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Translations: One Piece 913 by cnet128 , Gintama 693 by kewl0210

Together on Sunday 1

Together on Sunday (Part2)

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Jul 14, 2011 02:05 | Go to Together on Sunday

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tl by JinHea

Bold text: Uwaaah
- This… this honourable personage is is… is… the retired master of Hamadayama!!
Fan: Immovable
- My…my…my…goodness! The major shareholder of the company Father works at! [linked] What do we do?

- Eeeeh! You mean this old man!? [linked] Hamadayama, you mean that Hamadayama Enterprise!?
Fan: Immovable
- You brought him along without knowing that? [linked] A single word from this honourable sir and Japan’s economy will be at his mercy!

- Now that I’ve passed the reins to my son, I am merely an old man.
- Back to Junko-san’s situation, is it okay?

- [bigger text] Y…yes! [normal text] The matter of training in etiquette. It is my utmost pleasure to give my consent!
- We are unworthy. It’s an honour to be able to speak with you.

- Please don’t be so formal. [linked] It is only an old man’s whim.
- Since we have obtained permission, let’s go, Junko-san.
- Yeah…

Nameplate: Takaido Residence

- M…Mother… Why does our Junko know someone like that?
- I…I want to know too.

Truck: Express
Sign: No Parking [the smaller words are too small to read so I can’t translate it]

- No way…
- Right in the middle of Tokyo, and a main house that’s invisible from the doorway…

- Gozen-sama has returned.
- Gozen-sama has returned home.

- Whoa

- Welcome home, master.
- Your walk took a rather long time [linked] and we have been worried.

- A high class face.

- A far cry from the life of commoners.
- This residence! Such ceremony!!
Box: This is [bigger text] this is [even bigger text] this is!!
- Another world altogether!!

- What do you mean you refuse!! [linked] Being offered an opportunity to date a cute and beautiful older woman like me,
- You should be thrilled!!

- What’s to be thrilled about— [linked] I’ve never even seen you before!
- You’ve been seeing me since a little while ago haven’t you!

Word on head: Hm?

- You… [linked] didn’t just say older woman did you?
- I did! You look like a middle schooler, [linked] and I’m in high school.

- Quit lying! [linked] In high school? You look more like a grade schooler!

- What’d you say!?

- Just what part of this buxom girl is like a grade schooler?
- Look carefully! [linked] Ikenoue Kirara, high school 2nd year!

- Kiraraaa~~? [linked] That’s your real name?
- Of course!

- Isn’t it a cute name? [linked] It suits me perfectly.
- It’s the name of the girl of your dreams.

- Buhahahaha [linked] What an embarrassing name! [linked] You’ll still be Kirara when you become an old lady.
- Grandma Kirara! Too funny.

- Oh yeah? How about your name? [linked] They called you Jin.

- Jin Izumi!! [linked] Ain’t it cool?

- The heck it is! You got nerve laughing at someone else!
- What a girly name! [linked] Grandpa Izumi! Weeeiiiird!

Text between Izumi and Kirara: Instant dislike!!

- Listen up, Izumi.[linked] Leave Sunday free.
- I’ll give you my address and phone number.

- No way. [linked] Grow some bigger boobs first.

- You!!

- Iiidiot.
- Bwuh
- Incidentally, you’re a shortie too.

- Monkey!!

- See ya, underdeveloped chick!

- That little—
- he really knows how to press someone’s buttons

- You’ve angered me, Jin Izumi. [linked] I’ll make you pay for this.
- No matter how dirty the method, I’ll use it. Prepare yourself.

- Exactly! I don’t need anything ambiguous like love. [linked] What matters is battles! Winning!
Text above head: Fight!
- Watch me! I’ll make you acknowledge the terror of offending Ikenoue Kirara!

- I’m home.

- Wow! So much yummy food! What’s it for?
- It isn’t for anything. [linked] Didn’t I tell you to hurry home and help out?

- I get it! Big sister is bringing her man over today!
- What an uncouth expression. [linked] Say sweetheart.

