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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Magico 1

The duo's ritual

+ posted by kawaiiusagichan as translation on Mar 19, 2011 17:11 | Go to Magico

-> RTS Page for Magico 1

Special thanks to Galooza for helping me with countryspeak!
This translation is complete and has been proofread and corrected for typo errors.
Two things to note:
1. Emma speaks some sort of Hokkaido dialect. I have tried to change my translation to portray this. If you don't like it, feel free to change it back.
2. I don't know if the sfx translations are correct.

Feel free to use. Comments and corrections are welcome. Credits not necessary, but if you want to credit me, you can do so under the name Akari.

Page 1
The meeting between the boy and girl raises the curtain to a new type of magical fantasy!!

Page 2
‘Rings’, ‘rituals’, and ‘power’, this is the story about ‘magic’.
[] Art thou
[] in sickness // or in health

[] Or walking on a thorny path with thy life on the line…

Page 3-4
A new type of magical fantasy
The two meet, at a certain place.
The two live, in this world

Iwamoto Naoki

Chapter 1: The duo’s ritual

Page 5
[] Eagleas.
[] The magical town of Hawkeye.

Sfx: pop pop, pop

[] In this place,
[] Destiny begins to move…

“What’s this, what’s this?
“Is this some sort of celebration?
“A festival?
“What’s happening, // I wonder?
Sfx: chatter chatter chatter

Page 6
“A marriage!!?
Sfx: papapapan
“The King is!!?

“This is surprising. Apparently he fell in love with her at first sight in the street just a moment ago.
“A flash marriage!

Sfx: papapapan papapapan

Page 7
“But it’s true that looking at that girl makes your heart flutter~

“Oh… // oooh…
“How beautiful…
Sfx: twitch twitch

“My beloved bride…!
Sfx: dash
Sfx: shock

[] How…
[] How did it turn out like this…?
Sfx: rumble

[] Since when…
[] Since when did it turn out so strangely, I wonder…?

Page 8
Sfx: chatter chatter

Sfx: pop
“Here, sorry for the wait.

“We have a flying carpet tour that flies once around the capital city.
“How about doing some sightseeing?

Page 9
“Woah… // As expected of da city… (Note: she speaks some kind of Hokkaido dialect or something, which is shown through a certain degree of Hagrid-speak.)
“There’s so much magic…!!!
Sfx: dazed
[] Emma (16) A girl arriving in the capital

[] …I’m gonna begin my new life in this town…!!
[] I’ve already… // I’ve already left ‘that place’…!

“Hey, miss… How about having some tea in the Sky Garden?

“Umm, someone’s callin’ ya.
“Ah ha ha ha!
“That’s a doll. // I’m talking to you, miss! I’m inviting you!!

“Woah!!? (Note: she actually says hoeee, a very cutesy way of speaking, just watch CCS.)
Sfx: wham
“Y-y-y // Ya callin’ me!?

Page 10
“I-i-i-i-it’s unthinkable for da likes of me ta have tea with you!!! // I…I’m a country bumpkin who just arrived at da capital…
“I-i-i … If ya gonna invite someone fer tea, there are plenty of people prettier than I am…
Sfx: blush

“No, I’m fine with you!
Sfx: squeeze
“It’s mysterious… // I can’t take my eyes off you. // Looking at you makes my heart flutter…

“Hey wait!!! // I saw that girl first!!!
“What the hell are you talking about, your bastard!!? It was me!!
“No, me!!

“I was!!!
“No, it’s me!!!
Sfx: chatter chatter chatter

“Please go out with me!!!
Sfx: Bam!!

Page 11
[] Could this be what it means ta be popular…!?
Sfx: impact
[] In da countryside, I was well-liked by frogs and crows, but… // Does that mean I have a face that’s appealin’ ta those in da city…?

Sfx: ba-thump
[] And thus

[] Presently.
“Well then, the kiss of oath…
Sfx: pant pant
Sfx: Mmmm…
Sfx: eeeeek
“Nooo…! Stop it…!!!

Page 12
“…I found her… // but
“This somehow became really terrible…

“Hmph… This girl…
“It’s been 10 years since, correct?
“Do you think she remembers you, Shion?

“Doesn’t matter to me.

