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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 399

Naruto 399

+ posted by Iwanin as translation on May 11, 2008 08:53 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 399

UPDATE: Added translator's notes for a grand total of six, which I placed at the bottom. Also, fixed typos and rephrased two lines.

A super-late translation, but one I really wanted to do. Huge thanks to Tora-chan for her transcription, and a note: 意義 on p16 is actually 異議. Very important.

Finally, questions and corrections are welcome! :)

Page 1.

399: The beginning of it all!

The Senju and Uchiha meet...

(All lines are Madara's except when noted otherwise)

He was the first man to go by the name "Hokage."

Hashirama's Senju clan...

...was greatly admired by all shinobi clans, and - above all - feared by every last one.

Page 2.

千手が動けば うちはが動く
When the Senju moved, so would the Uchiha

Our clan was about the only one capable of standing up to them.

千手を雇えば 対立国はうちはを雇う …まるでライバルだ
If one country hired the Senju, their opponent would hire the Uchiha...it was almost as if the war was between us.*

*See translator's note 1.

As the man who would challenge Hashirama, it wasn't long before I'd gained a fair measure of renown.

(flashback: Itachi)

To make it to the very top...

To ascertain what you're capable of.*

*See translator's note 2.

(end flashback)

Page 3.


名を上げる… そんなことのために
It was renown you were after...


When you took your brother's eyes?

(back to Madara)

Oh, I took them...

But only because the power they would afford me was necessary to protect the Uchiha clan.


To protect it?

(back to Madara)

うちはの名が上がれば 自ずと敵も増える
It was only natural that greater renown would breed a greater number of enemies.

千手一族を始めとする 外敵から一族を守るには必要な犠牲だった
As the strife continued, my brother became a necessary sacrifice to protect the clan from external threats - not the least of which were the Senju.

It was not renown I was after.

Page 4.

弟は全て 承知の上だった
It was done with my brother's full consent.

He offered me his eyes himself.

But then, one day...

千手一族はうちはに対して 休戦を申し出てきた
The Senju clan requested a truce...

And the Uchiha accepted.

Page 5.

Just about every last man and woman in both parties had grown weary of the endless fighting.

Neither side could take anymore.

だがオレは 休戦にただ一人反対した
The only one to oppose the idea, was I.

Had our mutual hatred simply vanished, leaving no scar behind?

Was my brother's sacrifice to be in vain?

しょせん うちはと千手は水と油だ
In the end, it would do little to help the fact the Uchiha and Senju mix like oil and water.

Page 6.

いずれ うちは一族は千手一族によって駆逐されてしまう
I could just see the day the clan would be flung aside by the Senju...

And remained terribly uneasy for it.

だが… うちは一族の皆は休戦を望んでやまなかった
However... it was evident how desperate the rest of the Uchiha were for the truce.

オレはリーダーとして仕方なく 皆の意志を汲み取った
As their leader, I could not simply ignore their deepest wishes.

それから程なく 我ら忍び連合は
Not long afterwars, our shinobi alliance reached an agreement with Fire Country, which longed for stability in its territory.

Thus did an iron-clad partnership come into being.

The constituent parties being Fire Country and Konoha Gakure no Sato.*

*See translator's note 3.

Page 7.

It wasn't long before the system of one village per state was adopted throughout the lands.

それに伴い 争いも徐々に鎮火していく
And thus did strife dwindle to nothing.

A transitory peace was reached.

だが 木ノ葉はある出来事によって
Konoha, however, would see a certain event plunge it into disarray.


A certain event?

(back to Madara)

里長… 初代火影の座をめぐる争いだ
The struggle to determine Village Elder... The First Hokage.

Page 8.

お前も知る通り その座を得たのは千手柱間だ
As you well know, it would be Hashirama who attained the seat.

Both Fire Country and the villagers chose him.

It was clear the Uchiha's political strength was growing more compromised by the minute.

オレは うちはを守るため うちは主導の道を選ぶことを決めた…
In order to protect the clan, I resolved to fight for Uchiha leadership...

To challenge Hashirama!

しかし うちはの者でさえ オレについて来る者はいなかった
But there would be none, not even among the Uchiha, who would follow me.

My disposition to resume hostilities caused me the enmity of my clansmen...

And their betrayal.

Page 9.

オレは 利己的な欲求につき動かされていると叩かれ
Not only was I slandered as a man driven by his selfish lust for power...

それどころか 己の命を守るために弟の眼を奪った 欲深い兄だと蔑まれた
But belittled as a greedy elder brother who stole his younger brother's eyes to save his own life.

And I ask you, is there a man out there who would take pleasure in causing his younger brother harm?

オレはただ… うちはを守りたかっただけだというのに…!
Slander, when all along my one, sole wish had been to protect the Uchiha!

Betrayed by one an all...

I left.

Page 10.

オレは復讐者となり 木ノ葉隠れの里に戦いを挑んだ
I became an avenger, and waged battle against Konoha Gakure no Sato.

