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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Together on Sunday 1

Together on Sunday (Part3-Final)

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Aug 8, 2011 01:43 | Go to Together on Sunday

-> RTS Page for Together on Sunday 1

*Only for use by Lazy Ass Scans

tl by JinHea

- Kirara! That’s my friend!!
- What are those guys doing!?

- Heeey, Ikenoue Kirara!
- Dammit— where are you!

- Stupidhead— where are you? Come out, Kiraraaa

- He’s Kirara’s! [linked] She said he’s called Jin Izumi.
- [bold text] Ah— [normal text] I remember now! That guy!

- [big text] What!! [normal text] Kidnapped!?

- That’s right! The girl who was chasing you yesterday!
- Those buttheads~~ they’re lower than trash! [linked] They want to use a woman to get back at me!

- Where’d they go?
- U~~m, I think they turned right over there.

- S…stupi— why didn’t you chase them?
- Hey…
- I was thinking about doing just that when you showed up!

- What happens to the meal?

- Wh…wh…what are you saying!? [linked] We have to look for Kirara!

- So why don’t wait at that guy’s house? [linked] Those people have a bone to pick with him after all.
- Ah! That’s true…
- Hey, where are you going, Yukihiro!!

- Who said you could use my name so familiarly? [linked] Remember this, I don’t like getting involved with females.
- Since we’re not eating there’s no more reason to stick together.

- But my friend was kidnapped!
- It’s not my friend.
- Don’t be so horrible, Yukihiro! How dare you give me attitude!!

- I told you I hate it!
- Fine then Yukihiro!! [linked] So I can tell, Yukihiro? I’ll tell your friends, your brother and my sister!

- This little~~ You’re the lowest.
- So if it concerns your friends, you’d use any method no matter how despicable it is?

- Of course!
- Eh

- There’s no need to choose methods as long as it achieves the desired objective!
Big text: Complete change in attitude
- You guys already hate me anyways. [linked] Why should I care if you shout at me or despise me!

- Th… the little~~

- Really alike…
- I see why they’re friends…

- I’ve heard how scary a woman can be when her attitude changes, [linked] but this girl’s complete about face would shock even God himself.
- I thought Samiko had a pretty big attitude, but compared to this one she seems almost tame.

- I have a bad feeling—
- What if like a shark attracted by the scent of blood, this girl continues to circle me, [linked] won’t my entire life be turned upside down by her power?

- Now that I think back, my tragic first love was
- a girl who was the boss of a gang in the neighbourhood.
- She bullied me.
Young Yukihiro: So cool
- The next one I fell for was my cousin, and she treated me like a toy.

- Hey wait a minute, isn’t Samiko that type too?
- The heck? Doesn’t that make me a masochist!?

- A bad feeling

- Hmph

- A bad feeling

- This one has the same nasty personality as all the girls I’ve liked up till now.
- You’ve got to be kidding me. I will never never NEVER like this girl!

- Dammit! It was them!
- Blockheads! I’ll go, be it the park or anywhere else!

- Whoa. That’s Kirara for you. What comes next is, the guy she sets her eyes on will definitely become hers.
- Jun would do well to learn even a little of Kirara’s technique.
- Though Jun’s already trying hard enough this time.

- Hmph, how admirable, Jin. [linked] You really came alone as promised.
- Kids shouldn’t be so worldly. [linked] You like this girl that much?

- You’re annoying! [linked] Quit wriggling about, grit your teeth and act more like a hostage!
- Ngh!

- Don’t hurt her!!
- I came as promised so let’s talk about this!

- Hee~~ you hear that? He wants to talk. [linked] Pretty cool huh. I hate this kid.
- Who do you think you’re up against, saying something like that?

- Why don’t you say that again?\

- Mmph!

- Ouch…
- A…amazing. So this is romance. [linked] Offering your own body to protect the girl you love.

- I…idiot! What romance! [linked] When you get punched, there’s only pain!

- Hey kid, hit back!
- You’re not by yourself, no I mean, I’ll back you up!
- Sorry.
- Ah— Jin that’s cowardly!
- You promised you’d come alone!!

