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Toriko 204

A new cooking method!

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Sep 19, 2012 14:13 | Go to Toriko

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tl by JinHea

- Okay, I’ve made the call! / They can’t come here, but…
- I’ve called together all the gourmet chefs employed by my restaurant chain, that’s around 50 thousand people. / I told them to convene at Kitchen Dome, which has 50 thousand kitchens…!!
Page left: Coming from all over to save all of humanity…
Below panel: Toriko

- 20 thousand people from my store are coming…!
- I’ll have them gather in the plaza close by, where everyone has taken refuge.

- We have 10 thousand people…
- And we’ve tried to contact as many gourmet chefs from other gourmet schools as possible.

- We have around 8000 people…
- I’ve asked all my snackbar colleagues to go to work at their stores.

- 30 thousand of mine!
- They may be ex-Underground Gourmet World, but their skills are tried and true, so don’t worry!

- Thank you all so much. I will make an urgent demand…
- to have basic kitchens and cooking cars set up where the gourmet chefs are gathering. / The rest…

- is up to Komatsu-kun…
- At this juncture…

- there’s nothing we can do but pray…
Logo: Toriko
Below logo: Gourmet 204 / A new cooking method!!
Aside to Komatsu’s left: Everything is in the hands of a small man…

Boxes below panel: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi

- This is hard…

- Each grain of the coloured rice itself is irregular and uneven, and the colour even changes depending on the temperature and moisture it’s exposed to…
- Thus making it difficult to combine… / And depending on the combination, the time taken to steam could differ by mere seconds…

- Not only the number of times beaten, but the amount of strength put into each pound and the angle at which you beat it is different each time…
- First, I’ll have to standardize the rice combination, steaming time… number of times beaten etc.

- If I don’t find the cardinal rule to this…
- it won’t become a mochi that anyone can make…

- beep—
- beep—

- Wh…what!?
- My phone started ringing all of a sudden!!
- An emergency transmission from the IGO!?

- To the people getting drenched by the “green-coloured rain”.
- I’m only saying this once, so listen well.

- He’s being projected from the building monitors!!
- That’s… / Tyran of poison cooking!!

- Apart from Livebearer, he’s the only other chef from a non-IGO-member nation…
- to get into the top 30 world ranking! A genius gourmet chef!!
- Why is someone who so rarely appears in public…

- That “green-coloured rain” is a deadly poison called Green Rain.
- It’s certain death within the hour once you get drenched by it…

- …eh…
- Ehhhhh~!!?

- W-within the hour!? You’re kidding, right!!?
- Is what he said true…!? / Tyran’s an expert gourmet chef of poisons. There is a high possibility that it’s true…

- And somehow…
- Oh no!! I’m starting to feel sick…

- Don’t worry. You won’t die RIGHT NOW.
- I will teach you certain ACUPUNCTURE POINTS on the body, which if precisely pressed…
- will allow you to live a little longer.

- These are points that will delay the poison’s effects.
- You have to massage for five minutes, but it is quite complicated so… / concentrate and follow these directions. This video…

- will be repeatedly broadcasted many times… Make sure you pass the word to the people who haven’t seen this. / Now then, let’s begin.
- Eh…
- W… wait a minu…
- First…

- I’ve also given the word…
- to all my chefs without missing one millimetre.

- Yuda-san.
- But how will this turn out…
- five minutes have already passed…

- From the viewpoint of someone who frequently does medicinal cooking like me…
- to simplify the cooking process of “Medicinal Mochi” is just about impossible…

- I’d advise you not to underrate Komatsu-chan’s talent.
- Serving King Yuda.
- Mngh.

- Forsooth…
- it should be said that Komatsu-san, who has acquired “Food honour”, has made his talent bloom…

- A few days ago on his way back from “Shokurin Temple”, Komatsu-san came by my restaurant…
- and there I was given a display of his talent.

- As everyone is well aware…
- To eat our “disappearance cuisine”, with its delicate dishes, is a difficult feat.

- To that, Komatsu-san said…
- Chiru-san…
- it’d be much better if ordinary customers could eat the food more easily!!

- Having said that, Komatsu-san went about…
- inventing a new method of cooking the delicate ingredients so that even ordinary people could easily eat them. / And he did it in a short time.

Linked: what…
- The delicate ingredients from Chiru-kun’s place were…!?

- Frankly, it stirred a certain amount of envy in me.
- Both for his extraordinary talent as a gourmet chef… / and above all…

- for that form, which is…

- Fufufu…
- It could well be that we have come into contact with an extraordinary person…

- Right, Nono…

- Oh?
- Nono?

- Fufu… is that so…
- Watch him… Nono.

- And go forth together… / hand in hand…
- for you are the next generation…

- …A…
- Amazing…
Box: “Medicinal Mochi”, cooking simplification—

- A challenge he’s never come across before…
- occupies the full of Komatsu’s concentration.