Page 13
“P…p…Please let go of me…
“Being married is unthinkable ta me.
Sfx: pulls
“Since yer a king, there must be countless of more beautiful women ya could marry… why did ya choose someone like me…?
“Fufu… I don’t know why, either…

“But… // for some reason, I was charmed by you…!!!
Sfx: pant pant
“I can’t help but feel my heart flutter!!!
Sfx: ba-thump ba-thump


Sfx: glow…
Sfx: glow…

“…!!! // King… Please wait!!! Could that girl possibly be…?
Sfx: rumble

“…? // Wha…what’s this noise…

Sfx: crack

Page 14-15
Sfx: roar

Page 16
Sfx: Aaaaaaaaaaah
“Wha…what the hell is this!!? // A dragon!!?
Sfx: rumble
“King!!! // Are you okay!!?
“Ah… // woah…
“An attack!?
“Get the troops ready for battle!

Sfx: crack
Sfx: rumble

[] I’m…
[] I’m gonna be eaten…!!! !!!

Sfx: bares teeth

Page 17
“I came for you.

Page 18
“Quit making it hard for me.

“From its mouth… a person appeared from its mouth…

Sfx: rustle
Sfx: twist

Page 19
“We’re off.
“Ehwah!!? // Hey! What… Nooooooo!!!
Sfx: rumble

Sfx: chomp!!

Sfx: swoosh
Sfx: flap

“What!? // Hey, she got eaten, you know!!?
“It’s a kidnapping!!!
“The King’s bride got abducted!!!
“It’s a bride kidnapping! (Note: also read ‘marriage by abduction’.)
“It’s a day dragon!

“What in the world was… I thinking…

Page 20
Sfx: rumble
“Eh…? // King…
“What do you mean…?

Sfx: rumble
“…Why did I ask for that country bumpkin’s hand in marriage…!?
“What in the world overcame me…!!?

“You were captivated by that girl’s ‘magical power’…

“Magical power… you say!?

Sfx: rumble
“You must have known, King… // about the Ekidona…!!
“The tale of the Ekidona has been told all over the world, and it is true…!!!

Page 21
“Once every 500 years… // a girl will be born with a crystal of this world’s magic residing in her heart.
“She is called the ‘Ekidona’.

“An Ekidona’s magical power takes 16 years to develop…
“At age 16, // when the matured magical power bursts from her heart and is released, // you will be able to obtain

“An overwhelming power…
“Capable of destroying this world…!!!

Sfx: roar

Page 22
Sfx: roar
[] Why… How did it come ta this… // Just when I’d just arrived in da city… and started the life I’d always dreamed of… yet… yet…

[] Ta think that I’d go ta heaven just ’cause I got bitten by a dragon…

Page 23
Sfx: chirp

Sfx: flow flow…
Sfx: croak
[] … // …Eh?

Page 24
“Oh my god…!!?
“This…this is amazin’…!! There’s a house inside da dragon!!
Sfx: wow wow
“…Not really, something like this is normal.



Sfx: Fwssssh
“Eh? // Wawawawa // Wha wha wha what?

Sfx: bonk


Page 25
“Since it was all fluttery, and moving in it would be a hindrance.

Sfx: turn turn turn

“Umm… // Thank ya very much! Thank ya very much!!!
Sfx: bow bow bow
“Thanks fer allowing me ta wear such nice clothes…
“It’s…it’s nothing…

Sfx: tinkle

Sfx: shut

“Da…da cat talked… // I saw it in a book… If I’m not wrong, this is also due ta magic…
Sfx: ba-thump ba-thump ba-thump ba-thump

“I’m not sure who ya are but… // Ya helped me out…!!! Thank ya very much!
“My name is Emma.
“Umm, ya name is…?

Page 26
[] At that moment,
[] For some reason, it seemed as if he had a somewhat sad expression on his face.

Sfx: blub blub blub
Sfx: glug glug glug

Page 27
“Slurp slurp slurp…
“Want a drink? It’ll calm you down.
Sfx: blub
Sfx: glug
“…Umm… I think I’ll pass…

Sfx: smooth…

Sfx: bonk!!

Sfx: bam!!

“Or would you prefer this?

Page 28
“My name is Shion…
“I think you already know, but…
“I’m a magician.