- Kanako, Mama doesn’t you saying things like “ya know~~” or “buuuut~~”. [linked] If you speak sloppily people will think you are a sloppy person.
- But everyone does it ya know.
- There it is again!

- Hey hey, big sister’s sweetheart is the older brother of the kid she’s tutoring right? [linked] Are they getting married once she graduates?
- I don’t know. She’s introducing him to us today. [linked] Now stop eating and go change.

- Papa… Another night game?
- Hey papa, you’ll really buy me a CD if the Giants win the championship? [linked] So just winning the Central League isn’t enough?
Big text in front of Kana’s dad: Dammit!
TV: Kinugasa hits! / Hiroshima’s a real veteran.
- What are you implying! [linked] Of course they’ll win the championship!

- Buuut, the Pacific League is strong. [linked] And Seibu was the champion last year.
- That was against Hiroshima! The Giants would’ve won!
Thought bubble: but they lost against Hiroshima…

- Sheesh… it’s boring with a house full of daughters. [linked] Mother, that guy, Kugayama-kun, he likes baseball right?
- I wouldn’t know anything about it. [linked] Papa’s probably the only one who terrorizes his subordinates when the Giants lose.

- Yup! This one looks the cutest after all!

- Heehee, I wonder what kind of person the big brother is?
- It’d be good if he’s handsome, kind, rich, and the kind of person who’ll buy anything for me.

- They’re here!

- No way. Why did I have to come with too?
- Come on! You were the Cupid after all. [linked] The conversation might flow better if Masahiro-san isn’t by himself.

- Smile

- Wh… what is… this
- no way…

- I’ll just introduce you, Kanako. [linked] Over there is Kugayama Masahiro-san
- and, here’s my pupil Yukihiro-kun. [linked] He’s a year older than you.
- H…hello Kanako-chan. Nice to meet you.

- Wh…what to do…
- This is…

- Idiot.

- What kind of greeting was that? [linked] You know each other?
- I guess.
- I… I see, Yukihiro. [linked] Isn’t that the most amazing coincidence?
- Damn. He still remembers what happened this morning.

- Samiko, show them inside. [linked] Do come in. No need to be nervous.

- He wouldn’t tell them about my love letter would he?
- With that personality, there’s a high probability… [linked] There really is no god.

- Hold on…
- This is my chance.

- Yes! I have to use this coincidence to my advantage!
- The younger sister of the woman who’ll become your big sister.
- He might go to the party with me on that basis.

- Yukihiro-kun, your jacket. [linked] You got paint on it at the station. Take it off.
- It’s fine. How annoying.
- It won’t set if you get it off soon enough. Now take it off.

- Stop it! I said it’s fine!
- Sheesh how defiant. [linked] You should listen to your elders!
- You’re just 3 years older so don’t put on airs!

- They’re always like this. [linked] I don’t know if they’re getting along or not.
- W…well… [linked] It’s like they’re siblings already. To get along so well.

- Yes! [linked] See, this is my strength.

- Ah!

- I saw that.

- Yesss! [linked] I know his weak point!

- Hmph! Saying things that make it seem like he hates women,
- when he actually likes big sister Samiko.
- Too bad for you big sister doesn’t even consider you a potential love interest.

- Wow, mother is really good at cooking.
- You’re too kind. I can only do country style cooking.
- You should have confidence in your cooking.

- Hey, Yukihiro-kun, it’s delicious right?

- Yes, it is.
- How unusual!
- You’re so honest in front of Kanako.

- Kanako, how did you get this capricious young man to be so obedient? [linked] As a home tutor, it would be very useful indeed.
- Well. [linked] It’s just a little knack.

- Oh, [linked] Kanako, please pour hot water into the pot.

- Hot hot

- That’s a [linked] nice personality you got there.

- Not as bad as yours. [linked] What you did with the cookies. That girl was crying.
- Going around saying all women are the same, what a liar.

- You were eavesdropping!?
- Maybe I should tell those friends of yours. [linked] It’d be interesting if I told your big brother too~~
Text below bubble: Telling big sis is good too

- What if I told everyone about the love letter?

- You didn’t take it, so what evidence do you have? [linked] Nobody’s gonna believe you.

