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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Code:Breaker 152

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Dec 4, 2011 18:40 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 152

Honestly speaking, my motivation swooped low because of those idiot DF (though I do admit that I anticipate that coming...even though I never thought they'll actually get some amateur who doesn't even read CB to do the crappy translations for them), so if you do notice, yep, I'm translating the chapters to Thai (and will expand to cover every single chapter those jerks did, just because I want to spare the Thai readers from reading that piece of crap). However, honestly speaking, I do understand that you all want to read it fast, partly because this is a popular weekly manga. Personally, the only reason why I don't publish the translation I have thus far (already up to half of 160), was because it's not proofreaded and I don't want scanlators to put my unproofreaded scripts in their scanlations. The reason why the proofreading doesn't catch up is because Rena is busy with a lot of stuffs, aka should explain enough why the translations are (too) slow (for a weekly manga) in general.

So, to kinda compensate for that, starting from chapter 163, I've decided to summarize each new chapter in English, fairly much detailed, and post them up along with my Thai translation. Grammar and stuff are not perfect, of course, but I can guarantee the accuracy to a certain extent. Feel free to go read them, and if you want any clarification or want to comment on anything, just ask me.

You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:152 "Not even with the help of Gods"

Pg. 1
Toki - ...We've completed "Kibou Fest" safely,
and yet,

why is "Kibou Fest" still going on!?
Shibuya - Of course, that's because today's the second and also the last day of the "Kibou Fest". [And open to students and commoners.]
Toki - Don't make it SEEM like it's obvious!!
** The plan of the devil rattling in the shadows of the joyous festival...!? **

Pg. 2
Rui - *yawn*... [I'm sleepy.]
Toki - *sigh*... Like I'll continue with this stupid festival any longer. I didn't even get to sleep.
I'm off to the school clinic for a na-...

Woman - Excuse~~~ me.

Ummm... We want to go and see the light music club's live performance, so can you tell us where the music room is?
We can't figure out where it is, even with this map... [Since there're three school buildings.]

Toki - Gotcha~~~ It's confusing, right? I'll show you the way.
Woman - Eh!? You don't have to.
Toki - I don't mind. Ask me anything you want about the "Kibou Fest". I'm totally hyped about it after all.

Woman - You're so enthusiastic~~~
Toki - Let me show you some other fun stuff too.
Woman - Ahaha.
Rui - ...I really respect the fact at how he can change his attitude so quickly at a time like this.

Pg. 3
Shibuya - We've completed the ritual, but taking a break is also a vital part of the training.
Either way, you're still within the school grounds, so there's still influence from the rare serum weighing on you. [You'll still become stronger that way.]

Rui - Well, it's okay, I guess... This might be our only chance to relax.
Right, Yuuki...

Yuuki - The sound of grass rustling.
The sound of wind blowing.
The sound of time that conveys emotion...

Pg. 4
All... All of these were obvious to me,
yet I can't hear any of them anymore.

Rui - He-...Hey, Yuuki!?

Shibuya - ...Of course, could it be that

even after completing the ritual and being covered by the radiance of "Kibou Fest"...
Yuuki-kun's "Sound" special power might not have powered up at all.
Rui - What...!?
How come only Yuuki's...

Shibuya - Yuuki-kun is the first and only "Sound" power user... His power is still full of mystery.

Pg. 5
Rui - What...?

Ogami - ...Yuuki

promised me that he'll overcome me.
Right now, I'll just believe in his words and wait.

Rui - Rei...
Toki - Well, that's that then.
He'll manage it somehow for sure, so just leave him be.

Sakurakouji - Everyone!! Look!!
I won so many prizes from the hoop throwing game!!
Toki - Sakura-chan!!

Whoa, that's a really good haul.

Pg. 6
Toki - Hey, Ogami, this looks just like you, eh? Want one?
Right, Sakura-chan?

Sakurakouji - Yeah, you're right, Toki-kun.

Toki - Eh...!?

Sa-...Sakura-chan!? What's wrong? You got your lying face on you...
Sakurakouji - N-...Nothing.

Toki - There's got to be something. You clearly seem to have something else distracting you right now...

Pg. 7
Toki - Hey... Ogami!!

What's wrong with the two of them?
Heike - They've been like this since last night.

They're probably disturbed by Chibigami-kun's words about "the marriage".

Chibigami - [Let's get married then.]
Ogami - [Don't mind that filthy brat's babbling...]
[Please forget about it.]
Sakurakouji - [You're right!! That's good, right, Ogami!!]

Heike - It seems like I'm right. Twinkling star.
Rui - Heike, you talk too much.
Toki - You're...kidding me?

Sa-...Sakura-chan was this shocked when he rejected her as his bride?
Heike - Getting married is a maiden's dream after all, for both her and you.
Rui - Why you!?