- Who are the cowardly ones!?

- Now!
- Mmph!

- Kirara, I came to help you!

- Are you okay? You’re probably scared.

- Of course I am! Dammit! I’m gotta get revenge on them!!

- Guess there’s no room revenge…
- Ye…ah…

- Geez… it’s been years since I last fought.

- You’re stronger than you look. [linked] It felt pretty good, right?
- poi

- Guess so. [linked] It was for a girl so I suppose it can’t be helped.

- Thanks heaps Kana! [linked] Yukihiro-kun, be seeing you on Sunday kay?

- You look good together, Kirara!
- Don’t let him get away!

- Hey, if there’s nothing else, [linked] I’ll just be getting a move on.

- Ah!
- Ah~~~
- Ah~~~~!
- Wh… what’s up with you?
- You’re hurt!!

- O…obviously! People get hurt in fights! [linked] Just whose fault do you think this is!?
- That needs treatment at once! My house is close by so let’s go!
- It’s fine! No big deal.

- Bu…

- I gotcha!! [linked] Shut up shut up shut uuup!!
- I’ll go wherever you want me to so quit harping on! I’m really delicate!

- Nn?
- Hmph

- I didn’t even get beyond “bu—“.

- A bad feeling.

- Seems like I’ve been brainwashed by this girl’s power before I even knew it happened.
- I’ve been unable to rebel against overbearing women since I was little.

- Please don’t make me go back to those miserable days. [linked] The real me is someone who can wrap women around his little finger, cool and confident!!

- And your only good point is your face. [linked] What if it leaves a scar…

- Oh, but what you did raised my estimation of you a little.
- You’re nice when it concerns a fellow man.

- Hey, just what do you like about big sister? [linked] Her looks? Personality?
- S…stupid! At such a time… [linked] Your train of thought is too confusing!!

- I bet you’re bad at Japanese!
- I can feel you’re not good with Mathematics that requires analytical thinking! [linked] Same with physics!
Text beside Kana: Lucky hit!

- That was close…
- How can I tell her it’s actually that forceful personality I fell for?

- Ah well I don’t really wanna hear it.[linked] After all, big sister is beautiful, and I like her too.
- Plus, I think I was a bit too harsh on you.

- If I think about it, it must be hard for you, with your unrequited feelings. [linked] I took advantage of that…
- I coerced you into going to the party with me. It’s only natural you’d be mad.

- I’m sorry. If you’d just go to the party with me, I’ll drop the issue. [linked] I’ll also stop holding a grudge about the rejection…

- I’m not good with this—
- With her looking so down, doesn’t it seem like I’m the one at fault?

- Split personality…

- Wh… what’s with you!? This is the real me! [linked] You may not know this, but I am a kind-hearted girl who gets hurt easily!
- The you I know is a tough girl with a big attitude, dealing with whom is like dealing with landmines. [linked] And she’s totally self-centred, with no regard for others.

- What!? Well, you’re mean and aloof, you enemy of all women!
- Oh my, [linked] you’re getting along well.

- That’s good. [linked] High school students having a lovers’ quarrel is cute.

- What part of that looked like a lovers’ quarrel? [linked] We’re just fighting!
- My my. Every part of it, dear. [linked] What are you talking about, holed up together in a girl’s room at night?

- That’s because she…
- Don’t be embarrassed. [linked] You two suit each other well.

- Oh…
- Is…
- Is that so…

- I’ve been mulling it over. For a selfish and self-absorbed teenage boy like you [linked] a girl with fortitude like Kanako is perfect.
- You don’t like fake girly types because they need a lot of looking after, right?

- Well well, I see I was right! [linked] You’re going to the party together so what are you acting all shy for now?
- The party was something she forced me into! [linked] I wouldn’t even be going with her if she wasn’t your little sister!

- Anyway… [linked] I’m not dating her or anything.
- Don’t misunderstand.

