you doing?

=O-okay, if we aren't fighting, we might as well get moving!!/Eeeerrrm//Never asked you your name.../I'm such an idiot. Damnit.//Oh, well. It can wait.

=Um/Right.//C'mon, quick. Let's ge


=ssalll/'issss//ghaaaizzz/whrrryouuu[tn: Very slurred versions of "What's alll this?" "Guys? Where are you?"]

=d'fuckwibbbbeeee/gudduhhell/faddasss. uggybishhhh[tn: Don't fuck with me. Go to Hell. Fatass. Ugly bitch.]
=Ca-can you stand?

=Let's just- get away from here. Now./...While they're still having a fight or whatever.
=........Be//Because as a group we never got along so well...
=You okay? Are you hurt in any way? Can you run?

=Come on, quickly. | Let's get as far as we possibly can!
=Uh excuse me.
=Hah.//Are they dead?
=If they're still moving, are they dead?

=......../I'd hate to think they aren't...//Cause if they aren't/that makes me a murderer...
=Lend it to me, please.

=I'll use that gun myself.

=I/I'll use that gun myself.
chapter 39
=Lend it to me.

=Hah/Hah/Hah.//N-no no no no./Bad bad bad baaad idea!//We-we've gotten all the way here at last. Over here. The exit shouldn't be very far./So let's just leave it at that, okay?!!//You can't go back in there./It's dangerous.
=...Are they dead? Or are they still alive?

=....../...Well//To-to be honest | I don't know that myself./...But, um... that hanged corpse did move around, it did. A corpse. Moving.
=...I-I think I'm going bonkers too, but all kinds of c raziness has been going down non-stop since yesterday. | These guys have been after me ever since I fled from Tokyo.
=...Those girls/they might still be alive.

=......Well/about that.......
=Maybe it's not too late/We could take them to a hospital... see what can be done.
=......//No. | You've seen how utterly feral they are, you can't have missed it!/If you get too close they'll bite you, and you'll become like them. I've seen it happen countless times.//We've been lucky, you and I...

=...So/if we just leave them alone/they'll probably bite someone.
=.....You're... you're right about that, but....//we're right in the middle of the forest | there's a time for altruism, and it is neither here nor there.//...I mean, we already have our hands full/worrying about ourselves...

=Tell me, sir

=You're a hero, aren't you?


=......Alright, alright.//At least I'll go check it out. You just wait for me.
=I'm going too.
=......If you... ge-get yourself bitten, I'm leaving you behind... Plus I... I'm still 35, you know...[tn: In Japanese, there's a slippage from "boku" to "ore". Both are male pronouns for "I", but the latter is more assertive.]
=If I do get bitten just kill me. And at 35, you're almost old enough to be my dad.//......Ah. By the way/I don't even know your name.

=Me/I'm Hayakari Horomi.
=I... I'm Suzuki Hideo.[tn: Presumably it's been remarked upon in the previous volumes, but the Kanji for "Hideo" can be read as "eiyuu", which is Japanese for... "hero". Oh, and yet another "boku-ore" slippage.]//? | Eeerm, Yadokari?
=Hayakari! Ha-ya-ka-ri. It's a pretty common name in Tohoku.[tn: The Northeastmost part of the Honshu island.]

=Hero.[tn: Take the "mi" off "Hiromi" and it sounds like "hero". The pun for "Hideo" is explained in the previous note.]
=Ahaha. That explains a lot.//...Yeah. We'll be fine, then.

=...How's your leg? | You gonna be okay?
=...I need to ask you beforehand/what are you gonna do if they attack?
=........ | I will shoot them myself.//I'm still a minor...so I'll be fine.//I won't be a burden./Teach me how to use it.
=I can't do that. It'd be a crime just to let someone else touch it./And if you screw up a shot, you might even dislodge an articulation.

=...I better be the only one/who gets his hands dirty...
=....../...What happened in Tokyo?
=Ngoh. | Nghhee.



=......Uuugh.//...Wh-what now? They're cannibalizing one another. ...I say we just leave them be.


=Wai-wait a mi...
chapter 40



=I'm sorry!


=Hah//Hah/Hah//...Now let's take her to the hospital...