Page 12.

そして オレは敗れた…
I would face defeat...

In the place now known as The Valley of Endings.

オレは あそこで死んだ
There I met my end...or so they thought.

柱間でさえ そう思ったハズだ
Hashirama himself must have figured as much.*

*See translator's note 4.

オレは皆から そして歴史から忘れ去られていった
I faded to an obscure memory, a mere footnote on the pages of history.

柱間の弟である二代目火影は  二度と 再びオレのような反逆者を出さぬため
Lest someone should follow in my footsteps, Hashirama's younger brother, The Second Hokage....

信頼の証として うちはに特別な役職を与えた
Gave the Uchiha a special position as a token of his trust.

Page 13.

And that's how Konoha's Police Force came to be established.

In reality, the idea was to distance the Uchiha from the seat of political power...

なおかつ 一族をひとまとめに監視下に置くためのものだった
While simultaneously concentrating them in one place for ease of surveillance.

More than one Uchiha caught on to the fact.

Mutinous forces would assemble under the banner of my ideals...

…が 時すでに遅し
But, too little, too late.

時は流れ… 主権は千手の手に
History followed it's course...the Senju's power consolidated...

And the once proud Uchiha were relegated to being their lapdogs.

Page 14.

そして オレの考えた通りになった
And then my previous fears were realized.

ある事件で うちはは完全に駆逐されてしまう
Upon a certain incident the Uchiha would find themselves completely choked...

That's right...


The Nine Tailed Demon Fox's attack 16 years ago.

Page 15.


What are you talking about?

(back to Madara)

九尾を手懐け コントロールすることが出来るのは うちはの瞳力だけだ…
Only the power of the Uchiha's eyes is capable of taming and controlling the Kyuubi.

The higher-ups at Konoha...

Suspected someone among the Uchiha to be responsible for the incident.

あれは 自然発生的な いわば天災だ
The Kyuubi's something akin to a naturally ocurring calamity. The Uchiha had nothing to do with it.

だが あらぬ疑いがかけられた
But that didn't stop them from coming up with the proposterous suggestion...

That the demon's attack had been part of an Uchiha conspiracy to seize power.

Page 16.

以降 うちはへの監視は暗部により徹底され
From that point on, the Uchiha were put under complete surveillance by the Anbu…

And were forced to relocate their homes to a remote corner of the village.

Measures tantamount to segregation, if you will.

唯一 三代目火影だけはその処置に異議を唱えたが
暗部のダンゾウ そして相談役たちはそれを認めなかった

The Third was the one person to voice his disapproval, but the Anbu’s Danzou and the Village Advisors remained adamant.*

*See translator's note 5.

しょせん うちは一族は信用されていなかったのだ
There was no changing the fact the Uchiha did not have their trust.

The discrimination began.

Their mistrust bred resentment…

疑いはやがて 現実となっていく…
And turned their suspicions into reality.

Page 17.

The Uchiha clan plotted a coup d’etat…

To take over the village.

そして 木ノ葉上層部はうちは一族の中にスパイを送り込んだ
Konoha’s top brass placed a spy within the Uchiha clan…

それがお前の兄… うちはイタチだ
Your brother, Uchiha Itachi.

そこから イタチの地獄は始まったのだ
And that’s how his nightmare began.

A threat the village had born since its inception. Itachi finds himself pulled into a dark, terrible struggle*!

*See translator's note 6.

里と一族の戦い。イタチの決意とは!? 次号、『二つの心』へ!!

Clan and villlage do battle. What choice does Itachi make? Next issue: Two hearts!

Translator's note 1.

Some people might wonder why I would circunvent the term "rival" (ライバル) in my translation, since it would appear to translate directly (or rather, to be written in English to begin with). The fact of the matter is that "rival" in English and the katakana word that derives from it have slightly different meanings. "Rival" is competitor in a broad sense, while "ライバル" is someone of similar strength who is *always* in direct competition with you. What Madara means when he says "it was almost as if we were rivals", is that they *always* found themselves in *direct* comptetition with each other. This makes a lot more sense than what would result from using the English term "rivals", since *every* ninja clan is automatically the other's rival (competitor) as is.

So, in order to convey Madara's idea of them always being in direct opposition, I went with the slightly liberal but IMHO very fitting and evocative "the war was between us."

Translator's note 2.

Well, this is an odd one. That's not Itachi's original line, verbatim. He said in the original "In order to ascertain my potential." Here he's speaking about ascertaining one's potential in general terms. Also, note that this is not a previous scene from the manga, but an amalgam/paraphrase of what Itachi said when he was asked why he hadn't gone to the Uchiha clan meeting the night Shisui was killed (to get closer to the top), and what he told Sasuke when he was asked why he'd killed the clan (to ascertain my potential).

Translator's note 3.

Often translated as "village of hidden leaf", "konoha gakure no sato" actually means "village hidden by/under leaves." The rest are "hidden by" "sand", "mist", "rocks", "clouds", "rain", "grass", etcetera. Remember that hiding is one of the things real ninja specialized in.

