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Toriko 204

New Cooking Method!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Sep 19, 2012 16:15 | Go to Toriko

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[Toriko Chapter 204 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Damaras: Okay, I've contacted them!
They can't come to this location, but...
I've called together the 50,000 chefs in my group
in the "Kitchen Dome" containing 50,000 kitchens...!!
Title: 『Toriko』
Side: Moves made to save all mankind happen all over...
Lulubhu: There'll be 20,000 from me...!
They're all gathered in a nearby plaza where people are taking shelter.
Sumire: There's 10,000 from me...
I've called out to as many of the chefs in other cooking schools as I could.
Tsurara: I'll have 8,000.
I've asked all my snack bar comrades to get to their shops.
Live: I've got 30,000!
They're former Underground Cooking World chefs, but their skill is undeniable. Rest easy.
Johannes: I thank you, everyone. I'll put out an emergency request
for simple kitchens and cooking cars at the places you've gathered chefs.
Now just......

Page 2:
Johannes: for Komatsu-kun...
all we can do is pray...
Title: Gourmet 204 New Cooking Method!!
Left Insert: Everything is in the hands of this small man...
Lower Insert: ☆The newest, Jump Comics volume 27, goes on sale 10/4!!
☆Every Sunday at 9AM of Fuji TV
The TV Anime is airing, exploding with food!!
☆Toriko goods keep coming out one after another! On page 258, there's a big collection of "Jewel Meat Snacks"!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi

Page 3:
Komatsu: ..........
This is hard...
Each individual grain of Color Rice is distinctive and their colors change with temperature and humidity...
Mixing them is difficult...
Because of that, the time to steam them varies on a scale of seconds.
With the mortar, it's not just the number of hits, the level of strength and the angle is different each time...
First is homogenizing the combining and steaming time for the rice... and the number of times to pound it and such.
Unless I can find that method...
not everyone will be able to cook the mochi...
Guys: !!
Wh... What?!
Everybody's phones started ringing all of a sudden!!
Is this an emergency broadcast from the IGO?!

Page 4:
Tairan: To all those whom have been hit by the "Green Rain",
I'm not gonna repeat this so listen up.
People: !!
It's even on the building monitor!!
Poison Cooking Tairan!!
People: Besides Livebearer, he's the one person from a country unaffiliated with the IGO
to be in the top 30 of the chef ranking! He's a genius chef!
He rarely ever shows his face in public. Why is he...
Tairan: That is known as "Green Rain", a deadly poison.
If you're wet by it, you're certain to die within one hour...
T/N: Here, he says it in English.
People: ?!!?

Page 5:
People: ......E....
W-Within one hour?! You're kidding, right?!!
Is that for real...?!
Tairan is a chef specializing in poison. So there's a high probability it's credible...
And I kind of...
Aw man!! I'm not feeling too good!
Tairan: Don't get worked up. You won't be dying just yet. ["Just yet" in italics.]
If you put push on the pressure points on your bodies I'm about to tell you...
you'll increase the amount of time before you die a little.
They're pressure points that delay the effect of the poison.
It's a massage that takes about 5 minutes in total and it's fairly complicated, but...
concentrate and follow along with this video.
I'll keep running this over and over... So tell anyone who can't see this video right now.
Okay, let's get going.
People: Huh...?
H... Hang on sec.
Tairan: First, you...

Page 6:
Yuda: I have also
called my restaurant's chefs, without leaving one millimeter out.
Someone: Yuda-san.
Yuda: But can we be sure about this...?
5 minutes have already passed...
As someone who constantly works with medicinal cooking
I would say that simplifying the cooking of "Medicinal Cooking Mochi" is nearly impossible, but..
Live: You shouldn't underestimate Komatsu-chan's talent,
Tray King Yuda.
Yuda: Mm?!
Chiru: That's true...
You could also say that Komatsu-san's talent blossomed after learning "Food Honor"...
A few days ago, Komatsu visited my shop on the way back from "Shokurin Temple"...
Then, I saw Komatsu-san's talent.
As you all know...
eating our delicate cooking at "Disappearance Cuisine" is abstruce.