=...Erm, do you know of an hospital close by?
=In the outdoors school building./Hah
=...Well, then/Huff/Doesn't sound too far.

=...Um | Can I ask you something?
=Uh, yes.
=...This girl. This Sa-Sae-san, was it? Do you have any idea what turned her like this?
=...Eeerm, back at the building/hah/...our teacher suddenly went berserk, and he bit everyone.
=Everyone? ...So/Huff/these girls aren't the only bite victims, then...?/Huff
=Sae-chan was bleeding a lot/Hah/so she went to the hospital along with the teacher.

=...That makes the hospital a darned bad place to be, then.

=......But//I have to try it
=N-no. Just no./If they've been bitten, the infection must have spread exponentially.//In | in which case, the hospital and the school are both equally bad ideas. | Others might even be outside as we speak, just like the other two.
=Hh!! | Wh-what is it?!

=...A voice
=~~~~~~ No way. I didn't hear anything.
=uff/Daaa *creep* *squirm*

=...Daa/uff//druff/...uff/dru-uff/dudruff | uff
=.......Dandruff/My hair is full of it, yes......?
=Dandruff?/Uh. Well, I wouldn't know. I haven't been paying much attention.
=...Sae-chan wasn't exactly/the person I loved the most on Earth.../Sigh...

=I thought one could come to like absolutely everyone, and with that sugar-coated outlook in mind, I'd constantly keep my more inappropriate feelings to myself.

=The truth is that I wanted her to die./Would you lend me the gun? I won't cause you any trouble.
=Alright, alright./Cover your ears with this. I'll do the shooting.

=I'll do it.

=......It's heavy, you know.

chapter 41
=...Now check inside the gun/make sure it's not loaded.
=Bullets, eh?
=Yes. In the holes. Do you see any?

=...I don't.
=Gun muzzle | everything okay!!!
=Um, we should get this over with.
=No. I told you earlier. If you're not careful about this | you could end up with a dislocated joint. It's dangerous.//There. It's a bit heavy, so don't feel obligated to hold it up.
=Oh. Yes.

=Now, first.../Uuuumm. Yeah, that'll do... The tree.//Try aiming for that crooked tree over there.
=That one?
=Yep. That one.
=Look with both eyes, and move your finger till it seems to overlap the trunk.//Once that's done, close your right eye. | Saw the tree slipping off?
=Yes I did.
=Now on the flip side, does it overlap when you close the left?
=Yes it does.

=Now, what's your dominant arm?
=I'm right-handed.
=Ah. Then/since your dominant eye and dominant arm happen to be the same, everything's fine.
=Gosh./You really know your stuff. That's amazing.
=Well, see, the thing is | if your dominant arm and dominant arm are different, you'll never hit anything.
=Erm, |Well, then. Stand up with your legs spread, at about shoulder breadth.

=Now point them this way, without moving them otherwise.
=...Now/I'm going to load the gun.//Whatever you do, do not touch the trigger.
=Uh. Yes.

=Now/close the folded portion of the mechanism shut and you'll be able to shoot.
=Never ever touch the trigger, okay?

=Then, never point it towards people.
=Um, yes.
=And never touch the trigger until you're ready to sho...
=Enough of this sermon.
=Uh? Excuse me miss?
=Nothing. Please continue.
=Alright. Okay, put the butt of the gun to your shoulder. That one... The rubber section around here. Make sure it holds.
=It's hurting my breast.
=...Ah. No, no no no. You might want to try a little bit higher.

=Mhhh./That thing weighs a ton.
=Hang in there, we're almost done.
=Yes siiiir.
=Now tilt your head | get your cheek like this.
=Make sure the gunstock is held fast between your shoulder and cheek.

=...Good. | Now look at this end and that one with your right eye and shift until they overlap./So. Does it work? Once it does, you're good to go.
=Trial time./Just in case: sometime the shot is delayed, so if the bullets don't come out, wait in position for another 10 seconds.//Fire.

=....../You okay? There's quite a bit of recoil.
=Um. Yeah...
=So hold the gun in position and turn around.

=........./At this range, you'll never miss.


=Sae-chan//I, too, would feel like bullying me... if I were in your stead.


