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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Fullmetal Alchemist 103

For whom do you

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jan 10, 2010 16:47 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 103

Page 1:
MrsB: Hasn't ANYONE managed to find Selim yet?!

And what about my husband?!
Kano: We haven't heard anything yet, ma'am.

MrsB: I wonder if I couldn't go see him somehow...
Breda: Absolutely not!

Trust me, you leave now and you'll run smack into the insurgent forces.

Page 2:
MrsB: Yes...
Yes, you're right...

Breda: We can't let you see him, ma'am.
Please understand, we're fighting homunculi.
If you fall into their hands, they'd either use you as a hostage or outright kill you.

Fuery: I'm surprised you found us, Sergeant Brosh.
Denny: Heheh, I heard Lt. Ross's voice on the radio!

I told the Central soldiers outside that one of the terrorists was an old friend of mine.
So they told me to try and persuade you all to surrender, or failing that assess what firepower you had.

Page 3:
Ross: Are you SURE you understand what's going on here?
Denny: Heh...well, I mean, up until a couple hours ago I was all anti-Mustang, so...
Small text: Sorry.

Denny: Where IS the Colonel?
Maria: Not here.

He's probably infiltrating Central HQ as we speak.

Al: Oh, no...
SFX: zuzuzuzuz

Page 4:
Title: Chapter 103 - For whom do you

Al: The Colonel's eyes... [H: For those of you wondering, yes, some blind people have cloudy-white eyes with no visible pupils, including a friend of mine at work.]

Page 5:
Text: The light has faded from Roy's world!

Page 6:
Izume: You can't see anything at all?
Mustang: ...Nothing.

Ed: Colonel...If you saw the Gate you must've attempted human transmutation.
Mustang: Do you REALLY think I would do something so foolish?!

Ed: ...No.

Selim: He absolutely refused to obey us, so we had to force him to open the game ourselves.

Page 7:
Selim: Everything went "A-Okay", as they say.
And as a bonus, Colonel Mustang and his powerful alchemy have been eliminated from the fight.

Ed: That makes no sense!

You just said the Gate gives those who see it the most "fitting" punishment.
That works for the three of us who WILLINGLY tried human transmutation.

But how can you say it's "fitting" that a guy who didn't want to see the gate, who had his hand forced,
and lost his sight as a result?!

Page 8:
Ed: That's not logical! That's not REAL truth!

Flask: But it's what happened, whether YOU accept it or not.
Accept your reality, Alchemist!

Al: Unfortunately...
SFX: shink
Ed: We don't quit that easily!

...Of course, now we're stuck fighting BOTH of these lunatics.

Izumi: Having all the sacrifices together is what he wants, right?
We need to ru-
Flask: There is nowhere to run.

Page 9:
Flask: You are already inside me.
SFX: zuzuzu

SFX: blurp blurp blurp

Zanpano: What the hell is that...
Darius: That's where that "Father" guy everyone keeps talking about is, right?

Bradley: Colonel Mustang has been transported to our Father's room.
Although I can't guarantee he made it with all his limbs still attached.

Page 10:
May: You, with all the eyes...
You're immortal, aren't you?

You don't deny it...

THAT ONE is mine.

Page 11:
Ed: Wh-buh?!
You can't fight that thing alone!
May: You two handle the little homunculus.

Ed: The "little..."
He's bad enough as it is.

Ed: Waaaaaait...they FORCED you to open the Gate?

If they can just make a random alchemist open the gate against his will, why did they bother seeking out people who did it on their own, like us?

They could've taken the first five alchemists they found, strong-armed them like they did to Mustang and they'd be all set...
Why'd they wait until now?

Page 12:
Mustang: You figure it out, Fullmetal?

When I was sucked into the transmutation,
he said "I'd hoped we could avoid this, but we're out of options."

Ed: So it posed a risk to THEM too, huh...

Let's see what we can do.

Page 13:
SFX: Clap

SFX: dododododododo

Ed: All right...
we can still use alchemy!

Page 14:

SFX: Kathwack

SFX: tik tik


Page 15:
Al: Up until now he's always counterattacked with those black shadows,
but he DODGED!