Page 7:
Chiru: But in the face of that, Komatsu-san...
Komatsu: You know, Chiru-san,
I really think it would be better if it were easier for ordinary customers to eat!!
Chiru: After saying that, Komatsu-san
showed me new cooking methods he discovered to let the general populace eat the delicate ingredients.
And in a short time.
People: --------!
The delicate ingredients at your restaurant, Chiru-kun...?!
Chiru: To be honest, I was quite jealous.
Of Komatsu-san's extraordinary talent as a chef
and more than anything...
of seeing him being
accepted by ingredients.
Setsuno: Huhhuhhu...
We may be in the presence of someone quite incredible.
Don't you think, Nono...?

Page 8:
Setsuno: ..........
Huhu... I see...
Go ahead and watch him... Nono.
And arm in arm with him... run forward.
People of the next age...
Nono: ..........A...
Narration: The simplification of the cooking of "Medicinal Cooking Mochi".

Page 9:
Narration: It was a challenge no one had ever faced...
But Komatsu concentrated to his utmost limits.
Nono: This is...
Narration: Since the research for the cooking method began
9 minutes and 50 seconds have passed----
Yuda: .........
It it...
a failure......?
Lulubhu: .........
I cannot blame him...
Live: ..........
Chiru: ..........
Johannes: I'll begin the selection...
of people to eat...
SFX: SU...

Page 10:
Komatsu: I'm doooone!!!
People: !!
Komatsu: I... I found...
a way to cook the "Medicinal Cooking Mochi"...
Guys: You... You did...?!
Really, Chef Komatsu?!!
Live: Get a connection going across the world!!
have the chefs been gathered?!

Page 11:
Narration: Kitchen Dome----
Damaras: "Damaras Group" chefs,
Guys: Sir!
Lulubhu: "Guts Group" chefs!!
Somebody: Cooks of different cooking schools, 10,000!!
Somebody: Chefs of the former Underground Cooking World, 30,000!!
Somebody: And...

Page 12:
Someone: The chefs of the "Setsuno Group"!!
1 million!!!!
Chefs: We're here, too!!
Chef Komatsu!!
Somebody: !!
These are... the cooks of the "Hotel Gourmet Group".
The IGO is moving as well!!
Komatsu: ......!!
You guys...
Somebody: We've also assembled other chefs from lands all over the world!!
We're gonna help, too!!
Me, too!!
Somebody: In total, we have no less than 5 million chefs!!
Lulubhu: Will there be enough "ingredients" to cook with?!

Page 13:
Tomu: Leave it to us!!
If it's ingredients you need, us wholesale merchants are scraping them together!!
Komatsu: !!
Tomu: I've given my message.
It's up to you, now!
Komatsu: Right!!!
Okay, starting now
I'll be lecturing on how to cook the "Medicinal Cooking Mochi"!!

Page 14:
Komatsu: ------------
------ ------------
------------ ------------
------------ ------------
------------ ------------

Page 15:
Yuda: He was really such a genius?!!!

Page 16:
Komatsu: Done!!
Someone: Th... That was fast!!
The time it took was...
3 minutes!!
It was 3 minutes!!
He completed a "special preparation ingredient" as easily as one would make instant ramen!!
Somebody: The cooking now begins!!
As soon as it's done, make sure it keeps getting sent to the infected areas!!
With 5 million, over 200 million can be made in 2 hours!!
Yuda: Dear me, quite admirable...
I would never have thought this cooking method existed...
And what's more, with this method, we can manage the remaining 300 million ourselves.
Setsuno: Well done, Komatsu-kun.
You really did it...
And in only 10 minutes...

Page 17:
Nono: It wasn't 10 minutes, sensei...
Setsuno: !
Nono: He found the cooking method itself in just under 5 minutes...
Setsuno: ...My goodness...
Nono: In the last 5 minutes, Chef Komatsu...
came up with a way to make the mochi's "flavor" more delicious.
Komatsu: W... Well... I just thought...
if they were gonna eat it one way or another, it might as well taste good...
Chefs: What an amazing child...
In that little time, he even pursued taste...?!
Komatsu: Toriko-san, Coco-san, Sani-san, Zebra-san,
it looks like we've managed to do all right here!
So please...
take care of the Four Beast!!!

Page 18:

Page 19:
Side: The heavens... Sinking into "blood"...
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 204
/ End

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