“Even if he says he’s a magician, he’s not just any magician…

Sfx: thump
“Shion is one of the ‘Three Sages of the West’,
“Said to be the strongest magicians in Eagleas!

Sfx: embarrassed
“It’s…it’s not really such a big deal. // They just started calling me that on their own…

“…She’s completely not listening.
Sfx: chomp chomp
ST: Haaaa… So delicious…

“I don’t have any money, // so I’ve been drinkin’ only water for many days since comin’ here… umm…

“Stop sulking.

Page 29
“Um…umm… Still, what was that about…?
“Why did da King and everyone in town act like that ta someone like me…?
“Is it ’cause country bumpkins are popular in the city…?
“… // That’s because…

“You’re an ‘Ekidona’.

“…I’ll tell you…
“About what exactly you are.

“There’s magical power… strong enough ta destroy da world… // in my heart…!?
“I’m an Ekidona born every 500 years, ya say…!!?
Sfx: roar

Page 30
Sfx: glow glow
“In accordance to the told legends… the crystal’s abnormal response,
“The phenomenon of having people captivated by the magical power hidden in their hearts…
“And lastly, it’s said that they have a heart-shaped birthmark on their chest… well?

Sfx: flap
Sfx: spurt
ST: snort!
“Hey you…

“… // ‘I can’t believe that’.

Page 31
“…What I’d really love ta say… but…

“The truth is,
“I was held captive.

[] In da forest… I was surrounded by thorns…
[] An armored man always guarded me… and brought me my food.

[] He was also da one who taught me how ta read. No one else was there…
[] That was ever since I knew what was going on… // I don’t know if I had parents, or where they were…
[] Ever since then…

Page 32
[] One day, I want ta go out into da world
[] I have never seen before, beyond the thorns…

“That was… // my dream.

“Da other day… My wish was finally granted…!!!

“…When I awoke in da mornin’, the thorns had burned and crumbled. // Da armoured man was nowhere ta be seen…
“I didn’t know why… but I felt that this was my only chance, and I dashed out…!!!

“I’m sure that I was shut in that place ‘cause I was an Ekidona…
“Till the day I turned 16…!!!

“…What should I do… // from now on…?

Page 33
“Run, // or hide.

Sfx: roar
“An Ekidona… // A power strong enough to destroy the world…
“Haha… // hahaha…
“If I obtain that… I could become the ruler of this world!!!

“Find that girl at once!!! // Bring her back!!!
“I won’t hand her… I won’t hand her over to anyone!!!

[] Eventually, rumours of you will spread across the world…!!! // When that happens, there will be countless magicians and armies who will be targeting you…

[] To gouge out your heart…!!!

Page 34
“I don’t want that ta happen…!!!
“Just when… just when I’d finally gained freedom… // I have so many things I want ta do…

“…Want to wager on it?

“You could become normal…
“There’s a ritual for it…!

[] Magic is
[] A power which intervenes and controls the world’s laws pertaining to all things in nature, // making the impossible possible.

Page 35
[] To obtain that power, // a ‘ritual’ has to be carried out.
[] If one wants to control fire, a stake-burning ritual is performed. // If one desires to serve food based on his will, a fasting ritual is performed!
[] A ritual is a ‘compiler’ // which was produced to allow people to obtain the power of the world!!!

“While there are people who desire the Ekidona’s power, there are also people who fear it…
“According to the archives, people all over the world who fear power struggles and massacres // have researched a ritual to seal the Ekidona…
“And have perfected that ‘certain ritual’…!!!

“The multitude of rituals required makes it very difficult.
“It wasn’t recorded if it ever succeeded…

“…Please tell me… // about that ritual…!!!

“I want
“Ta change my destiny…!!!

Page 36
“…I guess we’ll try struggling, then…
Sfx: mumble
“Y…yes!! I’ll da anythin’!!!

“You’re getting married.
“To me.

“That’s a radish.

Page 37
Sfx: bam

“Yah… Wait… Eh… Wha…
Sfx: flail flail
Sfx: clatter clatter
Sfx: crash

“L…let me tell you that this is different from that wedding you had with that perverted King just now!!!

“A marriage to perform a multitude of marriage rituals!!! // It’s a ritual to strengthen and connect two souls to seal the Ekidona’s power!!!
Sfx: bam!