=What is it?
=.......Oh crap.

chapter 42

=...... The noise from earlier/might be what attracted them all here.//...This is bad./I-if they surround us, we're screwed.//Uh, ahem. Hayakari-san! | We-we're getting out of here. Could you hand me the gun?
=...?/What's wrong?
=Well, I can hear something drawing closer. | ...because of | that gunshot earlier... They must be gathering here.

=Q-quick. Give me the gun.
=....../Um, finger's kinda//stuck, for some reason.
=Uh?!/Ho-hold on a sec.//Stay as you are. Stay as you are. Don't move.//Sorry, but I'm gonna have to touch your finger, alright?
=Well, even then.../don't pull the trigger//Hah/Hah
=Hold it. You're getting a bit too close.

=Gi-give me the gun.//We're | we're getting out of here.../Hah/Hah.//Wi | with that... they're likely to come even more numerous now.

=Bwoorgh!!/Bwooorgh!!//Hngh.//Come one, Hayakari-san. Let's go!!//It's over now!!

=Stop looking!!!

=Save the worrying for later!!/Get a move on, run!!//Quick.

=Whe-where are they coming from?
=Hah/Hah/Damnit. We're making too much noise, I can't tell.//Hold on a sec. Time out./Let's stop for a bit, okay?

=Hah |Hic/Hah/Hic/Hah |Hah/Haa//Haaaaaaaahh./Eeaasy. Eaaasyy.

=So-sorry.//...A/About what happened: we have no idea who pulled the trigger...

=So just...
=...What's this?



chapter 43



=Hah/Hah/Hah/Hah//Hah./...We-made it back...

=You okay? I know it's hard, but we better escape a little bit farther...
=...Um//...Didn't you let go of my hand, back then?

=Uuuuh?//I-I don't think I have.
=...I see./It must have been an unconscious thing, then...
=Eh.//...Wai/Hey, not so fast!

=Electricity's still there...//No sound at all...

=...Better stay away from that truck. They might be around.
=...What's the plan, now?

=Hu- | ...Huuummm. They're probably still waiting for us back in the forest so... I've got nothing.
=We can go anywhere we like, then?
=I-I guess so./But that way, it's the amusement park... That's where I came from, and trust me it's a bad idea.//This way, from where we're standing/it looks like a town, but it was on fire yesterday. I believe avoiding largely populated areas is our best bet.//...So what do we do?
=What do we do, what do we do...

=I haven't got a clue what's been going on since we've been to the school facility./You do seem pretty knowledgeable, Suzuki-san. Aren't you?
=I don't know a damn thing. I just found myself dumped here for no apparent reason, just lie you./I'm totally clueless as to what the big deal is.
=So you and I are in the same boat. You just found yourself plunged into this situation.../so why have you been ordering me around all this time?
=Nah, nah, not at all. Who say I've been ordering you around?!//I am perfectly open to other people's opinions. You want someone who acts all selfish and self-destructive, like she was in some kind of crappy movie? Just follow my lead.
=...Are you a man?

=Aaaaaaahhhh./There we are.//And you're pulling out the "man" card now why, exactly? | That's cheap, you know that? Cheap.
=Back off.
=There you have it. | When push comes to shove, expect women to dump the gender equality thing altogether. Soon as things go bad, it all gets blamed on the guys for being...
=Hold on a sec. You're like, over 10 years too old to be pulling out that "women" thing, aren't you?//You ought to be a lot more experienced, too. The kind of thing people would rely on, as a general rule.
=Well. You see... Being 35 and all/doesn't necessarily mean you know the ways of the world so much better than anyone else.

=It's not about how long you've lived!/It's about what you've been doing with all your time, a'right?!
=Ah. Hey, um. Sorry!!
=Gh...//Gh hh hh hhh.

=Well, sorry about that./I'm just relieved to see grown-ups can be like that too.

=A car's coming this way! What do we do?!
=Do we stop it? What do you think?
=...Uh-Ahem. Yeah, the car's running straight enough, so they must be normal humans... I think.
=Got it. Let's stop them!

