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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Fullmetal Alchemist 97

The Two Philosophers

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jul 10, 2009 15:08 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 97

Page 1 (cover):
Yellow/Pink text: Transmuting our way into summer!

Page 2:
Text: From past to present,
bound by fate.

Title: Chapter 97 - The Two Philosophers

Page 3:
Side: What became of Hohenheim after the calamity at Xerxes?

SFX: Shuffle shuffle

SFX: Shuffle shuffle
Hohenheim: Just calm down...
I only want to talk...

Please, just listen to me...
You too...listen...

Page 4:
Hohenheim: You're...
Not alone...

SFX: Slump

People: That a person?
It doesn't look like an ox or horse...

Page 5:
Guy1: Blonde hair...He must be from the West.
Guy2: We should at least bury him properly.

Hohenheim: Nh...
Guy: Aah!

...He's alive.
Guy2: No way!

Think you can you drink this?
Guy1: Don't gulp it all down, sip slowly.

Can you understand us?
We're traveling merchants from Xing.
Where were you going?

Hohenheim: Nowhere to go...
No home to return to...
Too scared to stay...
I ran...

Page 6:
Hohenheim: ...I know.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't stop him...

I'm sorry...
So very sorry...

Sargens, a man from a long line of carpenters.
He did a lot of repair work on the palace.
His son, Dozul, who respected his father and wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Hohenheim: A young flower girl, Kaya.
A kinder, gentler girl you'll never meet.

Sally, a horse breeder. Loved to drink, that one.
We had a lot in common.
A young boy named Tommy, who wanted to be a scholar.

Gidalsh was a chef
who once got fired for giving free food to poor, penniless travelers.
One of my fellow slaves, Andre. He never liked how I managed to earn the master's favor.
Zuul, a terrible criminal executed for his crimes. He seemed beyond rehabilitation, but even he wants to punish you for your crimes.

Page 7:
Hohenheim: THEY are the souls that have taken over you.

SFX: throb throb

Hohenheim: They're all helping me for one purpose - to defeat YOU.

Father: The individual souls of a Philosopher's Stone...are helping you?!

A mere mass of energy?
Hohenheim: You didn't think it was possible?

Page 8:
Hohenheim: Sure, it was maddening to isolate their souls one by one from a churning, raging collective.

But I had PLENTY of time to talk to them,
thanks to the immortal body you so generously gave me.

Father: Talk?!
Hohenheim: Yup.
Another thing you never managed to do...

I have talked TO, and come to an understanding WITH
EVERY SINGLE ONE of the 536,329 people contained inside me!

Page 9:
Hohenheim: And with their power,
I'll destroy your container once and for all.




Page 10:

SFX: Tear


Page 11:
SFX: Shink

Father: Curse...
SFX: Grab

SFX: Snap

Hohenheim: You're going back where you belong,
my little friend in the flask.

Page 12:

Hohenheim: Feel the pain of the men and women you despised so much.

SFX: Blurp blurp

Page 13:

SFX: Wobble wobble

SFX: Wobble wobble

SFX: Shff shff

Page 14:
SFX: Splat

SFX: Drip drip

SFX: Ghwuuuu

SFX: Shhhlp

Page 15:

SFX: Gulp

Flask: Who's despising whom here, Hohenheim?
SFX: Zuruzuruzuru

Flask: You're not the only ones who've evolved!
SFX: Zuruzuruzuru

Page 16:

Page 17:
Dolls: GAAAH

Soliders: Waaaagh!


Bucc: Go surrender at the main HQ!
Get going!
Soliders: Y-Yessir!
Thank you!

Bucc: I gotta say...
The fact that these dolls killed so many Central soldiers really made things easy for us.

Page 18:
Bucc: Move forward and take the main gate!
Falman: Sir!

SFX: Wham wham wham


SFX: Slice

SFX: Whap whap whap whap
Soldiers: They...don't need us.

Page 19:
Old guy: Damn you, damn you!
What is this?!

You were made to follow OUR orders!
Did that man lie to us?!

Stay back, stay back!
I can't die here! Not me!


SFX: Snap

Page 20:
Old guy: Oh...

Old guy: I-I-I-I dunno who you are, but thank you!
Stay with me! When we get outta here,
I'll make you-

Old guy: DWUH-

Izumi: Would you mind telling me a few things
about "that man?"

SFX: tak tak tak tak tak

Page 21:
Soldier: Major,
take a look...


Alex: The Fuhrer's chamber...what a mess.

