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Kekkaishi 217

Kekkaishi 217

+ posted by kaya as translation on Oct 20, 2008 16:53 | Go to Kekkaishi

-> RTS Page for Kekkaishi 217

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Wait for the volume raws instead(and this would ensure better quality for the readers too.)
Read this for more info.
Thank you for your understanding.

My translations are free to be used by anyone for scanlating or sharing, but please remember to credit. This is all I ask.
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Thank you very much and please enjoy! 

*{T.N}= Translator’s notes
Dear Scanlator(s), please keep the translator's notes when scanlating. Thank you.

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[Last Edited: 10th Nov 2008]
[Proofread by sillyblob]

[side text: Shattered by Kekkai!!! This is the punishment for making Tokine shed a [single?] tear.]

Yashiro: (How come…// My greatest attack is…)//
You little brat…// You…You shouldn’t be able to see it, right?!// Why…

Chapter 217: Revolution

[side text: Brave in the face of a telepathic practitioner!!]

Yashiro: No!

Yoshi: I can’t see it~ But,// the closer I move, the more I can feel it…// It’s like that huge bird from before…//
What is it?

Yashiro: Damn…

Yashiro: Um…//Ugh.// Damn you…!//
Saikaku, stop him!!// If it’s your power, it might work.// Hurry up!!!

Saikaku: ……// Sorry.

Yashiro: You…// How dare you say that…

Yashiro: Wha…// The knife broke…?!
SFX: Startled

Tokine: Yuugami-san…?
SFX: Slowly
Yuugami: What is your aim?

Yuugami: Is it…// related to the *Shinyuuchi Hunting?//
You wanted her to be brainwashed,// so that she can commit the hunting?

*{T.N= "Shinyuuchi" means a protected divined land. Our Karasumori is a Shinyuuchi, for example.}

Yoshi: The Shinyuuichi Hunting…//
Are you…// an ally with the criminal of the Shinyuuchi Hunting…?

Yashiro: Stop.

Yoshi: Do anything further,// and you will be smashed to smithereens just like that bird.//
Answer me.

Yashiro: Ugh…//Ughhh…

Yashiro: AH…

Yoshi: Huh?

Miki: They’re still coming…// It's time for them to stop already.

Sen: Vice-Chief, //Looks like it’s going fine down there!// The enemies are quite concerned by Yoshimori…//

Sen: AH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!! (Kekkai~~~~~~~!)

Miki: Kagemiya, hold on tight!

SFX: Ohhh~
Sen: (Vice-Chief waist is so slim~~!!)//
Say, Vice-Chief!// It’s not flying up!/ We’re falling!/ We‘re falling~!!

Miki: (It’s still won’t work…)// (I guess these black wings can only be used to attack…)

(No, we can somehow fall sideway if we try!// If we can just land onto the water…)//
What?!/ It’s directly on the land!!//
(Damn, I've got no choice then!!)// Vice-Chief,/ leave your wings open, and then roll up your body as small as you can!!)

Miki: Kagemiya, are you okay?!

Sen: Ah…So-so…// I’m an *Ayakashi Majiri, so I can take this, more or less …

*{T.N= "Ayakashi Majiri" is a half monster/demon,half human.} 

Miki: (Huh~~~~) Excuse me! How can you be alright? Your voice is disappearing!!// Wait a sec. I'll just…
Sen: Wah!/ Vice-Chief! Don’t fold your wings yet!/ We’re falling again!!

- She’s dead.

Yoshi: But, I didn’t do …anything…
Saikaku: No, / it seems more like she killed herself…

Yuugami: Hmph.// It could be a program for removing any evidence.//
When she’s left with no path to escape,// she'll attempt suicide before she reveals too much…

Yuugami: I keep getting this vibe that there’s someone around, giving her instructions.// Maybe they think that someone who is programmed is a better choice…

Tokine: So the mastermind is another person?
Yuugami: Ahh.// I believe that person also gave the instruction for you to be brainwashed.//
Perhaps…//it’s highly possible that Yashiro is the one who was brainwashed in the first place…

Yoshi: ………//
Uh…You see~~/ Speaking of this, I met a guy this morning in Hidagou. /It seemed as though he were the criminal of the Shinyuuichi Hunting…
Yuugami: What?!

Yuugami: I see…
Tokine: Is that true, Yoshimori?!
Yoshi: He…/might be the ally of this fellow here…//
Although he was masked and he didn’t speak a word at all.// But somehow, I got this really strange feeling from him…//
Eyes…// like a dead man…

Yuugami: Phew~~~//
Something else that bothers me is the enhanced ability.
Tokine: Enhanced ability?

Yuugami: Based on my research beforehand,// Yashiro-san shouldn’t have that extent of power.

Saikaku: Yashiro-san said that…//
If you have allies,// you will be granted with power,/ and so, you can be spared…

Yuugami: ?!/ Spared?//
The Shinyuuchi Hunting is not her only aim?!

Saikaku: Destroy everything in the past.// And then Urakai will undergo a revolution./ That’s what she said.
Yuugami: The past…?//
So that means,/ the real intention is the revolution of Urakai. /The Shinyuuchi Hunting is only an accessory?
Saikaku: Well, I don’t really know the details myself…

Yuugami: …….//
Hmph.// I feel nauseated on the inside!

Yuugami: Who cares if they’re going destroy the past or what./ Those idiots who make that kind of choice…// will never ever have a future!

Yoshi: (Really, Who is it…// making all this fuss…?)


SFX: Rolls

[side text: Is that the guy who attacked Yoshimori during the day?!

Tokine: (Oh yes… The loophole in the forest which can give us access to the outside world…)

Miki: Tokine-chan!/ Yoshimori-kun!
Tokine: Hatori-san?!
Yoshi: Wah?!// What’s wrong with Kagemiya?!

Guy: So he’s from the…//Sumimura family…?

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#1. by Hecaitomix ()
Posted on Oct 20, 2008
nice chapter!!!:amuse

#2. by Tenjou Anthy ()
Posted on Oct 20, 2008
Thank you very much for your work!
#3. by fairy ()
Posted on Oct 21, 2008
Wooo Kaya, you're back on a roll! Thanks!
#4. by denis ()
Posted on Oct 21, 2008
#5. by Clod ()
Posted on Oct 22, 2008
amazing speed. keep up awesome job.
we love you:love
#6. by tailender1 ()
Posted on Oct 23, 2008
#7. by kaya ()
Posted on Oct 23, 2008
Quote by Hecaitomix;1076158:
nice chapter!!!:amuse


Quote by Tenjou Anthy;1076370:
Thank you very much for your work!

Quote by fairy;1076866:
Wooo Kaya, you're back on a roll! Thanks!
Quote by Clod;1078146:
amazing speed. keep up awesome job.
we love you:love

Quote by tailender1;1079417:

Thank you everyone for your feedback.
You are happy, I am happy~

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