- Since we’ll be relatives, let’s get along okay? [linked] Yukihiro-kun.

- What were you too talking about so sneakily?
- Just that [linked] there’s a dance party on Sunday, and we decided to go together.

- Eh…
- Oh that is nice. [linked] I used to go with Papa a lot back in the day.

- Mama, buy me some clothes? [linked] I don’t have a dress that I can wear to a party.
- Okay.

- U…um father, [linked] it is rather rude of me, but I’d like to watch a little TV…

- Don’t tell me you want channel 4?
- That’s it. That’s it.

- I see! Actually, I was just thinking it was time.
- Mother, turn on channel 4 at once!!

- Ah I see, is that so. [linked] Masahiro-kun likes baseball. Something that important should be said sooner.
- It is very fortunate that father likes it too. [linked] I keep tabs on it even during work when it’s the season.

- The circumstances this year are good, there’s no mistake about it.

- I couldn’t agree more. They’ll definitely make the Japan series, no mistake!

Samiko: Ah…

- It’s obvious that Japan’s number one is [linked] the Giants [linked] Hiroshima

- No~~~

- [big text] Blockhead [normal text] You let a Hiroshima fan into this house!!
- I’m not giving my daughter to you!! Get out this instant!!

- Siiiiiigh

- Morning— Kana, you’re early. [linked] And that face. Are you constipated?
- I witnessed domestic violence…

- This isn’t good. Honestly…
- If big sis’ relationship goes down the drain cos of this, the party’ll go the same way…
Text beside hand: Dammit, just when things were going so well
- Ugh~~ I have to do something.

- Hehe white panties, so not sexy.
- Kyaah

- I’m deprived of lovely thin thighs.
- Nothing on underneath is the best!

- I gotta think of something or else…

- Whoa! [linked] Kana look at that car! [linked] Isn’t that a Rolls Royce?
- It is! Who could it possibly be?

- I shall come to pick you up after school.
- It’s Jun!

- Hamadayama Enterprise!?
- That old man was such a big shot!?

- Why are you so shocked?
- Did something happen…

- Hallo— girls. [linked] The pictures came out.
- How was it?

- [big text] Unfair!! [normal text] Kana’s guy is so handsome! [linked] My one’s just a horrid kid!
- And Jun’s like “my fair lady”. I’m the only one losing out on this!!

- The young lady has fabulous height, you’ll suit any kind of clothing.
- Let’s tease that hair a little more.
- Oh my, freckles. That won’t do. You must wear a hat when going out during the day.
- Beautiful Japanese and graceful gestures, [linked] are essential for any lady.
- You have a very high IQ. Such talent should be nurtured.

- Starting with this image,
Text beside Jun: it’s like my school uniform…
- Peel away the student facet
- and mysterious as the night, an adult is born!
Gozen: Good— face this way.

- All done! I shall be your dance instructor.
- I often danced together with Dietrich [asterisk].

Asterisk below panels: Dietrich = Marlene Dietrich. A film actress who started her career in the 1920s. Famous for her beautiful legs. Your grandads’ idol from when they were your age!?

- This is very good. The master is full of life. [linked] He’s not for the coffin anytime soon.
Text beside woman: Gozen is still a good catch

- Hmph hmph hmph hmph!
- It’s okay. It’s okay.
- I’ll work hard on my side of this whole thing.

- I don’t know his address or phone number, but I’ll find out!
- A middle schooler called Jin Izumi… [linked] I’m pretty sure he lives around Shibuya.
Poster 1: [smaller text too hard to make out so big text] Bomber
Poster 2: [small text] If you see any of these people [big text] call 110
- He gets into a lot of fights. As his girlfriend, you should give him a good talking to.

- That guy~~
- seems he really does get picked up once a week.

- Turn at that corner and you’ll find Jin-san’s place. [linked] Are you Izumi-chan’s girlfriend?
- Uh… [linked] Y… yes…
Text on box: Tamako pear [yes I know the picture shows apples, but it’s labeled pear >.<]

- His parents are in Okayama at the moment, [linked] make sure you kids aren’t up to no good while the parents are away!

