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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Metallica Metalluca 1

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on May 23, 2010 02:44 | Go to Metallica Metalluca

-> RTS Page for Metallica Metalluca 1

54 pages weekly is tough~...But well, Gamaran was 70 something pages when it started, and 50 pages up for the first chapter of a series is highly expectable...-__-"

...And don't ask me why I pick up new project, please... ._."

Please credit Galooza for proofreading.

Metallica Metalluca
Chapter 1 "Setting Off for the Rush!"

Cover - When boy and ore are together, the journey's on the move!
Dash to the glittering future!! With ambition and passion at full force.
New Serialization
Metallica Metalluca
Mizuno Teruaki

Pg. 1
**The first chapter of a new series!! **
Narration - Rare metals...
the scarce, valuable metals that contain special characteristics.

Some are harder than diamond.
Some are said to multiply their mass several thousand times under certain conditions...

People seek them out with no fear of the dangers involved.

As they initiate rapid growth of the economy, these metals become a crucial element of life.

And this is

** Ore; their radiance ensnares people, and their values bewilder people!! **

Pg. 2-3
A story where people and metals interweave.

** Ores and dreams shine within this palm!! **
** A brand new adventure has now begun!! **

Pg. 4
** Someone appears on a tall, rocky mountain... a boy!? What exactly is he doing...!? **

Luca - Found it!

Pg. 5
This is it...the semi-rare metal, Cylostim!

Hehe, I'm so lucky today!!
It's kinda warm...! Its quality is pretty good, as well!
-- Cylostim Rarity: E / A metal that maintains its temperature at 45 C in a normal environment. Relatively brittle.

Luca - Alright! Time to dig...
Bird - SQWARK!
Luca - What's that noise...?

Pg. 6
Bird - SQWARK!
Luca - Heeek, a six-winged bird!?

Oh, you built your nest next to this metal...!?
It's not like I'll mess with your nest, though...

Pg. 7

Ah! My chunk of Cylostim...!!

Wait, wait, wait a sec~ Whoa~
Bird - SQWARK!


Pg. 8
Shella - There.

Powan - Boiling water with Igni-steel, Shella?

Pg. 9
You should use the woods, if all possible...
Our village's metal stock is starting to run out.
Shella - I...I'm sorry, Powan-san.
-- Igni-steel Rarity: - / An everyday metal that reacts to water by heating it up until it boils. It's edible with various minerals.

But...I'm really sorry. I'm actually in hurry!
Powan - How's your brother doing? [Hmph.]
Shella - His condition isn't so good lately...
Powan - I see. You must be really busy.

Oh? What's that...?

Something's falling from the sky...

Pg. 10

Pg. 11

Pg. 12
Phew, I finally stopped. That really hurts.
Shella - He...He isn't dead...!?

Powan - Wh-What's going on here?
The hut...

Our village's metal stock has totally depleted!!
Luca - Tahaha...s-sorry.

Powan - Everyone, come out! Get out here!!

Luca - Eh?

Pg. 13
Hey, can you untie me?
Powan - Like I would!!

Do you have any idea what you just did?

Our Elza Village currently lacks metals. We're already on the verge of being deserted.
Luca - Deserted?
Villager - We were trying to save up and find a new mine...
before you came flying in and destroyed everything. Should we boil you up?

Pg. 14
Powan - Who are you, exactly?
What were you doing up on the mountain?

Luca - I'm Luca!
I'm on a journey to Metal City to become a Minea.

Villager - ...BECOME a MINEA?

That's one funny joke! Hey, get the pot ready!
Does he even know what a Minea is?
Luca - Hey! I'm not kidding!

Elder - Fofofo, such a brave youngster. You'll become a Minea, you say?
Village - Elder!

Pg. 15
Elder - A Minea is equivalent to a hero!

Bypassing, with their own strength, woods where many monsters roam, mountains where magma erupts from, or even the deepest seabed where no light shines,
they seek rare metal even at the cost of their lives...that's what Mineas are!
Without them, the rare metal industry which drives the world's current economy would never come about.

Our village of Elza has given birth to many Mineas in the past...
It's obvious you'd be suspected for saying you'd "become" one so light-heartedly.

Luca - ...If I become a Minea...
I can go anywhere, no matter how dangerous, without limit and with no need for money.

Pg. 16
I just have to become a Minea and travel the globe!
Got a problem with that!?

Villagers - ...? There's more to the Minea than that, though!
Like regularly getting incredible amounts of life indemnity.
And they can have lots and lots of houses?
Not just houses. They said some even own islands.
And they can drink all they want.

Once you have the authority, even incredibly expensive metalwork would be...