- Geez… it’s the truth, but [linked] did he really have to deny it so adamantly?
- All that just because big sister misunderstood. [linked] Ah I get it. You like big sis that much.

- I don’t want the reason for him going with me to be because I’m big sister’s younger sister.
- I’m so sorry [linked] for forcing you.

- I understand your feelings completely!
- That’s right, I get it! [linked] The party wouldn’t be enjoyable anyway even if we did go together!

Samiko: What’s wrong, Kanako?

Yukihiro: What are you saying all of a sudden?

- I’m saying I’m not going to the party with you!
- Go home! I don’t want to see your face ever again!!

- Whaaaat!? You broke it off yourself?
- What’d you get all worked up for, Kana? [linked] So what if he likes your sister? It doesn’t have anything to do with you!

- Yes it does.
- Hey now, I heard you say you hated that guy and his horrible personality. You were going on about how [linked] his appearance fooled you, remember?

- What an idiot. [linked] When you get right down to it, Kana, you like that mean-spirited guy.

- I understand how you feel, Kana! [linked] You must’ve been shocked to find out he likes your sister.
- Quit drawing conclusions on your own! I really really hate that guy!
Text beside Kirara: not cute at all

- You heard her, Jun, she hates him. [linked] It’s decided. Kana will be going to the party with Shimokitazawa.
- She’ll take her pick from Shimoda, Kitano, or Sawamura. [linked] Or she can go with all three.

- Kirara! Isn’t that too hard on her? [linked] Hey, think of something.
- People can say what they want, but the road of love isn’t all smooth going. [linked] Anyways, she gave up first!

- A spineless girl with no guts doesn’t deserve a guy!

- Kirara, you’re… you know, incredible.
Text beside Jun: That was really convincing…
- Of course! I don’t put up with crap from guys.

- Dammit…
- Kirara went too far.

- Shouldn’t friends be supportive at a time like this?
- But they’re just carrying on like normal.

- He likes big sister,
- and hates me.
- Well, I guess his feelings are justified. I did lots of despicable things to him after all.

- Heeey, could you pass it here?

- I’m so pissed~~ Why do I have to like a mean guy like him!?
- Someone thoughtful, with a good personality, and listens to whatever I say. If only I liked that type of guy, I wouldn’t be going through so much right now!

- I… I saw them.
- Polka dots. Dammit—

- A guy like that…
- would be boring.

- Ah… um, so [linked] that…
- Let’s go. [linked] This guy’s scary.

- Oh well, that guy’s always in a bad mood. Bad personality too.
- How ‘bout us? We’ll treat you girls right.

- Eh~~
- No way.

- Geez… I don’t get the way females think. [linked] Every single one of them flocks to you just cos of your appearance.
- That’s a good thing. You’re a lucky guy, having them flock to you. [linked] I don’t know what happened, but don’t take it out on the girls.

- “What happened”?

- Don’t “what happened” me! You’ve been like that since morning.

- Nothing… [linked] I’m the same as usual.

- Yo, Yukihiro, I’ve been wanting to ask this for a while. [linked] What kind of girl do you like?
- Ah, I wanna know too! [linked] Cute and innocent girls like the ones just now are my type.
- What’s to like about those fakes?

- Innocent girls sound good, but they have no real personality. [linked] Nice girls just want to show their good side to others.
- It’s hard to figure out what docile girls are thinking. [linked] And pure girls make you look like a pervert.

- Peculiar guy~~ [linked] I think it’d be best if you don’t hook up with a girl.
- That’s right. A girl who can date this selfish dude on equal terms doesn’t exist.

- Equal terms? That girl has a bigger attitude than me.
- I don’t want to see your face ever again!!

- Hell! The more I think about it the angrier I get.
- What did I do to make her say that?

Text above Kana: Ugh~~ Not good.
- Sunday is steadily creeping up on me.

- It’d be good if Sunday never came.
- If only the party could get cancelled.

- Bad news! A fire yesterday destroyed the entire party venue!!
- What do we do? The party is in two days, we can’t possibly find a new venue now!

- Whaat!?

- Yes!