Sfx: bite bite…
“B…but I haven’t even gone out with a boy…

“And besides… Why would ya go so far fer me, Shion-san…
“I don’t have anythin' ta da with ya, but // ya helped me… and yer even willin’ ta marry someone like me…

Page 38
“…That’s because…
“You helped me in the past.

“Well, besides, I’m the only amazing person // who could help you through that amazing ritual.
“I’m a super good person, and due to my integrity, I’m returning the favour many fold.

“I’m sorry… I don’t remember…
“What in the world… did I do…?

“You gave me // bread.

“That’s it…!?

Page 39
Sfx: spinning
[] He…he’d go so far just ’cause he received some bread…!?!?
[] I mean, marriage…!!! // What should I da… marriage… ma… bread… age… bread…

Sfx: fwsssh!!

“…She doesn’t remember. // Were her memories erased?
“Ah… probably.

Page 40
“Did you hear? // Apparently someone got abandoned at Corpse Mountain again.
“They said that this time, he’s a child.
“How many people does that make… // It makes me sick. I don’t ever want to get close to that place…!!

Sfx: caw caw
“…I see…

Page 41
“I’m no longer needed.

“Well, // it can’t be helped…
“It can’t be helped…
Sfx: sway sway
“For the time being, I need to find food… // food…

Sfx: …sob…

[] …I’m hungry…

“Excuse me…? // Excuse meee?

Page 42
“Do you want ta have // some bread…?

Sfx: grumble gurgle rumble growl

“It’s been makin’ really loud noises since a while ago.
“I’m a little weird…
“This is the first time I’ve met someone… Is everyone like this too?
Sfx: ba-thump ba-thump ba-thump

“… // N…not really…
“Wawah! // Shh!
“Be quiet.

“The guard will notice. // He’s sleepin’ right now.

“I’m held captive, // ya know.

“Here, bread! Hurry!

Page 43
Sfx: creak creak creak

Sfx: stab stab
Sfx: spurt


“W…what’s this!? // Hey!!! Stop it!!!
“You don’t have to, for something like bread!!! // Hey… your hand… // There’s blood!!!
Sfx: stab stab stab

“That's cause ya'll were cryin'... // while lyin' on da ground.

Page 44
“Eat this bread and cheer up.



Page 45
“…But it’s lonely, isn’t it? To help your first love, // you worked hard to become a magician…

Sfx: rumble
“And took 5 whole years to study ‘Magico’…!

“First lo…
“Wha… She’s not my first love, idiot!!!
“It’s convenient that she doesn’t have memories of me. Hmph!!!
ST: Ah, yes, yes.

Sfx: mutter
“…As if I could say that I remember… // It’s embarrassing…

Sfx: …ba-thump…

Page 46
[] Thorns…
[] Da thorns are coming…

[] No… // …Da King?
[] Shion-san?
[] A marriage.

[] That’s right.
[] But can it be done?
[] What happens if it can’t be done?

[] I’m scared…
[] There’s something
[] Within me.
[] The truth is
[] Why?
[] Why me?

Sfx: ba-thump

Page 47
Sfx: Zaaaaaaaa

Sfx: crack

Page 48
Sfx: boom

“This is bad…!!! // The instability of her mind and body caused the Ekidona’s power to run out of control!!!
“At this rate, she’ll…
“Damn it!!!

Sfx: grab

“Emma!!! // Put on this ring!!!
“It’s the first ritual!!! The wedding ring will suppress the magical power!!! // Hurry!!!


Sfx: crack

Page 49
Sfx: click
Sfx: grab

Sfx: rustle

Sfx: rustle

[] The power leaking out of her is this powerful…!!!
[] It’s a good match for my broom magic… // no, even beyond that…
Sfx: tear
Sfx: crackle

Sfx: boom

Page 50
Sfx: rustle rustle rustle
Sfx: drip drip drip…



Sfx: rumble
“Stop… it… // Shion…san…
“That’s… enough…
Sfx: clunk

“…I was such an idiot… // I had such stupid hopes…!!! // I’m… sorry…
“I’m… sorry… // I caused ya so much trouble… Ya don’t have ta bother… with someone like me…

Page 51
“Stop talking nonsense.
“I’ll get angry,

Sfx: grab
[] It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember.

[] At that time… you were the one crying, weren’t you?