Translator's note 4.

Why should it be important to point out that the people who thought he was dead included Hashirama? I guess because, since it was The First who fought and defeated him, if anyone had had the opportunity to notice he'd escaped, it was the First. But even he believed Madara to be dead, though he probably had no body, just one big crater/waterfall or something.

Translator's note 5.

This line had a typo both in the original spoiler text, and in the transcription. It's 異議, not 意義, which is important since their respective meanings are quite opposite.

Translator's note 6.

I read the other three translations in this forum, and I'm pretty sure only tora-chan's and mine are right for this line - which is no big deal, since it's the most irrelevant one of all, but whatever. What it says is that trouble had been brewing in Konoha since the village was created. その興り = its beginning/inception. その(sono) is explained in introductory japanese text books as one of the two potential equivalents to "that," which is what throws people off. It's equivalent to "that" in some cases, but there's also this other use, in which it becomes equivalent to "its". It also comes up in Itachi's one line, and in that particular case it means "your."

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#1. by One Eyed Sharingan ()
Posted on May 11, 2008
WHOAH.. thanks a lot for the translation
nice to see your translation again :D:D:D:turtle
#2. by Iwanin ()
Posted on May 11, 2008
Quote by One Eyed Sharingan;859570:
WHOAH.. thanks a lot for the translation
nice to see your translation again :D:D:D:turtle

Thanks, I see I'm not completely forgotten outside spoiler-translation circles... :D

No time to translate nowadays, mostly, but I just love translating narrations, plus I happen to have the time this weekend, so... :)
#3. by takadanama ()
Posted on May 11, 2008
As expected from Iwanin... awesome.... keep translating every week... thank you...
#4. by tora-chan ()
Posted on May 11, 2008
Great translation and awesome English! :D I wish I could write like that ;_; I always use Thesaurus no Jutsu, but still, my vocabulary is so limited... x_x

Thank you for pointing out about 異議! I actually read the right word but didn't notice I'd typed a wrong one x_x I'll go change it in both the transcription and my translation~.

By the way, your point about Konoha is very right, in fact I think I'll change some things in my work as well.. It is indeed true that the actual meaning is "hidden in the leaves", despite it being commonly (and somewhat wrongly) referred to as just "of the Leaf"... (Well, actually many things are referred to in wrong ways.. *sigh*)

Also, you made me notice that my intepretation of this line -> 柱間と対立するうち was slightly errr, how do you say ずれてる in English? :nuts Anyway, that. And also, that clan names should go with "the" before them even when there's no "clan" after the name :darn I'll go change those things as well~.

You should translate more often~. We need more awesome translations for this beautiful manga~ :nod (Although I can understand that you might have no time to. I would like to have more too x_x)
#5. by Alan Smithee ()
Posted on May 11, 2008
At times like these I realise just how much I miss your Naruto translations...
#6. by zidane ()
Posted on May 11, 2008
Iwanin is back, yay!

just try to find some time as often as possible...
#7. by Arcanis ()
Posted on May 11, 2008
Excellent work Iwanin. I always prefer your translations to the others whenever you do them =)
#8. by brian.ca ()
Posted on May 12, 2008
*echos the above sentiments*

Thanks for the translation and notes Iwanin
#9. by eyesotope ()
Posted on May 12, 2008
very informative translation, thanks man :)
"village hidden under leaves/sand/clouds..etc" sounds much better than "village of hidden leaf/..etc" or just "hidden leaf village"
#10. by Iwanin ()
Posted on May 12, 2008
Quote by Alan Smithee;859888:
At times like these I realise just how much I miss your Naruto translations...

Quote by zidane21ps;859947:
Iwanin is back, yay!

just try to find some time as often as possible...

Quote by Arcanis;860002:
Excellent work Iwanin. I always prefer your translations to the others whenever you do them =)

Quote by takadanama;859624:
As expected from Iwanin... awesome.... keep translating every week... thank you...

Quote by brian.ca;860674:
*echos the above sentiments*

Thanks for the translation and notes Iwanin

Quote by tora-chan;859873:

You should translate more often~. We need more awesome translations for this beautiful manga~ :nod (Although I can understand that you might have no time to. I would like to have more too x_x)

You guys have honestly made my day with your wonderfully encouraging replies. I've never gotten so many kind words in a single thread, not even on the odd occasion when the pageviews have gone over 3,000 or so.

I'll try and keep translating this particular sub-arc (I call it Madara's tale: fact, or BS?), to the end, and make an effort to translate more often, if not always.


Thanks again!
#11. by 4ghost ()
Posted on May 13, 2008
I was excited to see your translation up here again. Thank you, It is definitely appreciated. Since I avoid the spoiler threads I didn't realize that you were still translating here. In the future I'll make an effort to be on the lookout for your translations.
#12. by lordHokage ()
Posted on May 13, 2008
Once again, thanks for the trans. :)

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