Flask: Destroying my lair again...
Irksome pests.
SFX: dodododo

Flask: Hmm?

May: I want
the secret of immortality!

Page 16:
Flask: You are an unnecessary human presence.

May: You may not need me for anything, but I came here for a reason!

Flask: I don't care.
SFX: blurp

SFX: shhf shhf

SFX: splip

May: Uh-

Page 17:
Flask: This is yours.


Page 18:
SFX: tak tak

May: Not bad!

Hoheheim: Mmph-

SFX: splash

Hohenheim: Stop, kid!
He can attack without moving!

Page 19:
SFX: tap


Page 20:
Guy: Ooh...

It's getting there.
Guy2: Feels a little colder, don't it?

Guy3: Any word on when we can start working again?
Guy4: Dunno,
the foreman just said "don't leave the site" and hung up.

Guy5: You really think there's a coup d'état happening?
Guy2: Maybe we should grab our stuff and get outta town.

Guy: Hey...
Aren't they Ishvalan?

Page 21:
S1: What happened at HQ?!

S2: We don't know!
It's complete chaos!
We can't get in touch with anyone!
S1: Then go on FOOT and come back with some info!

S3: The Intel Center is still under Briggs control.
There've been sightings of Ishvalans in the area as well.

S1: We've heard rumors they've been behind the terrorist attacks!
If you see ANY of them, put them under arrest!

S1: Aguh-

Page 22:
S3: Bastards!

Master: Pardon me.
SFX: thwack thwack

Master: There's no time to explain.
I1: Like they'd believe us.

I2: We got 'em!
Bring it out!

I3: Okay!

Page 23:
SFX: Ding-dong Ding-dong

SFX: Ding-dong
Mom: Coming!
Who's there?


I4: Sorry, miss.
We won't hurt you, just please confirm something for us.

I5: This house
is right HERE, isn't it?
Mom: Eeeee-

Mom: Huh?
Kid: Ishvawans!
Mom: Y-...

Page 24:
I1: Yikes.
It's DARK down there.
I2: Hope they're all right...

I2: Is this the right spot?
I3: Yup, no doubt about it!

I2: Good thing this place is abandoned.


Page 25:
I2: There...
We're counting on you, Scar!

SFX: clannnng claaaang

SFX: clannnng claaaang

SFX: shift

Page 26:
SFX: shift

SFX: shift

SFX: drip

Bradley: Splendid, this...staring death straight in the eye.

Feeling nothing but the pure rush of knowing you and your opponent intend to fight to the bitter end.

No ranks.
No history.
No lineage.

No race.
No gender.

Page 27:
Bradley: No ties to bind us...
we fight for no one.


Page 28:

SFX: bagaaaan

Page 29:
SFX: kakakakakaka

SFX: Swish


SFX: crick crick crick


SFX: dash

Page 30:
Bradley: Is this it?!
Is this all you're capable of?!

You are LACKING!
SFX: dash,

SFX: swish, wrap


Page 31:
SFX: Shove

Scar: Ch-

SFX: slip

Page 32:

Page 33:

SFX: Stumble

SFX: Bzzzzzzzrt
SFX: Snap

SFX: Glare

Page 34:
SFX: Snatch



Page 35:
Scar: Rrrrgh-

SFX: Swish

Page 36:

Page 37:

SFX: bzt

Scar: Your face tells me
you had absolutely no idea.
SFX: Grab

Scar: It's true.
I can do THAT as well.
Although until a moment ago I had neither the confidence nor the imagination to make it work.

Page 38: N/A

Page 39:
Scar: I spent ages thinking about what I should be doing.
And this is the answer I found waiting for me.

The result of my brother's research.
The power to RECONSTRUCT.

Text: Destruction and reconstruction...his arms now house BOTH powers!
SFX: zuzuzuzuzuzu

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#1. by Viewtiful ()
Posted on Jan 10, 2010
Thanks a lot for your translation, Hisshou! :D
Just a little question: what does the caption in the first page say?
Level [B] Translator

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