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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Code:Breaker 164

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Mar 2, 2012 16:02 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 164

That caught me off-guard, I got to admit. Who would've thought that Kamijo-sensei will come up with "second meaning of Eden" thing? -_-"

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:164 "The Truth of 'Eden'"

Pg. 1
Toki - You...
You can't be serious!

Sakurakouji - Hm...

Is this..."Eden" HQ...!?
[The Parliament House...this deep down underground!?]
** What truth lies hidden within this underground Parliament House!? **

Pg. 2
Rui - What the hell...
Yuuki - It's an exact copy.
Ogami - Do you mean this is and isn't the Parliament House at the same time?

Heike - That's the Just Answer. If that one up above ground is the surface Parliament House, this one underground is the hidden Parliament House...
This is the HQ of "Eden".

During the construction of the Parliament House in the Meiji Era, two Parliament Houses were actually built.
The first one was the one where parliament members hold their meeting, which you're familiar with.
Another one is this Parliament House constructed by "Eden".

Sakurakouji - "Eden"...does that mean Heike and the other Founders built this!?
Toki - ...You lots have some real bad taste.

Pg. 3
In here, we the founders and the Code:Breakers discussed about ways to judge the evil who can't be judged by law, and put them into action.
Of course, we also kept a watch on others to maintain the power balance and prevent anyone from causing uproars or monopolizing "Eden".

Yukihina - ...Though all of that was for nothing.

Rui - But can't you just go meet in some cafe for your talk? Why build such a grand building just for that?
Heike - That's exactly why you're always a barbaric used-to-be villain...Not to mention,

do you even know how "Eden" got its name?
Sakurakouji - Eh!?

Heike - This parliament house...and "Eden" has one more duty in their responsibility.

Pg. 4
Rui - Pictures of angels...!?
Ogami - There isn't one like this in the real parliament house.

Toki - Seems like it's pretty old as well.
What exactly is this...

Pg. 5
Heike - The second meaning of the word "Eden" is "Tales through Pictures".
To pass on what is being told in these pictures is the second responsibility of Eden and this parliament house.
== The Japanese word of "tales through picture" is "Eden"

Toki - Passing on these lovely angel pictures? You guys really have lots of times to spare, huh?
Heike - Oh? How unexpected, for someone as profound as you to only see what's on the surface.
Toki - Huh?

Yuuki - ...I don't like this.

I seriously don't like these pictures. It gives me a creep.
Ogami - ...Can't blame you for that.

These pictures...
were painted with blood after all.

Toki - What!?
Rui - Hey, look!!

Isn't this Rei and Sakurakouji!?

Pg. 6
Sakurakouji - Wha...

[Is-...Is this...]
[the picture of December 32!?]

Wh-...Why? Why!? Why did Ogami and I...
Rui - Sakurakouji.

Sakurakouji - Heike-senpai, please tell me!! I don't understand any of these...
Why did we...What's...What's Eden trying to communicate through these pictures!?

Heike - ...I cannot speak of anything more than this.

Pg. 7
Sakurakouji - Y-...You do know something since you're one of the founders, don't you?
...You know what these pictures are trying to tell us and whether Ogami and I were really trying to kill each other...
Please tell us, senpai!! Please tell us what really happened...!!

Heike - ...I have no right to speak of anything more than-...

Rui - Rei!!

Ogami - Cut that out already...You always kept quiet on all the crucial stuff...
Is mocking us really that enjoyable to you?
That's exactly why I can never come to trust you.

Heike - ...I see. So you actually don't accept me as your friend.

Pg. 8
Ogami-kun...I've waited for so long to be able to meet with you.
And for today to come...

...I don't mind if you don't trust me or whatever,
but please never forget these pictures,

Toki - Se-...Senpai!? Why did you sound so tense all of the sudden...

Heike - It would seem...that our friendship game ends here as well.
Toki - Huh?

Pg. 9

Toki - What!?

Heike!! What the hell are you doing now!!?
This isn't the time to be fooling around!! Unbind us!!


Heike - That isn't going to happen.

Sakurakouji - Eh!?

Saechika - ...Fighting among yourselves, I see.

Pg. 10-11
Sakurakouji - [The "Code:Names"!!]
Saechika - Trash always fight among themselves, after all...
But to be able to bind 7 power users at once...I see that your name as one of the founders isn't just for show, Heike.

Yuuki - ...Shigure.

Sakurakouji - Aoba...!!

Heike - Such an honor to be praise by you. I was thinking of offering these people's lives as a souvenir on my rejoining to "Eden",

Rui - Heike!?
Toki - You mean you're...

You're betraying us!?

Heike - Betraying? Not really...You're not the only one who doesn't trust, you know that?

Toki - Heike, you bastard...!!

Pg. 12
Saechika - Out of my sight.

Sakurakouji - Ev-...

Ugh...Non-...None of us can move,
[yet how could you...]

Pg. 13
[Heike-senpai, how could you!!]
Saechika - You really saved my time. Ogami and all those rebellious "Code:Breakers", the filth of "Eden", have now been eliminated nicely.

Heike - I thank you for your generous words...
Saechika - Just one more left,

and that's you.

Rejoin...Rejoin "Eden"...!? That's not even funny.

I don't care if you're a founder or what. I really loathed vulgar person like you, who can read those indecent books while sipping your tea.

Pg. 14-15
My, what a coincidence. I've always loathed you as well.

Saechika - Wha...
[He's completely unharmed!?]

Aoba - He bound himself!?
Shigure - He blocked Saechika's attack with the "Light Armor", and to think that he placed himself in such uncomfortable condition.

Heike - ...Ah, it's so difficult to move with this.
I guess I really suit more as

the binder rather the bound one.

Aoba - Wha...


Heike - I have no intent to join with someone with such indecent posture to begin with.

Sakurakouji - He-...Heike-senpai just defeated Saechika-dono...!?
Didn't he betray us because he wants to rejoin them...?

Pg. 16
Everyone's safe...!!
Toki - Huh? How come I'm perfectly unharmed...

Kouji - It's just like that "Light Armor" he bound himself with. The only power that can offset the "Shadow" is "Light"...
He faked binding us with his "Light" to protect us from the "Shadow".

Pg. 17
Rui - Kouji!! Yuki!! You actually knew...
Toki - That means you don't intend to betray us from the very start...?
Yuuki - Founder gramps is so strong.

Toki - [But I can't believe he can defeat Saechika and protect all of us at the same time...]

Heike - "Founder gramps"?...That isn't right, Yuuki-kun.

It's "Second". I'm more leaned toward being your fellow "Code:Breakers" rather than a founder...
Toki - [Is that just a portion of the power of one of the Founder..."Heike Masaomi the Wondrous"!!?]

Pg. 18
Heike - Ugh...!!

Toki - Wha!?
Ogami - Heike!?

Heike - ...No good. This is the only thing I never want to have happened.

Rui - What do you mean...?

Pg. 19

Aoba - [*giggle*] You seem to have many things in mind, but guess it's all for nothing now.
This won't end...with losing just one arm, you know?

Toki - What...!?

Aoba - Heike, you just woke it up. [*giggle*]

Once it woke up, no one can ever stop
that beast.


Pg. 20
Saechika's Dark Side.

** Heike's cornered in the clash between "Light" and "Shadow"? **

next: Color spread with comments from seiyuus.
to be continued

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