Elder - ...His eyes...

don't seem to have any malice or avarice in them...

Umm...let's go with this, then.
Luca - Oww!

Pg. 17
We'll tell you a bit of the trouble in our village. If you'll find something for us...
we'll not only free you, but tell you the way to the city.
Should be easy for a would-be-Minea, though. Hmm, but maybe it's still too hard for you.

Villager - Whoa!

Luca - Deal. And don't let me see your happy face afterwards, gramps!

Villager - You're gonna trust this guy?
Elder - Though, he's still a child, in a manner of speaking. Shella! Shella!

Shella - Yes?

Elder - Sorry, but would you keep a close eye on him.
Shella - Eh?

Pg. 18
-- Lunagium Rarity: E / A semi-rare metal which reacts to high-pitched noise by temporarily emitting light. --

This storage room is our only empty room, so please bear with it...
Luca - Bear? Nah, haven't have a good snooze like this for some time now~!
Shella - ...Keep your voice down, please...

*sigh*...Why does it have to be me...?

Luca - Hey, what's this room here?
Shella - Ah...you can't go in that room...!

Pg. 19
Yl - Who's that? A guest?


Luca - Why're you in bed at noon?...You oversleep or something?
Yl - Eh...who're you?

Luca - I'm Luca! I'll be staying here for a bi...

Pg. 20
Shella - You're not allowed to go in that room.

Luca - You could just tell me nicely, you know. That hurts.
Shella - That's because you barged in there so suddenly...

My brother, Yl, is very ill...

About two years ago...
[Our village was still very lively.]
[The sound of people tempering steel would constantly fill the air.]

Village - We...We've got a problem!

Pg. 21
...Aren't these symptoms of gas poisoning!?
Impossible...! But we've never had poison gas in the Tepo Mine, before...

Anyone else inside?
There's two more, I think. There's Ward, the new guy, and Shella's...

Ward! You alright!?
Ward - *cough* *cough*
So...Someone help this kid...[*cough*]

Villager - Hey, get a hold of yourself!


Pg. 22
Doctor – I'm sorry to have to say this, but...
This poison is really strong. The facility at this village won't be enough to cure him completely.
Shella – Th...that can't be, doctor!

Doctor - Yl's and Ward's cases aren't as severe as others, though...
Just be sure he takes his medicine everyday.

Shella - [The Tepo Tunnel, which was the lifeline of our village, was shut down under the regulation of the Metallist Associates.]
[Our village has suffered more and more since then.]


Pg. 23
I've already decided I'll protect Yl at all costs.
If you ever blurt out stuff like becoming a Minea, getting his hopes up, making him worry, and ultimately worsen his health...
I'll never forgive you.

Luca - Yo-You guys really have been through a lot. [*sob*]
Shella - I...I just told you not to come in here...!!

Luca – Oh, yeah! I'll give you something good, then.
Better to keep yourself warm, isn't it?

Pg. 24
Yl - ...Isn't this...!

Isn't this Cylostim? Where'd you get this from...?
Luca - Oh, you knew about it?
Yl - Yes, but only in books, though. [*cough*]

Luca - Books, huh...?

...Whoa, so many books! Are you some kinda scholar!?
Yl - Haha...I'm too free, so...

And I'm reading this "History of Metalwork...The Path of Becoming a Minea" book right now...[*cough* *cough*]
Luca - Wow...!! That looks seriously confusing to read...

Yl – Well...in spite of my health...

Pg. 25
I actually want to make metalworks like everyone else.
I want to help my sister!
If I can heal from this...then, I...

...Though that'll never happen, I guess. Stupid me...
Shella - ...Yl.

Luca - Looks like I'm in your guys' way, then.
Yl - Ah! Wait, Luca-san.

You can call this a favor from me...but please take it...as proof of our friendship.
This is...the first ore I ever dug up.

Luca - Wow, it's all rusty! But you're OK with this? Isn't this important to you?
Yl - *cough* *cough*


Pg. 26
Shella - Let me tell you one thing.

I still...don't trust you. [*hah* *hah*]
Luca - ...You don't have to follow me.

Shella - I was told to keep an eye on you!
Also...you seriously are going to go search for metals!?

Luca - Of course.

I'm gonna surprise that old chief! [Hup.]
You really don't have to keep a look out for me, though. I won't run away.
Shella - No, no, no.

Pg. 27
What I'm keeping my eye on is how you're still incomprehensible to me.
You fell from the sky, yet didn't die, aim to become a Minea, but doesn't even have a single piece of equipment...
I just don't get what you...

Hey...where're you now!? I didn't even finish my sentence!
Luca - Hmmm,

There was this big chunk of Cylostim further up the mountain, but it was smashed.
See? I just picked up a piece of it.
There might be others around, too.