- Excuse meee! [linked] Anybody home?
- Izumi-chan, it’s Kirara-chan!

- Huh? It’s open.

- Bleh, what a dump!!
- And this smell! It’s like rotting raw waste!

- Bleeeh.
- It’s like there’s a dead body in here.
- Doesn’t that guy throw out the trash?
- Geez, there’s nothing but empty ramen cups here.

- Squeeze

- Oh… goodness, looks like my mothering iinstincts have been awakened.
- Well, he’s a boy after all, there’s no helping it.

- Hoho, I did it! Finished off yesterday’s nuisances.
- They should be making their way to the hospital by now.

- Okay! I’ll have tonkotsu ramen today.
- Dessert will be fried squid soba!

- Oh, welcome home, Izumi-chan.
- I made dinner.

- Who… who are you? What’re you doing in someone else’s home?
- You should know just from looking. [linked] Sheesh, this place is reallly a mess.

- Th…that voice
- The underdeveloped girl from yesterday!

- Hohoho, messenger of love Ikenoue Kirara here. [linked] Look! The place is clean and shiny. With these mad skills, I’m ready to be a bride anytime!

- W…what did you come here for? [linked] How did you…
- I asked around the neighbourhood. They told me a lot about you.
- You’re pretty famous around here.

- Now look! [linked] The mother’s cooking that’ll make any single male cry with happiness!
- Nikujaga [meat with potatoes]
- Fried fish with daikon shavings
- Hibiki and fried veggie boil
- Pickled veggies
- Tokyo style: natto and green onion miso soup. Kansai style: tororo or pike or any saltwater organism is good. It’s also tasty with Tonjiru [a soup made with pork]

- You must be hungry after all that running around. [linked] Hurry and eat.
- Sit, sit.

- I asked you what you’re do…

- Oh
- Noooo!

- You fool! [linked] All my hard work wasted!
- Ouch
- Just live your whole life among garbage, why don’t you!

- I felt sorry for your eating only ramen all the time! [linked] You can’t even understand this motherly love!
- I’m sorry I let myself in! Don’t worry cos I won’t come here again!!

- Uwaaah

- Wow…
- Was the house ever this clean before?

- Like a mother’s cooking, delicious…

- Which is more important – big sister or baseball!?
- You don’t want to be a Giants fan that bad!?

- It’s just… I love Samiko-san, but [linked] I’ve loved Hiroshima for 15 years!
- If it’s Taiyou or Chuunichi or Yakult or Hanshin, I can bear becoming a fan. [linked] But I just can’t bring myself to be a fan of my most-hated Giants!

- I don’t get it at all! Papa likes them! [linked] Geez men are really hard to understand! Why is a lover on the same level as baseball!?
- I love them both, that’s why I can’t possibly choose!

- Okay then, let’s do it like this. [text cutting bubble] Hmm… this one doesn’t want Hiroshima to lose. I’ll take a chance.
- You only need to hide the fact that you’re a Hiroshima fan in front of Papa. [linked] It’s okay for you not to be a Giants fan, but Hiroshima is a landmine.

- I get it! I’ll be supporting a harmless team like Hanshin or Taiyou, [linked] when in actuality I want the Giants to lose!
Text above Kana: good boy, good boy
- That’s right. You can do that much at least.

- But I really do want the Giants to become Japan’s number one. [linked] Since if they do papa will buy a CD for me.
- No kidding!!

- Fi…fine. If Hiroshima wins the championship I’ll buy that CD for you. [linked] So you have to support Hiroshima, Kanako-chan!
- Yaaay!

- Nice [musical notes]
- and big sis is a Seibu fan, I’m bound to get something out of this!

- Huh. I thought it was rare for you to treat me. [linked] This one’s here too.

- What’s with that? You’re on good terms with Kanako-chan aren’t you.
- Found you, Kugayama-san!

- You’d better go bad to the company. [linked] Your reports are full of mistakes.
- The section chief wants you to do overtime for it.

- Eh~~ bad luck.
- Nothing good is happening today.

