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Translations: One Piece 847 by cnet128 , Gintama 615 (2)

Judge 1


+ posted by Ilcm26 as translation on Jan 26, 2010 16:46 | Go to Judge

-> RTS Page for Judge 1

Page 01


-Help me....

[A Horrible Game is beginning...]

Page 02-03



-Don't want to die....

Page 04-05

[What is your Sin?]

[Chapter 1 Trial]

[A solid thriller - A shocking new series!]

Page 06

-Hey Atsuya, check this out!

-This strap is also a protection charm.

-This is a Love Charm.

-Sooo cute!

Page 07

-So we don't need that one right?


-Since we are already in love.



-Can I go home already?

-Hiro, do you have any plans for today?

-Not really...

Page 08

-If you go back now you'll just sit around doing nothing right?

-That's not the problem....

-I get it!

-You don't like to see us like this right?

-If you're that jealous you should also get a girlfriend Hiro.

-Then we can double date


Page 09

-I'll go back to work now

-Hikari about the date in the Christmas Eve

-Let's meet in front of the station at 6 ok?


- See ya!

-We're counting with your assistance!

-Watch out...

Page 10


-Hey! You should be more careful when walking...

-I'm sorry. I was careless.


-Are you hurt?


-No! I'm the one who....

Page 11


-These things are everywhere now

-Drink and driving huh. I'ts almost new year so this incidents are spreading....

-Cheating on me huh?


-Stop it!!

-Let me go! That's the form of my love!!

Page 12

-What were you thinking....?

-Why would you be jealous over something like that?

-That's cause...


-So, what did you want to talk with me???


-I want you to help me choose a Christmas present.

- Christmas present...

Page 13

- Don't we do this every year???

-But this time....


-Just give me some advice 'kay??

-Pretty Please!


-Let's do this now!

Page 14


-We shouldn't leave this for later right?

-Wait a...

-C'mon, let's get going!


-She's really serious about this...

Page 15

-....Hey Hiro. What did you think when you heard me and Atsuya were going out?

- ?

-What's this so suddenly?

-Just answer!

-I was surprised.

-My brother is 4 years older and we're childhood friends too.

Page 16

-I didn't think that something like that would happen.

-Me too...

-I've always thought that

-Atsuya just saw me as a little sister.

-Then why did you...

-Last month someone confessed to me.

Page 17

-Wha...I didn't know about this!


-Why should I report every single thing to you?

-At that time

-Atsuya's face come into my mind

-Then I've noticed

Page 18


-''Love that person''

-That's why...

-When I confessed to him and he accepted my feelings I was really happy.

-This year not as to childhood friend....

-I want to give a present to the person I love.

-I want to choose it wisely...

-You're not embarrassed saying this stuff out loud....

-Of course not.

-Why not?

Page 19

-To say you love the person you love

-It's not embarrassing at all.

-Hikari.....You sure are something

-What's that so suddenly, it's kinda creepy...


Page 20

-I also want to try saying I love someone....


-What? No way, there's someone you like?!

-Who? Tell me!

-No way.

-You're mean! I tould you a lot of stuff

-(That's 'cause...)

Page 21

-(Even if I said it now, nothing would happen....)

-Ah! I'ts already this late....

-I have to go to work.



Page 22

-What is this??

-Christmas Present


-This year I won't be able to spend time with you so I'm giving to you early.


-If there is a person you like you should say so!

-If you're rejected I'll help you out so

-Give it your best!



-You don't get it huh...



Page 23


-So stupid, forgot her cellphone...

-Huh? From Aniki?

-Hey, It's me but....


-What happened to Hikari?

-About that...

-We were together some time go but she left and forgot her cell.

-She told me that she was going to work.

Page 24

-Haha, that's so like her.

-She's always doing stuff like this.

-But you know

-When I really need her, she's always by my side. Hikari will always come to help me when I need her.

Page 25

-Of course.

-She's always like that....

[Keychain - Love Helper]


-To say you love the person you love, It's not embarrassing at all.

Page 26



-Earlier Hikari asked me to give you a message

-About tommorrow's Eve meeting....

-You should meet her 1 hour later.

Page 27

-Where are you going now?

-I want to eat something delicious...

-Atsuya! It's almost time isn't it?


Page 28

-Don't you have a date at 6?

-About that...It's ok.

-She changed the time to 1 hour later.

-Is that so...

-You sure work hard

-You look after both your brother and your girlfriend


Page 29

-I wouldn't want to take care of my younger brother school expenses.

-Well there's no other way.

-I didn't have any choices in the past.

-I want my brother to live doing what he likes.

-You really are something.

Page 30


-She makes me do most of the hardwork....

-Telling me to go buy more drinks 'cause the order was wrong and we don't have enough...

-With you really think I'm such a nice guy you could at least raise salary a little...

Page 31-32

Page 33

-Watch out!

-Ah...I'm sorry


There're couples everywhere

-If he get in the train at this time he'll be really late....

-....Hikari. Will you still wait for him?

Page 34

-I've also decided to tell her today...

-I may be already too late....


Page 35

-Even if its no good, thats ok because

-If I just tell her my feelings



Page 36



Page 37

-Earlier at his job

-He was caught into a accident and...

-He died...?!

Page 38




-Why did Atsuya.....

-Atsuya couldn't have died!?

Page 39




-I lied

-I told him to come later...

Page 40

-Aniki's death was my fault...

Page 41-42

Page 43-44


-Damn, another dream about that day

-It's something

-From 2 years ago

Page 45



-Damnit I can't take this out!

-Where the hell am I?

-Its pitch black, what is....

Page 46


Page 47-48

-What the hell is this....?

Page 49


Page 50


-Since when....

-Damn my head is spinning...

Page 51

-Is ths some kinda of prank?

-Who would so something like this?

-When I was coming back from school yesterday, suddenly someone did attacked me.

-And then.....

Page 52

-People talking..!!


-Who is in there?!

Page 53-54

Page 55


-What is this place...?!


-Is there someone in here!?

Page 56

-This stupid.....

-I'm certain that I heard someone talking...

Page 57

-What's that?

-There's another mask here....

Page 58


-Damnit , what the hell....


-Why in a place like this?!

Page 59


Page 60

-He's de...dead?!


-Who would do something like this....?


Pag 61-62

Pag 63-64

Pag 65


-What the hell are you!?

-Don't....Don't come any closer!!

Page 66

[Now we have 9 people]


Page 67-68



[What is JUDGE!? The death game begins!!]

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