Shella - Eh!? That metal can be found this clo...

Pg. 28
Th-...This isn't good! This area...
Is the Tepo Tunnel that was left abandoned two years ago because of the poison gas...
This is a dangerous place that everyone avoids!!

Luca - Is this the place you talked about? It doesn't look all that dangerous to me...
Shella – You saw what happened to Yl! This is dangerous, so let's go somewhere else.
Luca – Hmmmm.

Well, I'm gonna look around a bit, then.
Shella - Eh?
What're you-

Pg. 29


He flew!!?

Luca - You better head back first~!!

Shella - Im...Impossible...How'd he...

Is this...a piece of Cylostim...?

Pg. 30
...Who's there!?

...It has to be my imagination. There's no way there'd be people in this kind of dangero...


Luca - Hmmm...guess that chunk really was the only chunk around, then?

...Looks like she really did head back. Maybe I should search inside, as well.

Pg. 31
Shella - Ugh...

Whe...Where am I?

??? - Seriously, whadda we do with that girl!?

If we don't take care of her, people will know about this place.
Ward - Pipe down. Rushing won't do any good, alright?

Pg. 32
There, she's awake.
Yo! Been a while since we last met, Shella.

Shella - Eh...Could...you be...

No way...but I thought you were confined to your bed like Yl for the last two years...
Ward - Well, as you see, I'm fine as ever.

Though, the problem here is you guys.
Such a pain.

Pg. 33
I merely managed to secretly make use of this abandoned Tepo Mine,
and now, you come in, sniffin' around.

Shella - ...!! We're inside the Tepo Mine!?
But what about the gas...!?

Ward - ...Before you worry about that...

Maybe you should be worried about your own life, Shella.

Just look at all the weapons we have! Great, isn't it?
We wouldn't be able to make all these if there really was poison gas in here...

Pg. 34
Shella - ...Wha...What do you mean? How exactly did you...

Ward - This one's Killer Scissors...
my favorite!

We're currently weapon artisans dealing underground.
This place is just marvelous, with plenty of awesome, raw materials!
It's away from people, and I can make lots of money from it.

Shella - Underground weapon artisans!?
Bu...But if...the Associates found out about this...

Ward - It's a felony, of course.
That's why have to quietly take care of our concerns beforehand.

Shella – N...No...stay away.
Ward - Where's that other brat, Shella?

Pg. 35
I need to kill both of ya...

What's that sound...?

What the heck happened!!?

Luca - Whoa.

Pg. 36
Heh, this place's just full of mundane, everyday metals...
There's no poison gas around, though. So much for this mine.


Oh? What're you doing here?
Shella - ...Lu...Luca-san!? How'd you...!!?

Ward - ...I see. So you're the one sniffin' around...

You just rushed to your demise...

Pg. 37
Stupid kid!


Luca - What're you doin', all of a sudden!?

Sorry for being so sudden...

We'd be in deep trouble if we didn't kill you!
Take care of'em!!
People - ROGER!!!

Pg. 38
Luca - Whoa.

Hey...this is just way too messed up...
Shella - Luca-san, look out!!

Luca - [Seriously?]

Do...Don't blame me for this, though...

Pg. 39
People - GWAH!!

Ward - The...They were all blown away!?
What did that guy just do...!?

Shella - [An explosion...!!?]
[Come to think of it, back then...]

Pg. 40
Luca - Owww.

Ward - Is...Isn't that metal...

Isn't that Fragorium, the A-class rare metal!!?
Luca - What the? That impact just now scratched it. [Damn.]
-- Fragorium Rarity: A --

Ward - That violet luster and the ability to create a blast after being struck by metal...There's no mistake...!
Why would some brat like you have that!?

Shella - [Now I get it! Luca-san caused things around him to explode]
[by using that rare metal...eh!? Rare Metal!?

Luca - Why? Isn't that obvious!?

Pg. 41
Because I'm the man who'll become a Minea!

Shella - [That wasn't just a bluff or lie...!!]
[Luca-san, who exactly are you...]

Ward - ...I don't know what fortune must've befallen you for you to get a hold of that metal, but...

Don't go gettin' so full of yourself, kid!!!
Luca - Gwah!!

Pg. 42
Ward – Minea, my ass! Being hampered by a fool like you is drivin' me nuts!
I become a part of the village, carefully plan everything out, and even use poison gas all to obtain this place!
Now that you've seen this, you won't be goin' back alive!!

Luca - Ugh...ngh.

Shella - Us...Use poison gas?...You mean you dug that up!?

Ward - ...You still don't get it, Shella?