Sakurakouji - ...I really don't know too.

Pg. 8
I've been like this since last night...
Whenever I look at Ogami, my heart starts racing, my body feels all hot and I feel like there's a butterfly in my gut...
What exactly is this?

Toki - Sakura-chan...

Sakurakouji - It has got to be the blood pressure!! [Have to keep the salt level low.]
Rui - I don't think that's it though.

Toki - Then? The man himself just acted cool and left in haste.
Rui - ...Jeez, that Rei bastard.

Pg. 9
"Miss Kibou and Mister Kibou" contest...
Sign - Miss Kibou, Mister Kibou Contest
Beside the sign box - By: Kibou High Student Council
Lower right of the poster - Result out on last day of "Kibou Fest"!!
Black bubble - Kibou High depends on your single vote!!

Oh!? Miss Kibou Contest!! But isn't Sakura-chan going to win for sure? [She sweeps up all the points in other contests as well.]

Toki - Ogami will never make it though!! Just look at how bad this is.
Rui - ...This is it.
Toki - Huh!?

I'll make Rei into "Mister Kibou" as his shameful punishment.

Pg. 10
I'll humiliate him for making Sakurakouji worried and left her by having him gain the title that totally doesn't suit him, "Mister Kibou".
The best ever blood festival as the finale of the "Kibou Fest"? How embarrassing is that!!
Heike - Embarrassing... Blood festival...
Toki - Count me in!!

Rui - All right, let's gather some votes!! No slacking off! [Whoever gathers the least gets punished!!]
Heike - Who are you saying that to?
Toki - Roger that!!

I'll gather lots of votes with my charisma!!
Will you please vote for this guy? One vote from you cuties is worth a ton.
Paper - Mister Kibou
Ogami Rei
Girl - Aww, that's not true~~~ I'll vote anyway though.
Toki - Thanky <3 You can have me tonight as my thanks.
Girl - Aww, you're so playful~~~
Toki - Silly~ <3 I mean we can go to the karaoke together.

Pg. 11
Phone - Text Message
From: Heike Masaomi [jesus!2011xxx]
Sub: No title
Vote for Ogami Rei if you don't want your secret exposed.

Toki - He...He sent it to everyone in the school...!?

People - I...I'm voting for Ogami!!
M-...Me too.
Me too!!

Heike - Fufufu.

Hey, Heike, you're using your "Light"!? That's cheating!!
[And don't send it to me too!]

Pg. 12
People - I heard "8tears" is doing a secret live performance at the gym!!
And you can watch for free if you vote for Ogami-kun!! First come first serve!

Rui - Thanks.

Toki - Ho-...How the hell can I win? You are a damn artist!!
Rui - ...Now that's done.

Pg. 13
This year's "Mister Kibou" is Ogami Rei-san!!
Girl - You gotta be kidding.

Ogami - Wha-...
What's going on...?

Toki - Awesome, Ogami-kun <3 You look awesome in that!
Heike - Good job collecting votes.
Rui - Go ahead, Sakurakouji. Have a good laugh at how pathetic he looks.

Ogami - ...It's you guys then?

Pg. 14
Whatever this is for, I'll never forget how you've embarrassed me...
Prepare yourself...

Ogami - [I won't forget any of them...]

Toki - [GYAHAHAHA. And I'll never forget how embarrassing you look right now.]
Sakurakouji - I see... I get it now.
Rui - Eh!?

It doesn't matter whether we'll get married or not...
I'll never forget our memories we worked so hard to regain.
No matter what it is, you'll never forget it...

That's how you are, right, Ogami?

Pg. 15
People - [No---]
Ogami - Sakurakouji-san...
People - [Stay away from Sakurakouji-san.]

Toki - Prince, you did this so you can get that awkward couple back together?
Rui - Dunno.
Heike - How harsh.

Sakurakouji - See!!
If we hugged like this, we'll remember more of what happened back then...

Pg. 16-17
Ogami - That's not going to work.
I don't want to remember even a single, tiny bit
of my childhood.

Sakurakouji - Wh-

Pg. 18
Toki - Wh-...What!?
Rui - Something is becoming weird here...

Sakurakouji - Owabi, whou
whe dud tou sewh dat...
== Ogami, you / Why did you say that...

Student - Uh... Umm... Sorry for interrupting,
but "Miss Kibou" has arrived.

Toki - Eh!? Sakura-chan isn't Miss Kibou!?
Rui - Th-...Then,

who is...

Pg. 19
??? - Can I
throw this away?

Ogami - Eh?

Pg. 20
** "Miss Kibou" finally appears!! Who exactly is she...!? **

??? - ...Rei.
I can smell Rei.
Exactly like back when we were younger.

Everyone - That girl...
knows of Ogami's childhood!?

next: Live the days filled with boredom.
to be continued

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