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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Code:Breaker 163

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Feb 25, 2012 07:34 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 163

Now, I have to go buy a new cable for my scanner so I can get Kurenai no Okami to Ashikase no Hitsuji scanned, put up the Thai translation with it, get P4 scanned and give it to Sense-Scans (they already are asking for it...) I lost it. Don't know where it's gone to...>.>"

And I need to do a couple of lab works and study for my two exams this coming Tuesday to lessen my workload and stress as well... ._."

Regardless, I'll just fill up the gap. I have no motivation for Bakuman atm, and won't do KOAH (Kurenai no Okami) until I get the first chapter scan and the Thai translation posted. Eternal stuff aren't urgent stuff, since Rena never tell me where she's at already (MUH! >:T ). Waiting for 168...-_-"

PS. Since this is a weekly, I'll make it optional to send the proofreaded script to me for approval before scanlating though. If you guys want the speed, you can have it. I already am well-prepared for whatever outcomes before I post these in public unproofreaded after all. Even if you don't proofread at all, I won't even care as much, so...no real need to send the script back to me for approval. Just go ahead with it. ._."

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:163 "The Spirit of the Ablazed Ice"

Pg. 0
Code:Breaker, Anime Progress

Anime GUSTO production in progress!!!
by Kamijo Akimine

Toki - Wow!! You serious? 'tis awesome!
Heike - Series of Special Scenes, I see.
Kamijo - But we still have to keep that a secret from the readers though.

[Character Design]
Rui - I...I'm not this pretty...
Sakurakouji - Everyone just looks so impressive...!
Kamijo - We can't reveal those yet either.

Yuuki - It's moving! It's moving!
Ogami - Just the storyboard, the layout of the anime, can already give this much sense of ambiance...This is marvelous!
Kamijo - ...I want to show that! But that's still confidential!

Sakurakouji - Th-...These miraculous cast-dono will have to be kept secret too...!!?
Ogami - That's really agonizing.
Kamijo - Oh, they said it's OK to announce that though.
Sakurakouji - Eh?!

Arrow - With that said...
[This first lot will be the SEIYUU announcement!!]

Voice of Ogami Rei
Okamoto Nobuhiko-san
Past work - "Ao no Exorcist" (Okamura Rin), "Bakuman" (Niizuma Eiji), "Tiger & Bunny" (Origami Cyclone), etc.

Voice of Sakurakouji Sakura
Hikasa Youko-san
Past work - "K-ON!" (Asayama Mio), "Kingdom" (Kyoukai), etc.

Hold on!! Follow up with the news.
More information about Code:Breaker anime will be revealed in WSM from times to times! Keep your eyes out for them!

Pg. 1
Sakurakouji - [The keys to open the "Su" gate, the final gate toward "Eden" are the Three Sacred Treasures, "Yata Mirror", "Yasakani Jewel" and "Amenomurakumo Sword".]
The steel sword made from Ogami's "Flame" and Toki-kun's "Magnetism" alone isn't enough...?
Heike - This is just a vessel. We still need to breathe the spirit into it.

"Amenomurakumo Sword" requires the spirit of "Valiance"
The key will not activated unless the one who owns that spirit inserts the spirit

into it.
** Who are the owners of each of the spirits!? **

Toki - "Gallant", you mean...
Yuuki - No!! I bet it's "Bravery"!! I'm on then...

Rui - Just leave

Pg. 2
it to me!!
Toki - Prince!?

Rui - Ugh...!!
[...What's this!? My whole body feels like it's touched all over...]

It's shining!! Looks like I'm done.

Toki - Oh, I see.
Yuuki - Let me do it too!! Let me!!
Ogami - It's already finished though.

The sword tested whether the person who's in contact with it has the spirit of "valiance" or not. A wild person like Prince is perfect for it.

Pg. 3
Sakurakouji - Then, let's use special power to make "Jewel"...

Kouji - Be a little patient, Samurai Girl.
Sakurakouji - Oh!?


Heike - The "Jewel" is special. The key is the rarekind('s blood) and the spirit required is "benevolence".
Kouji - ...Had you fallen?
Toki - ...I don't really object it, but it kinda ticks me a little how these are completed so easily.
Ogami - Well, we just need the "Mirror" and it's-...

Yukihina - Never.

Ogami - Yukihina? What'd you...
Heike - That can't be helped.

Pg. 4
Heike - The key of the "Mirror" will only materialized when my "Light" is reflected on the clear ice surface made from Yukihina-san's special power, "Water Form".
Toki - [The two arch enemies have to join hands!?]
Heike - In another word, if Yukihina-san and I refuse to cooperate with one another, we won't be able to open the gate to "Eden".

Toki - I don't know what happened between them, but those two hold deep grudge for one another for over 100 years. And now they have to work together...?
Rui - C'mon...I'm begging you. Heike, Yukihina, work together.

Toki - He-...He doesn't even listen.

[...To begin with,]

[That Yukihina guy, even if he's the former Code:Breaker, I seriously can't bring myself to trust him...]
[He's so impassible he didn't even buldge at the death of his own boss, the "Seeker"...]

Heike - I personally don't mind it myself though? Don't you feel the same way too, Yukihina-san?