I released that myself,
sacrificing Yl and the villagers two years ago.

Shella - Y...You released that yourself!?
Ward - Well, It’s too late to realize that now, though...

Either way...

Pg. 43
You're goin' to the afterlife.

Yl - ...Those two are so slow...[*cough*]

[The origin of Minea]

Pg. 44
[It started from a single tribe...]

Ward - Wha...What!!? He bent my Killer Scissors...

Luca – So you're the cause of Yl's illness...!?
[That tribe possessed a special ability known as "Mallet Hand"]
[It's said that that hand can]

Pg. 45
[transform any metal it touches at will...]

Pg. 46
Ward - Wha...What's this? What's going on?
This guy...

Shella - In...Incredible...

Luca - Here's my payback!

Ward - UWOOO...

But this is steel that'd been forged again and again, not clay!!
There's no way it's gonna change shape so easily...

Luca - Are you OK, Shella?

Pg. 47
I'll never forgive you.

Ward - Huh...!?
What's that dirty metal...!! Another rare metal!?

Luca - This is iron ore...the one and only of its kind that's filled with Yl's memories.
I'm going to transform these memories...and show them to you.

[That one tribe that was said to no longer exist:]
[its name...]

Ward - I...I can't pull it off...
[He transformed metal at will...!? Does this mean, he's one of the ancient, legendary tribe of metal artisans...]

[if I remember right...]

Pg. 48
[the Metallica Tribe!!?]

But that's only folklore...

Luca - This is
the tool of the metal artisan Yl wants to become, "Kanatzuchi"...
== Golden Hammer

Plus with...
Ward - [Eh!?]

Pg. 49-50
Fragorium's power!!
Take this...
Ward - Wait...


Luca - Memories of rust!!
Ward - NGH...

Pg. 51
Yl - You're leaving?

Luca - Well, yeah! To become a Minea!
Once I reach the city, I'll be sure to send the medicine, though.

Yl - Th...Thank you, but are you sure there's medicine? [*cough*]
Luca - It'll be fine!...Right, Shella?
Shella - Yeah.

Pg. 52
Shella - Even Ward, who also took in that gas, can recover from it...
I'm sure there's a specific medicine for it.

Let's believe in Luca-san and wait together!
Yl - ...Alright!

People - But I can't believe he'd really help us.
All he did was restore our Tepo Mine, though!
Isn't that good enough? The result's still favorable.

Luca - See ya, everyone!
Elder - The path of becoming a Minea is extremely rough. Don't die along the way.

Luca - Heh, as if I'd die.

I have my goal...To fulfill the promise I made with my father.
I'll become a Minea for sure!

Shella - Luca-san!

Pg. 53
Thank you very much! Do come visit us again!!

Luca - Got it! Hope you do well too, Shella.

Shella - [If Luca-san's power...]
[really is the power of the legendary Metallica...]

[then I have no doubt he'll become a great Minea and claim the title of hero...!!]
[I have that strange feeling...]

Metallica Metalluca
Chapter 1 / End
Next chapter, Someone appears before Luca as he travels to the sky, who is it!? A 25 page chapter with a color opening!

Pg. 54
[or rather...]

Luca - Hm? You need somethin' else?

Shella - No! Above you!
Luca - Heh?


[… I think I caught a glimpse of it...just maybe!?]
Elder - Oh, the giant bird just snatched him up.
** Now! A grand adventure has begun...!? **
Shella - Lu...Luca-san.

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#1. by KrCic ()
Posted on May 23, 2010
thank you so much Ju-da-su
#2. by Savi ()
Posted on May 23, 2010
Thank you very much :D
Can I use this translation?
#3. by SeuneuCaang ()
Posted on May 24, 2010
Thank you Ju-da-su.
As in the message, We may use this translations.
#4. by Galooza ()
Posted on May 24, 2010
Assuming proper credit is given for translating and PRing, I doubt Ju has a problem with it.
#5. by Savi ()
Posted on May 24, 2010
In page 23 you forgot to translate the half of the page..
#6. by Galooza ()
Posted on May 24, 2010
Not quite half the page, but 2 bubbles missing.

"...I-Is that right...!"
"So sad..."
#7. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on May 24, 2010
on page 22 Shella's missing a bubble or it's just me not seeing it?
#8. by Galooza ()
Posted on May 24, 2010
I see which one you mean. That's the boy's name, Yl.

Knew I should've went ahead and did the scanlating myself...
#9. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on May 24, 2010
thanks...i already saw it in other bubbles, but it doesn't hurt to be sure :)
#10. by Cococrash11 ()
Posted on May 27, 2010
Hope chapter 2 scanlated fast.
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