[] At that time, I decided…

Page 52-53
[] That I’d make you
[] The happiest woman on earth!!!

“Don’t give up!!!

Sfx: flash

Page 54
[] I’ve always liked you
[] Since that time…

“Looks like the ritual worked…
“Umm… are you hurt…?

Sfx: hug
Sfx: spurt

“Ufufu. // That’s right, you still haven’t proposed.
“There, Shion. Tell her ‘I love you’
“Or ‘You’re beautiful’…
“S-s-s-shut up!!!

Sfx: giggle giggle

“I’ll work hard. // Fer all those rituals… No matter what happens, I won’t give up.

Page 55
“Because ya told me not to give up, Shion-san.

“Please take care of me!
[] Art thou

“L-l-l-l-leave it to me!!!
Sfx: spurt
“Will you stop that nosebleed already?

[] In sickness // or in health…

And thus, the duo’s ritual begins!!

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#1. by zambo92 ()
Posted on Mar 19, 2011
Do you have the raws for this?

I'm quite intrigued :p
#2. by Galooza ()
Posted on Mar 19, 2011
Thanks good sir. Been hoping for this, looks to be good so far.
#3. by Mido-ban ()
Posted on Mar 20, 2011
@zambo92: try raw-distro ;)
#4. by Djidane Zokawa ()
Posted on Mar 20, 2011
Thanks, very thanks *____*
We used your translation to made french scanlation, so i want to thank you very much =)
the rest, N33D 8D
Thanks a lot again !
#5. by xHaseo ()
Posted on Mar 21, 2011
#6. by xHaseo ()
Posted on Mar 21, 2011
Please Please! finish this translation! i beg you! with this i can finally release Magico
#7. by Galooza ()
Posted on Mar 21, 2011
Dude, chill out. I would imagine it'll get done.

Looked it over, and imo your English is good enough that it doesn't need proofing and didn't see any noticeable typos. Only thing is this line on pg 5:

"I wonder… // Is something beginning?"

I'd say to change that to "What's happening, | I wonder?" simply because we don't say the previous in English.

#8. by kawaiiusagichan ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2011
Ah, thank you! I'll correct it!

I just found out quite a few typos. It needs to be corrected.
#9. by Galooza ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2011
Sorry, did a better read over this time. Typos are gone, now it's just getting the country talk right.

That’s because yer were cryin’, // while yer collapsed.

This one's hard to say, because there is no set country term for all contractions or w/e. "That's cause ya'll (I know ya'll means multiple people, but it's the only right way to say it =\ ) were cryin'... // while lyin' on da ground.

There's a lot of "ter's" and "fer's" that need to be changed. If the English word ends in a 'oo' sound, (this isn't a set rule, but it's the right way to say it for most words) the country slang should end in 'a.' Ter(to) = ta. The fastest way would be to ctrl + f all the ter's, etc and check'em.

I'll look over your future trans and help you with country talk more in depth, just 55 pages is... ugh XD
#10. by kawaiiusagichan ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2011
Thank you so much for your kind offer! I'll be in your hands!

Off to change them now~
#11. by kawaiiusagichan ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2011
So Galooza, I change all the 'ter' to 'ta', 'yer' to 'ya', 'the' to 'da'?

What should I do with 'for', 'your', etc?

Thanks so much for your help!
#12. by Galooza ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2011
It's mostly sound based, though not all are that way so it's hard to say. I'll list what I can think of.

To = ta
Do = da
The = da
For = fer
You = ya
Your/you're = yer
#13. by Audam ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2011
See, I should've seen this before typesetting Magico.

I will take this into account from now on.

I hope you can keep translating this.
#14. by kawaiiusagichan ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2011
Even if MRI is doing it?
#15. by Galooza ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2011
Gah, wasn't expecting MRI to do this.
#16. by Audam ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2011
Excuse my ignorance but, MRI?
#17. by Galooza ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2011
Muda, Red-Hawk, Ieatmanga alliance. Didn't know Finestela was Tling this. *goes off to pound a couple people for not telling him*
#18. by Audam ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2011
yeah I just saw... Oh well.
#19. by kawaiiusagichan ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2011
But thank you Galooza! You changed my worthless script into something great and taught me stuff I didn't know!
#20. by Galooza ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2011
My pleasure, and yours was by no means worthless ^_^

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