- This is…
- already…

- Since the cooking method research began…
- 9 minutes and 50 seconds have passed—

- It’s no good…
- huh…

- We cannot condemn him…

- Time to start selecting…
- those who will eat…

- I finished it!!!

- The… “Medicinal Mochi”’s…
- simplified cooking method… / I found it!!

- N… no way…
- Really, Chef Komatsu!!?

- Notify the world at once!!
- Have the chefs gathered!?

- Kitchen Done—
- Exclusive chefs of “Damala’s Group”.
- 50 thousand!!

- Yes!

- Exclusive chefs of “Guts Group”!!
- 20 thousand!!

- Chefs from each gourmet cooking school, 10 thousand!!

- Ex-Underground gourmet world chefs, 30 thousand!!

- And…

- Exclusive chefs of the “Setsuno Group”!!
- 1 million!!!!

- We’re here too!!
- Chef Komatsu!!

- These are… “Hotel Gourmet Group”’s cooks…
- IGO is working with us too!!

- You…
- You guys…

- In addition, chefs in the world everywhere have gathered!!
- We’re gonna do this too!!
- I’m cooking too!!
- In total, we have an overwhelming number of 5 million people!!

- Are there enough “ingredients” for cooking!?

- Leave it to me!!
- The ingredients have been gathered by us gourmet wholesalers!!

- Tom-san!!

- We heard everything.
- The rest is up to you, Komatsu!

- Yes!!!

- Now then…
- I’ll tell you how to make “Medicinal Mochi”!!

- He’s a genius!!!

- It’s done!!

- S… so fast!! / It took…

- 3 minutes!!!
- 3 minutes!!!
- He made a “special preparation dish” into a common simple dish like instant ramen!!

- Cooking begins down!!
- Distribute the finished mochi to the stricken areas, starting with the outer areas first!!
- With 5 million chefs cooking, over 200 million can be made in 2 hours!!

- That was fast. I applaude you… / to think there was such a way to cook it…
- what’s more, with this cooking method, it’s possible for us to make the remaining 300 million.

- That was brilliant, Komatsu-kun.
- To think you actually accomplished it… / and in precisely the 10 minutes you set…

- It wasn’t 10 minutes, sensei…
- It took less than 5 minutes to invent the actual method itself…

- …what…

- In the remaining 5 minutes, Chef Komatsu…
- was thinking about how to make the mochi’s “taste” even more delicious.

- Ah… well… I just thought…
- since you’re gonna eat it anyway, it might as well be delicious…

- This child…
- even going so far as to pursue flavour in such a short of time…

- Toriko-san, Coco-san, Sani-san, Zebra-san!
- I’m managed somehow to do my part!

- I leave the Four Beasts…
- to you!!

- The sky… sinks into “blood”…

- Uwooohhhh!

SFX: rmmmbl

- Gourmet 204 / End

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#1. by Juin Jutsu Team ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2012
why have you to translate this manga?
Kewl work on toriko since the first chapter... i can't understand why you have to come out now, and start this manga from chapter 203...
#2. by JinHea ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2012
I'm translating because someone requested it of me, and I'm a big fan of Toriko (been borrowing the volumes from the library) so I gladly accepted. And, of course, Kewl is obviously a better translator with lots more experience than me.
#3. by Juin Jutsu Team ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2012
so, why you want to scanlate toriko if there is already hi wa mata noboru???
#4. by kewl0210 ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2012
I don't wanna sound antagonistic, but you're a good translator and you'd probably be better off spending your time with one of the thousands of series that aren't already being actively scanlated. There are plenty of groups out there seeking translators for stalled or incomplete projects as well.
#5. by PROzess ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2012
Y u all hating on MangaBurn?
There's no love in the world.
Leecher are free to complain, so scanlator/translator should also be free to choose to TL whatever they want.
Community is rotten beyond help anyway.
Every man for himself!
#6. by M-Hario ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2012
Nobody said a thing about Mangaburn. The point of HWMN guys is that it's kinda useless to pick a series from 200+ considering incredible amount of titles without a single chapter translated to english also the fact that there's already a group scanlating this series with good quality.

I sincerely like kewl's translations and even though Mangastream used to work in this specific series, I used to wait for HWMN releases.

Maybe there's no love in the world, but there MUST be ethic and respect for other people work. Maybe some people could say that I'm idealist, but ethic and respect are things that are in every person formation in life and should be present in every single activity of them.
#7. by Juin Jutsu Team ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2012
i'm agree with kewl and M-Hario
#8. by RyuzakiRen ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2012
lolz /m/angahelpers
#9. by PROzess ()
Posted on Sep 20, 2012
Respect, huh...
Tell that the readers.

And seriously, what the fuck is wrong in translating what you want to do?
NO ONE has the right to dictate someone what he/she is supposed to work on.
Just as no one dictates you to read MangaBurn's version.
Just go stay with Hwmn releases and you're all set.
But no, you just had to complain. Good job.

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