=Stay the hell where you are.
chapter 44

=Oh?!/That's a schoolgirl, alright. I don't know that uniform.
=...Um/Please remind me. Is gun ownership allowed at all in Japan?
=...No. People don't have them, normally... so it's probaly some kind of airgun. Just a toy.

=Hey./You just stopped us, you did. Now's not the time for idle chatting!!
=Oh./Yes. Sorry about that!
=I ain't talking to you.
=Ah. Alright./Excuse me.
=Oh. Well, we're being pursued by strange people, you see/would you consider giving us a lift?
=Whuuuu | I can't hear yoouuuu.

=Ahem/Can you please give us a li...
=Whoa whoa, hold on right there. What's the point of a high school girl who don't show a piece of ass?/Take off those trousers and then we'll talk. Seriously.[tn: In Japanese he actually says "jersey", in reference to the track suits commonly worn at school for physical activities, which are very often made out of this fabric.]

=Uh. Well, | Looking at me will not provide you with an answer, you know... I mean, ultimately everyone's gotta make their own decisions.

=Um, we're really in a bit of a pinch right now.//We really do have a bunch of weirdoes out to get us.//We need to get away fast, before it gets dangerous. Please allow us into your car!!
=Gyahahahaha. I can hear you, my lady.

=No way around it I guess./You can get in.

=Only the girl./The guy stays where he is.//Oh, why you looking so mad?/This is a two seats only car and we're still kind enough to let you in.

=Ah.//Ahhhhhh./Yeah. Yeah.//That's right. Sure thing.../Let the girl escape first. It's a priority thing.../Uh-huh. Yup.//Ah. Well, I mean/This isn't a gender equality issue. It's really about priorities.//...Yeah./I'll be alright.

=You | You can get where it's relatively safe...//...
=C'mon./Get a move on, and come in.

=Hayakari-san, step away!!/He's been bitten!!!

=Oh. What's this?//What's that shit you're pointing at me?/Don't make me peel a cap.
=Just do it, then. Let's see you try!!/Theres are no such things as Glocks in Japan. This is a air gun you're holding!!

=What I have is a honest to God shotgun!!/Approved by the National Public Safety Commission. One shot and you're dead!!
=So fucking what, bitch?

=You gettin' mad over nuthin man./Stoopid. Gyahahaha.

=Keep quiet. Let's get away as silently as we can!!

=Ngh/Ghbrhblm//Nghghargl//... ...
chapter 45

=Whoa. There they are!!/Run for it!!

=Hah/Hah/I'm spent./Totally drained.
=Just one more little effort!!

=Hah/A bicycle!!/Hah.//No padlock. Thank God./Hah/Hah.
=Hah/Wai-wait a minute. | Stealing a bike pretty much qualifies as a crime./Hah
=Hey. What do you mean, "Tsk"?
=I didn't say anything.

=...You and I/are both murderers, aren't we?
=Let's go.

=...Ah/On the back, then?
=...Eh?/Oh. Sorry, but I can't exactly get on the saddle with you./Oh, what is it? You think the guy's got to do the pedaling, maybe? Of course, when you factor in physical strength...
=Alright./I get it. Just hold on to me.

=!!//Whoa. Here they come here they come here they come!!/Get pedaling!! Get pedaling that bike nooooow!!
=I don't need you telling me!!/Waaah. Wait a minute | You weigh like a ton. What have you been eating?
=Just keep pedaling!!

=Someone help meeee./Nooooo./What the. Stay away from me, I say. Someone pleaaaaaase.//Yaaaaaaah

=Wait. That's my breast you're grabbing!
=Uh? | Whoa. Sorry, I didn't mean that.
=Ahem. | Be nice and just hold on to hy hip.
=Ah. Right... Excuse me.//Hh!!

=Ha-Hayakari-san, we can't run in the street. Too hazardous. Try to find some narrow alleyway to get in!!
=Can't do that. If it turns out to be a dead end we're done for!!
=Ahead. Up ahead!!

=It's right in front of us. What do we do?
=Awwright!!//Cover your hear, or you're gonna lose ean eardrum!!


=Uh, ahem. | We can swap places, maybe?
=I'm fine!!

