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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gamaran 9

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 9, 2009 17:24 | Go to Gamaran

-> RTS Page for Gamaran 9

Done...now I can go and catch up with the Thai translations with CB now then...-_-"

But before that...'night...*ran off to bed*

Chapter 9

Pg. 1
** An ambush from the Nakaizumi!! **
Gama - ...This arrow really gets in my way...
I've to pull it out...

If the arrow already pierced into my body,
I'll need to cut out the fletching first or else it will pull out my flesh with it.


Pg. 2
The rest is just to forcefully...

pull it out~~


Pg. 3
"Ogame" and "Nakaizumi"

Pg. 4
Gama - ...Dammit, they got my leg...(oww...)
But damn that Kudou, lying to me about Nakaizumi having only one...

What's this? This arrowhead...it's curved?
Those guys sure can still make it go straight even with this...

Then the fletching also is...?

There really is something strange about it as well!!

Pg. 5
...Don't tell me!
I really am fighting with just Nakaizumi Arata alone!?

What if Arata's arrow

doesn't come straightly,

but more like spiraling around!!

Pg. 6
...That...was close...

His arrows have no blind spot at all!
He'll get me for sure if I stop running!!

Pg. 7
(That was so close!)
(One split second slower than this and I might be done for it.)

...No, wait,

...it's not just that.

Pg. 8
This position is!!

Arata - ...Target
has successfully moved inside my line of sight.

But the arrow didn't hit him...
Did he already realize that the arrow can turn?...Well, that's not the problem though.
It goes almost perfectly as I planned anyway.

Pg. 9
There are three "types of arrows" in the Nakaizumi School.

First is "Ha". (Destruction)

The holed arrowhead, with a mass of lead at the end to stabilize its track,
gives it massive destructive power and accuracy.

I've used this to successfully
lure him into battling with me in the wood.

Second is "En" (Encircle)
Its power and speed might not be as good, but its arrowhead and fletching allow movement in a certain direction with the air resistance,
which gives it an ability to turn.

I've used this to shoot down his leg,
and made him move into my line of sight.

Pg. 10
And the third is
"Kiba" (Fang)

"Kiba" is
the best for killing.

Pg. 11
Once it hits the target,
it will crush into his flesh and bone, and grind them.

Since it will oscillate violently, controlling it is the hardest task of all. Even with my skill,
I can only make it certain to hit if the target is within 30 kens.
(30 ken = about 54m)

The distance towards the target:


20 kens.
(20 kens = about 36m)

Pg. 12-13

Pg. 14
I got him!

Pg. 15
O "Kiba",

Crush him into pieces!

Pg. 16
Gama - What's that?

Pg. 17

Pg. 18

Arata - ...You lucky bastard...
barely saved by the handle of the sword he is drawing out...?

But he can no longer attack me now...

I'll kill him
before he can escape.

Pg. 19
Gama - ...Kuh.

...Just now,
I probably would be dead if that hits.
I really shouldn't be fighting while I'm like this...dammit!

...I've lost my left arm during the battle with the Tengens...
and now, my right arm won’t move since he already got it...

...I don't like

that face that is saying as if
"it goes just as he planned" at all!!

I don't care if you're "Kyoukyuu" (Mad Arrow) or whatever...
== I'm pretty convinced that it's supposed to be "arrows" now, since he talks about the different arrows he have, not the bow, so...just IMO...change it if you think "bow" suits better though...>__<"

Pg. 20
but this won't end with just me killing you for sure, you arrow bastard!
** The three arrows have driven Gama into the wall! Who will be left standing, between the phantasmagoric "Kyoukyuu" and the strongest "Ogame" **

Thank you for reading...

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#1. by puremadniss ()
Posted on Jul 9, 2009
when did gamaran 9 come out o.O ><
lol thx
#2. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jul 10, 2009
LOL. You didn't notice? There is no Air Gear and Hajime no Ippo this week for me to scan so the raws are out earlier :P
#3. by kakashi919 ()
Posted on Jul 10, 2009
O_o so so fastttt geh
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