- Yukihiro, use this and go get something to eat with Kanako-chan. [linked] Bring me the receipt under the company’s name.
Text below bubble: petty…

- Sheesh… [linked] Just what does Samiko see in that guy?
- He’s like Papa. [linked] When you come right down to it, big sister has a father complex.

- Uwaah a 10000 yen note! What should we eat?
- We’ll split it. [linked] Eat whatever you want on your own.

- No way, the receipt! [linked] If you don’t wanna eat together, I’ll be taking this all.
- I’ve decided to eat with you as friends.

- You~~ aren’t you supposed to like me? [linked] To say something like that…

- You’re pretty rude in front of big sister too.
- Anyway, the one I like is handsome, a pet who’ll become the man of my dreams. [linked] You’re a far cry from him.

- You hold a grudge.

- Of course I do. I’ll remember it my whole life.

- For the first guy I’ve ever written a love letter to turned out to have such a bad personality, I was shocked, I tell you! [linked] I stayed up all night writing it! It had been worrying me for a whole month!
- Oh man— Just remembering it is making me angry all over again! [linked] I’m gonna eat everything 10000yen can buy!

- What?
- You think I’m a glutton, don’t you?

- You… have a split personality, huh. [linked] A dirty mouth and a big attitude. And what was with that “stupid idiot”.
- You were more feminine when you were handing me the letter, your voice then was so small it seemed like it was gonna disappear.

- Oh gee sorry about that. Of course a girl acts more feminine in front of the guy she likes. It’s our instinct, so the guy would like us. [linked] You may be popular with girls, but you don’t understand them at all.
- You should spend some time learning about what girls are really like.

- Dammit! I was fooled by this guy’s looks! How sad is that!

- Out of curiosity… [linked] what kind of guy did you think I was?

- Well, I guess, kind.
Text beside Yukihiro: Wow, she really became feminine.
- Somewhat cool, smart,

- Gentle, masculine yet delicate, [linked] a youth’s naivete yet an adult’s patience, [linked] sharp senses, a stylish wit and rich conversational scope.
- Well? Isn’t it fantastic?

- Oof… I feel dizzy…
- Oh come on! I can imagine as I please!

- Telling me to learn more about girls… [linked] That kind of guy doesn’t exist anywhere in this world.
- Y…you read too much manga and novels.

- I bet you’ve never gone out with a guy before.
- Course I have! How rude!

- So? Why don’t you have a guy now? [linked] It couldn’t last, after all.
- He must’ve said that he didn’t think you were this kind of person.

- Th… this sucks…
- I won.

Starburst with bigger text: That blockhead!!
- Go off and die, stupidhead Jin Izumi!

- Geh— I forgot my bag!
- What should I do…

- Hmmmmm

- That idiot forgot her bag here.
- I don’t know where she lives or what her number is.
- Man, you should take your own lessons to heart before lecturing others.

- Guess I’d better take a look. See if her address is in there.
- Even though I really don’t wanna look through a girl’s bag.

- Hm?

- Hm?

- Hmmmm?

- Awawa

- Th… that was…
- a surprise…
- This is probably what they call a pad.
- I’ve seen it at the supermarket, but
- this is the first time I’ve seen what’s inside—

- Take care.
- Uh~~ owww
Sign: ……hospital

- Goddamn that Jin. Why’s he so strong?
- That monkey!!
- If word gets out we got beaten up by a middle schooler, the Boss’ll kick our asses.

- Hey, that girl standing in a daze there,

- she was the one that ran away with Jin yesterday. [linked] We got lucky. [linked] I’ll pay her back for hitting me with that sign.

- Hey…

- Hurry up and decide. [linked] Just what do you want to eat?
Text beside hair: I… I’m gonna hit you, I’ll really do it.
- But I wanna have pizza and sushi and tenmusu [a sort of tempura sushi] and tea and seafood and French cuisine, [linked] and I also wanna try a restaurant that serves ethnic food.

- That girl… looks like Kirara. And she’s wearing our school uniform.

- There’s no other way.
- I have to bear the shame and go back for it.

- Yes! We got her.
- Now we can pay Jin back.
- Mmf!

- Kirara’s been kidnapped!!

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