=The rope, mom. Bring the frickin' rope! Where'd she get all that strength?!
=Kaori-chan, what happened to you...?
=Don't just stand there, mom. Call an ambulance and be quick about it!!
=Daddy, I wanna pee.
=Damn it.
=...Hey, how much longer do you intend to stay on that bridge?
=Did you say something?

=...I feel like laughing, for some reason.
=...Me too.

chapter 46

=You can't show your face. Don't!!

=Ahem. Hum. Where are we headed?
=Eh? | No idea.
=Wait up. Let's get some rest for now.


=I'll go buy us someting to drink.
=Okay. I don't have an awful lot of ¥2.000 coins left...//Phewwww.

=Our network is currently unavailable. Please try again in a few...
=Oh. A phone./How's the connection?
=I tried calling my mom and my boyfriend, but communications are too scrambled...
=I see.../Hey. Did you say boyfriend?!

=Aaaahh. Sure. Makes sense. Here. Care for a drink? No?
=Oh. Yes please.
=I'll open that for you.

=Ah. | Suzuki san. Anyone you'd like to call? A girlfriend, maybe?/Here. Go ahead.
=Uh. Eeeerm. Yeah, maybe I should do that.

=Low battery...

=Hey. So you do have a girlfriend.
=How is she?
=......Well, she was the kind of girl who'd cry when her favorite actors showed up on TV...
=......Hey.//TV! Hayakari-san, does your cell phone come with 1 SEG?[tn: "Terrestrial Digital Television Broadcasting." Just like the name implies, it's a network in Japan people watch Tv on their mobile phones.]

=Yeah, I think I can use it to watch TV.
=Yep. We've got a picture!
=The heads of every country, along with W.H.O are currently laying out the plans for a joint effort...[tn: W.H.O, as in "World Health Organization".]
=Tu-turn up the volume!

=A specimen has been sent to NIID, and confirmation should follow shortly. But before that, a word about the disease and its symptoms. Up until the outbreak,[tn: NIID=National Institute of Infectious Diseases.]

=the infectees tend to keep to themselves. An investigation is ongoing, but in many cases, fevers, nausea and the like later give way to temporary, multiple organ dysfunction, and from this point on[tn: The subtitles basically share the same content as the bubbles.]

=they become murderous and violent, attempting to bite any and all in the vicinity. Um, the trajectory of the infection is still being investigated, but/uuuuh, many occurrences exist of the virus infesting the wounds of those bitten by sufferers of the aforementioned symptoms. People stricken by this affliction see their judgment clouded. Therefore, caution dicates that contact with them is best avoided.//We entreat you to remain stationed at home as much as feasible. As for the countermeasures against the disease, an inquiry has begun as we speak, covering the infectees' behavioral patterns/as well as various manifestations of the disease, in a joint effort from every municipality and health care center. Furthermore, the Ministry of Health has dispatched a supervisor to every health care center, for the purpose of investigation and information-gathering.[tn: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.]

=For those who've already been in extensive contact with sufferers and infectees, uuuuh, which is to say those who have been bitten, most medical institutions are currently experiencing great disorder. Before requesting admission,/quickly have yourself checked up at the nearest consultation center, and refrain from going outside. Citizens are encouraged to practice regular handwashing and coughing etiquette,[tn: "Coughing etiquette" involves wearing masks and quickly disposing of used tissues during flu epidemics, in an effort to limit the spread of the infection.]//Along with the observation of such personal anti-infection measures as the avoidance of crowded areas, should anyone come up with reliable information... | What?//The disease has a name? ...Very well.

=Multiple Organ Dysfunction

=cum ASPD: Antisocial Personality Disorder.[tn: What the FUCK?!! Now that was useful! :hahaha:]

=What's that supposed to mean, | that we're just gonna die eventually?!
Bridge: New pedestrian bridge.
=Erm, let's just end the interview.../Why is the Ministry holding an interview at all? What's wrong with them at the Residence?[tn: The Official Residence.] | Shouldn't they be proclaiming a state of emergency right now?/Well, with the investigation still ongoing and all.../Wait a minute. What's going on exactly?/Ending interview.
=What are they talking about?
=Beats me...

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Jun 21, 2009 4 en Laika

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