- Is that all? You can use my house. [linked] 100, 200 people are no problem.

- The garden would be perfect. [linked] It was used for welcoming musicians in the past, and it served that purpose well.
Jun: musicians…
- Also, Takeshi-san will be returning on Sunday, I am sure he will be pleased. He does like for it to be lively.
- Oh— you have a point.

- Takeshi-san would be…
- My grandson. He’s the spitting image of me, a very pretty boy.

- I see…
- Someone like this perhaps…

- Huh?? It’s being held at the Hamadayama master’s place?

- Exactly! Isn’t that too bad, Kana?
- Anyways, I’ll be going with Izumi-chan to shop for a dress.

- If you do a couple look with Shimokitazawa,
- I’m sure you guys’ll look good!

- [big text] They did it! [normal text] Serves you right, Hiroshima! It’s Kuwata’s home run! [linked] Yesss! Good hit! Good throw!
Text cutting bubble: Cha cha cha [heart]
- Here, Kana, see the strength of the Giants!!

- That’s right! Kana! Your age is just right. [linked] If you marry Kuwata-kun I’ll buy you anything you want!
- Papa wants to to called father by Masumi-kun!

- If you like him that much why not divorce Mama and marry him yourself!? [linked] Whether the Giants win or lose it’s nothing to do with me!!
- Ah…

- She’s so harsh…
- Well, she’s been in a bad mood these 2, 3 days.

- Wh… what on earth could’ve happened?
- Ugh… wasn’t careful.

- That [linked] would be the onset of youth.

- A maiden’s heart is complex.

- Ah!

- Oh!

- What’s up, Yukihiro-kun? [linked] We were just buying clothes for the party that’s being held the day after tomorrow!
- Humph. [linked] Seems like you’re enjoying yourselves.

- Hey, aren’t you going to the party?
Text above Izumi: this one’s in a bad mood—
- I dunno. [linked] She just up and cancelled all of a sudden.

- You’re protecting your pride. How old fashioned.
- Go with her, even if it’s only because you like her sister.

- H… how did you know?
- You’re too loud!

- Oh no, poor Kana!
- The guy she likes hates her. [linked] As if that’s not enough, her rival is her own big sister.

- I never said anything about hating her!
- So you like her?

- If you like her then invite her to the party!
- That girl’s eccentric.She must be depressed. [linked] She won’t find you bothersome at all.

- Oy wait!
- I thought of something!

- It looked like you two got along well, even though you did nothing but bicker. [linked] And you might’ve been complaining all the while, but you did help Kirara!
- If you feel nothing for her, don’t lead her on!

- Argh geez! Brace yourself and take a chance!
- Come to the party! I’ll be waiting!
Text beside Yukihiro: So embarrassing…

- She told me she didn’t want to see my face ever again.
- I dunno what’ll happen if I approach her directly.
- How can I make a move?

- Ehehe… Kanako-chan. [linked] Invite me to the party, okay?
- How ‘bout me? Let’s the two of us go. [linked spiky] Dumbass! I’d look much better with her!

- Er…

- Uh… [linked] Um…
- Choose cute little me!
- Choose me!
- I should be the one!

- Noooooo!!

- A dream… that’s good…

- No, no, not good at all!
- It must be a premonition.
- What do I do? I’d rather die than go to the party with those things!

- Looks like it’s not a fever. [linked] You said your head hurts. Perhaps a cold.
- Can you go to the party tomorrow?

- My head… hurts so [linked] I can’t go.
- Mama, could you phone Kirara to tell her.

- Ah, that’s right. Kirara-chan phoned just now. She said Shimokitazawa-san will come pick you up tomorrow.
- Weren’t you going with Yukihiro-kun?

- That~~~ Kirara!!
- I know! A woman keeps her word! I’ll stick to our promise!

- You look nice, Kana. [linked] That’s my little sis. Very cute.

- Big sis, Kugayama-san is coming today right? Hang in there.
- I’m hanging in there too. [linked] I’ll take a chance!