Pg. 5
You're not someone who despises lending your hands to your comrade, am I right?
...Plus, in the past,
we don't only help each other out before, but you even entrust your back, life and soul to me...

Yukihina - I never do such thing.

Pg. 6
Sign - No evidence is shown within the time limit.
Rui - We-...We ran out of time!?

Rui - Ice...!!
Hey, Yuki!! Cut it-...

Yukihina - It's not mine.
Rui - Eh!?

Houkabe - Fufufu, unfortunatedly, your time has run out.

Pg. 7
I am the gate keeper of "Eden", "Freezing" Houkabe.

Heike - I never know that there's even a gate keeper though.
Toki - The "Ice" power just like Yukihina-san...?

Houkabe - Saechika-sama has entrusted the duty of guarding this gate to me, Houkabe,
to guide rebels of "Eden" who fail to open the gate.


as your guide on the trip to your grave.

Pg. 8
That's meaningless.

Rui - Yuki!!
[The power and speed of his ice...exceeds Yukihina's power!?]

Houkabe - It would seem that you too are an "Ice-user".
Pity to say, but even if we both use "Ice", your fragile ice is no match for mine.
The reason being

Pg. 9
People - Ugh...
Houkabe - as long as I have these human pillars, my power will exceed that of which a single person is capable of. I daresay that my power is infinite it'll never deplete away.
People - Ugh...

Rui - What...?
[Their power...their lives are being sucked away inside that ice while they're

about to die...!!]
People - Ugh...

Rui - Tha-...That's so cruel...That's much worse than death itself...They're all half-dead.
How could he do this...!!

Pg. 10
Houkabe - These people are rebellious special power users who tried to straighten "Eden" up.
People - Ugh...
Houkabe - "Eden" is currently at its peak.
Saechika-sama favors power. He prefers powerful criminal such as myself much more than these incomplete power users who were weavered by their awkward justice.

Thanks to that, I can openly kill as much as I pleased...!!
To me, there's no "paradise" better than this.

Rui - Wha...

Houkabe - Of course, I shall

also torture you all and make you into my awesome human pillars...!!
Rui - GWAH!!

People - Ugh...

Rui - Tch!!

Pg. 11
[If we attack him, we might also hit those human pillars as well...We can't attack him freely at all...!!]
Houkabe - Hahahaha.

People - Ugh...



Houkabe - Now then, you can all die!!

Rui - Dammit...!!
[What should we do...]

Pg. 12
Yukihina - You're too

People - GWAAAAAH.

Toki - What...?
Rui - Yukihina!? Why you...
What've you done...!!

Houkabe - Hohoho!! What a cold-blooded person you are. Even your heart has gone

frozen, it seems.
However, your "Ice" is weaker than mine. There's no way you can stand against...

Pg. 13


Yukihina - ...It's not "Ice".

My power is "Water Form".
I can freely manipulate all three states of water, the solid ice, the aqueous water and the gaseous vapor.

Pg. 14
Let's say,
I can even change those ices surrounding your body into vapor which occupies 1000 times the volume in an instance and cause the phreatic explosion as well.

Houkabe - ...Eh!? But if you do that, I will...

N-...No way!?
D-...Don't, this can't be!?

Ple-...Please save me. Please spare my life.
I'm sure you...you do have that as well, don't you!? The compassion and sympathy, all those qualites of human's heart...


Pg. 15
Yukihina - Human's heart?...Guess not.
I'm an undead, not a human after all.
No matter what, I'll never forgive you.

Houkabe - Wha...

Pg. 16

Toki - Ugh...
[Not just ice, but anything that's water is under his control...?]

[Not to mention, this guy really is a dangerous person...]
[He just killed everyone and anyone, no matter if they're hostages or what...]

Pg. 17
Rui - Why did you do that!!?
Yuki...why did you kill those people...!!?
...Why!! Say it!!

Yukihina - Since they're in my way.

Rui - Wha...

Yukihina - And if you get in my way, I'll kill you too, get that, Rui?

Rui - Why you...

People - ...Th-Thank you.

Rui - ...Eh!?

Pg. 18
People - Th-...The warrior of water, you helped prevent our pride from dying...
Thank you.

Rui - Eh!?
People - ...We were already at our limit.

You saved our pride...from having to wait idly for death to come under that humiliation. I thank you...

Rui - Wha...

[Yukihina did it for these warriors...!?]
Yukihina - ...I have some business with "Eden". You guys merely just stood in my way.

People - Friends with unweavered spirit...Please destroy
destroy "E-...

Rui - D-...

Yukihina - ...No need

Pg. 19
for you to tell me that.

Yuuki - A mirror!! A mirror made from ice!!
Rui - Yuki...you...!!

Toki - ...Hoh?

Heike - ...Such an impertinent man.

that majestic soul of warrior and respect you have for your comrades hidden deep down within your heart...
I'm glad I didn't bow down my head to recruit you for nothing.

The Spirit of "Wisdom" in my light onto the ice mirror.

Pg. 20

Toki - Hah!!

the gate to "Eden"
has opened.
** Carrying the thoughts of people upon them, they proceed to the lost paradise... **

next: Morality is the basis of enlightenment...
to be continued

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