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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128
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Kuroko no Basket 34

34Q : That's what I mean by "Man proposes, God disposes"

+ posted by hai_Priesty-t as translation on Dec 24, 2009 16:23 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

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*This translation is reserved for imangascans only. Thanks for understanding.*
**Miyachi - while the name's consistent throughout MH's raws in single volumes the name's changed to Miyaji (same Kanji).


Left : The Battles that will bring one of the teams to the Final League.... Their fate decided in three minutes!

34Q : That's what I mean by "Man proposes, God disposes".

-Last 3 minutes!

-When did he get there...!?
-There's no way to track him!!

-This volume is full of Extras like always! Volume 3 out on 4th September!!

-Oh they scored! Just two points apart!

-Seirin is just one shot away from equalizing...!
[Seirin 76, Shuutoku 78]

-Seirin High time-out!!

-Shuutoku's last time-out...

-The trend's with Seirin right now. If they don't stop this flow Seirin will surpass them.

-Will Shuutoku keep their lead, or Seirin equalizes.....
-This time-out may decide.

-We have two minutes.
-The rest of the game you'll pass all chances to Midorima.

-Their #10 can hardly budge.
-Use three pointers to maintain our lead!


-Coach... Can we really depend on a freshman in this situation...?
-Perhaps Ootsubo san's more up to the task....

-I've told you when Midorima joined.

-Ootsubo and all the senior gave everything to our team....
-We all know it.

-But Midorima will be the centre of this team for coming three years.
-This is what one does when their team secures a Generation of Miracles.


-Oh no, they're passing to Midorima!
-And Kagami's already at his limits!

-I've thought of that!

-The best thing about Kuroko kun is,
-besides upping the team's attack power...

-When did he.... or rather,
-where was this he until now!

-We've much more chance to steal their ball!

-After they seen through Kagami faking his remaining strength they've concentrated their passes to Midorima... it's like giving us free hints on their pass routes!!

-Wow! Seirin's counter attack!!

-Skill is everything - we all know.
-Still we can't say we're glad to....
-Depend on a freshman.

-We've prided ourselves as the seniors.
-Miyachi and Kimura has practiced more than everyone too.

-But us regulars,
-we stand as the voice for all those people who didn't have enough skills to sit at our bench.


-The most important pride the King need to uphold is...

-When we tell Midorima to attack that also means...
-telling the other four members to defend.

-Kuroko overcome Takao.
-And Kagami's dunk had recovered their morale.
-The Game's flow's with Seirin now.

-There's risk of getting nervous and stuck into a Run Gun Game which works to Seirin's favor.
-So we should slow the pace....

-Then make them pay for any split second of weakness they show with Midorima's three pointers.

-It's raining again - and heavier than ever!

-I thought it's stopped -

-This feels uncomfortable!

-I thought they'll hasten up in the last 3 minutes!

-Yeah... Since Shuutoku changed their pace the scoreboard just freezes!
-Last minute, I think...

-Once someone initiates, the pace will suddenly pick up...

-Uwaaah Midorima!!
[Seirin 76, Shuutoku 81]


-One shot and we're 5 points behind now....
-This is bad...!!

-Give me Itsuki!!

-Wow! Seirin returned with three pointer!
-They're great!!


-There no time left!! You've have to get in!!


-Seirin's ball!


-15 seconds left!!

-This is the one last chance for Seirin...!!


-Ootsubo kun's marking on Hyuuga kun!!

-They're prioritizing on stopping any three point shoots!!

-Seirin need three points to take this Game!
-If Hyuuga doesn't score this they'll lose!

-I admit you're formidable!
-But we have to stop you here!!

-We won't let you get into the way again!

-The last attempt we had they blocked -

-We can't let it happen here!

-Last year we lose by a triple digit score.
-We had our first taste of reality.

-We actually thought of quitting basketball.
-But we never do so because we love this game.

-We struggled and struggled....
-to stand in this court today.

-But he doesn't have enough strength! Chase...!!

-He's attempting to shoot....
-that far away from the three point line!

-Take the game Hyuugaaah!

-They overtake!?

-I can't believe this!! Seirin win this game in last few seconds!!
[Seirin 82, Shuutoku 81]

-You've not won yet!!


-I'll tell you why I excelled in shooting from the furthest possible distance -
-Not only becase it gives three points!

-In basketball teams of close strength often have reversal in fortunes in the last few seconds...
-and any misstep in shooting may cause major regrets.

-I'll never let this happen on me!

-So I trained myself to excel as the buzzer beater!#
-That's what I mean by "Man proposes, God disposes"!

[At space in the left]
#The last shot released at the closing of the match.

-Oh no!!

-Everyone including Kuroko kun is exhausted...!
-And Kagami can't Jump...!

Left : Everything... ends here!?

34Q. End.

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