- Oh my, isn’t Kanako being picked up?
- Looks like she’s going to pick him up. [linked] Isn’t it great? A maiden in the flush of youth.

- A letter came. No stamp so I’m guessing hand-delivered. [linked] You’re so popular.
- It says “Messenger of love Kirara”.

- Kirara…
- I think she was that baby-face.

- Whoa!
- Wh… what’s with this photo?
Text beside photo: If you don’t come Kanako will have the pleasure of going to the party with one of these three. It’ll be a disaster.
Text beside panel: She’ll become the school’s laughingstock.

- Awful—
- They can’t be human.

- I’m going out.
- Big bro, hang in there! I’m cheering you on!

- That’s right. I’ve had difficulty with that type since I was little.
- Things seem to get out of hand whenever I’m involved.
- I’ll try and see. It’s too late to write back anyway. Too embarrassing.

- That outfit…

- Listen, I…
- I’ll go first! [linked] This is where the guy says his piece!

- I want to go to the party with you! [linked] You misunderstood.
- That time, it wasn’t because I didn’t want Samiko to misunderstand. [linked] She was poking fun at me, and I was embarrassed!

- But… about big sis…

- I liked Samiko, but lately you’ve been occupying my mind. [linked] I’m a ill-natured masochist anyway.
- So if there’s something you like about me apart from my face then let’s go to the party together.

- I… [linked] I want to go to the party with an eccentric, mean-spirited, foul-mouthed, cold guy…
- Being with a guy who’s nothing but kind is boring!

- Unpredictable woman.

- You’re the unpredictable one.

- [big text] Ah— [normal text] It’s 1pm! The party’s started already!
- We have to hurry!

Yukihiro: If you were coming to invite me you should’ve come earlier!
Kanako: Like you’re one to talk!
- We should thank that baby-face.
- So mean, Kirara! I was really worried!

- Incredible…
- It’s just like Jun said… [linked] a whole other world…

- They’re here! Such a stubborn pair.
- You didn’t come with Shimokitazawa. I knew it [clef]
- Heya! You’re late!

- You did it!

- Now then, may I have this dance?
- My pleasure.
- Amazing~~ Jun looks so grown up!

- Father, Takeshi-san has returned.
- He says big brother is doing well in Belgium.

- I’m home, grandpa. [linked] Is this a welcome back party for me?

- It’s a dance party. I invited my friends.
- Those are some young friends…

- This is my lovely girlfriend. I’ll introduce you. [linked] Junko-san, this is my grandson Takeshi.
- No girlfriend to speak of, even though he’s already in university. Take pity on him.

- Now now, Jun.
- What’re you spacing out for? [linked] Time and love waits for no one.

- That’s right! I have to take a chance.

- Kanako, Kirara, come! We’ll teach you how to dance!
- It’s simple! Just follow our lead.

- Let’s go! Izumi-chan.
- Eh~~ I can’t do something like that!

- Weeeell, I see, I see. [linked] Since you’ve quit being a Hiroshima fan, I suppose I have no more reason to oppose.
- I’ve liked Taiyou for a long time too. [linked] I won’t hold back when it’s Taiyou vs Giants!

- [text cutting bubble] Hahahaha [bubble] Well, we shall see.
- Taiyou’s no real threat.

- This guy! I don’t get him at all!

- Homerun!! [linked] He did it! Ironman Kinegasa’s reverse rotation homerun!!
Papa: Eh
- Ah

- Wh… whaaat!?
- Yesss!

- You big liar!
- Don’t you ever show yourself in front of me again!!

- What are you thinking about?
- Mm… [linked] Wondering if things are going well with big sis and them.

- How to put this… [linked] He’s not good at hiding his feelings.
- Honestly, he’s too naïve.

- Kana, come on!
- Heheh, I’m getting better at this!

- Kay.
- Hey, let’s have a party every Sunday.
- Every week, there’s no way we can do something like that!
- Dummy! At least say something like, we can have a party anywhere if we’re together.
Yukihiro: Ouch…
- Squeeze
Text at bottom of page: Together on Sunday / End

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