Soldier: Are you going to run things from here, ma'am?

Page 22:
Olivier: I can't fathom why ANYONE would sit in such an easily-sniped spot.
Let's go!
Soldier: Y-Yes ma'am!

Alex: Sister.

Soldiers: Where does this stairway go?
It looks like it continues down pretty far.

Alex: This must be where the dolls came from, no?
Olivier: Meaning it's connected to the underground.

Solider: Yes. Yes.

Page 23:
Solider: Captain Buccaneer has arrived at the main gate.

Little resistance, few injuries to our men.
SFX: Yadda yadda

SFX: Yadda yadda
Soldier: The tank squad is in position as well!

Page 24:
Radios: This is the West Gate.
Briggs White Team has captured the area.

North gate here.
Black Team has captured the area.

Blue team,
East gate taken!

Yellow team,
Weapon and ammo depot is under our control.

Radio guy: Captain!

Operator: Buccaneer's team is to stand by.

Keep all gates closed and locked until the teams inside exterminate the remaining artificial soldiers.

Page 25:
Operator: And may I say, great job Major General Armstrong!

Over 90% of Central HQ is under our control.

Falman: Ahh, crap.
Colonel Mustang didn't get here quick enough...

Operator: We...

Buccaneer: Win!

Page 26:
Bradley: Hello, everyone.

I see things have gotten quite out of hand during my absence.

I am coming to personally retake control of my country and put down this coup.
Any available Central troops are to assist me.
SFX: Rabble rabble rabble

Page 27:
Olivier: King Bradley!!

Bucc: Bradley?!
Falman: Shit, he's still alive?!

Radios: Where, where is he?!
Where's he attacking from?!

Falman: Huh?

Page 28:
Bradley: From the front.

Falman: What the hell?!

Page 29:
Bradley: What need is there for a king to enter his OWN castle through the back door?

Bucc: The Fuhrer's a homunculus...
Tank squad, retreat!

SFX: Grind grind grind

SFX: Dash

Soliders: Fire!
Fire at will!

Page 30:
SFX: Shink

SFX: Slashslashslashslashslashslashslash


Page 31:

Driver: Got 'em-


Page 32:
SFX: Slummmp

Codriver: ...Move.
Crush him!

Page 33:

SFX: Whizz
bubble: SHINNG


Bubble: Waaaaa-

Page 34:
Codriver: Mother

Where are you, Bradley...?!



Page 35:
Bucc: Nngh-

One person can't take down a TANK! It's impossible!

SFX: Whooosh

SFX: Ting ting ting ting

Page 36:
Bucc: Nngh-



Page 37:


Page 38:
Falman: Captain Buccaneer!


SFX: Step step

Bradley: Well?
The master has come home.

Open the door.

Page 39:
SFX: Tremble tremoble


SFX: Slip

Falman: I'm sorry, Colonel Mustang...
SFX: Drip drip

Page 40:
Falman: I might be on my way out...
SFX: Click

Bucc: Oh, come on.
Don't cry like a girl when you act like a man.

Besides, no one around here is manlier than ME!
SFX: Clink

Page 41:
Bucc: Let's go, Bradley!

I can still fight!

Bradley: So pointless.
Is this what you humans call "bravery in the face of death?"

Greed: Yup, that's the gist of it!

I mean, letting your emotions take over and talking a big game doesn't actually change anything, but...

Page 41:
Greed: At the same time,

When I see someone acting like that, I just can't bring myself
to leave 'em hanging!

Text: Greed returns! It's time for a homunculus showdown!

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#1. by nizsu ()
Posted on Jul 10, 2009
thxthxthx have been waiting for this
#2. by freaky2 ()
Posted on Jul 10, 2009
Infinite thanks for the translation, I'm diving headfirst to read now! :D
#3. by Alexandrius ()
Posted on Jul 10, 2009
#4. by Pollux ()
Posted on Jul 10, 2009
Thank you very much
#5. by xblkdrag0nx ()
Posted on Jul 10, 2009
whooo way to go! props to you for translating this so fast :D
#6. by otaku1412 ()
Posted on Jul 10, 2009
Yay!! Thanks so much for the translation!! >.<
#7. by Sasori ()
Posted on Jul 10, 2009
Thank you very much HisshouBuraiKen :D
#8. by Filler-nin ()
Posted on Jul 11, 2009
thx, good chapter
#9. by Kuszek ()
Posted on Jul 11, 2009
thank you!
you're the best :)
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